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Storms Never Last
by Brian Leshley
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Storms Never Last
Brian Leshley

The beauty of a thing is: it is what it is.
The potential of a beauty of a thing is what it could be.
A thing is what it is and nothing more

The real beauty is in how we influence what we see
by what we believe we see and how we can change that belief by changing what is in ourselves.

People are not things--they are ever changing living beings
We have the potential to make small changes
and recieve great rewards for our efforts.

Change is inevitable
The wind and sea make change
The rain, sleet and snow make change
How we see the change is within us

The storm creates the change within us
and within the storm we are clouded and beaten
battered against the tide
exhausted by the rapid succession of change

It is not until the storm subsides
that we see what we will become
and we look back and wonder why we resisted the storm
which has transformed us from one thing into another
more beautiful and stronger living being.

A thing is a thing and no thing more
with the addition of the storm and its energy
the thing becomes something else
It changes from outside.

A storm is energy concentrated in a certain location
the physical manifestation of focus
we see the storms energy/focus and can do nothing but watch-in awe
as it influences its energy on things from outside

Bring the storm inside
Fight the fear of the change
Harness the storm, already raging
if we could only harness the energy for short spurts
Like the tornado or hurricane
lasting only a few hours, or in some cases minutes
Look at the devastation and what grows from the change!!

What is new is liberating--exciting
New growth is energy--to churn is good
the storm that does not destroy what you will become will make you stronger
for it is not what you are that will sustain you, but what you might be...your potential must become true.

We must endure the storm--quick, brutal change
In order to release that which is not strong enough to sustain
Doubt, unsurity and uneasiness will not live within the storm
It is with a strong, sure foundation and step that we endure the strom
and move closer to what we should become--our potential lies through the storm--on the other side
In the calm!! Chase it, embrace it, become one with it.

When we invite the storm, we embrace and accept the change it will render
Without a doubt we know we will be different when the calm returns--and it will return
How it comes and what it is resides within us
What we hold on to will stay
What we choose to let go will leave

Shake off the dust!! Release the binds that tie us down
Let the storm wash this all away
Use this to create our potential
It belongs to us, without a doubt.

A thing is a thing and nothing more
A person is energy and the storm is ever changing energy
Use the concentrated energy of the storm
To let go of that which holds you from the clear calm of your potential

Call to power that which is with us--lying dormant for us to discover
Only to be revealed in the wake of the storm
It is here waiting to be acted upon
within the calm of our potential

How exciting it is to act upon that which we will become--our potential revealed.
How liberating, how free
to be shed of the weight that held us in place
anchored by the shoreline, shackled to the shallows

On the everchanging tide, we ride
wind in our sails--the horizon wide open and clear
And through our experience we know will survive the next storm, inevitable
As we continue to sail to our potential--across miles of raging sea.

A thing is what it is and nothing more
Our influence and the storm change the thing
Us from within, storm from without
Together we are partners of our potential to change a thing-
to transform it from what it is to what it could be

A thought is a thought and nothing more
We can influence the thought
from what we believe it to be to what it should be and could be
through the storm the thought is turned around
Jumbled, if you will, into a different thought--a fresh new perspective--paradigm shift

We shift the thought, mold it and make it become what we wish
Our creation will grow from the new shore turned by the storm within us
Ever changing, growing stronger as we ride the storms' sea
To anchor, for a short time in a new harbor, awaiting the next storm of change.

Change is constant. Transformation a liberation.
We are free to choose that which we will become
Stronger for the strife, our shadows of doubt and fear become weaker as the sun shines
as if to say, go away this is a safe harbor--for a time

Our potential does not change--
Though that which surrounds us may change through the storms
Our potential is what it is--so much more than what we now see
Ever constant in the distance-and nothing more

Release the energy within the storm
Ride the waves through highs and lows
Liberate our self, our beings into the unknown known
that is our potential--great and glorious in the calm of the future

We will become what we are not
This is known, true in the highest sense of truth
Commit to the change, for it will come to be sure
release the anchor, set sail into the vast endless sea--find new harbors and the riches they will bring!

A harbor is a harbor and nothing more
A place to rest, it is where we anchor--come to rest
that influences our view of the harbor and the beauty of this days sunset
We can rest in the shallows, where is it safe or in the deep center where it is less safe
In the deep we have a better, more fulfilling view

Keep from the shallows, let go
and we will find wonderous joy and delight in that we were once afraid
laughing as we realize the folly of our previous ways
Safety on the shore will bring more loss in the storm
As we have more to lose that when we are on the sea, ready to ride.

Away from the shore we have brought with us all we need to survive
and no longer fear losing what we do not have
Only to look ahead and what will recieve
A future of neverending change and, through change, growth sustained by each new storm.

A storm is but a storm and nothing more
Strong and powerful to be certain
however a storm none-the-less
We are certain of what it can do--transform through destruction

Left to its own design, as we cower from its power
The storm can destroy us, our spirit tattered and frayed
When we prepare for the storm we lose less
For we have reinforced what we want to keep--tied it down and fastened it together

Unfasten what we wish to change--the storm is sure to wash it away
let the winds of change influence and shape your potential to you will
Embrace that which we cannot avoid--the storm of change.
Unfurl our sails and release the anchor and away we go--
to new adventures and we become that which we were not before

We are not who we are but something more
stronger from the storms as it moves us along the path
everchanging as we flow, embracing what is our potential
finding new safe harbor as we go

Storms never last and the Son is eternal
Sunset lead to sunrises and the road ahead leads to the horizon
over the next wave is a new island to explore
A new strength for your future potential

Bio: Brian has written his poetry book, Poetry for Browsing, a collection of poems. The book may be purchased at www.publishamerica.net.

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