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No Revival / by David Vaughn
by David Vaughn
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NOTE: For the last 15 years I have been what I call, "in a cave," I am now ready to step out and share some of the things God has given to me. I am so honored to have these writings examined by those who can help me express the things of God more correctly.

No Revival
By David A. Vaughn

Chapter 1 "the vision"

"Behold I will do a "New Thing" now it shall spring forth, Shall ye not know it."(Isaiah 43:19)

The Visitation was not unusual, as He has frequented my home many times in the past years. The Atmosphere was set, and for several days intercession had filled the room. Like music from a renowned orchestra were angels proclaiming the praises of Jesus. The Holy Spirit was now ready to voice the deep thoughts of the heart of our living God.

Whether I would listen would be something yet to be seen.

Oh How I love to hear the sweet but strong voice of the Holy Spirit, crying out the triumph of the Father's only begotten Son. Never has His council been wrong. Never has He teased or made fun of me even though I have failed and often misunderstood.

For many years I have kept in step with His leading and have learned to recognize the difference between His voice then that of the one who suffered to become my Shepherd. Once I remembered commenting to Him; "How foolish your council has been," only later to recognize what depth He was speaking.

Because of my immaturity and unlearned skills of going in and coming out, I was held safe, even to the point of stopping death from overtaking me. My actions are like a child who is learning how to walk, falling, only to be picked up by the hands of a loving brother.

Sometimes, I feel as if I am so special that there is an invisible shield surrounding my life. Like the hedge that Hosea ordered for his wife, I am protected and sheltered. When falling into sin, I am fed and clothed as if I could do nothing wrong. Washed by the blood of Jesus, I have forgiveness. My realization of such love compels me to hate evil and my desire to stay holy and not be contaminated by this world, enhances the desire to stay within this heavenly atrium. I never want it to dissipate or wither away.

Chapter 2 "no revival"

My intercession was intense. War was waged on the kingdom of darkness and drastic blows to evil were hurled as a cannon firing shells. I could hear the loud shouts of victory as well as the silent screams of defeat as saints would be pictured deep within my spirit.

REVIVAL, REVIVAL, was my petition before the throne. Forward with revival for all the churches in our city was my cry being heard for miles in all direction of the heavens. Revival seemed to be what I thought would bring an end to the fleshly as well as spiritual sins within the Churches. Pornography had been stopped and abortion was not permitted within the limits of the city so revival was next on the magnificent plan of God. Or so I thought..

As the Holy Spirit's voice became louder, it's clarity and distinction of tone was staggering to my soul. "As the Lord God saith, NO REVIVAL, NO REVIVAL, NO REVIVAL, I will do a new thing," was His summons. Contrary to my prayers was this echoing proclamation round about me. What could possibly be more important than making ready a road to citywide revival?

Many things were said to me that night that increased my vision and wisdom. One of my duties was to continue in the warfare with evil spirits, demons and powers that had the city in bondage, but to pray for a spirit of revival for the Churches was defiantly not the will of the Father.

To stand up and proclaim that God does not want revival is a devastating trial on your credibility as one who can hear from on high. With all the Churches praying for revival, I would not be too popular if I began to speak out against it. What does it matter. It is not my word that is on trial; it's God's. If God does not want revival, then neither do I.

Chapter 3 Past Revivals

After the intercession had lifted, I went to my library of books. My library is an archive of man's wisdom and understanding. When I was younger in the things of God, I would read two and three books a week, trying to fulfill the mental zeal I had. My mind was constantly searching for something "deep." Oh! What pride one has in his youth. Thinking that knowledge gives favor with God. I was puffed up like a toadstool in an open field ready to be opened and carried away with the next wind of doctrine. But, these books were a treasure in a hope chest just waiting for a day to be discovered. I was sometimes reminded of a memorial of faith, when I read the titles out loud. Now that I am older they don't seem to hold as much importance.

