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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
by Jonathan Boustead
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ONE Chipped, and crafted to perfection, like jewels

Of the most precious sort.

Wine brought by the choicest vine – perfection to the palette of the connoisseur.

Woven with care, and displayed with pride,

A tapestry on the walls, such beauty to consider.

Like the finest poetry in motion…the author’s admiration.

A song well sung. Harmonious to the last.

These monuments, proudly displayed, catch the eyes and attention of the rest of creation.

Standing in awe at this unique parade.

Needed? Necessary? – Neither…can you imagine?

Not needed. Not necessary…

TWO Then why?

ONE Hmmm?

TWO Why? Was it an accident? Coincidence? For surely, one so insignificant –

ONE No. You are magnificent! To God Who is omnipotent. He sees all of this, and all of you.

TWO Me? An anomaly of sorts…to be kept aside, inside, while the rest take their stride. They strut with their pride, and I will just hide. Waiting…

ONE For what?

TWO Simply to wait and contemplate the passing of every second, in this dull hour. Systematic and meaningless.

ONE And let life and all it’s fullness pass you by?

TWO Until I die. Why? Why not? Destiny fulfilled.

ONE No it is not, it cannot be. For God has written your destiny, if you are open to Him, He will help you to see, that you can be so much more in Him, how He planned you to be. With Him. His child – for all eternity.

TWO You speak with such ease, but just look at me. Who I am. What I am. It’s all right for you, for someone who can, but what can I do, eh? What have I got? I look at myself, and I see not a lot.

ONE That’s just it. That’s where we begin. This realisation is where it fits in. Yourself, everything - God’s chosen offering.

TWO Offering of what.

ONE Everything you’ve got.

TWO We’ve been through this already, what I’ve got is –

ONE Not a lot! Exactly, that’s what I mean. Don’t look at yourself thinking what could have been. All you have to give is you. And that is all God wants from you. You, you alone. Yourself and you.

TWO OK, you’ve said it. But I’m still not so sure. How could I be certain He won’t ask for more?

ONE If you give Him all you’ve got, what’s left for you to give? If you say ‘Lord I am Your’s and for You I will live’?

TWO But still I’m not sure, what does this all mean?

ONE It means that you have meaning, a purpose. Not a dream.

Pause. ONE starts to inspect TWO.

You see these hairs upon your head?

He knows each and every one.

Every bit of you planned, by His own loving hand,

Even before time, itself had begun.

Your fingers, your toes, your eyes and your nose, the freckles upon your face.

Don’t let the world and its cruelties rob you, of your heavenward, God-given place.


Stand there. Wait. Give me time to contemplate.

What I see before me, surely cannot be a mistake.


You know something? Do you? Do you know what I can see?

Standing tall, yet feeling small, right here in front of me?


TWO What?

ONE Can’t you see?

TWO Don’t you do this to me! I can’t begin to believe your strange mystery.


ONE God’s own fingerprints. The very contours thereof. Covered right now, with attention and love.

TWO But you said I’m ‘not needed’.

ONE And neither am I! But God wants us both. Both you and I. Crazy I know, but true nonetheless. He wants us all completely regardless – of where we are now. What matters is this, that He will direct us, to wherever is best. As for the rest…well it’s –

TWO History?

ONE Cliché maybe, but true for He will forgive and forget. The slate wiped clean.


TWO And it’s not just a simple matter of staying put? Where I am, who I am. What I am?

ONE You see, right now you’re you, by what you’ve shaped yourself to be. You and the world and countless philosophy – have all played a part in your heart and who you’ve come to be. Now God loves you, He does, and all that you are, but humanity’s fatal condition, lies deep in the heart. The heart that grew cold, and old before the Lord. Choosing what it pleases, regardless of God’s Word. It’s your heart He wants, surrendered to Him.

TWO But what if I don’t want to be surrendered to Him.

ONE Listen friend, I shall not pretend. This can be too much for one to comprehend. But God is Righteous and perfect, He is Holy and true, and there is absolutely nothing on this earth we can do, to come to Him. For we fall short of His Grace at every place, the race cannot be won. We'll end up on our knees, in all this disease – but God had a plan for our souls to be won.


TWO So if I am wanted, and desired by God – creator of Heaven and earth Himself. How is it possible, me being me, to even come to Him myself? You said yourself, the health of my heart is bruised. What can I do to Him Who is true, that would make Him take pity on me, and on you?

ONE Nothing.

TWO What?

ONE Nothing. It’s not possible.

TWO Excuse me.

ONE It isn’t.

TWO So how can I make Him forgive me?

ONE Well you, yourself…can’t?

TWO I can’t?

ONE You can’t?

TWO Then what the fl –

ONE Hang on there a minute. Please take great care. Let me explain, before you give up and swear.


TWO I’m listening.

ONE God knew that we weren’t good enough, I mean really it’s plain to see. How can one’s such as us, come before One such as He? Anyway, this He knew, and He knew the only way, was for Him to come, as Jesus Christ and take our sins away.

TWO But how does that even work? How did Jesus pay the price?

ONE Well the only way for full atonement, is a perfect sacrifice.

TWO And the Blood of Jesus did suffice?

ONE It surely was the only price.

TWO But how?

ONE Jesus Christ was not just a man. He was God and man in one. The Son of God, yet God Himself – all so justice could be done. He suffered and died, and now glorified after rising from the dead. I know it’s hard to get such truth inside our human heads. But this I know, and the gospels say, which are eyewitness accounts…if tested in court the jury’s report would read truth in all accounts.


But NO, we say, it must be lies! There must have been some compromise. There’s just no way my fate relies, on something such as…that. But it’s there in black and white, for all the world to see – that Jesus Christ, gave Himself, to save humanity.


So the next time you look upon yourself, and wonder ‘what went wrong?’…Just think about Jesus, and all that He did, and that He planned you all along.

TWO But what if –

ONE No, listen now for Heaven's sakes, God does not make any mistakes.


You are not an accident. Not worthless or alone. God made you in His very own image, and He longs to call you His own. Accept that you can't do this alone, for through Jesus the price is paid. Now look at yourself and believe when I say, you were fearfully and wonderfully made. He knew you and named you, before you were born, and forgiveness can be yours today. Repent now we must, and in Him we must trust, for that is the only way.

© Jonathan Boustead 2010

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God is Not Against You - He Came on an All Out Rescue Mission to Save You

...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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