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What ELSE Is God Hiding From Us?
by Patricia Backora
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What ELSE is God Hiding From Us?

Many of My people don’t seem very alarmed when they halfway suspect that some doubtful “spiritual blessing” isn’t even mentioned in My Word as being taught to the early church as a legitimate practice. They don’t even seem to care if they’ve found no support in either the New Testament or even the Old for the “new thing God is doing”. It matters not to some believers that their new doctrine is not authorized in My Word by any prophet or apostle. All these straying sheep care about is “if it feels good, do it, and God must be in it.” The false doctrine of continuing revelation of “new things I am doing” violates the final authority of scripture to decide the validity of various things the Christian is practicing.

Lo and behold, I look down from My high holy heavens and see “worship services” where My Word is bent, twisted and misconstrued, or even ignored altogether to justify such bizarre behavior as barking like wolves, jumping like frogs, squawking like chickens, and begging the preacher to make gold (plastic glitter) dust and angel (chicken) feathers to fall from the ceiling. People actually whip out their wallets and credit cards to pay this phony religious con artist to conjure up a “real good time” for them and put on a thrilling show. A few have desperately tried to abstain from worldly entertainments to “be more spiritual” than carnal believers and unsaved neighbors. But they still feel so starved for carnal amusement that they flock to the grossest show on earth to get “high on Jesus”.

To what purpose is such craziness happening in places which call themselves by My Holy Name? Such hysterical madness does NOT bring honor and glory to My dear Son. He often wonders why, after 2000 long years since Pentecost, My people prefer to revert back to spiritual infancy instead of growing on the SOLID meat of Scripture. Instead of being a fully equipped functioning Body of believers ministering in the REAL power of the Holy Spirit, these childish Christians stay in their playpens sucking their thumbs and wearing diapers of immaturity. A very young child loves to play in dirt piles and put anything and everything in its mouth, because babies and toddlers are too little to know any better. It’s easy to forgive them for making a mess because they’re untrained in manners and at an early developmental stage. Still, it can be dangerous for little children to bring every foreign object to their mouth to taste it, and it is up to mature, vigilant parents to protect their immature children from their own curiosity.

While you’d expect to see tiny toddlers having fun in a playpen, it’s tragic to see a sixty-year-old carnal believer still acting like a baby and spending his life in a playpen instead of growing up, never getting out of the Me-centered oral stage of development, when a baby’s whole world revolves around self-gratification. Tiny infants automatically bring everything to their mouths and shut out every other concern as they contentedly feed. Immature believers depend on their spiritual overseers to bottle feed them formulas, burp them till they fall flat on their backs, and tickle them to make them laugh. The moment preachers no longer tickle ears and start troubling a few guilty consciences, that’s when the fun ends and they lose popularity and financial support.

Some believers prefer the chaotic pleasures of the playpen to the heavenly life in Christ which I have promised My children who grow in the things of the Spirit.

If any parent with a two-year-old DELIBERATELY looked the other way while their child swallowed deadly poison, wouldn’t you consider it a terrible crime of neglect? Yet many who profess to be My under-shepherds turn a blind eye to all the error being swallowed by baby Christians who follow after wolves in sheep’s clothing. Instead of watching for the wolves and preventing them from infiltrating the flock, these “spiritual overseers” are themselves joining in the carnal flesh party of crass emotionalism devoid of true spirituality. If so-called spiritual overseers spend all day in the playpen with immature baby believers who never grow up, they are in no position to blame those particular Christians when they fail to bring forth lasting fruit in their spiritual lives.

Like the tiny toddler getting his hands on bleach, My trusting people automatically bring everything they see up to their mouth to taste it, whether it be good or bad. The preacher presents them with “some new revelation” which I allegedly never before shared with My church. If you “lose yourself in the flow of what “god” is doing” and bray like a jackass in the preacher’s “service” you’ll get the blessing of a lifetime, so long as you “sow your best seed faith offering” into the happy hands of the preacher waiting to “slay you in the spirit”. Many believers like that part of the service best, and consider it their spiritual dessert after the so-called “healing service”. Like a row of dominoes the preacher slam-dunks a long line of “seekers” trying to go “deeper” in the spirit.

WHICH spirit, though? Where in My Bible do you ever read of Peter or Paul blessing believers by knocking them flat on their backs? The only time you read of a New Testament believer falling down in conjunction with some preacher’s ministry is when Ananias and Sapphira fell dead after Peter rebuked them for lying to the Holy Ghost.

If anything is being slain by this counterfeit lying spirit, it is the effectiveness of My people in the earth to share the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ with mankind. Christians are now so obsessed with buying a blessing from some blabbermouth preacher they’ll buy just about any lie he sells them and follow the directions on the packet to their emotional and spiritual ruin. The devil isn’t reluctant to impart pleasurable feelings to My people, just so long as he can slip in a little religious arsenic to kill them spiritually and end their effectiveness as soul winners and mature members of the Body of Christ on earth. My people are so experience-oriented that they’ll shut their eyes to every evidence that all the preacher wants is their cash, and couldn’t care less that he’s messing up their minds.

