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by Boyewa T'Oritshe-Nunu 
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Proverbs & Insights II

‘The fulfilment of a vision is for an appointed time, its accomplishment is in the present’

‘Many visions perish because the discipline and faith needed for fulfilment is lacking’

‘Visions are given in order for men to enhance their lives and that of their fellows’

‘Visions are unseen realities and can only be actualized by those who comprehend the unseen’

‘There are principles and guidelines that must be adhered to in order for visions to become realities’

‘It will take a hero to go down the valley of the shadow of death, and embark on the tortuous climb to the top of the mountain again and again in order to realize his dream’

‘Watch out for sin as one that watches the night, and flee from it as one from a snake’

‘A man’s humiliation should not be a yard stick for his condemnation; the Lord alone is judge’

‘God’s word is the true image of every situation; the image any situation throws up
Is false’

‘The law is like the two faced side of a coin, one side obedience -leading to justification and life abundant- the other side disobedience -leading to condemnation and death’

‘He that asks from the heart receives, but he that asks with mere words will remain in want’

‘Every one desires success, but few can offer the sacrifices it demands’

‘The ultimate sacrifice for liberty is blood’

‘Except a man is tested he has no testimony’

‘A man exercised in his gift shall ever excel’

‘Without effort there is no breaking forth’

‘If you have no results, you’ll receive insults’

‘People care less what you’ve gone through; they only care if you came through’

‘People are only interested in the sweet success of labour than the bitter struggles of labour’

‘There is a reason for every season; however, it’s folly to exact self to unearth the reasons for seasons. Wise are they that apply themselves to the lessons of the seasons’

‘Hope is like a hope to a man in a hole’

‘Without discipline there can be no obedience’

‘They are great that submit to the ordinances and regiment of obedience; but the ordinary and the lowly submit to the rules of the great’

‘Time wisely used is life well lived’

‘The Wise are concerned about their deeds…fools think only of their needs’

‘Heaven is neither here nor there; Heaven is a clear conscience towards God’

‘O man! No matter the prize, pay thou daily… No matter the sacrifice, make thou often…that thou may possess a clear conscience before thy God.’

‘Our attitude to God most often determines our altitude in life’

‘The deeper our roots the more the fruits’

‘They that shall do exploits shall necessarily have to die in order to abundantly live’

‘Great sacrifices, immense temptations, severer tests and trails precede glory’

‘Tribulations and trails of life are like waves of a raging sea; they come and go; their end is on the shores of the earth, and ours beneath the turf of the earth’

‘Problems and tribulations are mere trails and tests life distributes to all mortals in order to enrich their lives and draw out their inner untapped resources’

‘We ought to always cultivate discipline as a farmer cultivates crops’

‘Familiarity with God inspires trust, trust informs belief, belief in God is Faith; Faith is Righteousness!’

‘Righteousness, succinctly put is to exercise belief in God’s Word’

‘To believe God is but a figment; many believe God, few exercise faith’

‘To the earthling, God’s words are like aliens out of this world; alien lights sent to brighten a dark world’

‘Heavenly treatises are often in opposition to earthly realities; God’s Word contradicts the world’

‘God’s Words are not realities from the perspective world…..but obscurities from His narrative Word’

‘In the multitude of dreams there are few comprehensions and one

‘Dreams are visions of things past, present, and future’

‘For every vision there is a provision for accomplishment’

‘The adversities and experiences of the days of obscurity sets up the wise for

‘As the rains upon the earth grows the grass, so thy word in my heart fruits

‘A man without a cause is like a ship without course, headed for troubled
waters; hence it’s said’, “cursed is he without a cause”.

‘We do not live daily; we live Godly, not in life, but in God’

‘The length of the earth is the rising of the sun to its setting; the breadth
of the heavens is measured from the day of a man’s birth to the day of his death’

‘The issues of the mind are fickle and transient, but the heart is where it’s at; a profound, an endless abyss’

‘Temptations, trails, and tests are like the violent waves of the sea, coming and
going, surging and receding, rising high and powerful; its desires are for the floaters, the unsteady, and the feeble’

‘The vision of the great informs their resolutions, endows them with courage and
Inspirers a supernatural force for accomplishment’

Every walk with God is opposed by the work of satan; every open door is
contested by adversaries, every success resisted by failure, and every good besieged by evil. Hence it is written’ “The kingdom of God suffers violence only the violent shall possess it”.

‘God’s discipline sanitizes every aspect of our lives and fosters spiritual growth;
On the downside spiritual indiscipline is another word for spiritual insanity’

‘The conscience is nestled in the heart, whenever Evil fly’s into the heart, the conscience flutter and thither angrily in her nest; when evil persists in the heart, the conscience can not bear; she takes flight and evil takes nest; hence it is said’, “a man without conscience is like a bird without nest”

‘Without patience those that hope, hope in vain’.

