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Adulterers in Bed With satan
by Patricia Backora
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Adulterers in Bed With Satan
Psalms 51; Ezekiel chapter 23; Jere.5:8;
Matt.5:31-32; 19:9; Mark 10:2;
I Cor.6:9-10; 7:11; Heb.12:14; 13:4

Arise, My dear people. In these darkened days of apostasy, be brave and arise to the defense of My Word, which is being trampled upon and taken lightly not only by lost sinners but even by Christian believers who once stood for the truth and lived by it. I refer specifically to the stormy contentious issue of divorce and remarriage within my body, which is now a disease epidemic draining the spiritual life from My Body the church. It is a shame when statistics reveal that divorce and remarriage within My church has exceeded that taking place in the world! Sins which should not even once be named among My saints have corroded and corrupted My Body the church.

Whenever sin in condemned in My camp, those who believe only in “love” will point the finger and say that no one is in any position to condemn sin because ALL have sinned and fallen short of My glory. That sounds like godly Christian humility, but it is satan’s effort to promote tolerance of sin in My church by getting Christians to keep quiet about it and turn a blind eye to it. Satan, prince of darkness, does his worst work if left undisturbed. Misguided Christian “love” is the rug of tolerance under which satan runs a workshop churning out more and bigger sins.

Unlike today, every godly preacher in the Bible, including the prophets and Paul the apostle, preached against sin and took a firm stand against it. That includes Noah, who got drunk after the flood (Gen.9:20-21; 2 Pet.2:5). Jonah was a fugitive who rebelled against My orders to go to Nineveh and preach. Though he had been disobedient he repented and went. I did not disqualify Jonah from preaching against sin just because his own record was imperfect. Paul killed Christians before his conversion. But I didn’t forbid him to preach against sin afterward. Christians are COMMANDED to strive (fight) against sin and the things of darkness (Eph.6:10-17; Heb.12:4; James 4:7; I Pet.5:8-9).

How was serious sin dealt with in the early church? Unlike today, Christians were not exhorted by their shepherds to just overlook grievous sin for love’s sake. If a man or woman was caught up in fornication or adultery, they were to be disfellowshiped until they repented and forsook their illegitimate partner. Period. There are thousands of kinds of sin which can be committed by any careless believer, but Paul specifically commanded believers not to keep company with fornicators (sexually immoral people) in the church (I Cor.5:9).

As bad as all sin is in my sight, certain sins are worse because they are committed inside the believer’s body, the Temple of the Holy Ghost (1 Cor.6:15-20). This is the very worst act of desecration a believer can commit. Beloved, your bodies are members of CHRIST’S body. Why would you so flagrantly and wantonly defile what belongs to your own Savior, that Redeemer Who died to purchase you from satan’s kingdom of darkness? Why do Christians think it’s no big deal that their churches literally stink from the sin they’ve imported from the world? Why do you continue to close your eyes to the sin that’s causing so many believers to fall from grace and end up burning in hell as rebellious heretics? Paul instructed believers to REJECT unrepentant heretics after two warnings (Titus 3:10). Yet modern churches are so “loving” they’ll condone repeated episodes of sin and just zip their lip.

Can you not smell the smoke of fearful eternal judgment to come? Instead of being complacent about satan taking over your church, you should sound the alarm and warn others that I am a God to be feared, to be served in fear and trembling (Deut.4:24; Psalms 2:11; Heb.12:28-29).

Yet modern Christians, hoping to “keep the peace at any cost” say you’re not supposed to judge, and only “love” matters in My sight. Hogwash! What kind of love tolerates the destruction of homes and families and denies My Word which condemns sexual immorality? Being yet an unperfected mortal, Paul judged one man who slept with his own stepmother. Paul went a step further than a gentle rebuke. He even delivered the man over to satan for the destruction of his rebellious flesh so that his spirit would be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus (I Cor.5:1-6). The other Christians weren’t even to eat with that one (I Cor.5:11). They were actually COMMANDED to judge those within the church and to put this wicked sinner out of their fellowship (I Cor.5:12-13).

I the Lord am a consuming fire Who will not tolerate sin and uncleanness in My camp. I will thoroughly purge My own threshing floor and burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire of judgment (Luke 3:17; Heb.6:8). When that holy fire speaks words of judgment through My messengers, it cannot be quenched, but is as a fire shut up in the bones of My prophets (Jere.20:9).

My childish children have lost all reverence toward Me. Instead of approaching Me in godly fear and walking reverently and humbly before their LORD, they treat me like a heathen Santa Claus whose only job is to shower them with presents and turn a blind eye to their naughtiness. Those who refuse to treat Me with respect now and despise My commandments now will tremble head to toe on that fearsome day when they must finally stand before Me and answer for the mockery they made of their own Christian testimony in defiling their own marriage bed.

