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Meltdown of America’s Public Schools (Part I)
by Carl Parnell 
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Approximately twenty years ago, I took a stress management class at the middle school where I taught. It was one of many staff-development classes I had to take to renew my state teacher certification. It was a very interesting class with some very unique requirements. One such requirement was to meditate for a few minutes at the end of the class. Believe me, it was great getting credit for such an enjoyable class. However, I did not realize what I was actually involved in at the time. But, as years have passed, I have realized that the focusing I did then was part of New Age and secular humanist methodology being incorporated into America and specifically into its public school systems.

What is the New Age Movement? What is secular humanism? What influence do they have on America’s society and public schools? Are they making our society and public schools better or worse? What kind of following do they have? Who are their leaders? It is my purpose to answer these questions and many more as they relate to the effects of the New Age Movement and secular humanism in America’s society and public schools. Hopefully, those who read this article will become enlightened as I did to the realization that America is rapidly becoming a New Age nation.

Secular humanism is a subtle yet extremely injurious cancer eating away at the moral health of society. It is subtle in that it exalts human beings as capable of solving any program and charting humankind’s destiny. On the surface the philosophy sounds good as a means of building one’s self esteem. But the exaltation of human abilities means the elimination of a Creator who is higher and sets standards for human behavior. This cancer eats away at the principles of Christianity, traditional public education, and general morality. It provides the foundation for a variety of popular anti-Biblical philosophies. It subtly appeals to many people because it recognizes that all humans are innately good (ignoring the fall of the human race) and have unlimited potential to evolve into perfect creatures. Humanism teaches total self-sufficiency, completely denying any need for any kind of a deity in a person’s life. (4)

According to Cornelia R. Ferreira, “the New Age Movement is an occult socio-political movement that is attempting to bring about the Biblically-predicted world order ruled by Satan. It is a total revolution against Christian civilization. Its occult spirituality and seditious politics are introduced into the educational system through mind-control techniques and occult practices that are turning classrooms into training grounds for New World Order citizens.” (1) The New Age movement has many similarities to secular humanism. Humans must develop into a new mental and spiritual state. The good inside of man is actually a dormant god. The goal of the New Age movement is to awaken the dormant god person that exists in mankind. (4) Secular humanism evolves out of the rage toward organized religion. It is a reaction against the doctrines and past performances of Christianity. The underlying drive of this outrage is the same will that drove Satan to rebel against God. As a result, the followers of the New Age and secular humanist ideology are attempting to annihilate Christianity from the United States and the world. They do not accept the creation theory of our universe. Instead, they accept the theory of evolution. “Humanism believes that man is a part of nature and that he has emerged as the result of a continuous process.” Humanists do not believe that man has a soul. “Holding an organic view of life, humanists find that the traditional dualism of mind and body must be rejected.” They also believe in environmentalism. “The individual born into a particular culture is largely molded to that culture.” Traditional religious values must be ignored, too. “Humanism asserts that the nature of the universe depicted by modern science makes unacceptable any supernatural or cosmic guarantees of human nature.” Ultimately, since humanists do not believe in a God, what does religion mean to them? “Religion consists of those actions, purposes, and experiences which are humanly significant. Nothing human is alien to the religious….The distinction between the sacred and secular can no longer be maintained.” (2)

Since there is no distinction between sacred and secular, social action and religious action are the same. Therefore, “the humanists are firmly convinced that existing acquisitive and profit-motivated society has shown itself to be inadequate and that a radical change in methods, controls, and motives must be instituted. A socialized and cooperative economic order must be established to the end that the equitable distribution of the means of life be possible. The goal of humanism is a free and universal society in which people voluntarily and intelligently cooperates for the common good.” Thus, humanists are striving to make America a socialist society. “Man is at last becoming aware that he alone is responsible for the realization of the world of his dreams, that he has within himself the power for its achievement.” (2) Therefore, secular humanists and New Age disciples are working diligently to create a one-world government. New Age believers promote the theology of “no God” to save us. We must depend on ourselves to make the correct decisions needed for survival. However, God’s Holy Bible contains many scriptures that readily expose the lies of the “no God” theory. In Romans 3:10-12, “There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God. All have turned away they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.” In Jeremiah 17:5, 9, the Bible clearly states that man must look to God for his source of strength, not man. The apostle Paul asks a question in I Corinthians 1:20 that clarified the rationale for looking to God, not man, for our total well being: “Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” (4)

What are the political views of the New Age Movement? The Humanist Manifesto, the Bible of New Age humanists, summarizes their main beliefs. Politically, the New Age humanists have four goals. Their ultimate goal is to create a one-world government. Secondly, they want to stop the rapid population growth in the world in order to avoid the depletion of our natural resources. Thirdly, they want to cut military spending, to stop the production of all nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, and to redistribute the wealth of the world more equally. Fourthly, humanists want to free mankind from all superstitions and restrictions. Ultimately, man will never achieve peace of mind until he stops believing in a God. Man’s peace will come only when he accepts that it is his own abilities that generate happiness in his life. (1) However, as the apostle Paul states in
Colossians 2:8, “See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ. For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form, and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over all rule and authority.” Also, in II Corinthians 10:4, God gives us a reminder of the outcomes of man’s imaginations. “Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” Therefore, mankind must practice self-control, and he is ultimately responsible to God for all his actions. (3)

Spiritually, the New Age agenda requires the desecration of the Ten Commandments. According to New Age beliefs, the elimination of God’s laws would be necessary in order to promote world peace and human progress. Humanists blame Christian values for the divisiveness of people around the world. However, they desire to replace the Ten Commandments with perverted sex, abortion, birth control, suicide, euthanasia and divorce. Ultimately, a new utopian society would bring tolerance and peace to the global community. Occultism would become the one-world religion. Satan would become the god of the universe. (1) The anti-Christ of the Book of Revelation could be ready to establish his kingdom. If New Age disciples and secular humanists rid the universe of the God of Heaven, there would be nothing left except Satan’s representative on the earth-THE ANTICHRIST.

Humanism, despite the fact that the Supreme Court established it as a religion in 1961, is permitted to operate in America’s public schools. Of course, Christianity is still not permitted. “Christianity is kept out of the schools due to a faulty understanding of the First Amendment’s ‘Establishment Clause.’ The separationists’ claim that any religion taught or tolerated within the school (except for historic instruction) constitutes an intolerable government endorsement of religion. They keep teachers from teaching anything about creationism-or even pointing out the problems with evolution-for the same misguided reason: no government endorsement of religion or religious doctrine. As creationism is a belief held by Christians, Jews, and other religions, it must not be allowed to be taught or tolerated within public schools. But there is a double standard now. By doing what they have done, they have created a public school system that actually teaches the doctrines of one religion, to the exclusion of all others. This indeed is a violation of the First Amendment. One single religion is preached in public schools, and no other religion may compete with it within those walls. I refer to the religion of humanism.” Obviously, the devil is a sly old fox. He has used activist federal judges and the extremely humanist organization, the National Education Association, to carry his demonic agenda. These highly motivated humanist judges and educators have purposed to rid our nation and our schools of all forms of Christianity. This is the reason Christian judges must be elected or appointed to all levels of our government. Also, Christian educators must be elected or appointed to local, state, or federal positions. We have permitted humanist to cry out in favor of the separation of church and state, but, in the same breath, they are supporting the theory they have preached against. Therefore, America’s schools have become schools of Humanism. (5)


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