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by Henry Jaegers 
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In our last chapter, we discovered how everything in heaven and earth began. God created the world with a purpose in mind. In this new chapter, we will discover what that purpose was. Creating the heaven and earth was preparing for God's most important work. That work was to create man. That is what we are going to read about now.
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After God finished creating, He decided on how to make it run. It is like putting gas in a car or batteries in a new toy to make them work.
When God had finished creation, there were two things needed to make it complete. First there was no rain to cause the crops to grow and the animals to survive. To solve this, God sent a mist on the earth to water the Garden. The second thing needed was someone to take care of His creation. His purpose was to create a man to take charge of the garden. God had a work to do and He created man to do it. The work that God made was important to Him.
Sometimes people do not understand how important it is to be able to work. We usually appreciate our jobs the most when we are about to lose them. God wants work to be important to us as well. All work, no matter what kind it is, is a gift from God and we should be thankful and do the best that we can. When we do the best that we can, no one can do it better.
When God created Adam, money wasn't important. His reason for working was different from ours today. When God is absent from my life, money becomes my reason for working. Sometimes we become selfish and angry when we think that we are not paid enough. When God is the most important person in my life, I learn to be content because what I have comes from Him. That's the way it was with Adam.
Even before God created Adam, He had a purpose planned for him. It is interesting to see that God created Adam¬ on the sixth day. He did not create man on the fifth day when He created the fish and birds. Man did not come from monkeys or gorillas. God created him in a special way and he was different from the rest of creation. His purpose was to rule over the rest of God's work.
All the acts of creation came by God speaking to them. Creating man was different. He made man from the earth (a handful of dirt.) If you took man's body and examined it under a microscope you would find the same materials that earth has. That is a scientific fact. The Bible tells us that God created man in His own image. What that means is, he is to be a reflection of God. Like when you look in the mirror or when you see a shadow of someone.
God gave this man a name. He called him Adam. Adam means "man". There were some things about man that are like God. Animals are not like God at all. Here are some ways that man is like God. First he is like God because he had no faults. There was nothing selfish about Adam or what he did. Second Adam had the desire to love and obey God. A third way that Adam was like God is that He enjoyed listening to God and talking to Him.
Pleasing God was the most important goal that Adam had. Man was the greatest of all that God created. Man is special to God and his purpose was to do a great work. Can you imagine God taking an ordinary handful of dirt and making something useful from it? God is in the habit of taking people who feel worthless and making something great out of them. What God did for Adam, He can do for us as well. Just like Adam, God has a purpose in mind. He has a great work that only we can do. Before we find what it is, there are many other lessons we must learn first. It is like learning to read. You first must learn the alphabet. As we grow and mature we gain understanding about how God is preparing us for His purposes.
We come now to the part that explains God's purpose for Adam. God gave him power to make everything happen. He gave names to everything and took care of the garden. Adam became God's earthly representative. He was created different and for a purpose• and he was God's servant on earth. Everything that Adam needed he had given to him. He had total freedom to enjoy God's creation. He had possessions; the entire world was his. He had power to rule over everything. He had pleasure; God gave him to everything enjoy. What more can anyone ask? Everything belonged to Adam.
God told Adam there was one thing that he could not do. There was a tree in the center of the Garden. It was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God did not want man to know about evil. God said that if Adam took of that tree he would no longer live forever. He would die. Practicing evil always leads to death.
Adam now has something else given to him. He has the freedom to make a choice. He could choose to remain in his perfect life or he could choose to take of the tree. We might ask why God would make man with a free will. If God created us like puppets or robots we could do whatever our creator wanted. But God made us with the opportunity to choose good and evil. When we obey out of love it is different from obeying because we don't want to be punished. God wants us to serve Him because we love Him. True freedom takes place when we choose to do what is right. There is one problem in having a freedom to choose. There is the danger that Adam might choose to take from the tree. God then, did something to make it easier for Adam to obey.
After God told Adam about the tree, he said, "It is not good for the man to be alone." That is a statement of love from God. He knew that Adam could make the wrong choice. God's way to help Adam make the right choice, was to create someone to help him. There was only one wrong choice that Adam could make. God created someone to keep him from doing so.
We now see how God made that other person. He caused a deep sleep to come on Adam. While Adam slept, God took one of His ribs and made a woman. The word woman means "from man." Woman had a different purpose than man. Man was to exercise authority and manage God's work. Eve was to serve Adam and help him to succeed in what God created him to do. When the woman was created, Adam gave her a name. He called her name "Eve" which means “mother of the Living”. Her purpose was to help Adam to stay away from the tree. She was to help Adam, not to rule and take charge.

It is important to see the difference in the way that God made man and woman. They are different but important. Men spend their time in their work. Women's love is for her children and her home. Men make choices by thinking about solutions to problems. Women make choices by how they feel. When you are hurting and need someone to make you feel better you always go to your mom. When you have a problem that you can't solve or something breaks you go to your dad. They are different, but aren't you glad that they are? That is the wonder of God's creation. A dad shows love by what he does. Mom’s shows love by the way she feels. Do you ever notice that dads hardly ever cry, but Moms very often do? Mothers are more sensitive to those who hurt and desire to help. That does not mean that Dad’s are not sensitive, it just means that dads need more time to think about it. It is usually the dads who take action to solve the problem.
Successful families happen when they realize the purpose for which God made them. Usually problems in the home happen when God's purposes are not obeyed.

After God finished creating man and woman He said that they shall be together as man and wife and produce children to populate the earth. Single parents and those separated through divorce were never part of God's original plan. God's plan was having loving relationships in families. In this study we see how God wanted things to be. Later on we shall see how sin changes everything.

When God created Adam and Eve, they were created without clothing just as a baby is born. There was no need to have clothing. They didn't need clothing to impress everyone. They didn't need clothing to keep warm, for the temperature was perfect. They didn't need to hide anything because God sees behind what we wear. It is important to understand that they were not ashamed. In God's eyes they were perfect the way that He made them. Later we shall see how selfishness changed that.

As we conclude this chapter, we wish to point out that the creation of Adam was the most important thing that God did. We shared with you why it was important. God made you in the same way that He did Adam and Eve. He created ' you for a purpose. He made you different from everyone else. He intends for you to be a special blessing to others who need you. Somewhere down the road God will show when and how and to whom you can be an encouragement to others

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