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XMen The New Age 8
by Eric Christopher Jackson
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The room has a faint glow of dark blue light. A person sitting in the shadows. Charles Xavier, hands on the helmet, is connected to Cerebro.


The X-Men, in various locations around the globe stop in their tracks, all acknowledging they are listening.

I know you have not been able to rest. I am as nervous as you are. I have imagined this day for many years, but never truly witnessed it happen in reality. Let us make our vote today, be the most important battle we have ever won. Without a shot being fired…we will win the victory we've always fought for. Go my friends, enjoy this day…it will change the course of history. I love you all.

The connection breaks as Xavier lifts the helmet off of his head. Each X-Man, in his own house…take a proud stand. Some shed tears, while others grow tense, focused. Professor Xavier sits in front of Cerebro, head in his hands, crying…sadness and joy overcame him.

Jean and Scott stand in their bedroom in each others arms as the moonlight comes through their condo's patio door curtains.

In Russia, Nightcrawler sit still in a den while Colossus stands nearby stone cold, staring out a window.

Gambit and Rogue are at a park in Louisiana at night. Rogue sits normally on the bench while Gambit sits up on the back rest next to her. Silent, but feeling the same emotions.

Storm stands in the midst of high plains in Africa, gazing at the sky, the wind blowing her hair and flowing outfit in a delicate manner.

Beast looks over his medical lab, picking up tubes here and there, checking sanitation; though his thoughts are on the election, mind wandering, teary-eyed.

ShadowCat stands on her balcony overlooking the city, hands on the rail, thinking about the day ahead.

Archangel stands on top of a skyscraper, his metal wings illuminating in areas, night time traffic driving by below. He looks down at a voting center, a determined, resolved look on his face.

Betsy Braddock is in a gym, which is apart of her home in London, kicking and punching away at a bag while throwing psychic knives at targets around the room. Suddenly she stops, falls to her knees, wanting to hold back tears that seem to ignore her request.

Iceman sits in the sun, atop a mountain in the Artic, sunlight bounces off of his ice covered body.

Jubilee lies in her bed holding a colorful energy blast in her hand, looking out her bedroom window at the full moon above, a determined look on her face.

The area is covered with snow. His expression is full of thoughts, from relief to concern to disbelief. Wolverine sits in his cabin looking through old books he collected and his favorite swords on the wall. He spends time shining his favorite one and carefully placing it back on the stand. He turns to look at the news coverage of the coming event, the election of the century. A faint smile, he walks into his room to try to get some rest. Wolverine's room goes dark as he blows the candle out.


The scene changes continuously, a TV is shown inside a diner, then another TV in a home, another TV in a business office…all turned to the news talking about the election's turn-out so far.

We have an all-time turn-out record being set as we speak…from Maine to Florida to California to the Washington state, mutants and humans are gathering hours before the polls open in most states to make one of the most important votes, some say, in U.S. history. We have our correspondent, Katie Lee, on the scene in Washington D.C. with the latest report…Katie…

Thank you Robert. As you can see, the lines already stretch out for blocks as many have slept here, in front of the voting center, overnight. Of course, the National Guard has been on the scene…just in case any type of violence breaks out. But people seem to be in great spirits calling this a new beginning for human and mutant relations.

Katie, how many people have you spoken to so far?

Actually, most want to be on camera to say "Hi" to their relatives, but more importantly, to say they stand for the cause of equality for humans and mutants. As you can hear behind me, they are very excited to finally vote on this issue in less than an hour.
(pause…she turns to look at the crowd)
I'll get one of these gentlemen on air for us……excuse me sir?

Hey it's Katie Lee!

Yes…can you tell our viewers about your feelings on the votes your about to make?

I've been watching the situation between mutants and humans for over ten years and I think mutants are just like people. You have your good ones and bad ones…and I don't think the good ones should be punished because of the few bad apples. That's why I'm voting for Jim Slade…

Thank you…
(turns to another voter)
What about you ma'am?

