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Sin Carries Consequences
by Fenny West
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Sin Carries Consequences
Repercussions, reprisals
Suffering, separation, shame
Doom death, destruction,
Damnation, condemnation
Confusion, self-deception
fear, tear, hell, fall
bag full of holes
fruitless toil
Blindness, nakedness,
Wreckage, bondage, wastage
Carnage, weeping, mourning,
Imprisonment, dismemberment
Anguish, pain, sprain,

Adam and Eve fell from grace
Through disobedience
Carrying the whole human race
With them in that in that fall
So we all fell, great or small
They were separated from God
And so are we until we repent
They became fearful, fleeing
God’s presence and so we do when we fall
They lost their glorious inheritance
And so we do when we sin
They were driven out of the Garden of Eden
They lost their communion and fellowship
With their Maker and so we do when we sin.

Soon we hear of the first murder;
Cain rising against his brother
Abel’s blood was spilled in anger
And one thing led to another
Answering God, ’Am I my brother’s keeper?’
His brother’s blood cried out
And Cain was afraid of the reprisals.
Sin carries consequences.

Jacob connived with his mother,
Stole the birthright of his brother
Soon he was running helter-skelter
Ran to his mother’s brother
There he continued to scheme
Wheel and deal sowing bad seed
Then on his wedding day
He got back his pay
Had to serve 14 years instead of 7
Sin carries consequences.

Saul was commanded:
Destroy all the Amalekites
Leave no stones unturned
But he thought he knew better
So he spared king Agag
And some sheep for a show
Samuel asked him,
‘Have you done all you were told?
He answered, surely
But then there was a bleating of the sheep.
From no where his sin cried out: mbee. Mbee..
Samuel asked what is this I hear
And Saul began to play the blame game
That Adam played when he was caught
It is the people who wanted to sacrifice
Samuel told him, ‘Obey is better than sacrifice.’
Your disobedience is like witchcraft.
Saul also usurped the position of the priest
And so began his fall from grace
Soon we see a man gone insane
Pursuing David from pillar to post
Adding bitterness and jealousy to his sin
Until he lost his throne, his dynasty and his life.
Sin carries consequences!

Israel was warned not to touch
The goodies- gold and silver
In the first City they captured- Jericho
But Achan, told himself, ‘I can.
What can the Lord do to me?
The Lord does not see everything.’
He took the silver and gold and halted the revival.
Israel was mauled, trounced by a few soldiers.
Why? One man sinned and the little leaven leavened the whole lump.
Later Joshua sought God’s face
Got divine direction on how
to deal with the problem
Achan was identified and stoned to death
Including his family- the consequences for sin.

Ananias and Saphirah sought to fool
God and the believers and Elders
About their generosity and integrity
So doing, they halted the revival
going on, like Achan did.
Peter was discerning and
Used by the Holy Spirit to expose and judge them
The couple fell down dead one after the other
Because they lied to the God.
Sin carries consequences.

Amnon could not control his flesh
He longed fro his half sister- Tamar
Deceived by an ungodly counselor,
He connived to lure her to his bedside
As he pretended to be sick
Then he violated her, raped her
and hated her, dumped her.
This fueled Absolom’s hatred for him
Soon Absalom organised a party
To which he invited all the king’s sons
There Amnon was murdered.

David was in turmoil, enraged
His heart was torn, he was in anguish;
Banished Absolom from his presence
But he could not sleep well

Because he loved Absolom.
Sin was tearing the family apart.

The sin of the fathers
Became iniquity in the children
David himself took a census ill-advised
Depending on the arm of the flesh
Many people died as a result
David also could not control his flesh
Stayed at home when kings went to war
He wandered to his balcony
And there was beautiful Bathsheba
Bathing, with a body beautiful to behold
Soon David lost all good judgment and was watching porn and watching porn led to adultery
And from adultery he became a murderer and a thief, stealing Uriah’s wife and disposing of him
In collusion with his military chief.
We know how he made Uriah drunk schemed to make him go to his wife but Uriah refused to enjoy himself when Israel was at war
David thought God did not see like Achan, like Ananias and Saphirah, but how wrong he was.

God was not amused
He sent Nathan to confront David
Boldly he did and David came clean
Repenting from his heart an penning Ps51
He was forgiven and restored
Yet he reaped the consequence
The child that Bathsheba carried died
Despite David’s fasting and praying.
Sin carries consequences.

Later we find Solomon,
David’s son on the throne
Solomon started so well
That he would fall, no one could tell
He took David’s sin to another level
Foreign women stole his heart
So despite the great start
He wallowed in the pants
Of 600 wives and 300 concubines.
This was the wisest man who died
In the backyard of the foolish man.
This was a physician
who could not heal himself.
Solomon soled his soul
Because he lacked control.
Sin carries consequences.

