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What Would a Peaceful World Look Like?
by John Tyler 
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Ever wonder what the formula would be for obtaining a world where there peace?

Unfortunately, there have always been two forces operating in the world, and they are good and evil or God and Satan.

If Satan were out of the way (and he will be for one thousand years - just after the rapture of the saints, and after the seven angels spoken of in Revelation meter out God’s wrath upon the rest of civilization), then the earth will experience what God has written about in Romans Chapter Twelve....starting in verse one.

God tells us, “I urge you therefore, brothers and sisters in Christ, by the grace of God, that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice- holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.”

God then gave us the formula for having a peaceful world. One without hate, malice, jealousy, rage, anger, deceit and a host of other sinful characteristics.

1. We should not think of ourselves more highly that we ought to. Instead, we should think of ourselves as someone who would rather put others ahead of ourselves.

2. Use the talents or gifts that God has given each of us to help other members of the body of Christ…which is the universal church consisting of born-again believers who have accepted Christ as Savior and Lord, who have repented, and who have been baptized as this is how the Bible defines the word Christian.

3. If we understand the Bible, share it with others when they have questions. If our gift is serving others, serve them well. If God has given us a gift of teaching, let us teach others so they will know the Word of God well. This will strengthen their faith. Some of us have a gift of being able to encourage others. Do it well. Many have the gift of being charitable. God loved and respected a Roman Centurion by the name of Cornelius “Because of his charitable giving to the poor.” When we give, give generously. Others have the gift of leadership. That is an awesome responsibility to lead others with the goal in mind of getting them into heaven. Others have a gift of compassion and mercy. This is a gift that many seek. People are hurting…some of YOU have this gift of being able to sense their needs, and speak compassionately to them.

4. Love one another. See everyone through the eyes of Jesus. When we do that, we discover that His love is genuine. He cares for everyone…lost or saved.

5. Hate and despise that which is evil. Know how the devil operates, and protect yourself and others from his attacks. Cling to that which is good. What is good? Those things that we speak of in this article, and that which is found in Romans 12.

6. Be devoted to each other in Christian love.

7. Esteem or honor one another by placing them and their needs above yours.

8. Be a zealot for Christ, and do not lack in your zeal for serving Him.

9. Be joyful in your hope. This hope spoken of is knowing that you are a resident of heaven, and this earth is not your home. When you face death, you win! You move on to a much greater place that this planet. You should have no fear of dying.

10. When trials come…learn from them. The first thing you will learn from tribulation is going to be patience.

11. Be faithful in your prayer life. Pray (which is simply speaking to God, your Father), and speak to Him often throughout the day about other’s needs, then yours.

12. Share what you have with God’s people. Whether your spiritual gifts, your food…your home as a place to meet for hospitality, or your financial assets.

13. Practice hospitality. Open your home up to others to share a meal and the gospel with them.

14. If others persecute you for your faith, bless them. Do good to them, and do not curse them. God tells us that He will work with them when they do wrong to you.

15. When others around you rejoice over God’s blessings (whether spiritual, emotional or physical blessings), rejoice with them. Be happy for them as you would for yourself when good things happen to you.

16. When others need to take time to mourn, mourn with them. Have empathy for their situation. Perhaps one of their loved-ones is sick, or they have died. Be there for them.

17. Do not be proud. God hates seven things: The first is pride. Satan has pride welled up inside of him. He wanted to war against God and the other two thirds of the angels in heaven. God expelled him from heaven, and cast him and his one-third of angels (now angels, but called demons) to the earth. They landed in what is now known as Bergama, Turkey. It should be no wonder to you that the Middle East has always been in turmoil. Be willing to associate with people who are less fortunate than you. Don’t condescend to them, but love them…help them where and when you can. You could also fall into this category…but for the grace and mercy of God.

18. Try your best to live in harmony with each other. Christians will spend eternity in heaven – together, so we might as well learn to get along while here on the planet.

