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Time and Action equal, whatever you chose
by Ramona Cook 
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Time + Actions = Whatever we chose

Time, oh Time, the invisible thing by which my life is controlled. The clock hands and the traffic signals command my every move and cause me to order each thing I do according to their demands. My ideas, yes, but I must be respectful of those things that execute severe control on my life or else suffer defeat and loss.

Time is that unseen realm in which we move. Important are the choices I make and the acts that I do because even though I’ve just awakened I am already making my mark on this day in my life.

What I do, or do not do, in this day will be locked into my forever. Tomorrow, and even in the next moment, it will be permanent. I have no eraser that can obliterate or edit any thing that I will put into this day. I have no availability to reach back into the past of even the last minute. I can redo, or do again, but I am unable to undo.

Of course I want the good things I do to remain forever. I parrot the words of Nehemiah of the Bible, “Oh Lord, remember me for the good that I have done.”

The deeds that I do or neglect to do, the words that I say, or neglect to say, even my thoughts will be forever irreversible by any method of correction that is within my power. That is a weighty fact. I cannot undo any misdeed of action or of word, when it is done it is done forever. That is a fatalistic and weighty fact.

But wait, while I cannot, I do know of one easily accessed Resource that can correct the balance sheet and make all things right and justified.

Mankind collectively, and each of us as individuals, must be thankful to a God Who promises to forget those things of which we truly repent in confession to Him. He is a God Who can reverse the wrongs and bring good things out of our mistakes, and our intentional misdeeds called sins.

God has a history of rearranging the wrongs that people have done and causing the wrong thing to produce a good thing. But He has His prerequisites for the doing of it. The prerequisite is confession to Him that we did the wrong thing.

There are two types of “confession,” and only one of them will move God’s willingness to forgive. That is because only one type of confession is actually truthful.

I sat one day during my devotional time recalling some events of my life that had not worked out as I had thought they would work out. I had intended well but the thing was a failure. So I began to tell God how sorry I was that it did not work out as I had planned. I reminded Him that of course He did remember how So ‘n So had not done the right thing and so I had done thus and so because of it. If So ‘n So had done the right thing, I could have too, and it would have worked out right. I heard one word from the Lord in that moment and it was, “Attrite.”

“Attrite,” what did that have to do with this? So with some irritation I went to the dictionary to find what the word “attrite” meant. I found that it is an accounting word. It is a process used for balancing the books. That is not the type of confession that God requires in order to erase the wrongs that we have committed.

King David said to God, “A broken and a contrite heart You will not despise.”

So what is the meaning of “Contrite?” In the dictionary I found the meaning to be one of showing true repentance; a turning around away from something, remorse for having done a wrong.

God does not want me to balance the Books by attrition, moving this thing to that column and that to some other column and then underscoring with a double line that I am now justified.

What God does require is that I confess to Him my part of whatever went wrong; the thing or things that I did wrong, without the process of attrition of the facts.

When in contrition I confess to God, He has made a promise to forgive me and to forget that thing forever. He expects me to never go back to the wrong thing and never to entertain it in my mind again either.

Sometimes we are mistreated by other people, and sometimes we have mistreated other people. There is need to forgive those who have harmed us. Forgiving them does not mean that we continue company with them; maybe we can’t, because the ugly and ungodly misdeeds would only continue. But we can release them from our ill wishes and the desire for retribution against them to occur. When we have mistreated anyone, we need to ask for their forgiveness and for God’s forgiveness too, and then to not feel the weight of guilt for it ever again.

God has, curiously to me, hooked together the act of forgiveness on our part of others for their wrongs done to us, to His willingness to forgive us of our wrongs. He tells us that if we will forgive others then He will forgive us of what we have done wrong. He makes it very clear in the Bible that this is the truth of how it works by then reversing the statement and saying, “But, if you will not forgive your brother, then neither will I forgive you of your wrongs.”

Forgiven is a beautiful word, and freedom of guilt is the thing that we as humankind desire. In this day, in the illusive sphere of time in which we live out this day, we will have successes and failures. We will hit the bull’s eye on some things and miss the mark on others. Our missing of the mark is called a failure and sometimes, those times when it misses the mark of what God requires, it is called a sin. Our philosophical and physiological communities often try to eradicate the bull’s eye saying that there is no bull eye, and that anything we want to do is alright. They wish to release mankind from the state of guiltiness, but their method does not work. It is God Who has set the mark of right and wrong, and none of us can change it.

We have access to a Resource, God, The Almighty One, Who can erase and obliterate our errors, BUT He requires that we hand to Him the eraser which is our contrite confession of the wrong.

In the accounting sense and in the spiritual sense, the books are more easily kept when the records are current and reconciled daily. Our self introspection and contrite owning up to our misdeeds, without the process of attrition, are also best handled within the frame of the thing we call “today.”

“Time” may in reality be an illusion or a thing created for the orderly process of the period of residency we have on the earth, but it is a thing to which we all acquiesce because we have no control over it. We only control to some degree what we put into this thing called time, by the choices that we make. The importance of the subject of “time” and the acts of good or bad that we do are all within the framework of “time,” and how we use our time is of great importance. Being willing to make right choices is the challenge of our lives.

Two wagons called “Will” I’ve got
one called “I will” and one “I will not.”
It’s up to me to decide in
which wagon of Will
my will
will ride.

The choice belongs to the owner of the Will Wagon, but when we choose incorrectly and wrongly, we still have the hope of making correction by true and contrite confession and a turning away from the wrong thing and turning to a God Who can redo and undo, remembering that contrition is true repentance expressed by choosing to not do that thing again. These processes take form in the “invisible time” in which we live. Let us, “Redeem the time, because the days are evil.” KJV

Ramona 11/16/2010

Foot note: According to Strong’s Concordance:

Redeem means to buy back or buy up, to use wisely realizing that it is precious.

Evil means either filled with unrighteousness; or filled with hard work and labor and trials of any kind.

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...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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