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XMen The New Age 19
by Eric Christopher Jackson
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Cable and Bishop are driving an armored jeep towards a military base. Cable is charging up his gear. Bishop begins to drive cautiously to the military base's checkpoint. Cable's sets his weapon, ready to fire…

This is it…

What are we supposed to do? Ask if they're hiding something inside?

It's an American military base…we're Americans "and" they know who we are! At a time like this, they should let us check it out!

Tell them that…!

We're in the middle of World War III gentlemen! May I ask why you're here?!

There could be a threat to the base…you don't mind the support do you?

A threat?!
Talk to Commander Johnson, if they'll let you.
(to another soldier)
Let 'em through!

Bishop gives a wave and drives off.


QuickSilver is dashing here and there avoiding explosions, tears flowing from Scarlet Witch's eyes as she sporadically causes enemy weapons to decay and fall to pieces.

Aircraft fly overhead dropping bombs, clearing a path for QuickSilver. He takes off running, Scarlet begins to scream. Everything around her looks like less than a blur. She feels like she's going to black out.

QuickSilver stops at a large metal door…Scarlet is still clasping onto his neck, her hand comes up, a red glow from her hand, the door begins to quickly rot away, along with the soldiers' weapons and gear who are guarding the other side of the door.

QuickSilver takes his sister in his arms and rushes for the fallen metal door. Scarlet is put down and crawls for cover.

Bullets ring off the ground as guards from the higher levels descend. QuickSilver takes off smashing into one guard after another. But enemy reinforcements are on the way from outside.

That's gotta be it!

QuickSilver heads down to the bottom level, mounted machine guns fire at him. He outruns their fire, but the bullets hit a machine causing an explosion. QuickSilver is knocked off his feet, bullets ringing over his body.

Suddenly the mounted machine guns begin to fall apart…Scarlet Witch begins to crush them in place. More gunfire comes from the top level. Reinforcements have arrived.

I'll hold them off!

Wait, no…!

Scarlet Witch is still dazed from the trip…weak…she stumbles to the huge console. She can hear the missile bay doors nearby beginning to open. She kneels down on the ground, closes her eyes, puts her hands on the main console.

Soldiers fire at her from above, bullets fly passed her…QuickSilver flies by knocking them aside as he goes from level to level.

The machine shudders, makes an eerie sound, then a blast comes through the wall in front of Scarlet Witch. Concrete flies all around her. She ducks down, but keeps her hands on the main console.

The missiles launch, the soldiers on the bottom level rush in, Scarlet's hands are still on the console…then the eerie sound drops off…the lights fade away. The entire system is shut down. The lights within the building turn off.

The soldiers are wearing night vision goggles, they find Scarlet Witch lying on the ground, aim…then a great explosion occurs. The missiles shut down in mid-air and came back to the ground. The impact rattles the entire base, knocking the guards off their feet.

QuickSilver picks up his sister and runs to the top level. His sister is unconscious.

The enemy ground troops spot him. He runs behind a jeep and holds his sister as they close in. He thought about it, but knew running at a high speed with her could very well kill her.

Suddenly, gunfire rains down from the sky. German aircraft have arrived being able to fly over this area with no more missiles firing at them from afar. The enemy troops are staggering.

QuickSilver looks up, the keys were there. He put his sister in the passenger side and jumps in. As they drive away, troops from inside the base begin firing at them. Bombs began to fall knocking them backwards.

QuickSilver lights a flare as he drives to the end of the base sticking it in a crack of the window. Enemy jeeps pursue him, firing their own weapons.

Scarlet regains consciousness, crawls to the rear of the armored jeep and begins shooting back. German helicopters fly through the area firing away, but they miss one enemy jeep pursuing QuickSilver and Scarlet Witch.

Here's our ride!

A helicopter began to pull near the jeep. He helped Scarlet to the front of the jeep with one arm. The jeep behind them was beginning to fire through most of the armor plating. And the wall to the end of the base was approaching fast.

Someone's mounting the small cannon!

Hold on!

An enemy soldier activated the small cannon torrent to fire at the helicopter. Scarlet's arms were around QuickSilver's neck again. QuickSilver slid open the door and he jumped towards the side of the helicopter.

As the enemy jeep swirls to fire on them a German helicopter's small missiles struck the ground behind the jeep catapulting the jeep up and into the small defense cannon on the wall as it prepared to fire.

The force from the explosion pushed the helicopter sideways, but the armor held up. The helicopters speed away into the distance.


Waves of Chinese and North Korean forces storm through Japan's Defensive Wall. The large cannons are destroyed. Only small cannons remain and they are being targeted by the ground assault as they come onshore.

Wolverine and Japan Special Forces are running to a large facility and then take an elevator underground.

What is this place?

The pride of Japan.

Wolverine didn't known what to make of that, so he dismissed questions and kept silent, checking his weapons.

The elevator doors open and he can't believe his eyes. There are large units of vehicles overlaid in a type of armor he has never seen before. All white…accented by a large red dot…a simple design. But he then notices it is the Japanese flag. The facility is state-of-the-art, spared no expense.

The greatest Japanese military minds and engineers built new technology, weapons to combat potential new threats!

This is…! I've never seen…

Anything like it, precisely what we had in mind. The Captain will brief you on the way.

Excuse me General..!

Where are they?

