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For the Love of Kendra Part 3 The Heart's Awakening
by Temetrie Encarnacion
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First thing you need to know honey; there is a difference between religion and relationship. Religious people try to do a bunch of things they think they think God would like and they believe will get them into heaven. Kendra listened on intently. See Kendra, religious people continue traditions, they were taught (parents, grandparents great grandparents and so on) and that’s not bad if you know why you do it and you want to do it. Like for instance most people say “The Lord’s Prayer,” but that was just one prayer Jesus prayed to the Father, He never prayed the same prayed the same prayer twice.

Jesus cried out from His spirit and prayed from His heart, and it wasn’t with all those fancy “thus knowest, aren’t thine, Thy and me stuff. Man added that around the time of the Renaissance. Instead of translating the ancient Biblical manuscripts word for word, they translated it best they could and used language they understood in their time. If you get an Amplified Bible or even a New King James Version Bible you will see in the footnotes a lot of original context and they will tell you what was left out and even why.

“Like isn’t that forgery?” Kendra earnestly asked. No, dear one, it’s just that man was trying to do the best that he could to know God and interpret His word, but it’s like they say things get lost in translation, but the very message of the Bible itself is still true and valid. The stories and events in them did historically happen.

The good Lord left clues and artifacts all over the earth for man to find just knowin how man likes to have proof in order to believe these things happen. You know that whole “seeing is believing thing”. It’s the opposite of faith.
The only time it worked to a Christian’s advantage is when the disciples saw Christ die, saw his body buried and then saw Him walkin’ around all resurrected and all. Yep nails scarred hands, thorny forehead and jacked up feet in all. Kendra began to try imagine Jesus this way instead of just some pious picture looking all helpless and saintly.

Sorry, I jumped hopped off onto a rabbit trail there. You know how old people like to talk, Claude said with a bit of embarrassment, but before Kendra knew it her hand quickly grabbed Claude’s for encouragement, letting her know it was okay to continue. Sometimes I just babble and lose my train of thought. Claude looked bewildered for a moment and without extending the old lady’s moment of memory loss Kendra asked “so what other kind of stuff do religious people do?”
“Thank you dear” Claude said, and she continued. They do rituals or go out the way to do outward activities to appear “good enough”, like hey, look at me, I just gave money to the poor, said the same prayer twice in a day and my clothes are all the way to the floor.” But if your heart’s not in it and you’re doing for people to think you’re closer to God than you really are, what type of sense does that make.
Jesus never said “hey I’m Messiah, look at me” on the contrary, He challenged people to look and observe His life. Did it reflect a life that God would be pleased with? Also, when He preached, he preached to people and not at them, His goal was to convict and draw the heart not condemn it.

Jesus also got angry, but He expressed self control. He got hungry, so eat ate, He got dirty, He took a bath, when He got sleepy he took a nap and wasn’t even my age for “naptime” to apply to Him. Kendra could help but chuckle and giggle at the thought. Even Jesus got tired of people dear one, and when He did, He had to go to the Father and pray to the Father for himself, his friends and even the people, He was getting tired of. Jesus did it at the cross. “What?” Kendra interjected.

"Yep dear one, said a few things on that old rugged cross. He said “Father why are you forsaking me?” but in all honestly, God didn’t’ forsake Him, God just couldn’t bear to look at all that sin his dear son was carrying for all of us. Past, present and future included. Remember dear heart sin separates us from God. One of the other things Christ said before His last breath and keep in mind He was in pain, still nailed to a tree, being mocked and spat on, even stabbed, through all that He cried out “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.”

How could Jesus endure all that, I mean when I get sick, you know physically sick and sick of people, I just want to curl up and die or at least make them or the pain go away” Kendra said looking away to hide her guilt and humiliation. That’s what make Jesus the perfect man or as the Bible and Scholars call him “The God-man.” Jesus was complete God “In the beginning God was …” and “God so loved the world that He gave…” you’ll have to read the rest, I’m just wettin’ your whistle a little bit” Claude said teasingly. The man part came in as soon as Christ was born and became flesh. You see, He suffered like rest of us and had emotions like the rest of us the only difference is He knew who He was (God in the flesh) and what He was sent to do (redeem back to God, back to Himself) so Jesus couldn’t allow the cares of this life and old sin to get the better of Him.

His love was too great, He wouldn’t allow it. Jesus knew if He failed all would be lost. We would be lost. Thank the Heavenly Father, His love never fails. Jesus put aside being perfect, to identify with our imperfection, all so He could say “I know.” “I’ve been there, done that and conquered it.” Let me love you.” “Let me save you.”

God is a real person in spite of what the world says dear heart. He has feelings emotions and even issues. When one of His children get’s kidnapped, lost or goes astray don’t you think He cries, He suffers and He goes out on a love mission to find them and bring them back. But the truth is honey, not all return, some get devoured by the wolves, and some die in the wilderness, because they themselves have gone too far in the dessert and though they hear the Good Sheppard’s voice, they will not cry out, bleat out to Him for Him to save them. Doesn’t that sound a lot like life Kendra. God never goes away from us, but sometimes we go too far where we can’t hear, see or feel Him anymore. “How far in the wilderness are you sweet dove?”
Kendra took her time to take it all in and try to process it piece, by piece, thought by thought. By this time the bond between them was as if they knew each other for years, so Kendra didn’t hesitate in admitting to Claude that she had some trouble reconciling this New Jesus, with all the other things she had been lead to believe about Him all these years.

Claude said if you don’t have a good relationship, with someone and you don’t speak to them often, other people begin to speak for you and things get lost in translation, and that goes for any relationship. When other people get involved in intimate relationships the whole relationship gets all misconstrued.
Look back at God to Adam, Adam to Eve and then Adam Eve and the serpent. God deals best with just two on two. Just look at me and you Claude said cracking a smile with pleasant amusement in her voice.

“But didn’t God make some laws, lots of laws if you ask me to keep people from doing fun stuff?’ Kendra asked smugly. You know, “Go here.” “Do that. "No don’t do that.” “Say this and don’t say that.” “You know what I mean” Kendra expressed in bossy manner.

“Yes God did make some laws like the 10 commandments.” But those laws were put in place so that men and women could worship Him honestly and purely. I mean would you feel right goin to church right after you robbed or killed somebody? How about you fight with your best friend , you tell all her business. Even lie on her, then go sing in the choir. God don’t work like that. Better example. In a court a building full of rules and laws, governed by rules and laws all day long. You are called to testify, you swear on the Good Book take a seat and just lie, lie, lie. Then you ask God to make sure the person you lied on suffers good. Aren’t you just as guilty as the person you just lied on? In God’s eyes you are.

“Is any of this making sense dear one?” “More than you know Claude.” “More than you know.”“So you mean it was God and not our legal system alone that has a problem with stealing, gossip and murder?” “Yes honey.” Don’t you see without God the first in man’s nature to do is sin, in any way shape form that tickles his fancy.”

People commit crimes everyday and don’t have any regard for the law, you, yourself experienced that. “Claude said not meaning for it to be a painful reminder, but more of a valid point.” “Your right.” Kendra conceded. “But the irony is, the very same people that are suppose to uphold the law, police, judges, politician, etc… are the very same ones who turn around and break them.” “What does your Bible say about that?” “Ready for another Old but True Story Claude replied with cleverness in her eyes.

End of Part 3…Stay tuned

Temetrie Encarnacion©2010

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...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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