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Repentance and Salvation by Invitation Only
by Patricia Backora
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In my word I made it very clear that in order for men to truly repent, I must first deal with them about their need to repent. My Spirit must be present with each sinner to show that man, woman, boy or girl the filthy condition of his or her heart. I don’t do mass conversions in one big sweep, as is erroneously taught today. I must make each individual sinner fully aware that they have sinned against a Holy God and fallen short of My one standard of righteousness, Christ Jesus. I must make that person desperate enough to cry out to Me for mercy and forgiveness, and see that I have provided these things in Christ alone and in no one else.

Instead of sober warnings of death and hell following a lifetime of unrepented, casual sin, I see a carnival atmosphere in so many staged revival meetings. Special music to soothe the sinner and reassure him/her of my UNCONDITIONAL love (if my love is unconditional, why bother to get people saved?). To celebrate the “revival”, Christians act like they’re on a secular dance floor. They cut loose with a frenzy of hand-clapping, dancing in the aisles, hysterics of all kinds, protracted “praise” music precalculated to induce a semi-hypnotic state of euphoria which will loosen purse strings. Forgotten is the seriousness of this business of trying to lead men to Christ in order that they may escape a devil’s eternal hell.

After the congregation gets in a good enough mood, the offering is prayerfully taken (one of the very few sober times in the service). Then the so-called evangelists steps up to the pulpit to deliver his sermon. Little if any mention of the doom to come upon all unrepentant sinners, just some vague, watered-down comment about “being separated from My love”, and even that is only mentioned with great reluctance and embarrassment, as if My judgment is something to be ashamed of. Instead, it’s all a big religious love-in where the message is as different from My truth as glittery brass is from pure gold.

Some preachers spout lots of flowery religious platitudes about how much I love ALL people regardless of what they do or how mean they’ve been to others. I allegedly love ALL sinners even if they blaspheme My Son, spurn the Gospel and go home unconverted. Eager to soften the blow of reality, the preacher reassures unrepentant sinners that they can still rest in the reassurance that I love them JUST AS THEY ARE anyway, because while they might let Me down, MY faithfulness to love them never fails. Do you see how satan tries to make Me look bad to believers if I actually exercise My prerogative to love some and hate others (Rom.9:13)?

Simon Peter warned about a dog returning to its own vomit, apparently counting on my repeated forgiveness. Peter didn’t say things were bound to turn out all right for such a man, and all he needed was a GROUP HUG to restore his self esteem. If a sow returns to her wallowing in the mire of sin and I don’t invite that one back, certain damnation is hanging over the head of that reprobate.

2 Pet.2:20: For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.
21 FOR IT HAD BEEN BETTER FOR THEM NOT TO HAVE KNOWN THE WAY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.
22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.

Jude 4: For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Because of the way preachers have transformed My life-transforming Gospel into an all-inclusive Gospel of Love ONLY, which demands little and gives even less of spiritual value, no wonder the institutional church isn’t recovering more lost souls out of satan’s kingdom and KEEPING them from returning to it. The line of distinction has been so blurred between the church and the world’s humanistic Brotherhood of All Men that the interested seeker or never-saved professing believer sees no point in pursuing a serious walk with Me. Instead, they reason that they can “love one another” WITHOUT the need for confession of sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

More often than not, the number of people who walk the aisles at the conclusion of the service (where is WALKING THE AISLE ever taught in My Word?) will depend on the personality and likeability of the “evangelist”. More often than not, souls will be drawn to the good-looking, silver-tongued preacher rather than to the REAL Christ in heaven.

The preacher will present some simple ABC formula for getting saved and staying that way. An easy escape from hell, and a guaranteed ticket to heaven without real repentance. Salvation on a sugar cube, much like swallowing a sugar cube inoculation to keep from getting polio. Convenient and painless. No need for deep godly sorrow for sin, no embarrassing tears. Instead of allowing Me sufficient time to quietly work deep in people’s hearts and convict of sin, the preacher will RUSH to “seal the deal” with a handshake and a “personal worker” who takes people’s names and hands out glossy literature.

How many of those who “walk the aisle” are still walking with Me years, or even months, later? Precious few, if any. Many make an emotional decision, riding the tide of some beautiful, inspiring music or fancy oratory, which the preacher practiced in front of a mirror before the service. Some “converts” who fell away were practically DRAGGED up to the altar by believing spouses or parents and were afraid to say no. Others wanted to please their friends or their peer group and be just like them. The herd instinct controlled them, not any desire to truly repent and believe in My Son.

I must personally extend to you the gift of repentance (2 Tim.2:25). I must even grant you space to repent (Rev.2:21). No one knows when their time to repent will eventually expire. That’s why planning on a deathbed repentance is a dangerous mistake. You can’t predict whether My Spirit will be present at the time of your death to convict you of sin and perform the work of regeneration in your heart (John 3:6,8; 16:8; Titus 3:5).

Gambling with My grace is like squandering all your rent money at the race track. You just might lose and get thrown out on your ear. So many preachers and others who claim to be mature believers hop into bed with people they aren’t married to. They squander my money on their own lusts instead of investing in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. They emotionally abuse their brothers and sisters in Christ to manipulate them for carnal gain (Luke 12:45-46). At the end of their lives, they find out TOO LATE that I threw them out, regardless of their religious facade. These snakes never let My Word bring forth lasting fruit in their heart. Such are false brethren and deceivers making merchandise of a false gospel spun from elements of My truth that have been twisted and distorted, then mixed with the false traditions of men.