I began to study and search my books on past revivals. There must be some missing link with a key that could unlock the door to Gods reason for choosing this particular time to proclaim No Revival and introduce a new thing. Why couldn't revival fulfill the needs of the twentieth century church? These questions and more were like a carousel that went round and round in my soul. Impatiently, I was hanging on, waiting for the crooner to stop the revolving wheel.

Putting myself in the arena of human events, I walked through the European reformation, seeing Luther nail his thesis and Calvin wishing it was over. Crossing the globe in time to see father Nash support Finny with I-Beams of prayer and garters of faith. Moody preaching as fire from a furnace, proclaiming repentance, melting the weary hearts of steel.

More recent revivals seem to carry numerous manifestations of gifts, making the Holy Spirit the center of attraction. There were the great "Healing Revivals" spoken into flame by Lake, Branham and Kuhlman. There were also the "Word Revivals" starting in the 1960's and early 1970's. These revivals were accredited to Tozer, WIlkerson, Prince and Monford. Simultaneously, like dancers in the park, were the "Charismatic Revivals" of Duplessis, Bennett and Weiner.

The latest revivals to sweep both America and Europe are the "Faith Revivals" birthed by Hagin, Copeland, Osteen, Osborn and Cho. What travail, like a woman in labor. Pains of joy and tears of laughter has been the fuel that has instigated such a turning of nations to recognize the true and living God.

Never before in the history of the Church, has there been such a calling to reap the harvest. All nations are as ripened fields. Labors are hard at work gathering the crops before the latter rain breaks the chafe opens and the grain go tumbling to the ground. To hear "NO REVIVAL" seemed to be out of place or at least misunderstood.

Chapter 4 New Thing

"There is nothing to be revived," proclaimed the Holy Spirit. "It is all-present." There is no need to revive Luther. No need to revive Moody. God has been building. The Apostles laid the foundation with plumb line in hand. All the walls were erected by the revivals of those magnificent men of faith.

Now the building is prepared. The workers are being trained. Table setters are making their last minute preparations and the choicest of silver and gold are being polished.

Truly there is no need to revive anything of the past. God is on the move like a locomotive racing at high speed. He is gathering all that are willing and ready. Our generation can experience the greatest move of the Holy Spirit since the day of Peter's first oracle from that quaint little balcony in Jerusalem.

Don't let time, which has proven to be the culprit that doomed the past revivals overtake us. As the leading men of God passed away, so went their revival fire. What is taking place today however, does not have to meet with this same fate, but unless the "New Thing" is introduced, fear will overtake faith and videos will replace visions.

Revivals past, have fanned the flame that keeps the coals hot until the "New Thing" arrives. God's "New Thing" will burn with unquenchable fire. It will establish an everlasting kingdom whose boundary has no end. All heaven and earth will fall to its face and bow its knees in respect and reverence to the Holy One of Israel. This "New Thing" is not the Second Coming of Jesus but will be the catalyst, the quiet before the storm, a shout from the housetop of His soon appearance. It will also be a temple, a place of worship suitable for the Father Himself.

Chapter 5 Walking after the Spirit

I labored many days in my library, reading about the men and their revivals and I found that there were several common denominators surrounding their birth and death. All were birthed in prayer. Worship was the plot and the victory of many souls won to the Lord was the closing act. Also, the one other thing in common that is not so pleasant to the pen and paper. It has been the very leaven that has spoiled the loaf. The culprits? name is the very separation and fragmentation of the body of Christ.

Every revival to date, including the present "Faith Revival" has brought a split within the body of Christ. We cannot nonchalantly say, as in times past, that God will not put new wine in old wineskins. Although this is a very true statement, it was never meant to be used as an excuse for brethren having no need of brethren.

