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XMen The New Age 14
by Eric Christopher Jackson
Not For Sale
Author requests article critique



Nightcrawler is sneaking up to the military base where he and Colossus were before. He teleports in the center of a supply carrier being brought into the base. Ahead, he sees a soldier scanning the carriers to make sure no intruders are onboard, before he clears it through the door.

Nightcrawler teleports to the carrier ahead of him, before the soldier knows he's there.

The elevator descends below to the same room Colossus was captured in. Security guards were positioned throughout the room. The carrier floated inside and settled on the ground. Workers began to take off the large containers and Nightcrawler had no choice but to teleport through the wall to the top of the elevator.

Faint light came through the shaft and the top of the elevator. He teleports into the hallway next to the elevator, staying low to the ground he went forward. Suddenly, the elevator door in front of him began to open and he teleported into a room next to him.

The soldiers spotted his smoke trail and ran towards the area, charging through the door. But they saw no one. They searched the room.

Nightcrawler teleported a few rooms ahead of him because he saw Colossus encased in glass with steel beams. A light purple energy illuminated from the case.

Suddenly, shots rang through the room…through the windows the two soldiers saw him. One of them spoke on the radio to notify the base of the intruder.

Nightcrawler quickly looked over the console, but could not figure out what all the buttons were for. The door behind him opened and the soldiers began firing. Nightcrawler teleported out of the way, but came directly towards the men, kicking them off their feet. He looked up to see more soldiers coming down the hall and a few began opening fire.

The two men there got back up and began swinging at Nightcrawler, but he simply ducked out of the way and returned with acrobatic punches and kicks of his own. Then grabbed one man with his tail and threw him into the case holding Colossus.

Then light purple energy blazed over the man and he fell to the ground unconscious. Apparently, this output of energy weakened the case because Colossus began to stir.

The other soldiers arrived firing on Nightcrawler who teleported from one place to the next to avoid them. Colossus' first few punches began to crack the glass and steel. Then, with a yell and charge of energy, his arm came out though the case.

The soldiers began firing at him as he broke through. He began knocking men out of the way as he went towards the door. Then he saw a FREEDOM team in one corridor charging up their weapons, aiming at him. They fired. But Nightcrawler leaped on Colossus' back and they both teleported out of the room.

Back to the elevator, Colossus broke through the ceiling, they jumped up…Nightcrawler leaped on his back once more as he looked up and teleported them both to the ground level door. Colossus broke through the elevator door.

Soldiers were waiting for them, firing. They fought their way through the "crowd". The FREEDOM unit made it to them, firing energy pulses.

They ran outside, teleported to the roof of the building where a U.S. carrier plane flew over. The FREEDOM unit fired a rocket launcher device at them.

Nightcrawler grabbed Colossus, looked up, and teleported into the U.S. plane high above the ground. They were safe, for now, as the U.S. soldiers greeted them. But they knew they were heading for an even bigger battle.


We pull back out of the plane and go through a thick cloud. Coming out the other side there's a view of Israel.

The Israeli defense system is wearing down. Huge explosions cause shrapnel to tear apart their armored defenses. More missiles are on the way…the ground to air guns and missiles fire, intercepting them, but this time the blast destroys the foundation of some of the guns.

Soldiers nearest here began to run in retreat. More missiles are seen in the distance. The soldiers huddle behind a large building, grasping their weapons, holding their hats on, sirens blaring.

The wind begins to pick up dramatically, clouds roll in, thunder roars over the sirens…and then huge flashes of light illuminate the sky. Explosions are heard in the distance.

One of the soldiers is brave enough to look around the building at what's going on. From a low angle, he looks up and sees Storm, floating in mid-air, arms raised, controlling the lightning as it strikes the upcoming missiles. Israeli jets race by…

Get a lock on the target!

It's close, keep looking!

Watch out!

The pilots find the place where the missiles are being launched from. The ground-to-air guns are defending the area, locking on to any targets that gets too close.

We can't get in range!

What's down there?!

A blur goes across the terrain. It is Storm's "son" racing through Syrian territory. The defense system picks him up, locks on, and begins firing. But he is too fast. The guns end up firing into other areas of the defense system blowing up the foundation. The system begins to shut down and the Israeli planes make a U-turn towards the missile launching site. Locked on, they fire. The explosions caved in the ground around the missile launchers. Suddenly, Syrian planes fly passed them.

They're going after Storm!

Catch 'em! Catch 'em!

We can't fire, we might hit her!

The Syrian fighters are fast. Storm is almost in their range when she spots them. They begin to fire. The sound of bullets fly passed her. A Syrian pilot finally locks on, but before he can fire, an Israeli soldier mans a ground-to-air cannon and fires at him, destroying the plane.

The explosion pushes Storm back, out of control…she is already drained from using so much power. As she falls, people point and scream. Storm's son arrives on-time to catch her. Soldiers cheer.