This continual seeking after greater “spiritual” thrills is no different from fondling your own physical pleasure zones. There is a very fine line between the soul and the spirit, and all this carnality appeals to the fallible, unperfected soul, not the God-conscious spirit of a redeemed man. The “spiritual high” you get from being “zapped” by these wired-up preachers is a poor substitute for the love, peace and joy of the true Spirit of God. The razzle-dazzle religious sorcerer on the platform is nothing but a pimp who peddles pleasure in the church house and turns it into a religious whorehouse for sordid gain. The preacher’s reward is the shower of cash believers literally throw at him after he showers them with fake angel feathers and gold plastic glitter. My deceived people idolize pleasure instead of seeking after the true Christ of the Bible Who taught His disciples to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him daily even unto death.

While My people are engrossed in an orgy of fake spiritual pleasures, millions of lost souls are dying and on their way to hell. Needs are going unmet in My Body as each member cares not for others, but for how good he or she feels from what’s happening in the meeting. How many blind or deaf people have gone home healed from these zany services? How many dead have been raised? How many demon-possessed souls have been set free? How many missing body parts have been restored? How many hungry have been fed or backsliders been restored to the Way of Holiness? Holiness is a very unpopular topic at these Third Wave Services. Third wave of WHAT? It’s NOT a wave of the same water of the Spirit believers at Pentecost enjoyed, but it IS a new wave of satanic deception overwhelming My people and washing them away from Christ out to an ocean of spiritual confusion. People are being sucked under a tidal wave of unholy latter-day delusions.

When feel-good false prophets preach, adulterers and adulteresses hear NO word of warning from Me that their fornication will send them straight to hell. Some preachers are in no position to preach holy living anyway, since they themselves are living in various sins of the flesh without any intention to truly repent. The minute these popular preachers stop tickling ears and start warning of My judgment on sin and the terrible fires of eternal wrath in store for ungodly sinners and backsliders, that’s exactly when the merry crowds will go home in a grumpy mood and stop supporting the “miracle man’s” ministry.

Most dangerous of all, this current deception is laying the groundwork for even worse satanic activity in the future, when the apostasy to come will make today’s deception look insignificant by comparison. This “new revelation” of how to travel spiritually up to heavenly places is nothing more than a rehash of the astral projection belief of many heathen religions. I said in My Word, Learn not the way of the heathen (Jer.10:2), but Christians are doing it anyway. And because many swear this Third Wave Blessing works wonders for them, it arouses dark questions in their minds: If this “new blessing” is not mentioned in the Word of God and it’s blessed me so much, then what ELSE isn’t written in the Bible either? Many deceived Christians wonder: What other “new thing” is “god” about to reveal to Christians to help them live more victoriously, although it isn’t mentioned in scripture? And, they’ll wonder: if this popular teacher shared this revelation with us, why didn’t God reveal this to us before? Why would God withhold anything from us which could bless us? Does God even love us as much as He claims to?

Even satan can deceive through the working of fake miracles (Mark 13:22). He will even let a few folks get healed of their headaches if it helps further his evil agenda of deceiving My flock. Satan tempted Adam and Eve with such questions, casting doubt upon whether I had ALREADY revealed everything to them they needed to know for their personal well-being. The sowed doubt and delusion in Eve’s mind. Hath God said? (Gen.3:10) The devil whispered to those first human sinners. And so it was that Eve doubted My warning to leave the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil strictly alone. The forbidden fruit was brought to her mouth by her rebellious hand and she gave some to her husband who was easily persuaded to taste it too. Thousands of years later My people are STILL lusting after forbidden knowledge which would only hurt them if they swallowed it. The success formulas and religious antics taught them by preachers are recipes for spiritual shipwreck.

My people, I know your daily dull routine bores you sometimes and you wish you could just fly away to escape the humdrum weariness of it all. But don’t ever fall into the trap of lusting after illicit excitement make you depart from My Word or persuade you to disregard its clear teachings and warnings. You don’t need some flashy, fleshly man to get you all excited. Just the joy of knowing I cared enough for you to die to save you should be enough of a thrill to satisfy your souls. Just knowing I am about to return for you to take you home to be with Me to be where I am forever, that should be all you need to fill you with holy excitement about My true program of building up My church and bringing in a great harvest of souls.

All those money-crazed preachers want to bring in is a great harvest of dollars, gained at YOUR spiritual expense!

Not all that glitters is real gold, My people. Not even those phony glittery flakes dropped by deceivers upon “seekers” in carnival “miracle” services.

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