Greedy shepherds who studied in Bible school KNOWINGLY lie to My deceived sheep and say they’ve got the right to extort ten per cent of their pay check with threats of My punishment if they don’t pay up. They beat My sheep and scrape the hide off them, not just the wool, leaving them broken, wounded and bleeding. Now preachers demand that THEIR stinking tithe tax be paid even if it results in Christians getting foreclosed on and becoming homeless.

Tithe and offer first fruits, these callous wolves cry, even if some old lady has to do without her medication or go without her dinner. These ministers of darkness have deadened consciences. They actually worry they might actually get a tender heart again to make them vulnerable to the pain of My rebukes. Many preachers reason that even if their conscience bothers them later, they can always repent of abusing my sheep before they die and have to face Me.

NOT SO! saith the Lord. If I dealt severely with just ONE incidence of lying to the Holy Ghost back in Acts 5, I’ll deal just as severely with these preachers when their time to die comes. I’ll strip them of their finery, of their genteel furnishings, their fancy artwork, their fleets of cars, their mansions, their designer clothing, their jet planes, their servants, EVERYTHING!

That mean-spirited preacher who lives luxuriously like a king and calls out non-tithers from his pulpit, insulting and shaming them, and threatening them with My judgment, I’m about to expose to all what his heart is truly like. He calls for My precious ones to be shunned for not giving him the cash he craves. That’s spiritual voodoo, plain and simple!

If a preacher like that throws you out of his church for failure to pay up, so what? That might be the best thing that ever happened to you, because at least you’d be out of that bad spiritual atmosphere where you can think more clearly and hear the voice of your REAL Good Shepherd Who laid down His life for you. My Son never bilked cash out of poor old ladies when He walked the earth. He slept in His cloak on the ground many a night, under a tent sometimes, or under the stars. His meals were plain and simply prepared. Sometimes He had to forage from trees or grain fields to sustain Himself. But Jesus’ earthly poverty NEVER turned Him into a mean shark who threatened judgment curses for failure to pay unscriptural money tithes.

Those preachers alienate the very same Spirit Who would have to be present to convict them of their need to repent from their apostasy. They serve a different Christ of their own making. The danger isn’t just that they are in danger of going to hell, but they’re dragging a lot of ignorant believers in the wrong direction with them.

I realize some of you are terribly busy, too busy to spend a lot of time studying My written Word. At least try to dig into the Word in other ways. Perhaps you could play a CD of Paul’s epistles while you drive to and from work, especially those which emphasize My grace: Romans, Galatians and Ephesians.

You need to stop listening to lies, My people. You need to know who you are in Me as a member of My own Body and what a wonderful relationship you have with Me, as being seated with Me in Heavenly places. Separating truth from lies will take some effort on your part, in the area of digesting My Word and allowing Me to speak to you Myself. I never sent these rich preachers who are taking you for a ride down the greasy slope of deception. I never authorized them to USE you as slaves to work to earn money to cater to their lusts. I naver authorized them to steal YOUR money with threats of my retribution for failure to give it.

Don’t be afraid of these liars and the vile cursings they spew out from the pulpit in order to steal tithes of your wages. Some of you will even be ostracized for the sake of My truth. If you’re really serious about sticking to my REAL truth, expect occasional persecution even from fellow believers who don’t know any better than to believe every word that proceeds from a fancy pulpit.

Carnal preachers are, in their desperation for cash, exhorting believers to SHUN non-tithers as if they’d committed an actual sin condemned by My Word. But those same preachers would be surprised to find how may of them I’ve crossed off MY list. They would be shocked to find out that after their sumptuous feast of fine things on earth they don’t get dessert in heaven, because they’re EXCLUDED from My Wedding Feast. Those leeches who use psychological and spiritual manipulation to dig into your wallet would tremble with fear if only they knew they may be UNABLE to repent once they’ve had a life time of fun with YOUR money.

Just like the people of My day were badly influenced by the scribes and Pharisees who led many to hell, many today are being influenced to believe lies about My “infinite mercy and grace” which is always conveniently available anytime you feel like asking for it. Just like turning on a water tap or turning on a light. What a lie of satan they’ve sold you, My dear ones.

My word warns against aiding and abetting error. Don’t ever bid “Godspeed” to any preacher who acts like a “little god” in the pulpit, collecting tribute in My Name as if he/she were god with authority to punish you if you don’t. Such leeches are NOT My representatives, but ambassadors for satan, who appears as a shining angel of light (2 Cor.11:14). He who bids godspeed to workers of iniquity and sanctions their “ministry” with cash indirectly participates in their devious deeds and thereby shares in the guilt of their deeds (2 John 10-11).

Money is the life blood of questionable “Christian” ministries which support the lazy, greedy, self-indulgent lifestyle of parasites who twist My Word for carnal gain. Without YOUR personal support bad religious operations dry up and die, unable to leech off the poor or devour widows’ houses anymore. So cut off the green lifeline of support to any jackboot preacher who is threatening you with curses from heaven for failure to give them what they want.

Don’t be partakers with these snakes in the coming judgment, My precious people. Instead, fear the Lord thy God and walk before Me with a holy, thankful heart, always aware that I INVITED you to come to Me before you were able to respond to My invitation and come.

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