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Empty It Out
by Nancy Bucca
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(Based on II Kings 4:1-7)

her sons, Jason and Joshua

(Scene opens with the widow running on stage, looking all over as if trying to find someone. After a minute she runs out of steam and sits down on the floor, exhausted)

Widow (looking behind her): I've been running so far and so long, just to make it to the hill of the Lord! I sure hope that guy is gone. All he wants is my money. (she continues to huff and puff) No matter what they say, life is not a dream. (She turns around to see Judas right in front of her. She screams and backs away) Go away and leave me alone!

Judas: Not until you pay back what you owe.

Widow: Be patient with me and I will repay.

Judas: If you can't give me the money, then I'll just take your sons as payment.

Widow: No, you can't.

Judas: Where are you hiding them?

Widow: No place where you can find them. Now get away! (She pushes Judas away)

Judas: You'll never get out of debt. Never!

Widow: Yes, I will! You just wait and see.

Judas: Never... (He laughs wickedly)

Widow: That has got to be the creepiest laugh I have ever heard. You leave right now, or I'll swing this tabaret at you! (she shakes it at him; he leaves, all the while reminding her that he will be back. (After he's gone, she sits down on the floor and moans. As she is moaning, her two boys come out of hiding) I'm living on borrowed time, just living on borrowed time. ... Oh, what am I going to do? Somebody help me please!

(Enter Jason and Joshua, her sons)

Jason (coming up to comfort her): It's all right, Mom.

Joshua: We'll find some place to hide.

Jason: Why not ask that prophet? I think his name was Elijah or something like that.

Joshua: Yeah, the one that likes to send down fire. He can zap that Judas guy and...

Widow: It's Elisha, not Elijah.

Jason: Oh well.

Widow: I'll go see Elisha. Meanwhile you two wait here. (Before she can find Elisha, he comes on stage) Well, speak of the angel, there he is right now! Boy, am I glad to see you, Elisha. That Judas wants to take my two boys to pay my husband's debt, and I don't know what to do! Tell me, what should I do? I mean, what on earth should I do? Oh-whoah-oh. What should I do?

Elisha: Well, if you'll stop oh-ing and whoa-ing, I'll tell you. What have you got in your house?

Widow: Nothing much.

Joshua: Are you kidding? We've got tons of stuff! There's my rock collection, my pet frog, a whole jar full of crickets...

Widow: He means something valuable. Like oil. Actually I do have a pot of oil.

Elisha: Well, there you go! That's your ticket to prosperity. Now do as I say. Go to all your neighbors and gather all the empty jars you can find. Don't get just a few. Get as many as you possibly can.

Widow: Well, all right. But I'm not into asking for donations...

Jason: We're on it! (The two boys zoom away to ask for jars)

Elisha: Looks like they're on it. After you've gathered as many jars as possible, shut the door and start pouring.

(Elisha leaves. The widow and her boys start bringing in the jars. As soon as they've set them on the floor, she remarks)

Widow: These sure are a lot of jars.

Jason: That's because Elijah said to get a lot of them.

Joshua: That's right. He said, 'Get more than just a few.'

Widow (inspecting a jar): Are these all empty?

Jason: I don't know.

Widow: No turtles, no crickets, no caterpillars?

Joshua: Just a minute. I forgot something. (Joshua goes off stage, from whence we hear him say, "Bye, Larry. Bye, Barry. Joshua comes back on stage bringing with him two more jars)

Widow: I'm not even going to ask what you had in those jars.

Joshua: Just a couple salamanders, that's all.

Widow: Well, are they all empty now? (the two boys nod their heads) All right then. (She brings out the jar with the oil and says a prayer of thanksgiving.

Jason: So what do we do now?

Joshua: Yeah. What's the purpose of all these jars?

(Widow sings "Empty it out". Finally all the jars are filled)

Widow: All right, I'm ready for another jar.

Joshua: Sorry, but we don't have any more.

Widow: Are you sure? No jars at all?

Jason: Nope.

Widow: Oh, if only I'd gotten more jars!

Joshua: What do you mean? We just experienced a miracle!

Joshua: Yes, who cares how many jars we didn't get? We can still sell the oil and live off of what's left.

Widow: You're right. That's exactly what we'll do. But first...

(Jason and Joshua exit with several jars. Meanwhile the widow turns around to see Jesus standing there. She takes the most beautiful of the jars and pours the oil on his feet. Judas has snuck up in the meantime with his money bag. He's counting his money as she pours the oil, and murmuring loudly.)

Judas: Why wasn't that oil sold and given to the poor?

(Jesus motions for Judas to back off. After the widow is done offering the oil before Jesus, He blesses her and leaves. After Jesus leaves, Judas comes back in the room demanding his money)

Judas: Alms for the poor.

Widow: As in poor you? (At this point, Jason comes back with money from the oil he has sold, and throws it at Judas' feet)

Jason: There's your money. All of it. (Judas snatches it up greedily)

Judas: I just want what's coming to me, that's all. (He cackles his wicked cackle and exits)

Widow: Now that he's gone, it's party time. Do me a favor, boys, and invite all our neighbors over: the poor, the blind, the lame, and anyone else who gave you a jar. That oil provided enough for us to have a huge feast, and I want them to see what the Lord has done with all those empty vessels they gave us. Because when you give away the things that have been weighing you down and make plenty of room for God in your life, He'll fill all those empty places with good things. I don't know about you, but I'm giving it all: my pain, my sorrow, my pride, my money, and myself. Because when I pour it out, I'm just making room for His blessing in my life.

Addendum (Empty It Out, the song - lyrics only):

Verse 1

There was a widow who was in need
to save her children from slavery.
She sought the prophet on bended knee.
He showed her how to set them both free.


He said:


Empty it out, empty it out. Gonna take this vessel and empty it out.
Empty it out. Gonna take this vessel and empty it out.

Verse 2

Gather some vessels, not just a few.
Stop setting limits on what God can do.
Make sure they're empty, go shut the door.
Lay all those vessels out on the floor.


Empty it out, empty it out. Gonna take this vessel and empty it out.
Empty it out. Gonna take this vessel and empty it out.

Verse 3

Take all you have and all that you are,
Then take that oil you have in the jar.
Pour it in vessels, the large and the small.
The thin and the short, the round and the tall.

Verse 4

It doesn't matter what shape or size.
you will be in for quite a surprise.
To her amazement the oil did flow.
Her children were saved, she saw her faith grow.


Empty it out, empty it out. Gonna take this vessel and empty it out.
Empty it out. Gonna take this vessel and empty it out.

Verse 5

My life was empty, tattered and torn,
But Jesus you came and you calmed the storm.
You laid your life down, you gave it for me.
I was in prison and you set me free.

Verse 6

You paid the debt, and all that I owe.
I give back to you the seed that I sow.
No one else knows what goes on inside.
But you know my heart, and that I can't hide.


Empty it out, empty it out. Gonna take this vessel and empty it out.
Empty it out. Gonna take this vessel and empty it out.

Verse 7

I pour out my heart, I pour out my life,
I lay down my worries and all of my strife.
All of my pride and all claim to fame,
All of my greed and all of my shame.

Verse 8

I lay down my money, and all of my stuff.
Because it is never ever enough.
I'll be a vessel that you can fill,
I'll yield my whole life to your sovereign will.


Gonna empty it out. I'll empty it out. Gonna take this vessel and empty it out.
All of my pride, all of my pain, all that I've worked for, all that I've gained,
All of my sorrows, all of my tears, all of my joy, and all of my fears.
I give it to Jesus, He's all that I need. Because in His name I know that I'm freed.

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