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From Heaven to America
by Carl Parnell 
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The ancient Hebrews lived as slaves for over 400 years in Egypt during the era of the pharaohs. At the appointed time, possibly around 1446 B.C., God led Moses into Egypt to deliver His people from their collective bondage. However, Thutmose III or his son Amenhotep II refused to permit the Hebrews to leave. But, God eventually sent ten plagues that made the pharaoh change his mind. However, most people would think it idiotic to assume that all the myriad examples of manmade and natural disasters that have occurred recently in the United States are plagues from God in response to the sins of Americans, since the Lord God Jehovah is a God of Love. But, throughout the Bible, God punished those who rebelled against Him and chose to live a life contrary to His directives and commandments.

Therefore, it is logical to accept that the problems in America today are plagues from God that show that He and He alone is the Lord God Jehovah, the Creator of Everything. Ultimately, God showed the ancient Egyptians and their leader, Ramses II, through a series of harsh plagues that His powers usurped the powers of their false gods. As a result, each plague was directed against a specific Egyptian god, as can be seen in the following summary of the plagues:

The first plague was an attack against Hapi, the Egyptian God of the Nile. The plague was turning the water of Egypt to blood.

The second plague was an attack against Heket, the Egyptian God of Fertility, Water, and Renewal. The plague was frogs coming up from the Nile River and going into the homes of the Egyptians causing them much distress.

The third plague was an attack against Geb, the Egyptian God of the Earth. The plague was lice from the dust of the earth.

The fourth plague was an attack against Khepri, the Egyptian God of Creation, movement of the Sun, and Rebirth. The plague was flies swarming throughout the land.

The fifth plague was an attack against Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Love and Protection. The plague was the death of cattle and livestock.

The sixth plague was an attack against Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Medicine and Peace. The plague was the transformation of ashes into boils and sores.

The seventh plague was an attack against Nut, the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky. The plague was the raining of hail down from the sky in the form of fire.

The eighth plague was an attack against Seth, the Egyptian God of Storms and Disorder. The plague was locusts that were sent from the sky to destroy any crops and foliage left after the hail from the seventh plague.

The ninth plague was an attack against Ra, the Sun God. The plague was darkness on Egypt for three days.

Finally, the tenth plague was an attack against Pharaoh, the Ultimate Power of Egypt. The plague was the death of the firstborn child throughout Egypt.

Therefore, all these plagues proved in a substantial manner that the God of Israel was more powerful than all of the gods of ancient Egypt. As a result, Pharaoh Ramses II had to give in to the demands of God’s representatives, namely Moses and his brother Aaron, and let God’s chosen people leave Egypt.

However, today, there is a different reason for the present and impending plagues that have been sent from Heaven to America. Instead of God demanding one person to let His people to leave ancient Egypt in order to worship Him, God is now angry at the many Americans who live in a Christian nation who have chosen to turn their backs on Him and who have put their faith and trust in their own personal material idols. As a result, God is directly attacking their material idols in order to get the attention of those who have forgotten the words of Jesus that were written in Matthew 6:33. It states, “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteous, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Therefore, what plagues has God sent to America today because of the sins of its people, including all the faithless church members who have put their own personal interpretation of His Holy Word ahead of what He clearly stated when it was written by spirit-led prophets several thousand years ago? These plagues are as follows:

The first plague was an attack against the false god of wealth. Too many Americans fail to recognize God as the source of their wealth. Therefore, is it possible that He took their jobs from them by using the current recession in the United States? Apparently, Americans have forgotten that it is God that gives them wealth. Of course, it seems that many Americans have forgotten the real reason that they have jobs and wealth, which is to provide for themselves, their families, and for those in need that they encounter. As stated in Deuteronomy 8:18, “But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth.” Also, in Psalms 37:25, God promised to always take care of His children. It reads, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor His seed begging bread.”

The second plague was an attack against the false god of home ownership. Too many Americans consider their home to be their permanent dwelling place. As a result, they spend too much of their time and money maintaining a beautiful place to live here on the earth. But, unfortunately, they have failed to realize that their life is a just a vapor and that they should be more concerned with preparing for an eternal home in Heaven. Unfortunately, is it possible that God has taken the false god of home ownership away from many Americans in the past months? Therefore, they see now how quick they can lose the things that they cherish more than God. As stated in James 4:14, “For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

The third plague was an attack against the false god of church absenteeism. Too many Americans use God’s Day of Worship as a day of relaxation and or recreation. Many people use Sunday for working on their yard beautification projects, such as cutting grass and working in their flower gardens. However, God has turned their grass brown and their plants have died because God has withheld the rain, which is necessary for grass and plants to survive in the hot summer months. Therefore, they have no excuse for staying at home and worshiping their yards instead of God. As written in Exodus 20:3, “You shall have no other gods before Me.” Also, as stated in Hebrews 10:25, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is.”

The fourth plague was an attack against the false god of retirement security. Too many Americans put more faith in their 401K retirement fund than they do God for their retirement security. However, since the stock market has fallen so much during the current recession, many Americans have had their 401K retirement funds to bottom out. As a result, their retirement security is in jeopardy. Therefore, those nearing retirement might need another source to depend on for their retirement security. That person is Jehovah-Jireh. As implied by Abraham in Genesis 22:14, when God provided a lamb for a burnt offering to replace his son Isaac, the Lord is my provider.