Wheat will definitely be separated from the tares but God's character has no room for strife or debate. He never said wheat would be separated from wheat! Isaiah's (Isa. 58) stern warning to the house of Jacob cried aloud and spared not those who fasted for strife's sake. Therefore, in this generation of learned men, women, and children, God's will is doing a "New Thing." This "New Thing" is an inward maturing of our spirit. We may want to call it a personal revival of a resurrected Savior. This "New Thing" will push us into a relationship so untouched by religion that flesh will have no means to operate and our spirit will rule in co-labor with Jesus. This "New Thing" will be a state where it is not enough to live within the spirit. We must also walk after the spirit. It is time to learn how to walk. "Living in the house is warm and cozy as our feet are warmed by revival fires, but to walk will be in the latter rain and wet feet will be required of us this very night."

Walking after the spirit may seem like a clushia for those whose eyes have no depth. But I say with all my heart, not many have walked with Jesus.

Faith has been nothing more than presumption. It is time for the reality of a spiritual walk. Every one is running to and fro looking for the reality of Pentecost. Where is the power to raise the dead or heal the sick is a cry of today's believer. Have we raised anyone from the dead this week? Could it be we have fallen behind in obeying the command of Jesus? Or have we ever walked in such a manner?

If we have fallen behind, perhaps we only need to be revived. A revival may be all we need. If we are like most believers, a "New Thing" is more appropriate.

Chapter 6 What is a spiritual Walk?

This is what the Holy Spirit was saying to me when He voiced so profoundly "No Revival". Our Father wants a total maturing of a spiritual walk. One that will represent a new covenants and will bring unity and love without division.

"...I will put my laws into their mind and write them in their hearts and I will be to them a God and they shall be to me a people: And they shall not teach every man his neighbor and every man his brother saying know the Lord for all shall know me." Hebrews 8:10-11

A matured spirit is a tree of rightness, a river of living water for all those who are in desolate places. A matured spirit will break the yoke of bondage that binds those from moving forward in their faith. A matured spirit will heal broken hearts and set at liberty the oppressed and even a widow's heart sing with joy. A matured spirit will heal the sick, deal bread to the Hungary, comfort and house orphans. A matured spirit will have the strategy to disciple all nations and raising of the dead or any other miracle will become a minor work.

All it will take for this "New Thing" to start is for us to get serious in God. God has given us the green flag. Will we start our walk in the spirit or will we stay satisfied with less?

When God does something it stands forever. Revivals have come and gone, leaving behind bitterness, misunderstanding, unforgiveness and disappointment. We however, have the opportunity that every great cloud of witnesses looked forward to. We have the latter rain of the present outpouring of the Holy Spirit, if we will only grab hold, get serious and comprehend its fullness.

CHAPTER 7 New Thing or New Wave?

Many sermons have been preached on the flesh and an equal amount has been dedicated to the teaching of the soul. Unfortunately, because of Satan's lies and trickery, there have been few sermons preached on the function of our spirit. There have been even fewer books written that break down our spirit in its various parts. Therefore, we may not know what our spirit is or consists of. But, if we don't, how will we ever be able to walk after it?

The Holy Spirit will instruct us on how to use the word of God to divide and see the difference between our spirit and from that of our soul. It will rightfully divide even our flesh. Walking after the spirit is not a "New Wave" that will sweep through the body of Christ like a desert wind and then vanish like revivals past. It is the "New Thing" that the Father wants to see in reality among every believer's life.

If we will not adhere to and seek after this "New Thing" now that we have heard, we will join the multitude of saints preserving strife and debate. Another Church will soon split and both parts will swear they are right.

A mature spirit will want to respond out of spiritual fruit, but an immature spirit will react out of emotions from his soul. What spirit are we?

Revivals have left behind short-lived faith because believers have reacted out of their soul life instead of responding out of their spirit life. Most believers live in the realm of their soul, thus reacting out of emotions. As an infant cries for it's mother's breast, so is their cry for justification.

What do you think would happen within our life if we responded out of our sprit in every situation instead of reacting out of emotion? The greatest effect would be for soulicail believers to become jealous of the Jesus that is manifested within us. Another effect would be no lukewarmness, thus there would be no breeding ground for strife. This "New Thing" or "spiritual walk" as I so define it, would be to bring us to a place that we think is unattainable in God.

