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Culture Clash
by Ernest Seablom
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The twenty-first century promises to be a spectacular century. Current thinking is that
when we have unraveled all facts we will have the ability to solve all problems.

Obstructing this breakthrough is a number of theoretical conclusions made by venerated men based upon incomplete research and mental bias. The time has come to liberate society from numerous basic errors arrived at a century or two ago, based upon theory instead of facts.

The world was believed to be flat until Columbus and Magellan proved it otherwise experimentally. The world was thought to be the center of a revolving universe until facts
proved otherwise.

Scientific thought has venerated organic evolution for more than one and a half centuries, but twentieth century research in genetics has totally invalidated it. Time and space dilation has held sway in astrophysics for almost a century, but a couple of errors in basic mathematics and geometry have stretched time and space to the infinite. This has resulted in arrogance in thinking resulting in a repudiation of the spiritual realm and absolute confusion in the material.

The liberal faction claims to have a solid foundation based on scientific fact and that those who believe in spiritual truth have no credibility.

The time has come when armed with the truth of present scientific research in the fields of genetics , physics and archaeology an individual can as Dr. Luke, in his treatise to Judge Theophilus, summarized his research, “Know the certainty, of the things of God.” The time has come to challenge the scientific world and mankind with the fact of creation and the absolute historicity of the Bible based upon rock solid scientific truth.

Sadly there are still flat worlders. There always will be. Also there are atheists, agnostics, and pagans who, in spite of all truth, hold fast the same fantasies. To the rest, take heart! We are about to see a breakthrough of truth that may change the world for the better.

Chapter 1


America and the world are experiencing a clash in culture. The main divisions are the theoretical sciences and spiritual reality. The intellectual tends to reject or ignore the reality of spiritual and the spiritual tends to downgrade the sciences.

Such an exclusive stance on the issues of truth renders both positions in jeopardy. The scientific theorists need to honestly examine the facts of the spiritual and the spiritual forces are a century behind in their correlation to scientific research.

The facts are somewhere between the two extreme attitudes. Truth must accord with truth, so the spiritual and the physical actually integrate to express ultimate truth. The clash is being expressed in terms of the scientific theorists using the courts and the activist judges to overthrow the spiritual, rather than using facts to determine truth

The ancients are reputed to have had access to amazing truths. Such seems to be the case in certain instances, but they also fed their minds with fantasies, superstitions and changing lore. The standard by which culture has to be judged is the standard of absolute truth, which is very elusive indeed. Man has been adjusting in that direction since day one, with each succeeding generation repudiating established theories and creating new world views, hopefully in the direction of ultimate truth.

The twentieth century was the information century, but with all the massing of data one might label it confusion the great or Babylon. The cosmologists who claim to know the answers cannot tell whether the universe will expand forever, crunch together or remain stable. You cannot be more indefinite than that! Various proofs can be stated to support each of these possibilities, but actually confusion reigns. Dark matter, dark energy and a cosmological constant fill the imagination.

The origin of life is also a matter of mind-boggling confusion. Chance synthesis is assumed of a potent soup in some pothole where the miracles of cell wall, protoplasm, assimilation, growth, reproduction, D. N. A., R. N. A., genes, sensitivity, metabolism, etc., etc., all occurred at the same time under the same conditions of the same material and snapped together in the miraculous thing called life. Further it had powers to reproduce, evolve, develop senses, culture and self-determination. To the practical mind it never happened that way.

One area of information on the subject of cosmology and life itself is ancient prophetical writing. They claim to have been edited by an infinite benefactor Who gives an accurate abridged accounting of the why and wherefore of things.

The account begins “In the beginning the all powerful corporate one who makes and keeps contracts created the heavens and the earth.” It does not detail a nebular theory, a big bang or an instant creation. It simply stated that this individual created it in the beginning in six days (Exodus 20). During the twentieth century a great breakthrough in science occurred - physics, chemistry, nuclear physics, particle physics, quantum physics, genetics astrophysics, microbiology, etc. For some reason the mindset of most researchers has been to ignore the ancient writings as superstitions and folklore and try to unravel the intricacies of the cosmos on the physical experimental level.