The fifth plague was an attack against the false god of government bailout. Wall Street, banks, and many other corporations have turned their palms up in anticipation of a government monetary bailout or gift in order to correct their bad economic decisions. However, most individual Americans did not benefit from all the billions of dollars that the federal government borrowed from foreign nations. As stated, the corporate giants were the culprits who were given money that taxpayers will have to fund with their hard earned money through current and future exorbitant tax hikes that should occur in early 2011. Regardless, government bailouts are possibly a precursor for future socialistic, government intervention into the lives of all Americans, which would be a plague in itself.

The sixth plague was an attack against the false god of presidential leadership. Too many Americans have put their faith in an elected president who promises to change the world for them. They look to the President of the United States to meet their every need. However, God also uses the Office of the President to execute His plans for returning America to Him, too. It is God who ordains certain people to be elected to the White House. As a result, America is presently suffering because of President Obama’s ideological beliefs. It is apparent that God put blinders on the American electorate so they would put President Obama in control of the Executive Branch of the federal government. In fact, God even used King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylonia to help Him fulfill His plans to draw His sinful chosen people back to Him. As stated in Jeremiah 27:6, “And now have I given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant.” Ultimately, in 2010, President Obama might be unknowingly God’s servant, too.

The seventh plague was an attack against the false god of military strength. Even though Americans have the right to be extremely proud of the accomplishments of their military forces, they have failed God when they put their faith and trust in the military more than Him. As a result, American military forces are currently fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with being stationed all over the world. This, of course, reduces the level of protection for American citizens within the boundaries of the United States, since the military could not come to their rescue as quickly as they might need them. However, God can come to your rescue in a split second. He said that He would never leave or forsake you. He said that He was closer than a brother. According to Psalms 27:1, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

The eighth plague was an attack against the false god of public education. Even though a good education is a necessity, it can never take the place of the leadership of the Lord God Jehovah in a person’s life. But, in America, most public educational settings do not permit God to be part of the end product. Therefore, when God was asked to leave the educational environment, He left and sent back confusion and a spiritual vacuum. As a result, many of America’s public schools have graduated students who are not truly prepared for college and or the work force. In fact, the percentage of high school dropouts has become an ever increasing problem. Ultimately, pouring billions of dollars into America’s public education systems is not the solution to America’s educational erosion. It is impossible to solve spiritual problems with political solutions, especially since the United States government has banned God from attendance inside of academia. As stated in Daniel 9:11, 13-14, “The curse is poured upon us, and the oath that is written in the laws of Moses, the servant of God, because we have sinned against Him. As it is written in the laws of Moses, all this evil is come upon us for we have obeyed not His voice.” Also, according to Rev. Jonathan Dickinson, Princeton University’s first president, “Cursed be all that learning that is contrary to the Cross of Christ.”

The ninth plague was an attack against the false god of religiosity. Too many Americans have put their religious faith and trust in their denomination more so than in Jesus Christ who shed His blood for the sins of mankind. Church membership has become the focal point for many Christians in America, instead of developing a close relationship with God and His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ. Also, the American Christian Church has permitted the sinful aspects of America’s postmodern culture and the political correct demands of the federal government to become engrained within the four walls of many Christian churches. Basically, many Christians fail to follow the dictates of God’s Holy Word, the Bible. Many things that God classified as an abomination unto Him are accepted as the norm by many Christians. In fact, in Proverbs 6:16-18, King Solomon listed seven things that God hates. They are: a proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that sowth discord among the brethren. But, too many church-going Christians actually commit the sins that God calls an abomination. This is the reason professing Christians do not look any different than non-professing Christians. As a result, the American Christian Church is facing the same problems that the non-church world is facing, such as abortion, adultery, homosexuality, divorce and many other social sins that God hates. Therefore, Christians must return to their first love, the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the only way to obtain salvation. As written in John 14:6, “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” However, unfortunately, many Christians in postmodern America actually believe that there is more than one way to get to Heaven. This in itself is an abomination to God and, as a result, Christians should not expect God to bless them if they refuse to believe His Holy Word.

The tenth plague was an attack against the false god of environmentalism. As a result, God’s creation worships environmental creatures instead of God the Creator. As stated in Roman 1:25, “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever.” Too many Americans are more concerned with saving their pets, trees, extinct bugs, whales, and other environmental issues, which deprive Americans from keeping their land and deprive Americans from good paying jobs. However, many of these same people would not be concerned about the eternal salvation of their souls or saving an
aborted baby. In fact, there are even new religions that promote Mother Earth and her environment instead of God the Father and His Kingdom on Earth. As a result, God has shown in many distinct ways that He controls the environment, not His creation. For example, could the chaos and economic misery brought upon many Americans by the crude oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico actually be a plague from God? Of course, if you saw the reddish-looking oil in the Gulf of Mexico, it would remind you of the first plague in ancient Egypt-the Nile River turning to blood.

In conclusion, no one knows if the current misfortunes in America are actually plagues from God. However, if Americans continue to rebel against God and His Son Jesus Christ, only time will prove if America is living under plagues from God or not. But, if America is not living under plagues from God, there must be some viable explanation for all the social, economic, and political problems in the United States. But, apparently, there is not a viable human explanation for America’s downfall. Therefore, God might be sending a message from Heaven to America. Of course, if God did send America a message, it would be very short in nature. It would read: “REPENT.”


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