Chapter 8 Steps to Usher in the "New Thing"

Step One (Walking in the Spirit)

The story is told of a woman, a Samaritan by birth, who came to Jacob's well to draw water. There was also a certain Jew named Jesus, on his journey from Judea to Galilee just happened to be at this well when the woman arrived. Weary from His journey but having no bucket to draw water. He asked the woman to draw Him some water. The woman was startled by such a request because the understood law of the land was no Jew was allowed to talk, let alone drink together with a Samaritan. Jesus in reply to her suprise said unto her "if thou knewist the gift of God and who it is that saith to thee give me drink, thou wouldest have asked of Him and He would have given thee living water."

The woman replied "the well is deep and you have no bucket. How will you supply me with living water?" Jesus answered and said unto her "whosoever drinketh of this well will thirst again but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up in everlasting life."

The woman immediately wanted some of Jesus' water. Other things were said by Jesus and the woman realized that He was a prophet sent by God. She asked Him a very spiritual question. One that has never been taken seriously by the church. That question is "Where men ought to worship God." Jesus said in response, "The hour cometh and now is when the true worshiper shall worship the father in spirit and in truth. For the father seeketh such to worship Him. God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth." This story is taken from chapter 4 of the book of John.

The hour truly has come and the hour is now when we must worship God within our spirit and not in our soul. No other means will be available. No other place will be permissible. Only those whose spirit is toward God will be acceptable as the true worshiper.

"If we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the spirit." Galatians 5:25

The basic criteria for us to be a spiritual believer instead of a fleshly or soulical one is to walk in the spirit. When we are walking in the spirit, we have put our soul under the authority of the spirit and the members of our flesh have been yielded to the righteousness of God. We have put no confidence in our own soul and rely totally upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit. (Compare 1 Corinthians 3:18,19)

The Son of God put Himself in our position when He became man. He poured out His soul to death (Isaiah 53:12) but committed His spirit to God (Luke 23:46). We must do the same, if we are to ever enter into God's peace and our soul is to come under the spirit and our spirit is to come under the Holy Spirit.

I mentioned this as the first principal of the "New Thing" God wants to do because even though we received a new spirit at new birth, our spirit because of the lack of walking out experience, could become as defiled as our soul and in need of being sanctified. (1 Thessalonians 5:23 and 2Corinthians 7:1)

Chapter 9

Step Two (Different Spirits)

When James and John saw some people casting out demons in the name of Jesus, they inquired of Jesus to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them like Elijah did. Jesus instead rebuked them and said "Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of." (Luke 9:55)

This incident with James and John leads us to believe that even though we are a disciple of Jesus, we may have a wrong spirit. I am not insinuating that the spirit we received at new birth was wrong but only we could us it in the wrong way. Perhaps James and John motives were wrong or perhaps they were not walking in compassion. Whatever their reasoning was Jesus said they had a wrong spirit in their response to the situation.

In this step, I will attempt to chart the spirit and it's functions. In so doing, I will also add the soul and body thus giving us a three-dimensional look at ourselves as a spirit, soul, body entity. I must warn you not to use this step as a guidepost to spiritual maturity but to use it only in exposing sin and the deception of evil spirits.

This step will also be dedicated to showing various types of spirits we could possess. In charting the spirit, soul and body, we will see clearly Gods new temple in conjunction to Gods "New Thing." The spirit is sequel to the Holy of Holy, the soul sequel to the Inner Court, and the body sequel to the Outer Court.

If we do not know what our spirit is and how it functions, how will we ever be able to worship the true and living God? Satan would like none other than to keep us from discerning our spirit. For in doing so we will never know the "New Thing" God has to offer.

