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When One is All of Everything
by Ramona Cook
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If you are a mathematician and were evaluating the value of 1 what would you say about it? Interestingly, God says that 1 with Him is a majority, and that is important.

Perhaps we perk up a little at that statement and think to either discredit it or to understand it, because actually by our math equations, it does not work, and that may be because we do not really understand God. I am certain that I cannot totally explain God, but He has given us enough information in both the Scriptures and in nature to provide us with more than a basic understanding of Him.

It is curious that we do not know more about God than we seem to know. He is not only a part of our everyday life; He is in fact our life. Yes, that includes the unbeliever, the believer and every person that breathes air; every one of us experience God in our everyday. Do we fail to notice Him because He seems so natural to us? We could say that we are parasites and He is the Host, if we think of it from one perspective. That analogy holds when we consider that He provides us with life, and breath, and the very origination and sustaining of our existence is provided by Him. That analogy does not hold true when we consider that parasites consume the host, for God is never consumed by anyone or anything. He remains exactly the same.

How can it be that 1 with God is a majority? It must be because "God is all". God is, "I AM." I is, I are, I be. He is a fact. He is not one of our fantasies. However, we do not often consider Him as the Source of everything we are and therefore, do no consider Him present in every action we do. Actually, we rarely consider that He is aware of what we do when the fact is, as He tells us, He even knows our thought before we think it. We do not want it to be otherwise. If God forgot us for one moment, we could not exist because it is He that gives us the very breath we breathe. We are, like it or not, totally dependent on Him. "He holds all things together by the power of His might." He is the glue that keeps us put together.

Most of our problem, regarding the knowing of Gods presence in our lives, is that we are blinded to the real world. Paul says the "things that do appear (the things we see) are temporary." Also, that the things that we do see are comprised of things that we do not see. Science has discovered that this is a true statement. The desk at which I am sitting is made of things that do not appear to me. It is made up of a particular molecular structure designed by God for the forming of wood. I see the end product, I do not see that of which it is made. The same is true for the spiritual world. It is our plight and privilege to live in such an environment, our plight because we are vulnerable. We are at risk, for there are things that we do not see that have us on their hit list. We do not see them, just as we do not see God either with our natural earth eyes, and consequently we either live our lives as if we have our hands on all the controls, or we live them in abject fear and defeat. Both of those living arrangements are destructive.

God has told us that 1 with Him is a majority. He has shown His overwhelmingly magnificent love in countless ways. God has told us that He is ALL powerful. God really, really does hold all the controls, except the one He has chosen to leave to us, which is our will to choose.

So, how is 1 with God a majority? There is Scripture that tells that "If God be for us, who can be against us?" Since God has all power + God is totally aware at all times of all things + God has only good plans for us + He can see the pitfalls and dangers + He controls all the elements of Heaven and Earth, then the only thing that is needed is this, that we choose to BE with Him in agreement with Him. Actually, He is the majority, with or without us. We become the majority with Him. That is the privilege we have in this God filled world. We, each 1, align ourselves with God and live confidently and boldly in this world as Ambassadors of Heaven, in agreement with God, having the full Power of the Ruler of Heaven and Earth as our body and spirit Guard, and in full support of us.

So how did we get blind to our real world, I refer to our real forever world, the one that is forever and forever; the world of the spirit things, that place where real things exist that we cannot see? The answer is that Adam and Eve, our first parents, chose to disconnect from God. They chose to be their own god. They bequeathed that existence to us genetically, and we then must, each 1, reconnect to God by choosing Him for ourselves.

The reconnection Plan for becoming 1 with God:

God's great love was shown clearly when He Himself made for Himself a body like ours and came to Earth to live with us, to be one of us, so that He could provide a reconnection Source for us to reconnect to Him. God's name as a man on the earth is Jesus. We have a Plan from God for reconnection. We must tell God we cannot do things for ourselves, and that we have disobeyed the things He has told us to do, and to not do. Then we ask Jesus to come into our heart and life and save us from the horrors which our unseen enemies have planned for us, and we ask Him to forgive us and reconnect us to Him Self. He receives and absorbs us into the protection which He has for us. The next step is to say it out loud, tell it; tell it to someone. God is recognizable and involved in all the things around us. He is in the atmosphere we breathe and is evident in the things of nature that He has created. We learn the most about Him from the Bible, which are His words to us. Be very sure to read it, regularly.

It cost God a lot to provide this Plan to save us, to reconnect us to Himself, making us 1 with Him. The cost was the human life of Jesus and the shedding of His blood to eradicate our bequeathed rebellion; we have hope! There is a Plan, and that is the Plan. Yet again, the Great God has shown His love and His graciousness toward each one of us by providing for our needs, even as He does every moment of everyday.

If we want to be a part of God's majority, then every 1 of us must say yes to Him, and agree with Him, and that is a real opportunity. I want to be in the Majority. However, the Majority must be in me. Scripture tells us that, "In Him we live and move and have our being." Each 1 of us does, but the majority status happens for each 1 of us, when He has been given entrance into our being by our invitation. Then we are in God, as we have always been, but by our asking Him to come into us, to live inside us, giving Him that permission, now God is also IN us and we are 1. Jesus said it this way when praying to the Father,
"You are in Me and I am in them, and we are 1": God is ALL. All powerful, all mighty, and like it or not, He is the 1, and we become 1 with/in Him. 1 + God = majority.

Some of the benefits of Majority Status is that we have His protection from the enemies of our beings in this world. We have access to the Ruler of the Universe, as 1 with Him, and we have residential citizenship in Heaven. There are also many other benefits.

"Open my eyes so I may see glimpses of truth You have for me.
"Open my ears so I may hear voices of truth You send, so clear"
"Open my mouth and let me bear, gladly the warm truth everywhere." (Lines from a hymn, Open my eyes.)

Do you see it? Do you hear it? Then tell it. But first and foremost, experience it, you and God make 1.

10/02/2010 Ramona

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