The bay door opens, U.S. soldiers along with Colossus and Nightcrawler look down at the battle below. Shots begin to whirl passed the plane from a powerful gun on a roof.

Nightcrawler took his spot on Colossus' back as they jumped out of the plane. Teleporting to the weapon, Colossus' weight smashes the barrel and Nightcrawler knocks out the shooter. Then they teleport to the ground, on the frontline, and charge at the enemy.

No one had come out on the battlefield this far, but they both, in their own way, made it across the field into enemy territory.

The enemy was caught off guard. The soldiers began to fire on them, but they held their own. Colossus began overturning tanks and throwing enemy soldiers here and there. Nightcrawler found another cannon atop of roof, knocked out the shooter, and turned the gun on the enemy, firing away at ground troops and other cannons positioned on other buildings.

With the confusion stirring, more soldiers decide to cross the battlefield into enemy territory, engaging soldiers along the way.

Reinforcements show up along with FREEDOM units. Their energy pulse weapons sting Colossus so much, he has to fall back. The troops from Mongolia have gained ground, but the enemy takes solid position again around their base. They do not want the missile launchers destroyed.


The future President and his staff are on the phones, contacting as many representatives as possible. Letting them know what's going on in their country. The new focus is London, England.

(on the phone)
Yes, I'm sure! Military forces from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran…we're trying to confirm Syrian forces.
There are countries that have combined their…I know, but we are already stretched thin. I cannot spare anymore aircraft.
I'm sorry. Tell your men to look for mutant support in the area and fight along side of them.
You stand a better chance with them than without them. They're putting their lives on the line as well.
Right, keep communications open as long as you can. Our satellite is still operational.


We shift from Slade in the War Room to the General of England military forces. Russian jet fighters are flying over head.

Explosions can be heard throughout the city. The General leads his men to something that caught his eye through his binoculars.

A figure in the air, reflecting light off of metal creating glares in the sky sporadically.

Finally, after a few street fights in closed quarters, they arrive on the edge of an open area.

Above, Archangel is engaged with military aircraft. Below, Psylocke is leading stragglers to safety and fighting off ground forces with the English army.

The General surveys the situations, finding enemy snipers of the roofs of buildings. He motions for his men to split up and go into strategic positions. The noise is deafening. They move out.

Archangel was once named the "Angel of Death" by Apocalypse. Although the enemy's aircraft are fast and larger than he is…his wings are deadly weapons in the sky. With the aid of England's Air Force, Archangel battled the enemy fighters.

One came straight for him, firing away, he enclosed his wings tightly around him as bullets rang off of his metal wings, then as the aircraft passed by, he opened his wings to slice off one of the jet fighter's wings.

The aircraft spun in the air, exploding once it hit the ground. Archangel continued this move and also fired razor-sharp projectiles at enemy fighters ripping off pieces of the wings, so the pilots were unable to control their aircrafts.

Suddenly, an enemy fighter locks onto him and fires a missile. Archangel pulls his wings close to him which allows him to fly at a high rate of speed. The missile closed in and Archangel headed directed for another enemy plane. The enemy caught sight of Archangel and tried to steer out of the way. But as Archangel whipped by, the missile hit the enemy craft and exploded.

Another enemy craft is directly in front of him before he knows it. But a friendly fires a missile destroying it. The explosion knocks Archangel back and he has to regain his control before falling into a piece of roof on a high building.

In the meantime, Psylocke decides to go hunting with the General's squad. His men found their positions and fire on enemy snipers along with other groups trying to advance downtown.

Keep them away from the Parliament!

Suddenly, a rocket flew into the area exploding around the soldiers. Everyone ducked for cover. Except for Psylocke, who had a reputation for not having any fear. She ran through the open area straight for the building the rocket was shot from.

Cover fire!

Cover fire!

The soldiers shoot enemies in the distance who stand up to get a shot on Psylocke. Her hand lit up as she made psychic knives and threw them through a window giving her a clear path to jump through.

Is she crazy?! Move! Move! Move! We cannot lose her!

In waves, the men advanced forward, those stalling behind gave cover fire for them. The first wave blasted through the door to find Psylocke.

Long blade in one hand, psychic knife in the other, taking out enemy soldiers left and right, finally ducking when shots ran out from the stairway.

She becomes furious. Throws her blade into the ceiling, grabs it and with the other hand, cuts a hole in the floor to get through.

The General knew what she was up to. He began shooting at the ceiling startling the enemy soldiers up their. Psylocke caught them off guard, throwing psychic knives, three, four at a time. The soldiers below rushed upstairs now that the stairway was free. They caught the enemy ducking for cover away from Psylocke and took them out.

More explosions were heard outside and the ground began to shake as if an earthquake were happening. They looked out to see Pyro setting buildings on fire and Avalanche…

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