All Communication with God originates within our spirit. We must have a constant awareness of the spirit. When we walk in the spirit, we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. (Galatians 5:6) Our spirit will also be in a constant obsession to have authority over our flesh. Our flesh will also have this equal obsession towards our spirit. Although it is not a battle prosy, this obsession will continue. SIN does not want to give in to the Lordship of Jesus and is likewise in rebellion against the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Our soul will also put up a struggle. The soul thinks it knows it all because of possessing the intellect, but it too must experience self-denial on a daily basis. (Mark 8:34 and Luke 9:23)

Although our spirit, soul and body have distinct entities we must constantly remember that they are but one compassing the unique personality...YOU... God loved us before he ever created the heavens and the earth. He had a plan to birth us as children. A created being would not do. Seed of His Seed was only proper, coming from a perfect God. The caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly was Adam which was first fleshly then Christ which was last Spirit (2 Corinthians 15) Because God is Spirit, it takes a spirit to communicate with Him.

Chapter 10

Step Three (A Dying Adam)

Adam in his original state was neither sinful nor holy. Choosing to participate in the tree of knowledge of good and evil did not in a literal sense kill Adam's spirit. The conscious part was articulated thus rendering him to know right from wrong. This knowledge is known in biblical terms as being like gods. (Psalms 82:6) and separates us from other forms of life. If non-belivers did not have a conscious where by the Holy Spirit could speak (there is no indication in scriptures that God will speak to the soul or flesh) then there would be no convictions or communication between God and man.

Satan means all things to turn out bad but God took the knowledge of evil in Adam and Eve's life and used it for good, thus keeping the door open by which He could continue to communicate with man.

Since the poison from the forbidden fruit entered man, he has progressively leaned towards wickedness. In the study of the flesh and its functions, we will notice that this poison has been passed down from generation to generation (Romans 5) thus making Adam the carrier of an inherent disease called SIN. From one generation to the next this disease has grown in proportion, corrupting more and more of the flesh. It also has contaminated the soul and spirit as well.

In the process of SIN corrupting of the spirit, soul and body, God's Spirit was being pushed aside. After nine generations of mankind, God's Spirit was to the point that it could not be part of mankind. In other words, because of man's willingness to let his flesh rule, God's spirit was being hindered from ruling. "And the LORD said,My Spirit shall not rule in man for he also is flesh. Yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years." (Genesis 6:3)

From this passage of scripture we can see that the LORD was going to withdraw his Spirit from out of mankind. The LORD did, however permit His Spirit to stay for another 120 years. The most common interpretation of 120 years has been that the LORD meant man would only live to be 120 years old. This assumption is obviously false, seeing after the LORD spoke these words, Noah lived over 900 years, 350 of these years after the flood. (Genesis 9:28) Noah's sons lived over 500 years and their sons lived over 400 years. Their sons in turn lived over 200 years. It is interesting to note that each generation's life span was decreasing. The reason was because of the disease. The wages of sin is death and this law still holds true today. Since the days of Adam, every man (with the exception of Enok and Elijha) has died.

Jesus had His comments about man being flesh and said that man's spirit is willing, but because of the weakness of the flesh, man could not do spiritual things. (Matthew 26:41) Even the Law of Moses was ineffective because of the weakness that the disease has caused in the flesh. (Romans 6:19 and Romans: 3) Only the man who will have the ruling of spirit. (Exodus 35:21 and Exodus 6:7)

Chapter 11

Step Four (Good and evil Spirits)

Our spirit seems to have some of the same characteristics that are found in the soul. The spirit has its feelings, knowledge and moods in like manner as the soul, thus making it very important for us to distinguish the difference between the two. The spirit produces spirit life and soul produces soul life. We have learned already the soul life must die in order to gain spirit life.

