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Part 8 b The sadistic nature continues
by Richard Turner
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All praise, honor and glory to God my Father

I write this discourse in the name of my friend, Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to the glory of God our Father

Part 8 (b) The sadistic nature continues

I ask the dear reader for forgiveness for jumping to the my end time in the apartment. I wanted to speak on the stick and how that led to my being arrested. But there were things that had transpired in the apartment, that may be helpful for someone out there that may have experienced things that at the time may have seemed puzzling, but now will show the cause to be nothing but evil, and the culprits have now been identified and this being the cult known as the masons. I speak on the happenings in no particular order for all will prove to be pertinent to give credence to again (pure adulterated evil) perpetrated by this cult to fulfill an abominable oath taken to destroy, ruin the reputation of or kill anyone who write against this cult. (Rev Finney Chapter 8 Masons sworn to persecute ) I will relate what transpired in no particular order for all will prove to be pertinent in showing what ends this cult will go to and use (again) anyone or anything to accomplish their evil design. I guess this will just as good as any place to begin, I started noticing upon vacuuming that I would gather mold and what seemed to some type of exhaust residue ( quite toxic), which was being generated in strategically placed locations; doorways, hallway, and where I was forced to put thee computer due to the phone jack not working in the bedroom, so this means while I was on the computer I was being subjected to the mold, and toxic residue, one I had discovered this I was forced to vacuum every few days to try to keep this in control. One incident of significance is when the washer drain hose came loose and the water drained out on the floor, the wife called community manager Mrs. Elizabeth Fangos, and told what had happened, Mrs. Fangos reply was quite inappropriate for what had happened, she asked the wife if it stink? I found this be an improper reply, for the water was clean, its appropriate if one were to realize this to be one of the mold toxic residue site. When some time later I mentioned to Mrs. Fangos that I had been discovering mold in the apartment, and this area was one of the spots, she made mention that she had, told the wife that there were mold there before, never mentioned it to us before, although she had a legal obligation to tell of this before we moved, which she didn’t, this only became an issue after I told her what I had found, it is written “The wicked is snared by the transgression of his lips: but the just shall come out of trouble”. PROVERB 12:13 Again my apology in advance for jumping around ( excluding the toothbrush ) will speak on this later. The next discovery I experienced was another computer virus after spending good money for a virus protection program ( $60.00 ) for a year for AVG. I checked windows code program which at time was Window Vista, and noticed the code was doubled which meant the computer had a virus, now here comes the sickening part, I noticed computer code ( MIRROR CAMERA ) now I know Microsoft doesn’t include this code in their program, so this meant someone had been monitoring ( WATCHING ) me, my wife and our sons, as we went into an area we thought was private how (SIC) No? They have used people close to me, and people I have not known, in an attempt to destroy any of the traces of the evil that have used to try to destroy me all to no avail, for couple of reasons the most important being, it is written “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good”. PROVERB 15:3 So if when they think no one sees, there is always someone watching and this is my God. Now that we know their always being watch my God goes on to say, it is written “Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered”. PROVERB 11:21 So you see mans evidence isn’t what’s needed. Right after I discovered this all (hell) broke loose, no pun intended, this was the 3rd or 4th hard drive and I was unable to get online although I had an earthlink account, as matter of fact the phone service was quite erratic at this time. I speak briefly on the phone line, noticed at&t supposedly working on some line all of a sudden I get a phone line, which never worked properly, never was able to get in the bedroom. I will speak on another discovery this being the heating system, one thing prompted to check the filter, which was clean but I noticed the coils(walls) in the furnace was covered with a white substance and which appeared to be wet, not sure what it was. I purchased 3 air purifiers (more on these later, have been a life saver) they really got taxed being in this apartment. Also I had to cover the vents because whatever was coming through them wasn’t fit to be breathed by man or beast. I went without heat for about 2 months, when I discovered that when I turned on my heat the surrounding apartments heat/ac units would activate, I found this quite unusual for the lady downstairs wouldn’t be home