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Why should Marriage be reserved for straight people?
by Kevin Cook
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There is a lot of chatter going on these day’s in regards to marriage, whether or not people who engage in homosexual activity and relationships ought to have the right to marry just like everyone else. Many conservative groups are calling for the government to stand and protect what they call “Traditional Marriage”, that is between only one man and one woman for life.

Is referring to marriage as “Traditional” enough, or not?

Is there better reason to protect marriage, and not share it with people involved in same gender relationships?

In my honest opinion we have not gone far enough in our pursuit to “save traditional marriage”, let me explain.

I believe that the Bible, God’s Holy Word has set clear president on the subject of the human love relationship. God tells us in Genesis chapter one that he created human beings in his own image, that shows us that we are special to him, that each of us is important, and that we are a special part of creation, for no other part of creation was created is God’s own image. It also shows us that God created man, a male, and a female. Here God created and ordained the human love relationship to be between the two people he created, one man, and one woman.

When we look at the rest of creation we see a definite pattern in God’s craftsmanship, every part of creation replicates this same pattern. It takes a male part, and a female part to produce offspring, each reproducing after it’s own kind. Whether we are talking about plants, or other animals, the pattern remains the same, it always takes one male, and one female to reproduce. Each half of creation bears one half of the capacity to reproduce, it takes a male sex organ, and a female sex organ uniting together to produce offspring. This is the natural order created by an intelligent creator God.

In the human relationship because we are made in the image of God unlike other parts of creation, we have a moral obligation to practice our sexuality within the sacred bonds of marriage only, unlike our animal friends who have built within them a natural instinct to mate, we as human beings are instructed by our creator to save sex for the marriage relationship.

God tells us that the uniting of a man in woman in the act of sexual intercourse is what makes two individuals into one, this is what we often hear in the actual marriage ceremony that “the two have become one”. This is why couples take off for a honeymoon trip so that they can consummate their marriage with one another. I believe that in God’s eye’s this is what creates a marriage, not the fancy church service where they shared their vows together, but when a man and woman unite their bodies is sexual union together, this signifies marriage. Here is what God’s Word say’s

“ 1 Corinthians 6:16 - Or, are you not aware that a man who has to do with (has sex with) a prostitute makes his body one with hers? For God says, "The two shall be physically one."
This is the true definition of marriage, and it involves that joining of the sexual organs of a man and a woman, and this verse shows us that even if a man has sex with a hooker, he has married her, that should give us all something to think about.

Now, God has created us all the same, we are all born normal heterosexual individuals because that is the way God created us to be from the time of creation. The idea that certain people could take and attempt to state from the example I have given above that it does not matter whether two people are the same gender or the opposite gender is a farce. This matter is really not open for discussion because we know that God created one man, and one woman, and placed them in the garden and told them to “be fruitful and multiply”, in other words they were told to get it on and have some kids, end of story!

Two people of the same gender can never fulfill the Scriptural truth of two becoming one flesh because that requires two people of the opposite gender to fulfill. The female sexual organs were created specifically to receive the male sexual organs, there is no way around this. For this reason there will never be any true homosexual marriage, they may get the laws changed in their favor, but God will never respect their false union because it will still be an abomination before him. Marriage is a sacred institution ordained by God, and that is one big reason why homosexuals can never truly be married.

Oh I am sure that some will become angry and try to debunk the claims that I have made in this article, but their arguments are extremely flawed, and based only upon their own sinful rebellion towards God, and not upon any real truth.

Those involved in homosexual activity are actually heterosexuals that are sexually disorientated, many of these people are under tremendous satanic oppression, and even demonic possession. They call it the “Gay” lifestyle, but careful investigation will reveal that it is far from being “Gay”. Many of these individuals are hurting, and looking for answers, many are hard hearted and will not listen to the voice of reason, but the fact still remains they all need Jesus Christ.

Let’s investigate the roots of the homosexual movement for a moment:

Researcher’s have traced the homosexual movement in America back to England, to a fellow named Alistair Crowley. Crowley is often noted for being the father of modern Satanism, but there was more to the story concerning this guy. Crowley was also a devout radical homosexual, and a rabid hater of Jesus Christ and of the Christian faith. The secular rock music culture from the 60’s to the present is full of Crowley’s influence, his arrogance, and his rebellion against a Holy God.
Want More info: http://www.av1611.org/othpubls/roots.html

The same satanic rebellion can be traced then to Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime, and then to Margaret Sanger who founding what we know now as Planned Parenthood here is the United States. All held the same basic demonic beliefs, and all had the worst evil intentions imaginable. Any form of rebellion to God, and his Word is an abomination, and the homosexual movement is no exception.
Want more Information: http://www.giveshare.org/newsletter/bookreview/pinkswastika.html

It is easy enough for a true believer to figure out what is happening in society today. Satan is leading his minions into deeper and deeper rebellion against God as they fight to take over society much in the way Hitler took over Germany. Satan has succeeded in deceiving many into sacrificing their little ones to him on the alter of “choice”, now he is out to turn the sacred union between a man and woman inside out. Yes marriage is sacred, and that is why we must fight tooth and nail to protect it, not just because it is “traditional”, the way it’s always been done. Such an argument for mere “tradition” leaves the issue open for debate, and it is not open for debate as far as the Lord goes.

We are living in the very last day’s that is for sure, but even though we are watching the sky’s, we still must occupy until he comes again. I hope that Christians will not just lay down and let the liberals push through their radical agenda, we need to fight it, HARD! The church withdrew back in the 60’s and 70’s and that is how “free love” and “abortion on demand” infiltrated American society at set up shop. God forbid that we should run and hide from the job at hand today, we must stand up and make ourselves heard if we are to survive. Please, for the sake of the Word of God, and for this nation, do not crawl under your pew and go to sleep, marriage is a sacred institution that we MUST defend at all costs. Will you join me in pledging your families, your fortunes, and your sacred honor to save America from impending doom.

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