Our spirit not only has its own characteristic but can also possess various types of spirits. I will not try to distinguish if there be any difference between an evil spirit, demons or fallen angels, but I would like to mention God possesses seven spirits (Revelations 4:5) and the heavens have four spirits (Zechariah 6:5)

Have you ever known someone with multiple personalities? Most of these people don not need a psychiatrist (one who studies the mind) but needs someone who can cast out unclean spirits. A skitsofrinick is someone who has problems within their spirit and not in their soul. Mental institutions cannot help, they need a spiritual believer who is walking in the power of the Spirit to cast out the unclean or tormenting spirits.

Other spirits can be transferred form on person to another. (2 Kings 2:15) "The spirit of Elijah doeth rest on Elisha." (Ezekiel 2:2) "Spirit entered into me when he spoke."

Our spirit can also be poisoned by evil spirits and broken. (Proverbs 18:14) The following are examples of poisoning from evil spirits:

Leviticus 20:27 Familiar spirits
Numbers 5:14 Jealous spirits
Proverbs 16:18 Haughty spirit
Ecclesiastes 7:9 Angry spirit
Isaiah 4:4 judgmental and burning spirit
Hosea 5:4 Whoredom spirit
Mark 1:26 Unclean spirit
Mark 9:17 Dumb spirit
Luke 13:11 Sick spirit
Acts 16:16 Witchcraft spirit
1 John 4:6 False spirit
Revelation 18:2 Foul spirit
1 Timothy 4:1 Seducing spirit

When seeing all the types of spirits we could have your first thought is that there is no hope. Be of good cheer we are a believer in Jesus so greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

The new spirit that Jesus puts within us is none other then His own. (Ezekiel 36:26,27) There are many good spirits. The following is such a list.

Nehemiah 9:20 Good spirit
Psalms 34:18 Contrite spirit
Psalms 51:10 Right spirit
Psalms 51:11 Holy spirit
Psalms 51:12 Free spirit
Proverbs 11:13 Faithful spirit
Proverbs 16:19 Humble spirit
Proverbs 17:27 Excellent spirit
Isaiah 1:2 Wisdom & Understanding spirit
Isaiah 11:2 Mighty spirit
John 14:17 Truthful spirit
Revelation 19:10 Prophetic spirit
Hebrews 1:14 Ministering spirit
2Timothy 1:17 Power & Love spirit

When Solomon wrote Proverbs he was comparing a man who could rule his spirit as having greater power and authority, than a mighty warrior who could lead his army and capture a great city. If we have rule over our spirit, the soul and flesh will be at peace. When our spirit is one with Jesus and one with the Holy Spirit, we will find that walking after the spirit will not be a difficult task and this "New Thing" will become a reality.

Chapter 12

Step Five (Discerning of spirits)

To say ignorant of the working of our spirit and to be blinded of its importance is exactly where satan wants us to be. Although we may be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and speak in tongues, prophecy in the Church and occasionally have someone healed by the touch of our hands, does not constitute us being spiritual in the sense that our spirituality comes form God. Satan himself will trick the soulish believer into believing they are spiritual. Jesus spoke of this type of believer in his Sermon on the Mount.

"Not every one that saith unto me LORD, LORD, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven but he that doesth the will of my Father which is in Heaven. Many will say to me in that day, LORD have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? and then I (JESUS) professed unto them, I never knew you, depart from me ye that work iniquity." Matthew 7:21,22,23

These believers have judge their spiritual walk by the amount of "gift anointing" they had. We cannot judge by our gifts alone, but rather by our fruit that our spirit produces. Paul complimented the believers in Corinth on their fullness of the gifts, but reprimanded them and said they were fleshly because of strife and debate. (1 Corinthians 3) Their fruits were somewhat to be desired. Satan may fool some believers by counterfeiting the gifts but he will never be able to counterfeit the fruit of the spirit. It is true that we are encouraged to desire the best gifts but if the gifts are not in direct proportion with the fruits of the spirit, we are as unknown to God as the believer Jesus spoke of in the Sermon on the Mount.

