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Mathew 7v7
I hope everyone here is familiar with Mathew 7v7. There are so many people who remember the verse only when they have tried all other options.
Some have forgotten that a verse once exist as Mathew 7:7. There are also those who know the verse by words but their actions denies that they know Mathew 7v7,
Today I wish to speak of a man who knew how to ask and because he asked, the Lord almighty answered him. My prayer is that when you return home, you and I will always remember Mathew 7v7.
In 1 kings 3v5, the lord gave King Solomon the opportunity to ask for anything, something that lord told us to do in Mathew 7v7.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you are not aware of this, “The lord wants you to ask him for anything in his name, and the Jesus said, it shall be given unto you.
I know there are so many who have asked and have not received, there are so many reasons why people do not receive. Today I wish to teach you about King Solomon’s prayer. I want to show you how Solomon asked and what makes his prayer different from so many today.
Today if you are the type of person who have been asking the lord for something and have not received, this message is for you. This mention is also for me because there are some things that I have asked God for and am still waiting for him to answer me.
In 1Kings 3v5, something marvelous happened to Solomon, an event that may or may not have happened to you and i. The bible said that at Gibeon, the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream.
Won’t it be nice if God appears to us. I don’t know how God appeared to him and I don’t care. What I care so much about is that the Lord appeared to King Solomon in his dream.
When God appears to you, is a reassurance of things to take place. Look all through the bible and you will realize that anytime that the lord came before his people, either through pillar of cloud, fire, wind or dove, something marvelous always took place. Sometimes God may send his angels or a minister to minister to you that he is here to answer you.
My prayer is that the Lord almighty will appear to you tonight in the mighty name of Jesus.
Before we go on, I must point out to you that the lord can appear to you, either to punish you or to bless you. May the lord come before you so he can bless you in the mighty name of Jesus.
God did not appear to Solomon to punish him. God appeared to Solomon so he could ask Solomon a golden question. I call it golden because it is a question that I hope God will come and ask me.
I am not saying we should wait for such opportunity like Solomon before we ask God for anything. I am not saying that God will not answer you if he does not appear the same way he did to King Solomon.
I just want you to look at the marvelous way God appeared to Solomon. Men how I wish I could have this type of opportunity. In Exodus 13v21, the bible said the bible says that by day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud, and by night, by a pillar of fire.
Wow. How I hunger for such magnificent presence, but please I am not saying that I need fire or wind to show before I believe God is here. Faith in God is one of the keys to unlock closed doors.
In those days the children of Israelites only trusted in signs before they could believe. I believe in God without signs, but oh, how amazing if I could behold such magnificent glory with my naked eyes.
Solomon had an experience that I long for, that so many have not experienced, the lord appeared to him in a dream. The same God that appeared to Solomon is the same God that will appear to you and I in the mighty name of Jesus. My prayer is this, when he appears he shall ask me the same thing that he asked Solomon, “ask whatever you want and I shall give it to you.”
May the lord appear before you concerning your situation in the mighty name of Jesus.
I believe greatly that God has answered my prayer without seeing cloud, fire or angels, but how wonderful it is to be a witness of his marvelous presence
Oh those who have felt the marvelous presence of God know without a shadow of doubt that his presence is different from those who just believe but have never experienced his presence.
Perhaps this example will help explain what I mean. There is a difference between those whose have experienced healing or have been healed from those who are expecting healing or believe they have been healed. Both spiritual and physical eyes see all these things.
Please let us continue.
In 1Kings 3v6-7. There are 2 things I want you to notice
a) The gratefulness of King Solomon
b) The humility of King Solomon
How great it would be if mankind could always remember to thank the lord where they are now. Thank the lord for what he has given you. Don’t you realize that there are worst people in this world than you? As long as you are the lord’s child, you are not in the worst situation that ever existed. May the lord never allow you and I to be in the worst situation in life
Solomon thanked the lord for what he was and where he is in life. The Lord loves people who are grateful, who show appreciation. The lord is not looking for the best cow, goat, house or how much money you can give. The lord almighty is looking for a heart that is appreciative.
My prayer for you today is this, when you go to your altar to pray, you will remember to thank the lord for who you and where you are now and he shall accept your appreciation in the mighty name of Jesus.
B) Notice the humility of Solomon in verse 7. In Psalm 25v9 it says, “He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his ways.” Psalm 149v4 says this, “For the lord delights in his people. He crowns the humble with Salvation.”