They're taking out all of the smaller cannons, we only have a few left. Their aircraft are approaching fast…in mass, sir.

Now is the time. Man your stations!

Wolverine expects droves of soldiers to get aboard armored vehicles, but most of them stayed in the base, sitting behind huge consoles. Only special teams trained to use these advanced armored vehicles get onboard them. At that moment…an even more unique vehicle caught his eye and he stopped in his tracks.

I thought you might like it, Logan.

Can you teach me how to drive it?!



Load the small unit for Logan…

Right away sir!

The Captain didn't move, he opened a lid on his arm band, pressed a few buttons on the screen. The carrier the small unit is resting on, springs to life and hovers onboard followed by Wolverine.

Another soldier walks up to Wolverine, giving him a black, armor-like suit folded in a display case. As the rear door closed…

Oh, I'm gonna like this…

The General turns away as the vehicles leave, smoothly, quickly, with little noise compared to other armored vehicles…

How many of their forces are within our range?

Scanning…more than half, sir.

Everyone…remember your training…stay alert…let us begin!

The Chinese and North Korean ground troops are walking well beyond the shoreline passed the military facilities.

Suddenly, pieces of the ground lift up. Small, but powerful guns begin to fire, taking the troops by surprise. The large mass of aircraft from China fly further inland and begin to drop bombs when powerful lasers fire into the air cutting the wings off of planes and cutting some planes in half. The Japanese lured them in, towards their more advanced weapons and now the enemy ground and air assault had difficulty backing out without being destroyed.

As enemy tanks drive through, they have a hard time figuring out where the rockets are being shot from.

We see a wide view of the coast of Japan and the enemy forces, air and ground are being shot at from two sides by advanced weapons.


Nightcrawler is in the grasp of Omega Red, being drained of his energy. A powerful grenade is launched and hits Omega Red in the back. It causes him to lose his focus enough to allow Nightcrawler to teleport away, but he appears on a higher level passed out, drained of energy.

Colossus lays on the floor, concrete surrounding and on top of him. He struggles to get up.

The scientist was trapped, enemy soldiers are closing in. He is guarded by the Russian soldiers who were also kept in energy cells. One of them is on the radio trying to call for backup. More enemy fire breaks the wall behind them. They fall back into that room.

Look! Weapons!

These are the weapons that can freeze Omega Red!

They crawl across the floor towards the casing, but a FREEDOM unit is closing in. They continue to fire, destroying some of the special weapons. One soldier tosses a grenade. The explosion halted the unit's aggressive charge.

These are all we have left!

Get down!

A huge explosion rocks the back of the office building catapulting the soldiers and scientists forward.

Omega Red picks up Colossus wrapping one tentacle around his neck, one around his waist…and begins to pull him apart…his organic metal being stretched. Colossus lets out a scream and Omega Red begins to pull more…and more…and…

Omega Red screams. Looking down at his lower leg, it is frozen solid.

Omega glares to see the scientist, the one who revived him, lying on the ground, bleeding from his head, holding the weapon that could freeze him.

Omega screams and whips Colossus at such speed towards him, the scientist freezes in unbelief.

Before Colossus lands on the scientist, Colossus vanishes. Nightcrawler teleports, grabs Colossus and teleports away.

The scientist grimaces because of the smell from the trail of brimstone smoke. Then he hears a whirling sound as his fellow soldiers shoot the two freezing weapons at the FREEDOM unit.

Omega Red's tentacles are about to grab him at that very moment when the scientist shoots him again, hitting his chest. This time, the scientist keeps his finger on the trigger…the ice expands all the way to the ends of Omega Red's tentacles.

The FREEDOM soldiers are retreating as streaks of ice blue beams pass by them, some holding their frozen limbs, screaming in pain.

Nightcrawler teleports in front of the scientist with Colossus in regular form.

Take him to the fourth level…the machine there holds a power similar to his own energy. We were trying to duplicate his organic metal…


I'll be fine…

Go! Go!

The soldiers help the wounded scientist into another room. The scientist struggles to the console, the soldiers follow him. He begins to type commands into the computer…the console makes a loud whirling noise as the entire system is being accessed.

The soldiers are wounded as well, bleeding…but holding their weapons towards to door.

The elevator opens and Nightcrawler teleports Colossus to the front of the huge machine…energy streaming through clear tubes. Trying to help him up, Colossus encases his body back into its metal form.

Nightcrawler backs away as Colossus puts his hand on the tube, compressing his hand to pierce the casing, the energy seeps out into his organic metal. Colossus' body began to glow so brightly, Nightcrawler backs further away covering his face. Colossus took it all…draining the energy the scientists created so far from the machine.

He ran for the elevator in a rage, Nightcrawler followed from a distance. The elevator door opened and he ran straight for the frozen Omega Red. He stopped in front of him, glaring into his frozen eyes, his hands began to charge with such energy, he reared back, and punched away at the figure…breaking Omega Red's frozen body apart in only a few blows.

He rushes back to the elevator, Nightcrawler already waiting there. They go to ground level. Colossus bursts out from behind the elevator doors to find the Russian army being pushed back.

Missiles in the distance are falling out of the sky. The "energy" had been shut down along with most of the base's defenses.

Nightcrawler motions for the soldiers to search below ground.

Aircraft hovering nearby take Colossus and Nightcrawler away.

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