Chapter 13

Step Six (Walking After The Spirit)

When Paul spoke in the thirteenth chapter of 1 Corinthians he used the word "charity." This word could be easily translated by using any or all of the fruits of the spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not the evidence of arriving to spirituality but only the beginning. Without the Holy Spirit we will not achieve much maturity. I feel at liberty to also say that without the Holy Spirit our Christian walk will be as one in a coma. We may be alive but all functions are dead. Why would I absolitize such a presupposition? Because it is the Holy Spirit's anointing who John said would guide us into all truth. (1John 2:27)

If we are a partaker of the "New Thing," and walking in the spirit we will be experiencing the Holiness and faith of God. I have never taught a discipleship class on holiness or faith because holiness and faith are not something you can learn. Holiness and faith are a byproduct of walking after the spirit, hearing God's voice and not fulfilling the desire of the flesh. (1John 5:18-21)

Another attribute of this "New Thing" is a deeper understanding of faith. We can obtain faith by hearing God's voice. Faith is also a fruit of the spirit and it is found as being a gift of the spirit. There is a false faith, which is created within the soul called presumption.

Many believers because of living in the realm of the soul live by presumption instead of real faith. They exercise their false faith and end up sinking in the water with Peter. It takes real faith in order to please the heart of God because He does not want to see his children living in deception or drown. Peter was walking on the water but when he reacted out of circumstances he began to sink. How often have we seen ministries began in the spirit of faith and end up in the soul's presumption.

Reading about great men of faith does not generate faith nor can we obtain it by acts of confessions. Faith is an evidence of a spiritual walk. The reality of the "New Thing." It is not a toy or a novelty. Faith simply is a byproduct of walking after the spirit. Hearing God's voice and obeying what He says will be a true walk in faith. Do a Bible study and every time you see the word faith replace it with the spiritual life. You may do a short study by applying spiritual life to Hebrews 11.

To live a life that is entirely governed by your spirit is a calling that God is saying to all his children. "Time of truth is nigh and even at our door. No more does God wink at sin. He has provided us a way of escape from fleshly desires and wants us to put away childish things." Walk in the spirit and do not fulfill the desires of the flesh, is the call of this "New Thing."

Most believers are ignorant of the function of their spirit. We may know all the phases that point to a spiritual life, but if asked to identify what manner of spirit you're of may not produce an immediate response. Our spirit is not material like our head, heart or eyes. Yet it exists independently and co-dependent within our body. Finding the spirit's function is the most important aspect of knowing this "New Thing"

Chapter 14

Step Seven (Freedom In The Spirit)

Your spirit consists of three parts:

1) Conscience
2) Intuition
3) Communion.


The conscience is where you discern right from wrong. It was articulated when Adam & Eve ate of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Without the conscience the Holy Spirit could not convict men of their sin. As a believer, we use our conscience as a gauge or barometer as to whether we are walking on a correct path of the spirit. A careful look will tell us where we are spiritually. I think our conscience will also govern the fruit of the spirit. When Paul spoke of the fruit of the spirit he did not say this fruit was from the Holy Spirit, he assumed that we would understand that when we yield ourselves over to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we would produce good fruit. When joy, peace, love, faith, etc.... comes as a by-product of our spirit, no law can tear down or spoil the effects they have on the war we wage against evil. They are indestructible and are singularly as powerful as spiritual gifts.

Compassion will be our motivating force because we have a new heart. This heart is none other than Christ Himself. That was the reassurance behind Paul's exertion that without the spirit of Christ you are not of God. (Romans 8:9) All these thing makes that little part of your spirit called the Conscience.


Our intuition is compared to the Ark of the Covenant within the Holy of Holy. Wherever the Ark went so did God's people. Uzzah died because he let his fleshly hand touch the Ark. (2 Samual 6:6) The same would hold true for us. Care must be taken when following our intuition not to let the flesh interfere. Another comparison of our intuition to the Ark is that no matter what Israel thought, victory was achieved as the Ark led them. Revelation is knowing something outside of common knowledge governed by the five senses of the flesh. This knowledge could only come from an outside source and that source could be of two natures.

