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Part 8 a The sadistic nature continues
by Richard Turner
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All praise, honor and glory to God my Father

I write this discourse in the name of my friend, Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Part 8(a) The sadistic nature continues

Decided to show the awe inspiring hand in delivering from the clutches of what has been no less than pure unadulterated evil, if not for the mighty hand of Jehovah, my God I would not be able to tell this, so all the praises to my God.

In the words of Smithwigglesworth, are you ready, for what? to experience the mighty deliverance that I have received? and thatís also waiting for you if you will only believe. This testimony will still cover more than one part.

Iíll now show the sadistic nature of this cult, I had notice a strange smell when I would be in the wifeís car, if one remember from an earlier discourse, I had lost my truck through an act of extortion by this cult and Mrs. Elizabeth Fangos while staying in the Sandpiper Village apartments, more on my truck later. I would notice while sitting in the car, noticed upon careful observation vehicles stealthily running behind the car, and noticing jockeying to get in front of the car while the wife is driving. Had always mentioned to the wife, that I was being introduced to just more than exhaust fumes, I remember mentioning some type of pesticide, not sure what kind, but the symptoms I were experiencing had to be from more than exhaust, one symptom which was quite troubling was the huge blister that would manifest on my foot, which showed not to be an ordinary blister, due to the intense stinging, at times, I remember one day in particular while walking it was hot this day, at the sight where the blister formed the pain felt as though someone had a butane torch against my foot, had trouble walking although I didnít allow this cult to see me limping. In addition to the blisters, also lost almost everyone of my toe nails, and thanks to God they are returning, so again its more than exhaust fumes. Again Iím showing the sadistic nature, also noticed the local buses would eject some type of smell my son made reference that it had the smell of chlorine. Now that Iíve set the stage, allow me to show how the Lord allowed me to get revelation concerning this. The family and I stayed in Best Western Inn, which seems to be one of the places where I seem to get the blisters, anyway on this particular stay the asst manager Kris ( shows a propensity ) was doing her utmost to get us to stay in a particular room, due to my walk with the Lord , Iím getting stronger, it is written ď Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from youĒ. JAMES 4:7 She was adamant about getting us into room #235, but I went round and round until we ended up in room #233, I realize this seems round about explaining but one must understand when one is dealing with darkness, there is confusion it is written ďFor God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saintsĒ 1 CORINTHIANS 14:34 thatís why its very important to wait upon the Lord to bring light in darkness. I cant stress this fact anymore forcibility than they will use anyone or anything to bring their evil design to fruition, I have had many items taken by members of my family, older son, and wife, my notebooks, letters, all to discredit what I testify to, I donít care to spend to much time on this, one will be able to see in an upcoming article where they have also sunk to the level of inflicting violence in an attempt to show me in a bad light. I now move on, I go to check upon the room which should have been ready for move-in and apparently I caught the older maintenance man off guard for his words to me were is this your room, and I replied is there something wrong, oh no he says, its just that someone had hanged the mirror upside down but this could wait until later, as he tried to conceal a small box I noticed him carrying up earlier, which is why, I checked to see what the problem was. I now ask a question, if the room was ready for move-in why perform maintenance now? anyway shortly thereafter he sneakily put the box into his car and left. Also for whatever reason there was a lot of activity going on in the room under room #235, hammering, sawing etc., I also had problems it seems every time I stayed in the Best Western Heritage Inn, I stayed in room #124, noticed the toilet wasnít flushing properly, called informed the desk, they said maintenance would come by and check, apparently the same maintenance man (older) apparently plunged the toilet and it was working okay, again the same problem, I being prompted by Lord to inspect it, I noticed the toilet the way it was designed would never function properly, spoke with the manager Roman and he tried to justify on the newness of the toilet, and how it had been recently changed, I checked the dates they never matched up so that was a