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How It All Began
by Henry Jaegers 
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In this new book we are going to study about the most interesting part of the Bible. The story is about how everything began, but it isn’t just a story. What is in the Bible took place and God caused it all to happen. No history teacher or scientist could ever explain it better.

There are many people who do not believe in God or the Bible. They agree that creation of the world is awesome, so they try to explain how they think it happened. We come to this matter of truth. Truth is something that measures right and wrong. Like a ruler measures straightness, and a scale measures weights, so the Bible helps us to measure truth. All truth comes from God and the Bible is the ruler that helps us to measure what is right and wrong.

There are many people who say that they believe in God but they don’t believe the Bible is God’s word. Without the Bible, men create a God in their minds. God says this is idolatry and the God they believe in is not the one mentioned in the Bible.

The story of creation is the greatest story of all. See for yourself, as we begin this beautiful story that describes God’s great power and love.

We will ask three important questions:

1. Who is the Creator?
2. How did He create?
3. Why did He create?


To begin our study we will talk about the most important person in the Bible. God is the most important person in the whole Bible. This God that we are talking about is the one who made the earth. To begin we will think about this person who we call God and find out what the Bible says about Him. The first verse in the Bible says, “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” The Bible begins by telling us that everything happened because of God.

1. Who Is the Creator?

A. He is a God who does the impossible.

The word impossible describes man’s understanding of God. The meaning of the word impossible is “that it can’t happen”. Nothing is impossible with God. He is able to do what no person can explain. God can make events happen just by speaking to them. He can make man out of a handful of dirt and breathe life into him. We are just beginning to see how great God is.

B. He is a God who is unseen by man.

There is a good reason God does not want us to see Him. Just because we cannot see Him does not mean that He is not there. It is not necessary for us to see Him with our eyes. He has made it possible to see Him in other ways. We can see Him through what He has made. We can understand what He is like by reading what the Bible tells us about Him.
It is important to know that no man is able to see God. He said in other places that no man could see Him and live. It would be like trying to look at the sun for too long. Maybe we can say it is good for us that God is invisible. The bible later describes Jesus as God in human flesh. In Jesus we see everything that we need to know about God. Like a mirror, He shows us what the unseen God is like. It doesn’t mean that we know everything there is to know. We will never know everything until the day we arrive in Heaven with Him.

God’s creation gives us important facts about God. First that He is a powerful God. He not only creates them, He also controls them. The second fact that creation shows us is that He is an intelligent God. Everything He did was in an orderly fashion. It did not happen by accident. He planned everything with a purpose. The third truth the creation tells us about God is His Love. He revealed to those of us who love Him something that no one could ever copy.
Finally a fourth characteristic that creation reveals is His faithfulness. Each night I enjoy looking at the stars and ask myself “why do they always stay in the same place every night? How far away are they from each other? If the sun is our closest star what is the next star? How large is it? What about the stars too far for us to see? No one can build a telescope large enough to answer these questions. Think about this. We experience the changing seasons. They never fail to come.

When you view all the beauty of His creation, remember that this awesome God gave it to you to enjoy. I don’t need to

see God, because I can see Him through what He has made.

2. How Did He Create?

The word, create, means, “to make happen.” When we read the first book of the Bible we discover how God made everything happen. He started first by creating the heavens and the earth. Before God changed it, the heavens and the earth were a great body of water and darkness covered it. This is how the earth began.

The first act that God performed was to speak to the heavens and the earth. His first words were “let there be light.” Our minds could not imagine what happened next. Light appeared. Now we have three acts of creation, water, darkness, and light. God took the darkness and light and caused them to separate. He then gave them a name. He called the darkness night and called the light day. Morning and night equals one day. The time space between morning and evening is one day. Some people ask whether the time in those days was the same as ours. They could have been shorter or longer or even the same. Since God has not told us, it is not important to know.

The second act of creation was the space between the heaven and the earth. He gave this space a name. He called it “Firmament.” The Bible tells us the waters above the earth and below the earth began to separate and airspace began. The firmament is the space where the birds fly and we see clouds. The firmament allows the sun to shine and man to breathe. God gave the firmament a new name. He called it “heaven”. The Bible speaks of three kinds of heaven. First there is the heaven where God dwells. Then there is the heaven where the sun and stars are. Then we are told about a heaven just above us where we see clouds and sometimes we receive rain and where birds fly. This is the heaven we are talking about called the “firmament” There was no one created yet to describe what God was doing. But we can imagine with our minds of how awesome it was. Just think of God speaking and everything was moving in its proper place and all God had to do was speak and it was done.

So what do we have after this second day was complete? We have day and night, waters and space. Everything created so far was to prepare the world for what was to happen next. Creation was no accident. Everything was perfectly planned and on purpose.

We come now to the third day. As we continue, everything gets more exciting and interesting. On the third day God spoke to the waters on the earth. He commanded them to come together, and as they did so, dry land appeared. God gave this dry land a name we know. He called it “earth”. The earth now is different from the one that God created when it was all water. It becomes dry land at the sound of God’s voice. God did something else on this third day. He commanded the grass and all vegetation to appear upon the earth. In doing this He is preparing the creation for His next step. We are at the halfway point of finishing creation.

We might try to guess what happens on the fourth day, but it may not be as we think. We would reason and say the animals would be next but God does not work that way. Instead, on the fourth day, God speaks to the heavens and commands them to bring forth the heavenly bodies. The purpose was to give light and direction to those on earth. That would include the stars, the moon, and the sun. Earlier we talked about day and night, now we have sun and moon. The greater light (day) would now have the sun and the lesser light (night) the moon.

After each act of creation God said, “It is good”. We might call that, “God’s report card on creation.” It is good because as God spoke, creation obeyed and did everything that God asked. As we continue our lives on earth we should make it our goal to hear, “it is Good” in everything we do for Him and for others. “It is good”, also tells that our lives turned out just as He planned.

On the fifth day God spoke to the waters and they brought forth all animals that live in the sea and birds also to fly above the earth. The animals in the sea were all kinds of fish, alligators, whales, porpoises and all other creatures that live in the water.

The smaller birds that flew, as well as the larger birds like the eagle and the turkey along with others that didn’t fly at all like the penguin, were also created on the fifth day.

On the sixth day God also spoke to the earth. He commanded the earth to produce living creatures, cattle, and creeping things like bugs, snakes, and frogs. God provided for all of them. He provided for them before they arrived.

Finally, He commanded them to be fruitful and multiply. God’s purpose for them was to fill the earth. God did not create with the purpose of remaining small. He wanted them to increase. This is the first place in the Bible that explains God’s purpose for us. Growth and success are always part of God’s plan for us. God wills for our influence to be a blessing to others. We are never to remain satisfied in our present state, but we should always look for ways to be better.

On the sixth day God finished His creation. This day was a day like none of the others. God created man out of the dust of the earth. It was the only act where God created something Himself. To the other five days God spoke. On the sixth day God did something. This is so important that we will give more information in our third chapter.

Finally on the seventh day, God stopped creating and rested. God did not rest because He was tired, as some might think. God was setting an example for those He created. One day of rest for worshipping God and relaxation of our bodies was necessary for both physical, spiritual l and mental well being.
As we close this chapter, take time to say thank you to God for all the wonderful things He has shown us through His creation.

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