I have showered many gifts of grace in this New Testament era. But My grace does not extend to sanctifying illicit unions between an adulterer and his new lover. Even if the guilty believer is married by the state I’m not the One Who marries him to his new partner. Even if the adulterer and his new wife have children together it doesn’t change the fact they are living in sin. Whoever forsakes the wife of his youth and their children to “form a new family", and refuses to genuinely repent of this, is forever a sinner in My sight, and the passage of many years does not change this (Matt.5:32; Malachi 2:14-16). Only repentance and forsaking the way of sin can make things right between us, saith the Lord.

Many modern believers would condemn Paul’s action against the Corinthian adulterer as being unloving and uncharitable. They would wonder why Paul felt free to condemn sin in the church when he himself stood in need of Jesus’ redemption just like everybody else.

It takes only a little leaven to puff up the whole congregation with sin. Leaven must be purged out, not hidden under the rug. Tolerate sin in the camp and My glory will leave your midst. My saints have been chosen to someday judge the world and even angels (I Cor.6:1-5). Paul stated that even that saint least esteemed in the church was qualified to judge matters. Paul who delivered such a strong verdict and sentence against the Corinthian fornicator, called himself the least of the apostles because he’d committed the terrible sin of persecuting Christ’s church (I Cor.15:9). But that didn’t stop Paul from purging out sin in the church. The burden of the oversight of many churches lay upon his shoulders and like any good shepherd Paul chased the devil out of the sheepfold instead of showering satan with the love of Jesus (2 Cor.11:28). In I Timothy 1:20 My servant Paul delivers two more rebellious Christians over to satan so they would learn not to blaspheme.

When it is pointed out that My Son the Lord Jesus Christ forbade divorce among believers except in the case of marital unfaithfulness, many still excuse their selfish bed-hopping by stating that believers are not under the Law so what Jesus commanded in the Gospels doesn’t strictly apply anymore. They feel so free they refuse to take the Master’s easy yoke upon their shoulders. Instead of being obedient sheep they act like wild dogs in heat. Some of the big-name mega-preachers, alleged paragons of holiness, have ditched their first spouses citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for divorcing them. But I am not so easily fooled. Most of the time it’s for a trivial reason the mega-preacher has deserted his/her spouse. The old spouse just wasn’t glamorous enough on TV to keep ministry money rolling in. The money-craving apostate preacher needs to be a people pleaser rather than pleasing God. So he seeks a fresher, younger face for his ministry “to glorify Jesus” before the world.

Well, which Jesus is being honored whenever a Christian preacher forsakes his first wife for a beautiful harlot to show off to his congregation? Such a Jesus is an indulgent god of the faithless preacher’s own making, to serve his own sinful carnal lusts. Many who divorce say their own happiness must come first and I don’t want them to be trapped in a miserable situation. The modern TV preacher insists that you can write your own ticket with God, and some of them would say that means I will even supply a new husband or wife if the old one doesn’t turn you on anymore. How many faithful wives and precious children have been left weeping and desolate by these selfish, lustful wild stallions who go neighing after a new filly?

Many Christians swear they belong to a family church and the family must always come first. But Christians who wouldn’t even dream of disowning an unruly son or daughter for a serious sin don’t even hesitate to divorce a faithful, but unglamorous spouse for leaving the cap off the toothpaste or snoring in bed. Evidently these carnal believers feel that the family bond of a parent-child relationship is like Super Glue while the bond between husband and wife is weaker than flour paste! Even though My own Word states that I Myself have joined married couples together!

Christians idolize their favorite TV preachers so much they view them as perfect in every way. Even when the truth comes out about their philandering lifestyle, the Christian will justify their sin. They say that the preacher’s first wife must have deserved being deserted and divorced, and since I want everyone to be happy, the preacher was ENTITLED to marry his illicit lover and start a new life with her. I don’t view such people as making a fresh start. I see them as filthy unrepentant sinners who not only have left their first love in marriage but left their first love, Christ Jesus. Without holiness no one shall see the Lord, and without true repentance, all adulterers will end up in hell, regardless of their religious testimony to others. ALL things are naked and open to My sight. I hate bed-hopping among My saints, and I especially hate hypocrisy in all its forms.