Do you wish to be crowned with Salvation? Do you want the lord to guide you in all that you do? Then you must be willing to let go and leave it for God to handle. Give it to God, all the stress, the pain, the sorrow, the degree and knowledge that you have, surrender it all to God
King Solomon had all the resources as a King. He had the wealth, the respect of his people, nations feared him because of the past history of his father, king David. There was no record of famine or war, but despite all these things, he said unto the lord almighty, “I am only a child and do not know how to carry out my duties.”
My prayer for you today is this, may the lord see your humility in the mighty name of Jesus. When the lord notices your humility, he will give grace to you. Proverbs 3v34 says, “He mocks proud mockers but gives grace to the humble.”
When the lord notices your humility, you shall be saved. Psalm 18v27 says, “You save the humble, but bring low those whose eyes are haughty.”
Is not just Solomon’s humility that got my attention, look closely at the history of the Israelites. Israel is not an easy nation to rule. Ask Moses. They are very stubborn; they grumble and whine a lot. They are very ungrateful and hard to please. Ask God. God will tell you that every opportunity the children of Israelites found, they used it for evil.
King Solomon was dealing with a tough nation, but he did not whine before God as so many do. Pastors, when God has given you a tough congregation to shepherd over, do you whine or grumble before him? When God has blessed you with a job, no matter how small or big, do you grumble or whine before him.
Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes the reason why you have not received what you want is because you do not know how to show God appreciation for what you already have. You complain a lot, instead of thanking God.
Whatever God has blessed you with, handle it with diligence, take it with pride and he will bless you more.
Please remember that we are talking about King Solomon’s prayer. Please notice I did not say, “King Solomon’s prayers” Just one prayer changed the whole life of King Solomon.
I am believing God that one day!, one day!!!, I will pray a prayer that will change the entire destiny of mine. I believing God that one, I will say a prayer that will allow me to accomplish the task that I was created for.
King Solomon allows us to realize that one prayer can change everything in life. From Solomon I begin to realize that I should never give up praying, because one day, is possible that the prayer I have been praying for such a long time can be answered at any time.
Solomon tells me again that, I should be prepared to ask God concerning my situation, because when God comes, he may or may not give a sign of his coming.
Is possible I could be singing, when he comes to answer my prayer. Is possible that I could be dancing, when he comes to answer my prayer. Is possible I could be sleeping, eating, playing when he comes to answer my prayer.
Whatever I am doing, I pray to be ready in the mighty name of Jesus. Tell your partner to get ready in the mighty name of Jesus.
Do not give up in your prayer, you can never tell when the lord will answer you. God’s timing is not like any other man.
I have a prayer for you all today. God will visit you in the mighty name of Jesus. I don’t know how or when, but I pray he visits you in the mighty name of Jesus.
Please open you bible to 1 Samuel 18:10-17 before we go into 1 Kings 3v9. Every King had all these things to their use, so why should Solomon ask for something he had access too?
Notice that Solomon did not ask for silver, gold or military power. He asked God for something he did not have, something that he has never asked before, and what he asked God for was wisdom. When was the last time you asked the lord for something you have never asked him before? When was the last time that you asked the lord for something money cannot buy?
The wisdom of God cannot be bought. You and I must fear God in order to have wisdom and knowledge. Proverbs 9v10 says, “The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom”
I want to make sure everyone understands the amazing thing about Solomon’s prayer. To do this I have decided to point out 3 things in Solomon’s prayer which is in 1Kings 3v9. And they are:
1. He asked for something that has to do with the things of God. His desire was to rule God’s own people effectively
2. He asked for something he does not have
3. He asked for something that no man to my knowledge has ever asked for
Lets look at 1Kings 3v9 closely, “So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong. For who is able to govern the great people of yours”
4. He reminded God or told God that only him has the power
5. The task given to him by God is a task that needs the blessing and favor of the lord. I can’t do it alone, I need you
There are so many people today who think they do not need God in the decisions that they make. Solomon acknowledge the supremacy of God and he realized the importance of God’s calling concerning his life.
Ladies and gentlemen no wonder God was pleased with him. I have a prayer to say today.
May the lord be pleased with us in what we ask from him.
May the prayer that we pray not be selfish and self centered.
Prayer that pleases the lord is like a sweet aroma to his nostril. No wonder he is pleased to answer on time. May the lord almighty smile on our prayer.
God was so pleased with Solomon’s prayer that he gave him more. Ladies and gentlemen, remember Mathew 6v33 that says, “but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all things shall be given unto you.
Solomon sought the things of God first and God added more to him. Do you wish to pray like Solomon? May the Spirit of the lord help you know what to pray for.
Begin to pray

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