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The True Meaning of Success
by Vicki GRECH
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Interesting question with many platforms no doubt on the “stage of life” where we all play-out our roles in an intricate web across many of God’s Kingdoms’. So, how do we measure success and in what form are we speaking?

I believe at this level we would be speaking at an “over-all” level, thus at day’s end through-out this Article is referred under one category “human success” including the Spirituality or the Spirit of our Inner Being that lives with-in us and guides us, for most of us, this we call “intuition” or as I have come to know better; “in 2 it on I for my eyes to see the signs visually as such to reach and remain in-touch with myself and the realities surrounding me in my physical world”.

If we are to believe we are here for the sole purpose of ourselves, then one must ask, “why is everyone else here then”? Therefore, the answer becomes “self-explanatory” literally al-ways to see the reality of life before we set out upon a Journey to determine our “true successes” in life for the time we are so graciously given to spend with friends, family and loved ones and the many lessons we learn from and leave behind for them.

Success, I believe is the measurement of the Heart. To demonstrate this let’s look at a few simple examples; “if you win $100 billion today and your entire family dies tomorrow in a car crash, have you been successful? Or another, but similar example; “Let’s say you get a redundancy package worth $100K and leave work with the intention to relax and enjoy life and suddenly within the next few hours you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Is this success”? I doubt too many would disagree this is definitely not considered success by any means whereby one may not get to enjoy the very success they believed existed, being in material form alone.

Therefore, “how” success is measured in actuality cannot be determined in any other sense than a “human & Spiritual” sense, because the human Spirit does for almost all people come above anything material. Thus, we can now begin to look at the “true meaning of success” now that we have established a solid and concrete foundation for the original question at hand.

Success is something in essence “we achieve” and any sacrifices we might make along the way in getting there. Just getting through the “birthing process” could be considered a successful achievement and actually the first every living person will ever have made in their lives! Now we get well underway in determining how “successful” we have been in life right up until death, using in some cases fabricated scenarios. Once achieving the most difficult feat on Earth; the birthing process, we can now move onto for most of us, the next stage, whilst skipping a few of the more basic and well known achievements such as learning to feed ourselves, care for ourselves, and even tie up our shoe laces!

At around 5 or 6 years of age many of us leave the care of our Mother to attend school and “get educated” during which time we will be exposed to many and varied influences not always the making of our own family culture. However, over-all, most of us achieve the next greatest “success” around 17 or 18 and attain our Higher Schooling certificates to clearly state “we have achieved”! Of course along the way and many times our hearts and minds will be in a state of emotional upheaval and perhaps turmoil, not many escapes “puberty blues”. Despite this, we move on to the next great achievement, getting our first job, we land the position, initially excited and then reality hits us, time to work, less time to play, bitchy work colleagues and so forth.

Is this to say in this case, we are not successful because we have difficulties at work or have to do more? Of course not, it is merely your perception given the projection of other’s over you that shed bad light in your direction and in no way physically affects the level of your success in obtaining the position in the first place.

Human perception must be at all times considered to some degree “illusionary” as it builds scenarios of human condition that on the physical plane actually for many instances don’t even exist.

Putting aside all the dilemma of childhood and adolescence we now move into the area of larger achievements or successes and determine more seriously how we will perceive and measure them. It’s now the “sexual chemistry” thing happening, how successful we are or are not in this fragile and sensitive area will be for most of us our ability to maintain a harmonious, balanced and satisfying relationship.

As we all know relationships can be very complex indeed, especially in our early years where we may be suffering not only emotional mood swings but also for many physical changes to our bodies which give rise to claims we make about ourselves of inadequacies, more so felt within ourselves rather than by other’s. This is for most of us “our own perceptions”.

So, case scenario, we have now been educated, landed our first job and have a “sexual mate”. Terrific, all is going well; we are at peace and are content for the most part, thus another milestone in our lives, our third major success. But alas, we suddenly become seriously ill and at the forefront of our minds maybe the possibility of death. Is it now possible to “measure” success as a single unit? Of course not, so why bother stopping on the Journey through life to question it. This only serves to negate any “real” achievements we have already made, including and not forgetting, we made it through the birthing process and of course are still alive, our “Gift” and our “true success” to stay alive. Sadly, some children don’t even see their second birthday, so, how lucky or Blessed are you!

Here is where the distortion of the “true meaning of life” begins to take hold and one’s perception becomes even more fragile, in adulthood. A place it seems where just about everything is questionable. From the job we have, to the car we drive and for the most part society begins to “measure our successes” superficially and in many cases convincing us that their opinions they hold of us are indeed “real”.

Now the danger point is reached, where our “true and real success” gets a shot out the window by other’s and more-so damaging many believe that their success is measured and valued by the opinions of other people who cannot see beyond the depths of materialism to consider a person’s human, or Spiritual achievements. This being, I believe where in reality, the only “true success” can be measured given that not too many see life beyond the dollar, especially these days.

There is an old saying I remember well when I was growing up, that is; “success is measured in the Heart where true well being, inner peace and happiness prevail always to see profit in one’s life”. If we were to expand on this it could be written out this way; there is no point having a million dollar house, the highest paying status and position in a job, the fastest car, the highest IQ, if you live in sorrow and/or loneliness. This I believe is “how” true and meaningful success must be measured if we are to meet all the challenges life will present us with, rise above them, become the victor and conquer all whilst being at peace within ourselves.

To measure our success based upon the judgments of others is to drown beneath damaging and misguided “gossip”, because in fact, gossip is just what it is when one looks a little deeper. To “assume” one’s wealth and status alone as being “successful” is like looking into a mirror and seeing some one else’s reflection, which of course, is not our own.

In conclusion, success really can only be measured overall as a “whole human being” and can be said that a person is “holistic” by nature to have everything and as for our own achievements and successes cannot be measured by social standards, whereby many times have failed most of us in not recognizing our unique and individual challenges we are presented with in life and we overcome.

“Success, as beauty, for the most part is the perception of the eyes of the beholder for only theirs can truly see the heart and the Spirit of their Inner Being which struggles against all odds for survival and anything beyond is considered indeed an achievement in it’s own right and cannot be questioned by society as a whole and/or an individual who has not yet walked your path in life to know”.

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