1) Holy Spirit
2) Evil spirits

If the Holy Spirit does not govern our spirit, our intuition may produce what some would call ESP or PK. That is why John was warned not to let mere men teach you but you should be taught by the Holy Spirit Himself. (1John 2:20) John was not telling the reader of his prophetic literature to not listen to the Teacher as described in Ephesians 4. There are Teachers, one that will build up the Body by bringing unity until the coming of Christ. So please do not throw away good, sound spiritual teaching from true men of God. I would, however inject a strong warning to use discernment and test the spirit of the Teachers to see if he or she be of God. Remember gifts can be counterfeit but fruit is either good or bad.

Jesus used his intuition to determine and evaluate other men's spirits.. "And immediately Jesus perceived in his spirit..." (Mark 2:8) This illustration is a clear example of intuition at work. We are not told that the Holy Spirit told Jesus how he thought or felt, we are to assume that it was Jesus' own spirit that gave him this knowledge.

This example also teaches us that true knowledge comes and is birthed entirely within the spirit. Whereas understanding is the work of the soul. No matter how clean our mind is it can never know God without the intuition of the spirit. Revelation alone gives us true knowledge of God. Jesus said to know God was eternal life. (John 7:3) If we do not know God within our spirit, what we have is but man's wisdom of God. I do not believe man's wisdom will hold any credentials when we approach heaven's gates.


Our communion is where we communicate with God. It is the source of our worship and praise and is the author of our prayers. We can communicate with the natural world by using the five senses of the flesh but to communicate with the spiritual world we must know how to use our six senses, our communion. God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth. (John 4:24) God has prepared a way so wonderful for us, our natural eyes cannot behold or our ears hear the awesome Mysteries of the Godhead. (1 Corinthians 3 [:)] So he has chosen to use our spirit's communion to spend time with us while we live in this earthly body. The communion to me is where holiness holds authority. Intercession, supplication and prayer fight in the second heavens and allows you to come boldly to the thrown of grace. I will not expound more on communion for I believe communion represents your spiritual personality. I would not want to interfere with your personal relationship with God.

In concluding this teaching of the "New Thing," I would like to point out some facts of spiritual living.

1) Unless our spirit is under the Lordship of Jesus and is directly guided by the Holy Spirit, we could be well on our way to cultist. Many men of God have begun in the spirit and ended up in the flesh. Paul attributes this state as being under the influence of witchcraft. (Galations 3)

2) Once we began to live in the realm of this "New Thing" we must also learn to use what we know spiritually to walk out our ever day life. "If we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the spirit." (Galations 5:24) It is one thing to live in the realm of the spirit but to walk in the spirit is a different set of laws. You can compare it to a newborn child. It may take a year of life before he takes his first step.

3) After we begin to live and walk in the spirit satan notices the danger we propose to his kingdom. He will come in full force to attack our spirit but even if we are walking in the spirit we will never be defeated. A good man will rise again but the evil man will lay down and die. (Proverbs 24:4)

4) If we allow our spirit to cease it's rule over our soul and body the Holy Spirit will not be able to lead or guide. Our communication with God will be cut off and spiritual life will cease to exist.

5) Don't let your spirit be broken. (Proverbs 18:14) Be watchful and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your spirit. A broken spirit starts with pride. When we start living and walking in the spirit, it is very easy to become proud. Many believers will began to look at you for "spiritual insights," making you feel important. "Pride goes before destruction." (Proverbs 16:18)

I give you these teachings not to make you wise, but because I love you and want to point you towards a beautiful and truthful relationship with God. Walk in the spirit and experience this "New Thing."

"Grace be to you and peace from God the Father and from our LORD Jesus Christ who gave Himself for our sins that He might deliver us from this present evil world." (Galatians 1:3,4)

Come Holy Spirit

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Steven Wickstrom 03 Oct 2002
This is impressive and very deep. This article decribes exactly what the church needs today.


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