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Wild Dog Island
by Tori Porteous
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Wild Dog Island
By: Tori Porteous

“Ouch, what’s going on?” A thirteen year old girl screeched as she fell out of her ships bed. “What is going on, why are we swaying and turning so?” she yelled to her twelve year old sister Vixsy.
“How should I know, I just got thrown out of my bed too you know!” she hollered back. “Should we go and check?” she hollered as she fell onto her bottom right after she stood.
“No, someone will come and tell us if it is serious”- she tried to yell, but she was cut off by their cousin Felix crashing through the door.
“Oh, as if on cue oh dearest cousin,” Vixsy screamed aloud all the splashing and crashing of the waves that were quickly pouring into their room by the open door.
“Come quick, the captain has ordered everyone to come to the top level and await orders… that means you Vanessa!” he yelled, looking at Vanessa who was now standing ontop of the bed soes her feet wouldn’t get muddy.
“Are you kidding me? These are new, pink clogs… and these are new fussy socks! I am not about to go gallivanting off, and getting them all wet and soggy!” Vanessa whined hopefully to her thirteen year old cousin.
“You have to my dear and girly cousin… captain’s orders!” Felix reassured her seriously.
“We shouldn’t still be here talking about it anyway! We should be doing something about it!!!” Vixsy shouted to her arguing relatives.
“Vixsy for once is right, we need to go… NOW,” Felix shouted as he uneasily swashed out the door.
“Yep, so come on V’, join the fun!” Vixsy tried to persuade her frowning sister.
“Oh… fine… but don’t be expecting me to carry you around!” she growled swishing and swashing through the rising water.
As they were rushing through the thin hallways of the ship, they heard lots of screaming and crying from both men and woman aboard the now watered ship. They kept on running through the water as fast as they could, despite all the people trying to squeeze past them… doing the same thing that they were doing of course. They finally made way past the long and thin hallway.
“We’re almost there… take a sharp left after this lady walks by!” Vixsy shouted to Vanessa hurriedly.
“I know! We’ve lived on this ship for three months now! I think that I should know my way around by now… and besides… I’m older than you, I now more!” Vanessa hollered back.
They kept on moving as they saw people’s head’s bob in and out of the still rising water that was drowning the ship.
“Hey look, there’s a dog about to fall off the edge of the ship!” Vixsy hollered as she ran as fast as she could to the now falling husky puppy. “I got cha’!” Vixsy hollered happily.
“Watch out! Get out of the way! Watch out!!!” Vanessa screamed to her sister, for a lady was sliding right towards her!
“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH,” Vixsy screamed as she just narrowly missed the sliding lady who now had fallen off the ship’s edge. “Do you think that you would have wanted to be down in our room now?”
“If it meant that my clogs and socks wouldn’t be soughing wet… then yes!!!” Vanessa growled.
“Oh, you’re sooooooooo hopeless!!!” Vixsy growled back to her sister. “I’m saving this puppy, because I imagine his owner has already fallen off the ship and he is helpless without someone!”