19. Don’t be conceited. This is different from being prideful. Proverbs considers one who is full of himself (conceit) as a fool. “Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him.” Pride can be proud in one’s self,which is conceit, and it can include being proud of one’s accomplishments or possessions. The true believer who studies God’s Words (the Bible) will know that we rely on God for our next breath, our next dollar, or our next meal. “Apart from Christ, we can do nothing.” “With Christ, all things are possible.

20. Do not repay evil with evil. It is no longer, “An eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth”. God tells us that vengeance is His, not ours. Instead, view everyone through the eyes of Jesus, and all of a sudden, we will begin to see them as lost souls who need a Savior if they plan on getting into heaven at the time of death.

21. Be careful to do that which is right in the eyes of others. Do right (those things that we know would please God) in their sight…and do right behind their backs as well!

22. When possible, live in peace with your neighbors, co-workers, relatives, and church members for this is part of our reasonable service. Obey those who are in authority over you. When they do wrong, pray for them. If they cause you to do that which you know is against the teachings of God, stick up for your principles. Use the power of your vote when and if there are people in public office who legislate rules in violation of God’s principles as set forth in His word. Vote into office those who you know are morally good people, and who stand for principles that match yours.

23. If your enemy is hungry…feed him. If he or she is thirsty, give them drink. In doing so, they may become perplexed as to why their enemy is treating them nicely. It may eventually turn them to Christ….who can say?

24. Never overcome evil with evil. Overcome evil with good.

This is the way we should see the earth one day. If you believe we are in the “last days”, as I am convinced we are, then you know that everything that is right is now turned around and is viewed as wrong and vice-versa. Political forces are changing your world and there seems little you can do about it.

I assure you...this is all part of God's plan to bring to a close this "season" which is told of in the Bible. See Matthew 24.

The Bible speaks of these times. Soon (when you see Israel begin to rebuild the Holy Temple on top of Mount Zion), we will need to begin to prepare for the second coming of Jesus.

My guess is that we will see a new world leader emerge SOON, and be elected in 2012. Before that, we will see an event that will cause Israel to expel all Arabs from Israel - particularly from their current possession of Mount Zion where their Dome of the Rock and al Aqsa Mosque is now located. My guess is that this “event” will come in the form of Israel doing a preemptive military strike on Iran.

The job that President Ahmadinejad of Iran has, in my educted opinion, is solely to provoke Israel into a war. Little does he know that he will lose.

In my opinion, and found in America’s Two Holy Wars available in the online e-book store, this temple will be completed by 2015 – mid-year. When this happens, the rapture will take place.

After that, according to the Bible, there will be just 144,000 Jews left alive. This reduction in Jewish populationtakes place when Arab forces attack Israel in retaliation for removing Arab holy places from Mt. Zion.I believe this happens in mid-2015. The purpose of the Jewish "remnant" of 144,000 people, will be to witness to those who remain with them…and who were not “saved” that the Messiah has truly come ong ago, and that He has just returned to take the saints to heaven.
Those who then convert to Christianity will be given the choice of being beheaded for their faith, or accepting a mark on their right hand or forehead. This mark allows them to buy and sell anything…including food. This manner of trading will become the new Global Currency spoken of in the Bible.

Satan will not be restrained by the Holy Sprit as he is now when the saints and the Holy Spirit are taken from the earth. Can you image this planet without the influence of the Holy Spirit of God?

Can you imagine how many will respond toward you (if you are still here) when they want something of yours?

It is best to leave this article with that thought.

Know this: “Whosever shall call upon the Lord, and ask Him to come into their life and save them, and who sincerely want to change the direction of their life without Christ (to repent), then He will save them (you) and He will give you the gift of eternal life with Him in heaven…and he will give you the gift of the Holy Spirit who will dwell within you. He will lead you and guide you while you are still here on the planet.

We have a "Prayer of Salvation" located at www.JohnTyler.com/Salvation.htm

John Tyler, Author of nine books.
FIVE of my books are bible-bases, so those are FREE!


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Beth LaBuff  27 Oct 2009
I've often thought about what that time will be like. Thanks for writing this!


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