Divorce was rampant in ancient Israel, and this grieved me because of the tears shed by women made widows through divorce and all the abandoned children deserted by wicked fathers broke up their family home. A woman could be divorced for such trivialities as failure to keep her hair completely covered in public, failure to cook a favorite dish right, or oversleeping from sheer exhaustion. If she got a pimple or a rash she worried her husband might wander off to find a fresher face. A woman was considered barely human by heartless men who welcomed Moses’ permission to divorce. But Moses only permitted divorce because of the hardness of men’s hearts (Matt.19:8). Don’t let your hearts grow hard or cold, my dear people. I have invested much in you and I expect good fruit out of your lives, not bitter fruits such as needless divorce (Matt.7:17; James 3:17 Now the ax is laid to the tree. Every tree which refuses to bear good fruit shall be cast into the fire (Matt.3:10; Luke 3:9).

The very worst hypocrites are men and women who dare to call down My judgment upon others who sin while cherishing those same sins themselves and trying to hide them. Certain televangelists holler at the top of their lungs about sinful America resembles Sodom and how I’m about to judge this nation forsaking family values. At the same time, they know they themselves are living in adultery after forsaking faithful first wives and marrying their illicit lovers, reestablishing second families. No, I don’t blame the children of these illegitimate unions. I love all children who haven’t yet hardened their own hearts against Jesus. Such are very precious in My sight. But the remarriage of an unrepentant adulterer IS illegitimate in heaven if not on earth. I have heard the cries of forsaken partners and children broken by uncharitable, needless, selfish divorce in My church and I am a good Daddy Who is getting out His switch to correct this problem.

Why do modern preachers think they can have repeated divorces and remarriages and still stay in the ministry? My Word specifically states that a spiritual overseer or elder among My people must be the husband of only ONE wife, not many (I Tim.3:2; Titus 1:6). What authority does an adulterous preacher have to tell others how to live their own lives? My Son meant what He said when He showed a divorced woman is STILL married to her original husband in My sight (Matt.5:32). He also denied the authority of earthly officials to separate those I have joined together (Matt.19:6; Mark 10:9).

Many, hoping to reassure themselves that I don’t really care how they live their own lives, even justify David’s affair with Bathsheba on the grounds that their son Solomon loved Me and built the Temple, and Christ’s own line came through Bathsheba. But this was evidence of My merciful grace, not Me endorsing their illicit love affair. True, Bathsheba was taken into David’s harem as a widow after her husband was murdered on the battlefield through David’s scheming. And I did forgive both of them and reinstated them into salvation. But how horribly David and Bathsheba suffered for their sin! My prophet Nathan warned David that although his sin was put away from My sight, his actions would carry lifelong severe consequences which would affect his family for generations. He told David a tale of an evil rich man who, having many herds and flocks of his own, stole a poor neighbor’s only pet lamb to serve to a dinner guest. David, whose harem was filled with beautiful women eager to please him, had taken the only treasure his poor neighbor Uriah possessed, his beautiful wife Bathsheba.

Although Bathsheba had little say in what happened to her, she lost the very first son she and David had together to a painful sickness. How My heart broke for that poor woman. Though she lived in the most luxurious home in all Israel, she felt like the most wretched of women. Once happy and full of the love of life, she now felt broken, ruined and stripped of all that was precious to her. Although she was greatly loved by David as his favorite wife, for the rest of Bathsheba’s life her heart ached from the loss of her first baby. All because the shepherd of Israel, David, allowed sin to sneak into the pasture of his own heart and overcome him in one unguarded moment of weakness.

David was struck with a long string of tragedies for his sin. Not only did he lose his first son by Bathsheba, his daughter Tamar got raped by another of his sons, who, in turn, was murdered by Tamar’s brother Absalom in revenge for the attack on his sister. Absalom fled from his father, who’d had no will to discipline either of his sons for their wickedness. David realized he’d lost his own moral authority to rule his own home because of his own sordid sins. Years later Absalom rebelled and tried to murder his father to steal the throne of Israel. Absalom was killed by General Joab as a traitor. David was devastated. Yes, the rich man had to repay fourfold and more for the theft of his neighbor’s pet lamb.

If you still believe David’s sin was no big deal, read his heartrending repentance in Psalms Chapter 51 where David pours out his soul in deepest remorse to Me. David realized that only AFTER his own relationship with Me was restored through repentance would he will be able to win sinners to salvation (Psalms 51:13). If you’re up to your own neck in mud you’re in no position to clean anybody else up.

David temporarily lost his joy. Even when he got it back it was often overshadowed and dimmed by anxiety and regret. His bright music room began to sound like a funeral parlor as he mourned for what he’d lost in life. David, who had sung so joyfully in his youth, began to sing sadder songs pleading for My vengeance upon his enemies, and lamenting the trials of his scarred life. In Psalms 86:13 David praises Me for rescuing his soul from the deepest hell. David would have died and gone to hell like any other rebellious sinner if he hadn’t repented, and if I hadn’t mercifully granted him pardon. In ancient Israel both he and Bathsheba could have been stoned to death for adultery. I even spared them this. If every adulterous Christian were to be stoned to death, blood would flow deep in many modern churches. Be thankful that instead of your having to shed your own blood for sin, that the precious blood of My beloved Son avails to wash away ALL your transgressions (I John 1:7).