“Whatever Vix, I am just going to the captain!”
“And where do you think I’m going?”
“I don’t know… the puppy day care?”
“Gosh V’, you are sooooooooo three year old!” shouted Vixsy annoyed at her nuisance of a sister.
“What-evs, I am just going to captain David… ok with you!” Vanessa hollered to Vixsy madly.
“No, cause you can just go back down to our room like the little princess that you are!” Vixsy screamed starting to raise her hand and point towards the stairs.
“Don’t you dare point your finger!-”
“Hey, do I have to separate you two every time you get into a fight?” Felix asked as he swashed up.
“You’re absolutely soaked! Here… take my jacket! I am the angel in this family!” Vanessa said as she wrapped her jacket around her cousin’s shoulders.
“Yeah, said the spider to the fly!” Vixsy shouted back.
“You need to shut”-
“You two stop it now… I will not take this behavior!” Felix hollered.
“Felix, watch out!!!” Vanessa screamed to her cousin as a fat lady dragged him down the almost vertical ship.
“Felix… nooooooo,” Vixsy and Vanessa cried together! “He can’t leave us!” Vanessa screamed.
“It’s too late now… we have to hang onto something!” Vixsy screamed back to her sobbing sister, now sitting in the water, not caring about how cold or dirty it was. “Grab onto something… now!”
Vanessa finally grabbed onto one of the ships ‘poles’ that was sitting next to her. And Vixsy grabbed the ‘pole’ that sat next to her. Suddenly the whole ship went totally vertical!
“AAAAHHHHHHHHH I can’t hang on much longer with the puppy!” Vixsy screeched as she slowly slid down the short ‘pole’.
“Drop the dog!” Vanessa shouted to her sister still crying.
“No, I can’t let him go!”
“It’s either you let him go, or you and him go!”
“I’ll find a way to hold him- AAAAAAAHHHH… I’ll just put him in my… backpack! I’ll just… put him in my backpack!” she told herself calmly… “I’ll be ok, both of us will… I promise!” she told the whining puppy that was crying in her arms as she stuffed the black pup in her small, but roomy bag.
“Let go, it’ll be ok!” another lady who was hanging onto the same pole as Felix was hanging onto sung. “Follow me, I will show you how to survive! I have been in this same situation before!”
“For some silly reason, I uh… don’t think so!” Vanessa hollered.
“Trust me, once the ship is totally vertical, you drop, and swim like there was no tomorrow! This ship will just turn upside down eventually! So I will go first for you to trust me!” she said as she store seriously at Vixsy trustingly. “Will you promise that you will jump after I do?”
There was a long pause before Vixsy and Vanessa answered back.
“Yes, we will!” Vixsy and Vanessa hollered in harmony.
“Then come on!” The skinny lady squeaked as she fell from the bar. As they watched her hit the water and then finally saw her head bob up suddenly and yell,
“Come on, it only hurts a little at first… but come on… its tipping hurry!!!” she screamed.
As they slowly loosened their grips it was Vixsy who suddenly shot downwards. And then Vanessa quickly followed her little sister. As they both fell, they could already taste the saltwater on their tongues as spray entered into their nostrils in a hurry. Suddenly, they only saw the bubbles that surrounded them as their breath was quickly draining from their frantic bodies.
“Oh, no… Vanessa!”