The trend has been to ascribe all observed phenomena to gradual mini changes occurring over greatly extended periods of time in a process called evolution. The claim is that the process is so gradual and so prolonged that it cannot be observed, but the minute changes can be detected and multiplied astronomically to theoretically bring about the present order. Theories of geology, astrophysics, astronomy, and evolution all require almost limitless time to happen.

Let us examine a twentieth century theory of space and time dilation used to enhance the present cosmology. Albert Einstein and his pal Planck imagined the theory of space and time dilation. The problem is that they made a basic goof in basic physics that led them on this goose chase. They imagined space travel monitored by lights blinking at six-minute intervals. On a three-hour trip at half the speed of light they figured blink intervals of 12 minutes out and three minutes back, both on the space ship and on the earth observatory. They came up with a 45-minute discrepancy both ways, which they ascribe to space and time dilations. Actually the light signals would not be twelve and three minutes on both occasions. One would be twelve minutes out and 4 minutes back. The other nine minutes out and three minutes back which comes out with no discrepancy or time warp .

Einstein further mis-used the Pythagorean theorem to calculate an imagined space time formula resulting in a time dilation of 1200 times actual time at 99.5% the speed of light. The statement is made that even greater dilations would occur at greater speeds. Using Einstein’s formula, at the speed of light a distortion factor of millions would occur. This exaggerated space/time factor probably accounts for the imagined dark matter 100 trillion times the mass of the sun required to hold the Milky Way together by gravity. Divide the distances proposed by relativity and the astro-time by the amount of the fudge factor and the existing gravity would probably do the job without dark matter.

The same applies to the negative gravity force speculated by twentieth century minds. The actual time and velocities are probably a minute fraction of the proposed fourteen billion years. Fourteen billion years divided by two million, which equals 7,000 years.

An almost universal acceptance of the theory of organic evolution supposedly caused by gradual mutation and survival of the fittest is totally refuted by twentieth century research in genetics. Charles Darwin in the first half of the 19th century reasoned that the characteristics of male and female blended in the offspring and further blended in the next generations causing change, with survival of the fittest – actually the species.

Mendel’s findings published 50 years later proved experimentally that genes come in pairs and genes did not meld but carried through in the offspring. He also found that there were dominant and recessive genes. These facts totally refuted Darwin’s theory so scientists substituted mutations over eons of time for melding to account for changes.

In the twentieth century the reproductive process was searched out - the truth of D. N. A. and R. N. A. and the fact of two phases of cell division.

Meiosis takes place in the bodies of the parents and by reduction division provides only a haploid number of genes from each parent to the offspring. Thus each new life inherits only half of each parent’s genes. The other half are lost forever to that individual. That is why there are half-breeds, quarter breed, eighth breeds, etc. This gene loss occurs every time a new life is conceived. If a mutation occurs only half of the offspring will have it. The second generation, only a fourth and in ten generations only 1/1024 will have it because of gene loss through meiosis. In ten generations a mutation is bred out in 99.9% of the offspring. A new mutation does not normally occur in many generations, so mutations cannot cut it. In fact instead of becoming more complex each generation, the trend is from complex to a simpler species.

Meiosis is the origin of species. Gradually the reduction division process to a more homologous condition of genes or simply a species eliminates the original hetorous genes, which is virtually the end of change. To reverse the process we find that as we go back each preceding generation was more complex genetically. This demands a very complex first generation. Rather than a simple cell originating life a more complex first generation has been split into simpler species by the random selection process coupled with the reduction division of meiosis. The result is a great variety of simple species descending from a very complex first generation. This fits the facts. The reduction division simplification is provable experimentally with plants or animals. Animal breeders do it all the time. Reduction division requires a relatively short period of time to develop the variety of stable species.

These serious discrepancies in current theoretical sciences tend to shift ones attention to other sources of information than human logic. One would do well to examine the biography of a person who claimed to be in on the origin of all of these entities. To find out about the origin of aircraft the Wright brothers would be a strong source. To find out the origin of automobile Henry Ford’s biography would be valuable. To find out about the origin of the cosmos and the biological areas the biography of the creator is a reliable valuable source.

