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by Henry Jaegers 
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Have you ever asked yourself the question, ďWhat would have happened if Adam didnít eat from the tree?Ē Many people ask that question and the answer would be, if not Adam, maybe someone else. Even though God forgave Adam and gave him a new start, Satan and temptation would still be around.

In our last chapter we talked about the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. The seed of the woman speaks of those wanting to live for God. The seed of the Serpent are those who live selfishly and have no need to please God.

Not long after Adam and Eve left the garden they had two sons named Cain and Abel. As they grew up together you could see the changes taking place. Abel had a strong love for God and Cain lived to please himself. We could see this in the offerings they gave to God. Abel out of thanksgiving to God gave the best of his sheep. Cain did not have sheep so he gave a portion of his crops to God. It was not what they gave to God that was important, but how they gave. Abel gave because he wanted to. Cain gave because he thought he had to. Cain became angry and jealous about how God respected Abelís offering. One day while they were out alone in the field, Cainís anger got the best of him and he murdered Abel.

Here in Adamís family we see the seed of Satan and the seed of the woman at war against one another. The seed of the woman was Gone, but not for long. Eve had another son and called him Seth. He took the place of Godly Abel, and while he lived, men began to call on the name of the lord. God did not forget Adam and gave them a seed to fill the earth with godliness.

The years have passed and the whole earth began to fill with people. Together there were people who loved God and people who didnít. The world began to change with so many people with different personalities and interests. The changes that were taking place were not good. The Bible tells us the Sons of God (those who chose to follow God) began to take notice of the daughters of men (those who chose not to follow God) and in time married them .They gave birth to children who became wicked and violent.

The whole world was turning evil and soon the wickedness of man was so great that God was sorry that He ever made man. What that means is that God did not stop loving them. It means by their selfish choices they saddened God when they turned away from Him. We sadden God when we choose to sin and sin brings bad results. God decided that He would destroy the whole earth. In His love and mercy God gave them 120 years to turn from their wickedness and return to Him.

To help them, God chose a man called Noah. There was no one like him in all the earth. God called him to do two things. First; to tell the people what God was going to do, and to build a huge box. The bible calls it an ark, but if you were to see, it looked like a huge Cheerios box turned sideways with one door and one window. The bible says that Noah was righteous (his only purpose was to please God) and blameless, (no one could find anything to blame on him), and he walked with God. Noah was by himself when it came to being righteous. No-on knew who Noah was. He didnít go to the places where they went or do what they did. God knew who he was. Noah stood out from the crowd because he had done what God wanted. When we are faithful to the Lord you may feel like Noah might have felt. alone. He wasnít alone he had God. All the rest had each other and that wasnít good. When times get tough, having God is important.

Imagine what it must have been like. Noah out in this desert area building a huge What-cha-ma-call-it. He was telling them about a judgment. Whatís a judgment? When he told them about a rain they didnít know what that was either. How about a flood? If they never had rain then they wouldnít know what a flood was. Well this went on every day for 120 years and finally Godís time for man to turn from sin ended.

Noah finished the ark and God commanded him to enter, with every creature as well. There were male and female of each kind: Seven pairs of clean creatures and two pairs of unclean animals. (Clean creatures are those you can eat.) It must have taken a while to organize everything but it finally happened .When Noah was 600 years old he and his family entered the ark and God closed the door.

Then it happened. There has never been a rainstorm like this in all of History. I remember driving in a rain so bad that I had pull off the road until it slowed down. The rain that Noah experienced was nothing like that. The Bible says, that day the fountains of the deep broke open and the rain from the sky was like a flood when a dam breaks. For forty days and forty nights this rain continued until it covered the whole earth and destroyed everything.
Do you know that Noah and his family were in the ark for I year and ten days. Imagine what it might have been like for Noah .They had to care for all those creatures and they all had different foods that they ate. There were only eight people in the ark. Just think of the many hours of hard work that it took. Do you think that sometimes they might have become impatient with each other and maybe angry? They loved God, but they were still imperfect humans.

Iím sure that they looked forward to the time when they could say ďIím outta hereĒ. Do you think that they might have wondered if God had forgotten them? God didnít forget them and He doesnít forget us when times are hard. After one year and ten days the bible tells us that ďGod remembered Noah and sent a breeze which caused the waters to go down.Ē It took about six moths for the ground to dry and for Noah and his family to leave the ark.

After Noah left the ark the first thing he did was build an altar. The purpose of this altar was to give thanks to God for His protection and mercy. Sometimes it is hard to say ďthank youĒ after we come through some difficulty. God did not Forget Noah, and Noah knew that. The altar is a sign of worship where we give thanks to God. Noahís offering pleased God and God made two promises to him.

1. He would never destroy the earth by a flood. To remind Noah of this, He placed a rainbow in the sky. Whenever you see a rainbow, always remember that it is a sign of Godís faithfulness, that He will always keep His promise to us.

2 God also made a promise, that while the earth remains there will be seedtime and harvest, day and night, and summer and winter. Sometimes there will be people who say that man is destroying the earth. Donít believe it. Remember God always has the last word about the world He has created.

In closing what are some of the lessons we can learn from the life of Noah?

1. Being faithful to God is the most important thing we can do. If we are faithful, God will take care of everything else.

2. If we are faithful, we will appear strange and different to others. Those who are unfaithful will not understand us.

3. Being like everyone else doesnít prove that we are right.

4. Noah was in the habit of working by himself. He knew God was the only one that he could trust.

5. A true leader is one who can stand alone by doing what is right.

6. God never forgets those who are faithful.

7. God never holds it against us because we are not perfect. He rewards us because we are faithful

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