Nebuchadnezzar was full of pride
Boasted of his conquest, pomp and pageantry,
Ignoring the Most High God who exalted him.
God had to put him in his place.
He was driven into the forest, became insane
Grew claws and feathers until he acknowledged
The Ancient of Days, the God of Heaven.
Sin carries consequences.

The Son of Nebuchadnezzar- Beltshazzar
Was intoxicated with power like dad
He forgot what made his father go mad
Became arrogant, rebellious and repugnant,
Disregarding or forgetting the Sovereign God.
He took the sacred and golden vessels
Used for the house of God and defiled them.
Praising the god of iron and silver
Soon he was weighed in the balance
and found wanting; his kingdom
was taken from him as Daniel predicted.
Sin carries consequences!

Goliath was a fighting machine
Had had many successes
head and shoulders above all
Was macho, menacing and mean,
He saw himself as a god and
defied the armies of the living God:
‘Send me a man, if you can!
Who is that God that will deliver you?’
I take no prisoners. I have men for breakfast.
His stature struck fear and terror
In the heart of everyone in Saul’s army.
Yet in spite of his formidable stature and fortification, Little David defeated him
with just a sling and stone.
Goliath was brought down
and David used his sword to cut off his head.
Pride goes before a fall.
Sin carries consequences.

The Devil, Lucifer, the Adversary
Was high in the hierarchy of angels
Who worshipped God
He was the music leader, choir Master
The Chief Musician, very beautiful to behold;
But his beauty, grace and elegance
Position, pomp and power went into his head
Soon he was competing with God.
He sought to usurp the position of God, like Absalom who dethroned his father, David.
‘I will be like the Most High,’ he said.
He was kicked out of heaven to the earth,
Along with those who rebelled with him.
Sin carries consequences.

He wages of sin is death
The soul that sins, it shall surely die
The heart of man is full of sin,
desperately wicked
Who can know it?
For all have sinned
and come short of the glory of God
there is none righteous, no not one.

The gift of God is eternal life
The cure for sin is the blood of Jesus.
Behold the lamb that takes away
the sin of this world.
The blood blots put our sin stains
And gives us a fresh start, a clean slate,
a new clean bill of health
the old goes and the New comes.
If we confess our sins, he is faithful to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe with thine heart that God raised him p from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
For with the heart man believe unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

However we need to be aware
that once saved, always saved
is a lie from hell. designed to lull us
and herd us into hell by stealth.
Sin carries consequences.
Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?
We need to repent of our sins
And make a quality decision
Turning our back on the sin
Turning 180 degrees
Facing a different direction
And walking in a different direction.
This is true repentance.
To continue to do one thing an d expecting a different result they say is the beginning of lunacy.
The truth remains; sin carries consequences.
This is why we need to abstain from sin, flee from every appearance of sin. This is why we need to abide in Christ and let His word abide in us. This is why we need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and let the Holy Spirit control our lives and empower us to live victorious Christian lives.
Surely temptation will come like it came to Joseph,
like it came to Jesus and we too can win just like they did. Jesus use the word: It is written, It is written… we too can use the sword of the Spirit: it is written… it is written…’
When the enemy bombards our minds we would not allow him to have a field day but think on whatsoever is pure, just, admirable, of good report, praise-worthy, virtuous and honest. We can cast down every imagination and every thought that exalts itself against the revealed will of God. We can refuse to be conformed to the patterns of thinking of the world around us but show that we have been transformed by the renewing of our mind and we know what is that good acceptable a and perfect will of God. We do not walk in the counsel of the ungodly nor stand in the way of sinners, nor seat in the seat of God-mockers. Our delight is in the law of the Lord and we mediate on his precepts and they govern our steps.
We walk in the Spirit as not to fulfill the demands, dictates, deceptions, allurements, lures, lusts, endearments, entrapments, snares, lust of the flesh.

Yes we are in a war-
War against the flesh
The world and the devil
Let’s use the whole armour of God
So that we can stand in the evil day.
It is not by might nor by power,
but by the Spirit of the living God.

Lord, do a new work in me
O Lord God Almighty
Take the heart of stone away
Show me Your perfect way
I need your touch each and every day

Open the eyes of my heart
Give me a fresh start
Let me see the damage sin does
Keeping me on the floor, all fours
Blinding me to my heritage
Bringing me under bondage
Robbing me of my testimony
Destroying my family and destiny
Robbing my contribution to your Body
Bringing shame to your holy name.

I call on you, mighty God, in Jesus’ Name.
Come, work in me to work through me
Lift me from the miry clay, this valley
I need you all over-spirit, soul, body
I need a revival not just survival
Change me, O Lord, inside out
All things are possible without a doubt.

Lord, teach me to flee from sin
Like Joseph fled from Potiphar’s wife.
Sin shall not have dominion
Rather, I shall have dominion
I yield my whole being into your hands
Lead me, Lord, my promised land.
Rein in me, rule in me.
Captivate my heart
Let your kingdom come
and your will be done
may my heart be a throne
fit for my King- the king of kings
and Lord of lords.

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