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A Rogue Miracle
by jorge ochoa
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Life is a funny thing. Miracles are no different. They can appear in various forms, and at many different occasions. Strange more is when the miracle can take place amongst drug takers and thieves. This is such a story.

Now, in my somewhat short life of 28 years, I feel I have been witness to many kinds of miracles (I'd say great and small, but they're all great). Many of these stories are a little more wholesome then others, this being one of the lesser kind.
Back when I was 20, I was hanging out downtown of the place I was living in, looking for some pot amongst groups whom I knew held a chance of fulfilling my requests. After a few moments, some people who I did not recognize walked up to me, asking if I was looking for some green.
Now, I recognized most all the people who came through this area, and I did not know these three guys, but since they were the ones asking me, and not vice versa, I knew they could not be policemen (or else it would have been entrapment, by asking me without being provoked.).

So I told them what I wanted and they said they could help me out. They said to just follow them up the street to the place where they get it, maybe four blocks or so away. It was not a far walk at all, passing quickly with very small talk. We arrive at a 3 story house turned apartment, at which time the "leader" of the group asked for the money (which was 70 dollars). He then walked around the back of the house, out of site, leaving the three of us behind.
We probably stood there for about 20 minutes, talking about things I can't recall now. After said time transpired, one of the guys said that things were taking longer then usual, and that he and his buddy should go inside looking for him. Now, after 20 minutes of wondering were my weed or money is, I had become suspicious of getting ripped off. So I strongly disagreed with the both of them leaving, and told him that the other buddy of his should stay with me. He silently agreed, and walked down the driveway to the back of the house, in the direction that they money guy went. After he turned the corner, I quickly ran down the driveway to catch a peak at where in the house he went, but when I got to the end, I caught site of him squeezing around a fence that went through to a street on the other side.
I then walked back to the lone friend of theirs, and asked him where he might have been going. He then said that sometimes the guy is over at his buddies, or some crap like that. At this point, I thought I could be fighting a loosing battle. But I'm a lover, not a fighter, so I decided that the best way to get any type of "revenge", was to befriend this last dude as much as possible, so when things went sour, he'd at least feel bad about screwing a kind person.

So there we were, talking like chums, for about...45 minutes to an hour! This is a very long time to feel like your getting the shaft. There came a time when I even told him that I think they left with the money, and without him. I had been laughing at that moment, a combination of anger and tiredness. So after all this time had gone by, a black jetta with 3 guys pulls up on the street in front of the house where we were. The guy in the passanger seat was the "leader". The guy in the back seat was the "go-getter". The driver I did not know. The guy in the back seat opened the opposite door, and motioned for the "left behind" guy to get in. At this point, my mood changed from "haha, im getting screwed" to "what the f#&*, I'm going to do something about his". I ran over to the other side of the car, where the door was open, and said there is no way that other guy is getting inside. They quickly sped away around the corner. I turned to the other guy, and told them that I hoped, this time, they they would come back for him.

We walked around the corner, did not see them. A few moments later, they pulled up again, and we did what we did before, but this time the guy in the back seat got smart, and would switch sides, back and forth, till the other guy got in. But when he was inside, I had a hold of an open door, and would not let it close. It was also the kind of door that did not have a frame around the window, so my hand was actually on the window. I told them that if they took off, the window would break, which would cost about as much as what they were ripping me off for. The driver and the passenger were yelling at me, and there was a moment when the driver motioned towards the glove box, implying that he was going to get a gun out. At this point, I was livid, and didn't care what was going on, I wanted to let some fury go (which, if you asked my friends, was not me. can't say I've ever even gotten into a real fight, but I'm not small either.). The driver even got out of the car at one point, wanting to fight, at which time I told him to come around to the side I was holding the window, and have them all come outside cause I was out of my mind angry for some reason.

Ok, so here it is. There comes a moment, amidst all this, that a calm comes over me. I don't know if this calm could have been possible if not for some experiences I had had over that past year, going from melancholy poet to seeing that love and compassion could turn mankind around. So this calm comes over, and I'm thinking about God, and Jesus, and all the good men and woman, and how dumb this all is, especially since I'm angry about not getting weed or loosing money to trying to get it. If I was to think there was no reason I should be in such a predicament, I would have been an imbecile for not recognizing the karmic value to it all. In a matter of seconds, a rush of great and informative thoughts passed through, and I let go of the door. I then said "O.K, I don't know what I'm doing. Sorry bout all this. I don't care if you have the money or not (they claimed they gave it to some guy and he ran off with it...right), and if they got weed with it, smoke some for me. I'm done." And I didn't have a trance of anger in my voice. I was at complete peace, knowing the absurdity of it all, and felt no hate. I closed the door and walked back towards where I started. On my way, I passed by a church/school, and saw the cross, and I felt this great warmth pass over me, and I knew that such feelings could make all anger disappear from the face of the earth.

At that very moment, the jetta pulled into the schools lot, in front of my walking path, and parked. The driver got out of the car, along with the passenger and another from the back seat. The one I had befriended stayed in the car. The approached me and said "We're so sorry for all that too. We were totally ripping you off and we just couldn't", and handed me the money. Before they had said this, I was already on cloud 9, after they said that, I broke into tears. So did they. We embraced. It was amazing. Again, the one I knew the most, stayed in the car. I could understand. I just nodded to him.

So that's it. It was a miracle, don't you think? Not conventional. And I hope it wasn't too unconventional for you. It was years ago. Hope it never happens again. Ha.

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