lie. These things I speak on seems minor but taken as a whole one will the see the evil, and the delivering hand of my God .Another incident before I move on the I think will finally expose the evil and give credence to the pesticide that I have been ingesting at the hand off this cult. Also stayed in another room again prompted to check the sheets, notice all though the linen should have been changed before I got into the room, I noticed hairs in the sheets, again Roman tried to justify, but the excuse wouldnít hold up to the picture, so he gave me a free night, dear reader this cult knows my movements, where I have to stay, eat, etc, so its quite easy for them to setup and have people do their evil will, no. There are many other incidents concerning this Inn, but this Iím about to speak on is the ultimate, I made reservations to stay in the Inn, on September 1, 2010 online at a cost of I believe it to have been $375.00 for 1-7 Sept, but I didnít actually need it to start until the 2 Sept, ( for we were staying in Motel 6) so I asked the asst manager Kris, if it were possible for me to change the date online, she said she would change it, she penciled it on the reservation printout,(which I'm unable to put my hands on inside job) I came back on the 2 Sept and tried to check into a room again she was adamant about putting us into room #127, didnít feel comfortable so again round and round we go, finally we end up in room #111, so far so good I was given 2 keys, later on I noticed a lot of activity going on in the room #127 by the other maintenance man (younger), now again if the room was ready for us to move into, why all the activity? why will become apparent shortly, I noticed a bug spray man walking around spraying 3 rooms, one of them just happen to be room #127, as the spray walks around spraying I asked him what are you using, he states cykick cs, we talked I asked what some of the symptoms were and I was intrigued, so after speaking with him I went in and spoke with Kris, asst manager and mentioned about the bug man spraying room #127, her reply was he randomly picks three rooms, again I ask a question, whatís the odds of him picking room #127? this is what I believe the room had already been sprayed, had we went in there nothing would have never been said, anyway Iím leaving the office noticed a black Suv speaaking with the bug man, maybe he wanted to see, how the sraying was going. (slight humor) This behind us the wife brings in some items which needed refrigeration, noticed refrigerator wasnít cooling, so I call the front desk, and spoke with the representative, (time now 1800 ) and was told that Kris said my credit card had declined, told her if that had been the case she would have mentioned something this morning, which she never did, I called the bank, they said there was no problem and have them rerun. Called her back, she said its still declining, I told her it really wasnít my problem, so the next morning I get a call from Roman, manager saying the card declined, I told him that wasnít my problem, he said it was, and that I needed to get out of the room so it could be cleaned, I go to the office to try to resolve, but there was no resolving I was called many MFís among other things, and told to get out of the office, I also asked for a letter which seems to have mysteriously disappeared from my backpack, (inside job) what else could I want I got a free night, but I had paid for a week, the problem wasnít the card, it was just the fact of the things they had been doing was exposed it is written ď Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall be knownĒ. MATTHEW 10:24 Allow me speak briefly on CY KICK CS CYFLUTHRIN INSECTICIDE I had told the (wife) I felt all along they were ingesting something into me, Iím not exactly sure why I keyed in on insecticide, maybe it was the than usual sighting of pest control trucks where I would show up. The blister I would get wasnít normal, excluding the fact that would get huge, once they popped them the skin would get as hard as wood. Not normal. I always knew in addition to the exhaust fumes, ( Iím not sure what you would call someone this evil) they were doing their utmost to carry out their evil plot, Iím not sure what to call them, but I know who their from it is written ď Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of itĒ. JOHN 8:44 Dear reader I trusted, youíre able to see Providence leading, directing and guiding my steps, it is written ď The righteousness of the perfect shall direct his way: but the wicked shall fall by his own wickednessĒ. PROVERBS 11:5 One needs to realize that God only needs to find one righteous person that seeks Him with all their heart for Him to move, it is written ď The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not oneĒ PSALM 14:2-3 And when He finds that one soul he will move heaven and earth to show His love.

God bless and Jesus saves

His friend

Richard Turner

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