Chapter 2 – The Island

“Vanessa, stay up and over the waves… not under them!” Vixsy shouted to her flailing sister. Vixsy hated the salty sea water that entered her, and her sister’s mouths and lungs! It tasted overwhelmingly salty and disgusting! And she could hardly breathe since all of her energy was going into keeping her life on the TOP of the water… and NOT on the bottom! But it just seemed impossible to stay active when which in every stroke she pushed, more and more energy was being drained out of her! She needed to find something to hang onto! “Where’s something to grab…, where’s my Vanessa, where’s that very, very nice lady and… WHERE’S MY PUPPY?!”
“Puppy, where are you puppy?” she hollered, and then she heard puppy whines from somewhere behind her.
“Oh… right… I put you in my pack… oops! My bad, sorry! But uh… oh, V’… where are you? Can you hear me? Where are you,” she screeched.
“I’m over here!” her sister called back.
“Over here!”
“I can’t see you?”
“Look behind you, you dummy!” Said a voice inside her head told her. “Oh, there you are!”
“Yes, here I am!” Vanessa shouted annoyed, “I found a chunk of the ship to hang onto… well come on!”
“Good, I need a break!” she screeched above all the crashing and splashing of the what seemed like hungry waves… for they seemed to try and ‘swallow’ anything that landed on it like it was lunch!
“Thanks, for helping me and giving me something to hang onto!” Vixsy thanked stupidly.
“Well duh! You’re my sister… what else am I going to do?” Vanessa said as she rolled her eyes to her bobbing sister.
“Oh… I feel sooooooo stupid right now!” Vixsy blushed.
“You don’t need any help with that one sis,” Vanessa teased her sister tauntingly.
“Do you two think that now is a good time for another quarrel?” the lady asked as she struggled to catch up with them.
“There you are! We were starting to get worried about you!” Vixsy said as she pulled the lady’s arm so that she could grab onto the chunk as well.
“Thank you missy!” the lady thanked.
“No, thank you for saving us miss…”
“Oh, Mrs. actually, my name is Mrs. Dudley! Nice to meet you both, you’re welcome, but I must ask what your names are as well!” she asked as she re-gripped her hands on the chunk of wood, for a wave tried to snatch her away.
“Oh, sorry, and this here is Vanessa, also known as V’… and I am Vixsy! Otherwise known as Vix! And very nice to have met you too!” said Vixsy happily.
“Uh, sorry to break up the happy reunion but… we’re not the only ones here!” Vanessa squeaked unhappily.
“Like, what do you mean?” Vixsy asked coolly.
“Uh, like if you don’t care… I mean I’m sure it’s no matter but um… THERE’S A SHARK’S FIN BEHING US!” Vanessa shrieked in complete horror.
“Ha, ha… funny V’, but there is no… AAAAAAHHHHH!!! There’s a shark behind us!” she screeched in the same horror as her sister.
“Just don’t panic, sharks just love it when their ‘meals’ start to scramble!” Mrs. Dudley told the girls calmly. “Just calm down, that’s our only option at the moment.” She said almost frozen in complete stillness. “Just breathe, and act calm… or the other choice is… die!”
“Any other options,” Vixsy asked starting to cry.
“Well, there is to calm down and not worry about it!” Vanessa said as she heaved a sigh.
“And what are you getting at, we are surrounded by sharks!” Vixsy squeaked.
“Because, those ‘sharks’ are only dolphins… that answer your question?”
“Oh… yes… thank you!” she thanked shyly. “We could try and grab one of their fins… and then maybe they could bring us somewhere close to an island?”
“This isn’t one of your fairy tales, where they read your mind and bring you to a safe and happy island… probably filled with butterflies and… fairies!” Vanessa said as she rolled her eyes to look back to the little group of dolphins.
“It could be an island with monsters and alligators! Duh, I know that! I was talking about, as soon as we saw an island while we ride… we would hop off and swim like there was no tomorrow!” Vixsy growled slowly to her annoying sister.
A few moments past as they all thought about what to do next, until it was Mrs. Dudley who finally broke it.
“You two better make your minds up quick, because the dolphins won’t be here forever… and neither will my patience!”
“Fine, we will take your way… since there are obviously no other options!” Vanessa grunted, obviously unhappy that she wouldn’t be the one to thank when they got to safety… and worse yet… maybe even told… I told you so!
First, Vixsy grabbed a large dolphin. Next, there was Mrs. Dudley’s turn, and she grabbed a smaller dolphin. Finally, Vanessa didn’t look to happy about it, but she finally grabbed another large dolphin.


After they were waiting to see a patch of some kind of greenery, they were getting almost frost bit all over their bodies! They kept on paddling when finally… Vixsy saw an enormous amount of trees around one of the smallest islands she had ever seen! (Counting that she hasn’t seen very many, of course!)
“I see an island! I see an Island!!!” she screeched, which awoke both the ladies with a start.
“It’s right over there!” Vixsy shouted, as she eagerly pointed eastward, toward the big mound of trees.
“Yes, we are finally going to be able to dry off!” Vanessa said shivering.
“Very good my darling, but the dolphins aren’t going in that direction… they are only going northwards and well… and not east.” Mrs. Dudley sighed.
“Duh, we would swim!” Vanessa said annoyed with her stupid answer.
“I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to swim that far… I have been in this ice cold water for too, too long I’m afraid… I’m sorry, but I won’t finish this little adventure with you. I really do wish I was… but I’m not. And that’s that.” Mrs. Dudley sighed heavily. You could see the sadness that grew upon her beautiful face. It looked as if her only child had just been proclaimed dead. The girls just floated there in complete shock and awe. They couldn’t believe that she had just given up on her life that easy!