I refer to the much-maligned Holy Bible. To the casual reader it seems but myths, but to the one who diligently checks it out, it is an amazing historically and scientifically accurate volume. Much of the past referred to in the Bible is dimmed by time or buried in the Tel’s of the East. But twentieth century research has brought to light myriads of things here-to-fore relegated to myth and folklore

Two great discoveries – the Dead Sea Scrolls and the 20,0000 clay tablets of Ebla - have led to verification of virtually all of the Old Testament. The Dead Sea scrolls validate the ancient texts of the Old Testament. The Cuneiform clay tablets of Ebla cover business transactions of 2500 B. C. They validate the existence of Sodom and Gomorrah and three other cities destroyed by God because of their homosexual population. Here-to-fore they were considered non-existent.

The hieroglyphics are Semitic and Canaanite, both of whom are direct descendant of Noah’s son Shem and Canaan, the son of Ham. Languages all have their source in Noah’s family in Babylon, true to the Bible’s description of the confusion of language occurring there, and the dispersal of the nations after the flood. (Genesis 11:9).

The linguists have it all backwards. They claim the Semitic language and lore all were borrowed from Babylon. The clay tablets of Ebla prove that the language and lore of Babylon came from the Semitic people and were embellished as they were handed down and the race spread out. Since the Semitic had the original and only language it fits well that Noah and his sons edited the first chapters of Genesis, which are an abbreviated history of the race. In particular it is a genealogy of Noah who knew he was to be the sole survivor of the pre-flood culture. Moreover they kept a very accurate log of the flood days and events, which were apparently preserved by the family.

Genesis 14 is an account discredited by skeptics, until Ebla was discovered. In it one of the kings involved in a war over taxes had the name and surname of Shemeber. He was a king who was a direct descendant of Shem, an ancestor of Abraham dating from the division of the nations (Genesis 11:16 and 10:25) and as a result of the confusion at Babylon (Genesis 11:9). Abraham had contact with King Shemeber (Genesis 14:14-24) in the campaign to deliver Lot. The name of King Shemeber was two titles by which the Jews are identified; being King, Shemeber probably had the genealogy brought from the ark or Babylon to uphold his standing as King of Zeboim. This king Shemeber who carried both the Semitic root name and the Hebrew root name, Shem and Eber, spent some time with Abram during this military campaign. Abram then had access to the libraries of Shemeber, which probably contained the first eleven chapters of Genesis. These were available to Abraham and his descendants. The family genealogy and history were probably updated from time to time and were in the hands of Jacob when he went to Egypt.

Zeboim and Ebla, along with Sodom and Gomorrah, were both destroyed years before Jacob went to Egypt. If Jacob carried the writings to Egypt they would have had to be obtained by Abram before the destruction of the cities of the plain in Genesis 19:29.

The universal flood of Genesis poses a problem for geologists and Christians alike. However, according to the Bible, archaeologists and geologists the earth originally had but one continent which geologists name Pangea. Some unexplained phenomena caused the continent to be split into six continents. In the science building at Balboa Park in San Diego is a puzzle consisting of pieces shaped like the tectonic plates. The puzzle is to fit the pieces together to make a single mass representing Pangea.

Recent conclusions on the part of scientists attempting to explain the demise of dinosaurs state that a huge meteorite struck the earth at Chickalub on the present Ucaton peninsula causing a crater 120 plus miles across, so polluting the atmosphere that the dinosaurs and other creatures became extinct.

A comparison with the Bible account yields some interesting things. In genesis 7:11 the log of the flood days indicates a major break up of the earth. The fountains of the great deep were broken up. The same day the windows of heaven were opened. Bring these events together and you have an awe-inspiring event. A huge meteorite struck the earth at tremendous velocity. It struck the earth above the equator and penetrated deep into the earth. The shock waves and concussion hurled through the earth in an easterly direction knocking the earth’s axis askew from vertical. The concussion expanded the earth core along the path of the impact and split Africa off from Europe and moved Australia toward the Southeast. The cleavage between Asia and Australia left a shattered area of islands, which we call Indonesia. The earth was shattered so completely that it was thrown off balance and the water spilled over the land. There is enough water to cover the whole earth two miles deep if the land areas were leveled. The spin of the earth caused a shifting of land and sea areas, as the earth sought to regain its center of gravity. The dust from the impact of the meteor triggered instant deluges of rainfall and the resulting flood was devastating.

