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According to the Maranatha Bible Society, if You Believe this Article You Will Burn in Hell
by Allan Lewicki
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The Gospel According To The Scriptures

This composition will be dealing primarily with the "Triumphant Entry". I need to make a digression to start, which is: TYPES & SHADOW PICTURES, TYPES & SHADOW PICTURES, T & S.P. Of the type & shadow pictures in the Bible. Especially of the Crucifixion. I see 7, SEVEN (a significant number) of the above. I cannot overstate the paramontness (new word) of this. Consider: The Passover is the very first commanded sacrifice by God Almighty, AND the Crucifixion is the clearest type and shadow picture of that sacrifice. Actually it is the other way around, the Passover is a T&SP of the Crucifixion, as are the seven listed below.

1) Genesis 3:21
2) Genesis 4:4
3) Genesis 22:1~19
4) Genesis 37: 31&32
5) Genesis 46:1
6) Exodus 12 et al
7) The Crucifixion Proper

Of the 7 listings above, 4 of them are even "THE SELFSAME DAY". They are: a) Abraham & Isaac #3; b) Jacob's sacrifice upon interring Egypt #5; c) The Passover of Exodus 12 #6; d) The Crucifixion Proper. I am considering Abraham and Isaac as "the selfsame day" even though I know that the day is not specified. This due to the parallels between that particular story, and the details of the Crucifixion, it seems silly to me that it would not be the selfsame day. And along the same line of thought, regarding #4 above, even though I cannot prove this, I would not be surprised if Joseph's "coat of many colors" and the seamless rob worn by Jesus are identical.

Now for the Crucifixion proper, I am assuming that the reader is fluent in Exodus 12. Everybody knows that the resurrection was Sunday. Backup 3 days & 3 nights, WEDNESDAY..."at even" (What is so "good" about "Friday"? Three days means 3 DAYS, and three nights means 3 NIGHTS)...Exodus 12:6. The foregoing I will not belabor, but the point I am about to make I Will. The "Triumphant Entry" what day was it? If The Crucifixion was "at even" on Wednesday the 14th of the first month, that must mean that Passover was the next day the 15th, also remember that the "day" starts at sunset.

Read St. John Chapter 12; the 15th subtract 6 comes to the 9th, Friday...when they had the dinner for Lazarus. I need to make a digression, a digression to comment about the tone of this composition. Isn't it strange that if some expert Pooh-Bah writes something scholarly, there will usually be no objections. But say something about the Bible that doesn't line up with "the majority opinion"...let me re-phrase that, "the majority opinion of the theologians" WOW!! Yes, today to do ANY commentary about the Bible there is an unwritten law that one must be a "Theologian" (see my Bio). Disregard my perception that all of these Bible Skoulars put together can't figure out what day the Crucifixion took place. I have NO respect for either Bible Scholars or Theologians. WHY...I can read, thank you...and I can read for myself, I DO NOT need some exalted expert to tell me what it means. If anybody thinks that there is dissention about the day of the Crucifixion...wait 'till you read this! I am fully aware that this little memoir is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. THAT...is my intention.

Back to the Gospel of John chapter 12; the Crucifixion occurred exactly as prescribed in the 12th chapter of the Book of Exodus, on the 14th day of the 1st month (that particular month I suspect was Nisan) ...in the evening. The point I am making about its connection to the Gospel of John is that the specification of exactly what day and exactly when the 12th chapter of Exodus requires the Passover Lamb is to be killed, are not the only requirements of that sacrifice. Does anybody remember when one is to go get the Lamb? What follows is the connection of that seemingly forgotten detail and the Crucifixion.

What Day was the "Triumphant Entry"?

As recorded in the Gospel of John, Chapter 12 verse 1, "...six days before the Passover...", six...6...the number between 5 and 7 (see Webster for the definition of "between") was a Supper for Lazarus. Now for some higher math, that this exceeds the reasoning ability of the overwhelming majority of people on this Earth is not my concern. That it ESPECIALLY exceeds the reasoning ability of all the scholars and theologians is still not my concern. Given that the "killing of the Passover" of the 12th chapter of Exodus is on "THE SELFSAME DAY" as the Crucifixion, i.e. the 14th day of the first month, my calculations conclude that the dinner for Lazarus was on the 9th day of the first month. If you know how to use one (of course, assuming that you know what one is), check this on a calculator, 14 - 6 = 9, the little "-" sign means minus...that is "to subtract". To be absolutely sure, look that one up in Webster too.

Why am I being so sarcastic? I will tell you. The people I am referring to in the above paragraph can't back up 3 days and 3 nights from Sunday and come to Wednesday. Their attempt to make this go away according to one of the following, is just plane stupid.

1) Any portion of a day counts as a whole day
2) The Sabbath that the adherents of the above hold to is the Saturday Sabbath
3) It doesn't matter...(This one I will address later.)

So, the Resurrection was on Sunday, the 17th of the first month. (Oh, I tried but I can't be absolutely sure in a determination if it was Abib or Nisan, so I will just say the 1st month. I do however have some suspicions about this, and my suspicions are based on a) how fast Barley grows and b) the Feast of Pentecost) Now where was I, oh yeah, Sunday the 17th of the 1st month. There IS another way to arrive at the 17th, but again the math is too complex for the world at large. I will state it anyway...14 + 3 = 17.
The Resurrection being the 17th is not the point, nor is the Crucifixion being the 14th. The point is the supper for Lazarus. As I have already stated, that was on the 9th of the first month. Again..."Higher Math"...what is the day after the 9th, is or is it not the 10th? Back to the Gospel of John, in particular the 12th chapter and the 12th verse... "On the next day..." is that or is that not the argument I've just concluded about the 10th?