Chapter 3 – We are surrounded by dogs

“We will miss you. Have a good ride Mrs. Dudley.”- Vixsy began to say,
“No please… call me… Delilah.” Mrs. Dudley protested.
“What, no, ‘no, no… please don’t go… we can’t survive without you,’ deal?” Vanessa sneered.
Everyone just sat there, in a moment of silence.
“You better get going… we are going farther away from the island. And it will take you all night to get there, if you don’t leave now.” Delilah sighed.
“We will miss you. And again… have a fab ride!” Vanessa shrugged.
“Good bye Delilah, you’re a very good friend.”
“Yes, I agree.” Vanessa finished.
“Thank you, but be off… the sun is setting.


As the young girls finally made it to shore, they store back at the open sea of which the reminder of Delilah was placed. They would never forget how much that she had helped them. They just lay there in the warm summer sand, and thought about the dearest people were lost to them. First they lost their mother and father in a car accident, then the lost cousin Felix after him falling off the boat, and now they JUST lost their dearest friend, Delilah. Vixsy slowly ran her fingers through the sand as she felt squirming on her back!
“Oh, I forgot about you! You must be freezing! Poor little puppy!” she whined, as she picked the black and dripping puppy, wrapping it in her warmish jacket.
“I can’t believe that it survived over sea!” Vanessa said amazed. “That is like, impossible!”
“He was against my body warmth. And imagine… if I had let it go, he would be at the bottom of the Atlantic!”
“Whatever, just let’s find a warm place to spend the night… and shut up!”


Vixsy awoke with a nasty start, as she heard growling and barking all around her, and her sister. She decided that it would be best to alarm her sister… but she had this weird sensation to stay awake by herself. Because she saw that her puppy was missing, and she didn’t want Vanessa to stop her and say ‘it’s too dangerous to go out there, and that stupid puppy isn’t worth your life’. So she scrambled to her feet and began whispering her puppy’s name: Shadow.
“Shadow, where are you… Shadow!” she whispered loudly. “Come here now, Shadow!” Slowly and silently Vixsy crept along the shadows, searching for her missing friend. Then, she saw that she was surrounded by smelly, wild dogs! “Should I run… should I scream… should I cry… should I?” All these questioned swirled through her head all at once as she was thinking how she was going to live, or how she was going to die! “Just stay calm, that’s all that matters… just stay calm.” She told herself reassuringly.
But that wasn’t about to help her situation, because a hungry dog… is a nasty dog! And she was surrounded by about sixteen to twenty-nine, hungry wild dogs. That didn’t help much. Then she finally noticed in how much danger that she was in, she remembered that you have to act big, and loud to scare a wolf away… but would that work here? As the growling dogs started to close in on her, she began to think that that would be her only option so she raised her arms and started shouting as loud as she could. It made the dogs hesitate for a moment, but then they started howling and growling in return. “What can I do now… that only made them even angrier? Ummmm… I know, I’ll call Shadow. Maybe he’ll save me!” So she yelled as loud as she could,
“Shadoooooooow! Help, Shadow come, help!” And a few moments after, there crashing into a large male dog, was Shadow! He was a trained guard dog! And he was protecting her! “Boy, am I glad that I saved you!”
“Sorry to ruin the moment but… WE SHOULD GO NOW!!!” Vanessa screamed to Vixsy hurriedly.
“Oh, and that’s why you’re the smart one!” Vixsy hollered back as she scrambled to her feet to catch up with her sister. “Wait up!”
“No, you need to hurry up!” Vanessa copped back. “You don’t want to be eaten by one of those things do you?” Vanessa asked as she wrenched her head over her shoulder so she could see her sister.

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