A mutant actually saved my life a couple of years ago. I was in a bad car accident and they took me to the hospital faster than any ambulance could. That's when my heart started to change towards them…I'm trying to be more accepting now…I don't think Vincent Smith represents that…

That is a great story, thank you ma'am.
(turns back to the camera)
Well Robert, the crowd here seems to fall in line with the polls, which is good news for Jim Slade and mutant-kind. Reporting from Washington D.C., back to you.

Thank you Katie. I know…we've gone over this time and again, but today is finally the day, so bear with us a few hours longer. On the ballots, everyone…humans and mutants will vote for the next President of the United States "and" the final verdict will be made on the Mutant Control Agency, which has been abandoned for three years now. When some of the Congressmen on Capitol Hill expressed restarting the program, it backfired on them. States voted to give mutants the right to vote, and now…for the first time in history…the mutant race will help elect our next President.
We have two guests this morning, both have been with us periodically throughout this process…Chris Baker, long time coordinator for the Mutant Control Agency and Luke Townsend, a professor at Harvard University who had studied mutants for almost five years now.
We'll start with you Professor Townsend…how will today's vote affect life as we know it?

I think we are looking at the evolution of the human race as we speak. Five years ago, we were wondering whether or not we made the right choice by not starting a third World War by attacking the mutant race. Instead, the logical and reasonable choice was made to trust the mutants who have proved themselves trustworthy. We started working with them, instead of trying to control them. The U.N. took the right stance in supporting them globally and the "evil" mutants were brought into custody with the help of the X-Men and other mutant affiliations.

It really did prevent a global catastrophe…

When we decided not to be led by our fear, our greatest fear never came into reality. We've only moved forward from that point and…who can remember when the last battle took place in the middle of any U.S. city.
This is truly amazing when you think about it. Mr. Baker, what do you feel about the progress we have made?

I want to ask the question no one is asking anymore. Can mutants continue to control themselves without the supervision of governments around the world?

There has been over three years of peace…

Let me continue, if I may…mutants have the type of power ordinary humans do not have. Once they get the President they want into power, along with the regulations already granted to them by the U.N. how would we ever stop them from controlling everything if they chose to?

This is the type of thinking that got us on the brink of war five years ago. Someone gives a hypothetical situation on international television and people become afraid of what hasn't happened yet…

Think about this…mutants have more power now, than they did five years ago. Five years ago, very few, if any governments would back them. They were alone, with the world, seemingly standing against them. Of course, they decided to behave. But now, they're integrated with the governments around the world. Their voting power has already changed the face of Washington, next will be the President of the United States. We're giving them everything they need to overthrow the human race…through our democracy.

You disagree with him Professor…

This point-of-view comes with the huge assumption that mutants want to take over the world. I've been around mutants long enough to know the majority of them simply want to fit-in with the rest of society…which is what they have done since the regulations have been passed by the U.N. This is why there are crowds of people standing in line to support the mutant race. We have finally figured out, they are not so different from us after all. We cannot punish them for having powers humans don't have…

This is a grave mistake on our part to let the mutant race have power outside of their own already extraordinary abilities. The Mutant Control Agency should be allowed to do its job…find new mutants, categorize them, and make sure any uprising can be contained by our Sentinel program.

The Sentinels caused more damage than mutants! That is not protecting the citizens of the world!

The Sentinels are our only protection against them. We were in the process of coming up with newer models that met government regulations around the world in order to fight the mutants more efficiently, with less collateral damage…

People are not collateral damage Mr. Baker…

Gentlemen, that's all the time we have for this segment. Thank you for coming this morning, both of your opinions have gotten great responses from our viewers. Ladies and gentlemen, I rarely give my personal feelings on the telecast, but I believe this is one of the proudest days we'll ever witness in…not only American history, but World History. We'll continue to look around the country to witness today's event…after the break.

Different cities are shown around the United States of people standing in line outside, then voting inside the building. Cities in the north, south, east, and west…people are shown standing in the streets, cheering, celebrating. People are talking to news reporters on the scene, smiles on their faces, flags flying, t-shirts, buttons, balloons, sported for their candidate. Cars are driving by, honking their horns, across the nation, everyone is upbeat. No sign of anti-mutant propaganda ANYWHERE. The country seems to be united on this issue as one.

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