If as the Bible states all the land areas were submerged, two colossal tides would occur each day for months. With no land barriers to break them, the tides would carry everything on earth with them. Animal herds and mankind would be buried. Vegetation and timber would be swept into huge deposits. Great deposits of earth and rock would occur. Rocks would be ground into powder. Most of the geological spectacles could be accounted for including oil, coal and gas deposits.

Following the flood torrential rains would occur. The heat of evaporation released in the rainfall and heat from the lava from the continental breakup would enhance evaporation. The extreme precipitation would build up huge ice caps on the poles of the tilted earth and an ice age would occur until the extra heat was released into space slowing evaporation and snowfall and ending glacier building. High global warming today would bring on another ice age until the extra heat could be bled off into space. The water acts as a thermostat.

An interesting fact indicating a rapid land filling process is the Grand Canyon. Meteorites strike the earth at regular intervals, but no meteorites are found in the deposits of the Grand Canyon indicating a rapid deposit. Probably glacial waters rapidly cut down the Canyon before the pressure of the earth changed the deposits of the Canyon to various types of rock and the natural weathering has exposed it.

The New Testament is a book made up of twenty-seven treatises, letters and documents. The amazing feature of such a book is that a person searching for the truth would find it contained the careful research and scholarship of many authors in absolute harmony.

This feature is abundantly fulfilled by research of a learned Greek doctor in the form of two treatises – the Gospel of Luke and the Book of the Acts of the Apostles. He claims perfect understanding of all the things gained by careful research and most certainly believed by the Christians from the very first. In fact this physician began his record at the miraculous conception of John the Baptist by an ancient childless couple at the behest of God. He further tells of the miraculous conception of Jesus Christ and the problems it caused Joseph. He records the birth details of Jesus Christ and a careful genealogy back through David to Adam qualifying Jesus for the personal kingship of Israel and the promised Messiah. He carefully researched the resurrection of Jesus Christ and carried with him a list of the eyewitnesses to the event, numbering the apostles plus over 500 others. He made a statement “He showed Himself alive by many infallible proofs being seen of them forty days” and then he describes the ascension from the Mount of Olives.

His two treatises were addressed to the Most Excellent Theophilus – the title of a Roman judge. In Acts 20 he joined Paul in his journey to Rome and was the only one with him at his hearing before Caesar. Evidently these two treatises with supporting evidence were presented at Paul’s first trial in Rome. As such he dare not have any discrepancies or he would face contempt charges.

The Bible also looks ahead to the present time with its rapid communication and televisions and information networks. Atomic fission is predicted in II Peter 3. It also mentions the age of grace extending for thousands of years.

The end of earthly history is also given and includes a multi-nation Jihad against the Jewish nation restored to the ancient land. The Old Testament book of Zechariah written 400 years B. C. predicts the demise of Islam a thousand years before Mohammed lived.

The writings of the prophet Daniel told of a period of 483 years after Cyrus, the Media Persian King, issued a decree to rebuild Jerusalem at the end of which the Messiah would be cut off (Isaiah 44:24- 45:7). This fits history exactly. Jesus Christ was crucified exactly 483 years later. The writings of the prophet Isaiah predicted the decree of Cyrus to rebuild the temple and city one hundred and twenty years before it was destroyed and one hundred and ninety years before that event. Furthermore it revealed the name of Cyrus one hundred ninety years in advance as an undeniable proof of reality of God.

Having studied the Word of God for over 50 years and having read every scientific article I could obtain, I find that the Word of God is tied into actual fact and history at every point. Failure to consider the Word of God leaves the scientist only a dreamer, dreaming of dark energy, dark matter, quintessence, space/time dilation, evolution and an unprovable big bang theory. He has left the realm of the real to bounce around in the unreal nonbaryonic limbo. The missing factor in theoretical sciences is zero point energy defined as Elohim (God) in the Bible.

The culture clash in the twenty first century has its roots in ancient cultures: the Judean Christian culture of two thousand plus years age, the Greek culture of which Plato is the patron saint, and a more recent pseudo Hebrew-pseudo Christian known as Islam. The three cultures are best understood by observing their origins.

