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Learn From Solomon's Mistakes
by Patricia Backora
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Learn From Solomonís Mistakes

My people, donít ever settle for PARTIAL holiness. Why? Because thatís a sure sign satan has got his foot on your front porch and is camping out there with his bedroll, expecting to hang out with you for a long time, and just itching to catch your guard down so he can swoop into your home with all his belongings .

Solomon was a very wise man. But Solomon sometimes mixed his wisdom with folly in his own life. I had given clear instructions to Israel that My precious land was never to be polluted with idols (Lev.19:4; Ex.20:4-5). But Solomon became more interested in pleasing his political allies than Me. He made alliances with many heathen nations and took heathen idol-worshipping women to be his wives, violating My commandment not to make covenants with the heathen. I even ordered Israel not to take the daughters of the heathen for wives, lest the Israelites be led into idolatry themselves (Ex.34:12-17; Deut. Chapter 7). Solomon, like many Christians do today, compromised My Word because it was more convenient to avoid trouble with others than to make a stand for righteousness. So Solomon reasoned that heíd better bend a little and make provision for his wives to worship the deity of their choice, lest he get negative publicity about being cruel to the wives of his allies.

The whole land of Israel was MY chosen land and I wanted it to be kept free of the pollutions of idols. I specifically ordered that the idols of Canaanís wicked inhabitants be torn down and burnt. But Solomon got into the idol-building business big-time to keep his harem satisfied. He reasoned that it was okay to keep these idolatrous women with him in Israel so long as he didnít let them dwell in the Holy places where the Ark had been. Like Solomon, My people tend to compartmentalize their lives into holy and ďnon-holyĒ areas. I go with them to church but not to the movie theater to watch that X-rated film. Some even reason that so long as they stay ďprayed-up and paid-upĒ with Me on Sunday, they have a green light to go do what they wish the rest of the week, because some parts of their lives are allegedly holier than others. But you canít go off and do your own thing and leave Me somewhere else. Your very BODY is the Temple of the Holy Ghost. Ye cannot eat at both My table and the table of devils (I Cor.10:21).

Many assume Solomon was okay because he was a good writer who contributed to the canon of Scripture, and that ensured his ultimate salvation. Many will say to Me in the day of judgment, did I not do this or that for Your glory, Lord (Matt.7:22)? But I warned in My holy Word, let all of you guard against being overconfident that youíre automatically in good standing with Me and to take heed lest ye fall (I Cor.10:12). So long as you keep your records clear with Me through GENUINE repentance and faith in the shed blood of My Son, you can confidently know that youíre standing and not falling.

Solomon assumed that his past relationship with Me and his authority as king made it okay to bend the rules ďjust a littleĒ His reasoning was so warped he thought he would be an unloving husband to withhold demonic, ugly idols from his wives. It wasnít just gorgeous sculptures or gaudy totem poles Solomon made for his wives. He had his artisans construct replicas of the dreaded Molech and Chemosh, nightmare monsters of stone which were actual furnaces used by the Canaanites to sacrifice their infants in.

You donít have to build the scary, fire-breathing Molech idols of Canaan to violate My commandment against idolatry. Just loving your family and their opinion more than My Word is idolatry. Money and the lust for it has drowned many souls in perdition, as has the lust for quick, unearned wealth, fame and the acclaim of men.

Solomonís slide started when he violated My commandment not to make alliances with the heathen or to marry their women. Little by little satan led Solomon down the pathway to perdition. The question on the mind of many: Did I manage to stop Solomonís downward descent into eternal damnation? I am merciful even when a backslider repents in old age, or even on his deathbed. But, sadly, all too often the fruits of sin remain for many generations after the repentance of the offender.

Solomonís selfish concern for pleasing other people blinded him to his need to be a good dad and set a decent spiritual example for his sons and daughters. Children tend to want to be like their parents and to imitate them. Little did Solomon ponder all the repercussions his idolatry would have on his family. To put it bluntly: for all practical purposes, Solomon couldnít have cared less whether his heathen wives taught their children to participate with them in heathen rituals of idol worship in the Lordís own Land. Solomon excused himself by reasoning that he was way too busy to get very deeply involved in the lives of his vast family. But if a man canít rule over his own household well, how can he expect to rule over a whole nation in a godly manner?

Solomon, who wrote proverbs about beating and correcting children to save their souls from hell, could not even restrain his own rebellious behavior toward his own Heavenly Father. Some Christiansí motto seems to be: Do as I say, not as I do.

I gave King Solomon much. I appeared unto him twice, in an age when it was very unusual for any man to hear My direct Voice. I gave him vast wealth and power over a small empire in the land once inhabited by the wicked Canaanites. Solomon enjoyed the great privilege of constructing the Temple and even having Me personally appear after the offertory prayer he uttered. How many modern churches can boast of a visible glory cloud coming down to bless their preacherís prayer? I gave Solomon an extremely high IQ and deep insight into how to solve problems. I blessed him with good health and lots of leisure time to enjoy everything else Iíd given him. But Solomon used much of that time to get into deep trouble with Me because he was more worried about offending men than offending his God.

Solomonís great sin led to instability in his kingdom, which eventually cracked apart the fragile union of the Twelve Tribes, creating two different nations, Israel and Judah. Israel, like Solomon, went astray after idols while Judah barely hung onto the true worship of God. Judah, like their northern neighbor Israel, eventually fell into idol worship and got exiled from the land.

Solomon let the devil camp out on his front porch and satan, like the evil snake he is, slithered all the way into Solomonís living room and bedroom.

Beware of compromising My Word. If you try to keep one foot in the world and one foot in your Fatherís House, the door of My patience will eventually slam shut, and youíll be torn in two spiritually, just like Solomonís kingdom got torn in two.

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