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Anointing or Apostasy?
by Patricia Backora
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It is an abomination in My sight, the way rich preachers dare to beg for money even from poor starving people in third-world countries. A certain popular apostate preacher has been promoting himself as being “God’s Anointed” who is above reproach, and woe unto anyone who dares question his crookedness or bizarre antics, although I commanded My people to prove ALL things and to reject that which is bad, keeping only the good (I Thes.5:21;Titus 3:10). Yet this self-important fraud dares to curse any believer who has the gumption to criticize his heretical doctrine and practice. He lives in decadent luxury while many who hear him are barely staying alive, they have so little access to food and clean water. His smooth, “ANOINTED” hands must never be troubled by the trials of workaday life. This apostate preacher never sawed wood on a construction site, yet he boasts that he is building My church on a solid foundation.

When I was a Man in Nazareth, did I sit on a velvet cushion all day long while Mary, My mother, hauled water from the well and Joseph toiled in the carpentry shop? These two precious people KNEW from angelic revelation that I was the very Son of God and someday I would enter into My glory as King of Israel. But they didn’t expect Me to lounge around in silken luxury all day, being fanned and waited on hand and foot. There was REAL work to be done to feed My family. Instead of worrying that I might get my garment all sweaty or get a few calluses on My hands, I joyfully pitched in and did My part and helped others do their share, too, when they needed a helping hand.

Why does this “anointed” character always dine so richly and sleep only in the finest hotels when he travels luxury class as My supposed representative? Is he better than I am? Would I have even once lounged in the luxury of a $3000-per-night hotel while other people were homeless and freezing on the cold, wet streets outside? Why does this con artist love himself more than those poor souls he milks dry by exacting “love offerings” from their meager purse? Who is he REALLY loving, the Christ of the Bible, or himself?

Why do My people insist on worshipping a kingly, arrogant rich clown prancing on a platform instead of the humble Nazarene in heaven? Why do My people turn a blind eye to all his bizarre, failed predictions and his off-the-wall antics? Why do they RUSH money up to the stage when he warns his SPECIAL blessing will expire in just two minutes, and it takes a minimum $1000 love gift to get yours? Did I send My disciples around with offering baskets or fish and bread baskets? When did I or any of My true NT apostles even ONCE dun churchgoers a year’s wages to sell them a SPECIAL SEASON OF MIRACLES ANOINTING BLESSING or other such religious rubbish?” This man is a snake in the grass who has perverted the gospel of Christ into a gospel of Greed, and to such an unbelievable extent people must be mad to follow him. Yea, and they ARE spiritually blinded by the enemy because they have willingly ventured into satan’s antichrist territory of deceit. Antichrist means “instead of” Christ, and this man is attracting worship and attention unto himself instead of unto the true Redeemer of Scripture. This man is one of many forerunners of Antichrist, who will exalt himself above all that is worshipped (2 Thes.2:4).

How much did I charge to heal the centurion’s servant? Did I send Peter to the Roman’s home to collect a “love offering” after the man was raised back to health? Did I even warn the centurion he had to continue to “prove his faith” by future love offerings or the servant might get sick again?

Plainly put, there IS no “special anointing” on that fake charlatan or any other self-important screwball masquerading as a miracle-worker on a stage. My Word mentions only ONE anointing for New Testament believers, and that anointing abides INSIDE EVERYONE who loves Me and serves Me as a Christian believer (I John 2:27).

One problem is that My New Covenant believers are persuaded by false teachers to mingle elements of the Old and New Covenants instead of rightly dividing My Word of Truth (2 Tim.2:15). Under the Old Covenant there WAS a legitimate division between “the ministry” and ordinary non-ministering Israelites, but division of believers into two unequal categories is NOT authorized under the New Covenant. Now ALL believers are to be priests, not just a chosen few (I Pet.2:5, 9).

Under the Old Covenant things were vastly different. There WERE specially chosen servants separated for a specific anointing which the others of the congregation of Old Testament Israel didn’t possess. Samson, David, Aaron and many other Old Testament characters were specially anointed of the Spirit for special tasks, whereas the ordinary Israelites did not know My special power and presence upon their lives. Even in the case of those called to special service, the Spirit of God would sometimes COME UPON these people awhile and then lift back off them (I Sam.10:6; Judges3:10; I Sam.6:14). Except in very rare circumstances, as in the case of John the Baptist and his parents (Luke 1:15,41,67) no one actually had the Holy Spirit dwell in their hearts by faith before the crucifixion of Christ ushered in the New Covenant. Why? Old Testament saints were spiritually unregenerated, for Christ had not yet died for them to accomplish that work of redemption which would enable My Spirit to dwell in the hearts of all believers through faith. Instead of believers BEING the true Temple of God (I Cor.6:19) as in the New Testament, Old Covenant believers had to approach God through intermediaries, human priests who presided at a temple or tabernacle built by human hands. Today there is to be just ONE mediator between you and your God, the Lord Jesus Christ (I Tim.2:5) Any MAN who puts himself between the Bride of Christ and her Heavenly Bridegroom and demands money for God’s favors is a spiritual pimp, plain and simple.

After nearly 2000 years since Pentecost, I am appalled that My people prefer the old way of looking unto human intermediaries to try to gain miracles from Me, that they even PAY these wicked seducers wages to enable them to gain access to My Throne for favors. How tragic to see so many deluded believers patiently waiting on who they believe to be the ONLY ANOINTED ONE to blow on them or knock them down with smooth, work-shy “anointed” greedy, grasping hands that are too lazy to do REAL work like the apostle Paul commanded and set the example for (I Cor.4:12; Eph.4:28). These pretty boy kingpins actually think it’s beneath their dignity to sweat at a manual job or even at a white collar profession which actually benefits somebody in a practical way.

The accommodations in hell won’t be quite as luxurious as this man is used to. He has a wicked spirit of greed working on him and he has lied to many. How can My REAL Holy Spirit bear to be around money-hungry scroungers who bleed My people continually and mislead them down the path to destruction?

Come out from this dark deception, My people. It is IDOLATRY to look unto some flashy fleshy man on a stage instead of unto the invisible God for help in time of need. I will tolerate no rivals. The world around you sees you flocking like dumb sheep to the pied piper who is leading you downward to the ditch of destruction. The world laughs in derision at the true faith because sinners are dead to the things of God and cannot tell the difference between Christ and the crumbs who fleece the flock in His name (2 Pet.2:2). When deep disillusionment sets in it will make shipwreck of your precious faith in Christ, for many of you will also have difficulty in separating this man in your minds from the REAL Christ. By following him instead of Me, you’re wasting your time and Mine, and time is so very short before I return for My church and the world falls into dense darkness. Let your light shine and remember this: You don’t need to depend on one tiny artificial candle burning weakly up on some far-off stage. If you’re a true born-again believer, My REAL Holy Spirit already dwells within you in the fulness and glory of Jesus Christ. My Holy Spirit, your divine Comforter, is always willing and ready to teach you to walk as Christ walked and to enable you to share the fruits and the gifts of His ministry to bless others in the church and in your community.

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Amen...I enjoyed this. However, which person are ypu talking about...call by name...God bless you...


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