The Judean-Christian culture has its verifiable roots in the fertile crescent of the Tigris Euphrates valleys. The oldest cultures verifiable today are Semitic, which are unquestionably verified by 20,000 cuneiform clay tablets found in the ruins of ancient Ebla. They regard business transactions with such ancient cities as Sodom and Gomorrah and about two hundred other cities unknown today. Abraham lived in that era. This verification of Bible cultures also would verify the judgment of God against sodomy in Sodom and Gomorrah as listed in Genesis 14 and 18 and also in the New Testament resulting in a total reprobate mind of men emanating only evil, Romans 1:24-32.

This Platonic-type culture espoused by Plato in his description of the ideal humanistic system, the republic is very much alive in the 21st century. The treasonable tenants of Plato are being strongly espoused in our ivy-league colleges and influence our culture in a way that is bringing on a strong cultural clash. The reputed republic was to own all property. This tenant is manifest today in McGovern democrats. McGovern’s platform of 100% death tax would bring this about in one generation. This explains the liberals demand for confiscatory taxes and for repealing the recent end of death taxes. They fight like cornered wild cats against tax reductions. Without confiscatory taxes the “Republic” cannot occur. Further tenants are: military control of the population who are slaves to the government, communal wives and families and the open homosexual and pedophile practices.

This treason is deeply rooted and taught in America’s education, judicial and political systems, and is being fought out in the courts, the electoral processes, and education system. Modern science has the proofs necessary to repudiate the false teaching of organic evolution, the big bang, an expanding universe, and time and space dilation. These lies are all used to support the platonic liberals. The facts need to be published far and wide to silence their erroneous scientific, political and spiritual ideas.

The Muslim religion, which began in the seventh century, is a corruption of Jewish and Christian truths. Its essentials are a false god Allah, a false evangelistic tool-the sword- and a false worship of bowing toward Mecca and a pilgrimage to kiss a stone. This pagan idolatrous violent system began by robbing caravans on the trade routes, and then the terrorists subdued cities, then nations and enforced its carnal cultures by the power of the sword. It began originally by Abraham’s descendants, Ishmael and Esau. It runs true to God’s statement to Ishmael’s mother in Genesis 16:10-12. A family feud has raged between the Ishmaelite and Israelites over the inheritance of the area promised to Abram’s descendants. It has intensified as the Arabs embraced Mohammedism. The Jews were expelled in 70 A. D. The Crusades were fought between Christians and Mohammedans. The Mohammedans won the victory and established the Ottoman empire which lasted from the Crusades until World War I.

Since World War I and World War II the Ottoman Empire ended and Israel was promised the Holy Land by the Belfour agreement. The Jews began purchasing land and returning to Palestine in the 19th Century. They formally purchased the land from the Arabs and improved it. The land became valuable and the Arabs wanted it back. Israel offered to sell it but they said “No”, it was still theirs even though they had sold it to the Jews, and they would just take it back.

The last half of the 20th Century saw an intense struggle between Muslims and Jews over this land. The United States has helped Israel so the Muslims have switched tactics to terrorism against Israel and her allies.

At present four great factions are struggling for supremacy: Jewish, Muslim, Platonic and Christian. The Platonic system is the most insidious having infiltrated American education, politics and scientific research. America is barely aware that a system parallel to communism is being secretly fostered using our democratic institutions to overthrow our free system. Our liberal politicians, colleges and courts are “super sleeper cells” ready to deal a deathblow to our free system.

The time has come to destroy their false theories of evolution by the facts of meiosis. It’s time to annul the Big Bang theory by exposing Einstein’s and Planck’s foolish basic mathematical errors and false relativity formula. It’s time to tell the truth about Red shift which is only a phenomenon caused by orbiting super nova in the part of its circuit going away from us which will eventually curve about and come toward us shifting toward the blue. The few COBE satellite temperature readings varying one 10,000th degree from one end of the universe to the other are interpolated to prove the Big Bang. This is the flimsiest kind of proof imaginable.

The scientific support of these errors evaporates in an honest appraisal. The recent creation, the flood, and the descent of man and creatures from a very complex specimen to diverse races and species in a span of a few millenniums are all absolutely verifiable experimentally.

We need to publish loudly and extensively these truths and destroy the liberals very foundation and credibility. The Platonic dreams will go out with them.

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