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Creation revisited
by Cynthia Bowen
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Can you just imagine this scene? There was nothing....no sun, moon, or even ground...so God just started creating. Stars twinkled into existence,planets coalesced and began circling them, held in place by God's Word and Power. Galaxies were born and began expanding at a phenomenal rate across the empty vastness of space. Even today this expansion continues for one reason. God said, "Let there be light," but He never told the light to stop.

Then God turned His attention to one small planet. It was just perfect for His master plan, though not much to look at yet. Angels stood silent, wondering what the great God Jehovah had in mind. The first day ended as the Almighty smiled with satisfaction at His own work.
The next several days passed quickly as God created first an atmosphere, then pulled back the waters to a reasonable boundary so that dry ground cold be exposed. From His imagination, God called for grass to carpet the ground and trees and shrubs to bear fruit and provide shade. He dotted the verdant hills and valleys with jewel colored flowers that filled the fledgling atmosphere with heavenly fragrance.

Being a God of wisdom, He chose a star with just the right mass for gravity to hold His planet in its sway. He lovingly pushed the planet into its orbit, giving it a gentle spin so it would rotate as it traveled around its sun.
God placed the planet at just the right distance from its star. If it was any farther away the beautiful oceans would freeze and the new plants would die. Any closer, the oceans would vaporize into steam leaving the planet a hard ball of clay.

With a satisfied smile, God watched as the small green and blue wonder slowly spun, leaving part of the planet shaded from the light of the sun. He placed a small rock in orbit around the planet to provide light as it reflected the sun's brilliance coolly onto the darkened side of the world. The new moon pulled on the vast oceans in its shadow causing the tides to rise and fall on the golden beaches below.

Next, God spoke and the seas were suddenly teaming with life as fishes and other aquatic animals appeared. The silence of the world He had made became filled with the sound of feathers beating the wind and the calls of every imaginable type of bird. The following day, the dry ground began to form into strange shapes as God called forth giraffes, elephants, and lions. Rabbits began jumping and frogs started singing spring lullabies. How God must have smiled with pleasure at the sudden bustle of activity in His creation.

Now the time had come for the masterpiece of God's creation. All of the beauty and grandeur of His new world had been formed for a purpose. God scooped up a small bit of the clay from the ground. He carefully sculpted cells then organs. He placed a thin covering of skin over the lifeless form in His hand. He lovingly crafted legs and arms taking special care with the fingers, knowing that they needed to have the ability to grasp tools with strength as well as sensitivity to gently stroke the fur of the animals He would send the man. How the angels must have gasped in surprise when they realized that the creature God had sculpted looked just like its Creator. Gently, God leaned forward and breathed into the sculptures delicate face. Suddenly, the clay eyelids began to flutter and the chest expanded as God's breath filled the lungs. Adam awoke to the sight of Almighty God smiling down at Him in pleasure. Angels began singing about the Creator's might and wisdom. It was time to rest; creation was finished.

We are all familiar with the rest of this story. After God made Eve, Adam disobeyed God and the first people were expelled from the beautiful garden which He had lovingly crafted for them. They had been warned that if they disobeyed God's only requirement, not eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thy would surely die. After their rebellion, they became separated from the Creator and the spirit within them died. Though it took several hundred years for the perfect bodies that God had designed to wear out, eventually Adam and Eve died physically.

Since that time, we have all been heirs of Adam's rebellious naure, born with a dead, unregenerated spirit within us. However, God's great plan was not complete. He knew before He began His work of creation that Adam was going to make wrong choices. He also knew that every generation that followed Adam would continue to make the same kind of wrong decisions. He was well aware that no man would ever be "good" enough to walk back into unbroken fellowship with Him. God's plan was so daring and filled with love and kindness, that it amazed even the same angels who had witnessed the beginning strokes of the Great Architect's hand.

God would wrap Himself in the cloak of flesh, born into the world He created as a man--Jesus. Because He would come through the womb of a virgin, He would not be tainted with the rebellious nature of Adam passed through the blood of a father. He would truly be the Son of God. So He came. Jesus lived a sinless life, modeling the characteristics of the Creator perfectly. He demonstrated the divine nature by showing love, compassion, and mercy to women and men who deserved none. He chose to fellowship, not with the elite religious rulers, but with common men and women. Fishermen, tax collectors, and sinners were allowed to look at the eternal God as He walked Gallilee's dusty roads. He straightened crooked limbs, opened blind eyes, and even brought the dead back to life, all the while pouring Divine love out to mankind.

Even with such a clear example, God knew mankind did not have the capacity to come back to the original fellowship for which they were created. Surely the angels were astonished as they watched the sinless Son of God willingly pick up the sins of all mankind and place them onto His Own shoulders. The denizens of heaven finally realized the price that the Creator was willing to pay to bring His creation back to Him, as the Roman soldiers were allowed to crucify the Lord of Glory.

That evening, the earth slowly rolled into darkness with the lifeless body of the Creator wrapped in linen and placed in a cold, stone tomb. Jesus' disciple who had followed Him as He traveled along Israel's roads, were numb with sorrow that next sabbath day. It is even recorded that they hid in the upper room paralyzed by fear. However, such a dark scene could not obscure the fact that the corpse lying in the tomb was not merely a man, but God tabernacled in flesh.

As the sun rose the next morning, angels attended the tomb, rolling away the stone door to allow the wonder of the moment to be witnessed by the amazed disciples. As the morning light spilled over the hillside, the motionless chest of Jesus rose as He began to breathe again. He must have smiled as He stripped off the grave clothes in which He had been covered and walked past the angels and into the morning sunlight. Did His mind race back to that first sunny day of creation? A new first day had just dawned, the day of salvation.

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