and I couldn’t understand why her dog would need heat at this particular time, can you dear reader? so at first I just didn’t use it, I got to the point I just disconnected all the wiring, to give confirmation, my electrical bill actually went down, what a coincidence, No? Another peculiar occurrence with this apartment and none of the others was no ventilation, whatever one done, cook, shower it never vented outside but would end up in the bedroom which I’m sure was the intention. This was the only apartment that the windows would condensate, I also Mrs. Fangos offered some vague excuse which upon what I know now is totally ridiculous. Dear reader allow me to further show their attempt and my God’s further showing them to be just men. Also I also mentioned in an earlier discourse that I had obnoxious fumes coming into the apartment from downstairs, and I stated most emphatically I was quite sure is wasn’t just cigarette smoke, I always felt is was some type of drug either crack or meth (will also show this to be in later discourse) . I spoke with Mrs. Fangos and also wrote a letter complaining of an abatable nuisance, apparently she never took the letter or what said seriously for the problem not only continued but actually got worst. There were many different things going on, I honestly feel they were trying to get me to do something stupid or lose my mind but my God would not let this happen, it is written “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 TIMOTHY 1:7 I took the fan out of the computer if one would remember neither of the computers worked due to the virus, so in all actuality they really were no better than a giant paper weight, I noticed the smoke coming through the 110 electrical plug in the main bathroom, which is somewhat odd, this being, this bathroom was butted up against the other one but no smoke. So what I did I took the fan made a cardboard box and covered the 110 plug with it, this is to be later called an explosive devise (by Vacaville, police ) after I moved out(more on this later) and was taken by handcuffs to the police department, the ironic part being I was pulled over at gun point by the same police that had given me a ticket that I spoke of in an earlier discourse, again dear reader, I’ve always said whenever I have any contact with Vacaville police it involves fire arms. I guess when I was in the car and he was feeling extra proud for what he had done , he proceeded to leave on his motorcycle, much to his chagrin, he laid the motorcycle down and had to get help lifting it up, it is written “And the mean man shall be brought down, and the mighty man shall be humbled, and the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled:” ISAISH 5:15 After being taken to their station asked a bunch of questions on whether I had planted any explosive devices, I tired of their game and told them either arrest me or let me go, they released me. I really have to speak on the toothbrush, I took a lot of their abuse, they rebelled against my God, extortion my truck, killed my dog, went in and out of my home or wherever I was as though they lived there, tampered with my food, even when they went as far as trying to kill me, I never said much for I’m learning more than I knew yesterday, I’m getting I pray stronger in my walk with my Lord, it is written “A fool uttereth all his mind but a wise man keepeth in till afterward”. PROVERBS 29:11 But when they tampered with my toothbrush that’s what done it, allow me to explain, I had court this particular morning I had court in Fairfield, so I didn’t get back until around 7:30 or 8:00 p.m., when I came in I knew something was a missed, because I had repaired a fan that someone had broken earlier and had placed in the water heater area, so I noticed the fumes were building up in the apartment, which was quite obvious due to the unusual amount of traffic going up and down Marshall Road, now that I think about I never fixed the fan. I noticed a towel I had in the restroom was not how I had left it, again prompted by my Lord check your toothbrush, which I did by hitting it upon my arm, it was full of water, which after all the time that had passed it should have been dry, this day should not have been any different than any other day. So I left and walked to Winco Food upon exiting I said Lord forgive for I’m about to snap, I got so angry, as they drove by me and I could them in theirs cars pointing not sure what they were saying one can only imagine, them speaking, I wonder if he put the brush in his mouth, after they’ve shown the level that able to sink to, one can only imagine what was on the brush, I won’t speculate, I’ll let you draw your own conclusion. Get home and immediately I moving air purifiers around trying to get on top of the fumes all to no avail, so finally I laid down just couldn’t go anymore, shortly thereafter my Lord is telling me baby if you don’t get up their going to carry you out, so I went in the back put a fan in my face so I could breath, I was literally sick from the breathing that crap, I can honestly say if not for my Lord I would not be here now, all praise honor and glory to my God.

God bless you

His friend

Richard Turner

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