So far I have only stated dates, not days. Here are the days, FIRST - the Resurrection was Sunday the 17th. SECOND - the Crucifixion was Wednesday the 14th, THIRD - the supper for Lazarus was Friday the 9th. LAST- the "Triumphant Entry" was Saturday the 10th.

Is that so ??

Yes that is so !! What today's Christians call "Palm Sunday" was Saturday!

I started this article with Type and Shadow Pictures, if you can't follow my logic in the above, don't even bother reading what is next. I did make mention of a forgotten detail of the Passover, to wit: Exodus chapter 12 verse 3. Tell me, does or does not that verse have the slightest relevance to the "Triumphant Entry"? And just in case you still can't grasp what I'm getting at, the event in question was on the 10th of the first month.


The Apostle Paul, in his second letter to the Thessalonians, verses seven and eight "...obey not the gospel"

I have heard preachers preach on "obey the gospel" yet they never can explain exactly that it means "to obey" My perception is because they are trying to answer the wrong question. Does or does not "obey not" mean "disobey"?


A) Celebrate the "Triumphant Entry" on Palm Sunday
B) Celebrate the Crucifixion on Friday
C) Celebrate the Resurrection on Easter (what an abomination)
D) Celebrate Pentecost 50 days after Easter

A Change of Venue

"Why speaks Thou in parables?"...I'm not going to answer that question directly, I'll reply with another question. Q: Do you actually think that if Jesus of Nazareth, while He was on this Earth spoke only (to the multitudes) in parables...Do you actually think that HIS BIBLE, containing words inspired by The Holy Ghost, is one iota different? Do you? And, continuing with this train of thought applied SPECIFICALLY to the Gospel preached by Paul: 2 Cor 4:3.

Now I'm going to drop a bombshell on you. You're a lovey-dovey Christian are you? You got saved did you? You said the sinner's prayer and asked Jesus into your liver, did you? Tell me, seeing as how you profess with boldness how you believe "The Gospel according to the Scriptures" Q: The LAST SUPPER, as recorded in Matthew, Mark & Luke, WAS THAT THE PASSOVER SUPPER?

IF...God Almighty has chosen to reveal this to you, the above question will pose no difficulty. If He hasn't...Well now you got yourself a lovey-dovey problem...don't you!


Reason #3 that I said I'd come back to; "It doesn't matter" When you are standing at the White Throne Judgment, Nadab and Abihu (Leviticus 10:1) will tell you how much it matters, as will Saul (1st Samuel the entire 15th chapter), as will Uzzah (2nd Samuel 6:6). So just go on your lovey-dovey way and rest in the assurance of your salvation, because you said the lovey-dovey sinners player, and you asked lovey-dovey Jesus into your lovey-dovey heart. Never mind that when the Anti Christ shows up, you will think that he can't possibly be the Anti Christ, because you were supposed to be caught up to meet lovey-dovey Jesus in the lovey-dovey clouds. HeY...I just finished expounding the Gospel "...according to the scriptures..." 1st Cor 15: 3&4, but it STILL DOESN'T MATTER. Go ahead; take the Mark...Burn in Hell.


What does the Barley have to do in connection with Pentecost as to weather it was Nisan or Abib? First of all let me restate that this is my suspicion. The reason it is a suspicion and not a declaration is because my logic is dependant on how fast Barley grows. (Which I have no idea). Furthermore, how fast Barley grows is probably not the same today as when Jesus walked the earth, given the changes in the fertility of the soil, the purity of the air, even the sunlight is not the same.

Now Pentecost: Here is what I would like to do, I would like to make a "TYPE & SHADOW PICTURE" connection between Leviticus 23:10 "firstfruits" AND THE ASCENSION. Note epically Paul's use of "first-fruits" in 1 Cor 15:20&23. But; in a nut shell, why I can only make an educated guess, is because of exactly WHEN the counting for Pentecost started; it's Deut 16:9. AND when that was in the year of the Crucifixion, I do not know (i.e. if the first month was Abib or Nisan).

Without being sarcastic I known how it was done in days gone by, very many days gone by: Starting with the crossing of the Jordan, they (the nation of Israel) would count 12 months; on the first day of the next month the High Priest would go to a special barley field (yes BARLEY)...(In the days of Jesus it was on the Mount of Olives). He would stand in the barley...IF...the barley was knee high...it was ABIB...if it was not, than it was Nisan...and it's that simple!

The basis for my suspicion: If the month was Nisan, what that would mean that on the 1st of the month the Barley was NOT knee high. So, given the date of the Resurrection as Sunday, the 18th, 40 days thereafter, Thursday the 27th of Iyar (the Ascension), would the Barley be ready for Deut 16:9? I can only say probably, not definitely, yes. If the month was Abib it seems to me that the above time period would be too long. But again, I have no idea how fast the Barley grew.

The major reason I am trying to connect this with the Barley is that I would like it be a "Type and Shadow Picture" That is, "The Ascension" to the realization of the "First Fruits" of Leviticus 23 verse 10.

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Andrew Charles 24 Feb 2011
Very simply Christ rose on the third day at first seems in conflict with three days and three nights. It does not say three complete days and three complete nights. Thus, Christ rose on Sunday. People don't burn in hell however if they can't reason. This seems like an emotional response. Do what I do when I get like this. I write my emotional response and then go back a few days later and take my emotions out of it.


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