‘Patience is the process by which the hopelessness turns to hope’

‘Like a fish out of water is faith without patience; patience is the expectation of
fruition, and faith the fruit of patience’

‘Faith hastens to fulfillment on the wings of patience; by patience is faith rewarded’

‘Patience is the harbinger and soul of hope, faith, and love’

‘Zeal is like a Lion in swift pursuit of its prey’

‘The prime enemy of faith is fear’

‘Faith is a silhouette –without substance- in the absence of patience’

‘Faith is loyal, zealous and quick to obey’

‘Until the natural gives up and surrenders her independence to the supernatural -then is obedience complete- then the fruits bear and gifts manifest’

When the spirit is feed, the flesh becomes famished’

‘The carnal urge is a raging sea in full tempests; she can not be tamed; only the spirit that moves upon the face of the waters can rein her in’

‘The kingdom of God is like the eye of the needle which if a man humbles
Himself through like a tread, he shall be adorned with a kingly robe of intricate patterned embroidery’

‘Milk and honey comes only after wine and gall’

‘Righteousness comes only by faith in hope; the hope which is Christ’

‘In the Lord’s service we ought not to take stock nor record mileages; we serve in Love’

‘Until we are able to walk the depths of the valley and stare boldly the shadow of death, we will never arrive at the mountain top to behold the glorious image of Christ Jesus’

‘Even as food sustains and nourishes the body, so God’s word sustains and
nourish the spirit’

‘There has to be a desert experience before the Promised Land’

‘Christ’s descent into the under world is the measure of the depth of God’s
Love for humanity; Christ’s ascent into the highest realm the measure of the height of God’s love towards mankind’

‘The earthly man is so disadvantaged and short changed in his physical realm; he
Struggles all his life –in vain- to successfully appropriate earthly blessings; he is in the dark completely about his rights to spiritual resources that would trigger an avalanche of earthly blessings with less mental and physical effort’

‘On the other hand there is the spiritual man whose earthly essence has been illuminated by divine light, his mind and senses are elevated to the supernatural; the cause and process are not the issue, but the essence.
For such have been placed in a vintage position by reason of divine illumination to tap into the heavenly realms and appropriate spiritual laws and ethics in order to access and possess spiritual and earthly blessings.
The struggles, anxieties and efforts required to successfully acquire earthly blessings are unwarranted for the spiritual man’

‘The ability to cast heart and mind over and above earthly situations and
dire circumstances on the wings of God’s word, is faith’

God’s will is the dynamic force and mechanism that fuels and propels life;
Everything in existence ultimately succumbs to God’s sovereign will’

‘The Holy Spirit is the guardian and enforcer of God’s will; every thing in creation is
subjected by the power of the Holy Spirit to God’s divine purpose’

‘Knowledge is the road map to the fulfillment of every vision’

‘Knowledge is the life-force of every vision; vision with out knowledge is like a
body without soul’

‘In the day of battle the voice of the Holy Spirit is the ultimate counsel to

‘It is written, “those who seek the Lord lack no good thing’; but of course
they already possess all things in Christ Jesus’

‘Those who resolve to walk with God in the here and now shall arrive at a glorious destiny in the here-after’

‘If a man walks with God, same shall creation work for’

‘While the devil inspires men to do evil through their sinful nature, the Holy
Spirit empowers them to do good through their spirit nature’

‘A man that daily feeds his dreams with God’s words will one day awake to its

‘We must be prepared for the sacrifices and hardships in stewardship; it is a
prerequisite to true discipleship and christian leadership’

‘In our earthly body we ought always consciously shun worldly support,
despise human abilities and willingly put our selves at that point of frailty and helpless state in order to access and possess the spiritual body needed to live according to God’s perfect will’

‘Earthly structures and physical support must be done away daily in order to
be availed of heavenly assistance in this life’

‘For those who desire to do great, they must most times in the body feel the fangs of death clawing at the soul, and even despair of life’

‘Most often we must be in a helpless state in order to be at the blessed place’

‘Sometimes we will have to agonize in flesh so as to be harmonized in spirit’

‘To set the eyes not on what is seen, but on the unseen; is to look at the instance
and not the distance’

‘Mortals in chains of moral bondage will always break rules, while free mortals
bond to immortal laws have no rules to break’

‘In order to possess the future, we start processing the present.
Some look up to tomorrow for the manifestation of the future, the wise
process today to possess their future’

‘The capacity to read often genders ability to lead’

‘When pride is scorned, and shame despised, the heart becomes humbled and
the mind at peace’

‘Daily trials and temptations are more or less afflictions designed to test our
commitment to our christian faith’

‘Many sin with the eyes; judging by mere sight…the eyes wrongly imputes sin upon the innocent.
Yet others transgress with the ears; concluding by mere hearing….sinfully condemning the guiltless’

‘If the eyes and ears can be as wicked….What can be said about the heart?
She has stolen from the poor, oppressed the needy, betrayed her most bosom, murdered her fellow, taken the neighbor’s spouse, and perverted justice.
Yet it puffs up…the heart…arrogant, haughty, and justified in her ways…unrepentant,
a god unto herself’

‘Surely, the heart is most heinous, continuously filled with evil and vileness (Genesis.6:5); yet out of it flows compassion and love.
What about the heart? The Lord God, Almighty, alone discerns its intents and depth’

‘Evil desires are like thieves….most times they creep in unaware, jump in….force in; seducing, enticing and charming the heart with desires that lead to sin.
Her intent is to steal, kill, and destroy the Godly and goodly treasures within the heart’

‘The door of carnal desires should always be permanently shut…a little opening…just a little bit and the heart is rushed full of defilement…thereafter, there is no return’!

‘A life without a cause is bereft of fulfillment’

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