Some contend that since life isn’t fair that maybe David would have had a rough ride through life even if he hadn’t sinned with Bathsheba. David did suffer unjust persecution as a youth, but his very worst trials were the bitter fruit of his deep fall into sin. His health deteriorated. When he died at seventy, he was as frail as a ninety-year-old. David was a worn-out shadow of the man he once was. His biggest sorrow was that he had hurt the very God Who had preserved his life in his youth and made him shepherd over His people Israel.

Christians say I still used David mightily in My service after he sinned. True, but I used him despite his sin not because of it. Never again in their lifetime would David or Bathsheba laugh a carefree laugh or know a day without some sort of heavy burden gnawing at the back of their minds. Even after David died Bathsheba never felt free to lower her guard against those who might want to usurp her place in the palace. Often she didn’t know who she could trust.

Christians who defend divorce and remarriage point to the glorious reign of Solomon, made possible through David’s adultery with Bathsheba. Solomon did pray a magnificent dedicatory prayer at the Temple he built in My honor, and he made some very wise decisions as king. But there were many drawbacks to Solomon’s reign. Solomon established his throne with a bloody sword. He started out by killing a brother who challenged his right to the throne. Solomon executed Joab, who had once fought to win the kingdom for David but had later murdered men David tried to protect. Solomon began with a right attitude toward Me and My holiness, but fell into idolatry through the influence of many heathen wives. Solomon lusted after a thousand different women and still he wasn’t satisfied with what he had. He disobeyed Moses’ commandment that kings must not multiply wives unto themselves (Deut.17:17).

Solomon sought grandeur for the sake of grandeur. His ego needed constant gratification. His many needless building projects burdened poorer men who had to serve him at stone quarries and construction sites part of each year. Solomon’s harsh taxation and forced labor policies helped to foment the rebellion which brought strife to the tribes of Israel and tore their nation in two.

Christians also forget the worst consequence of David’s sin with Bathsheba: It ruined his testimony among the heathens and caused My Holy Name to be blasphemed (2 Sam.12:14). Wherever the Name of the God of Israel was mentioned, sinners would snicker about how “holy” My supposed representative had acted in his own harem. Preachers who sleep on soiled sheets of sin shouldn’t holler from their high pulpit about the dirt in other people’s lives. It makes them look ridiculous.

This business of saying that you can just disregard Jesus’ clear commandments as being irrelevant and only helpful suggestions for better living, that’s just the devil lying to you! What kind of a King am I if My own Bride, the Church, feels free to shrug off My commandments for holy living? Is Jesus to be Lord only in those areas where it’s easy to obey Him? If you love Me, you’ll keep My commandments.

That self-sacrificing love of Jesus which “beareth all things” has been substituted for a love which DEMANDS all things on your personal wish list to be fulfilled before you’re willing to “love” your spouse. What kind of love is that? What if My own love toward you were as flimsy as the “love” between many Christian couples? What if I withheld MY love toward you until you performed a long list of do’s and don’t’s? What if you failed to measure up to MY wish list and I divorced YOU? In Christ My wish list has ALREADY been perfectly fulfilled, and all you have to do is rest in Jesus’ perfect righteousness and plug into His life being lived through you each day. That is walking in the Spirit instead of the flesh.

Unfortunately many of My professing believers choose to walk in the flesh and set up their own tiny kingdoms of SELF instead of Savior. They rejoice in a Christ Who bled to death on a cross to save THEM. But they refuse to bear graciously with a spouse who has gained weight, lost his/her hair, doesn’t share their taste in clothes or recreational activities, or closes the toilet seat the wrong way. If a woman flees her husband because of unbearable abuse, that’s one thing. In the absence of true repentance, temporary or even permanent separation from such a dangerous mate may well be necessary to preserve health or life. But being a home-wrecker and trying to steal someone else’s “good-looking” husband is another matter. And it just doesn’t wash when Christians claim the new partner is necessary for their emotional well-being and “the LORD understands, so it’s okay”. That’s greasy grace and sloppy agape. My grace gives you the power to walk in true holiness. It doesn’t provide you an excuse to sin (Rom.6:1-18). True agape (Christlike brotherly love) shows forth the tenderness, gentleness and kindness of Christ in you, the Hope of Glory (I Cor.13).

I the LORD know what it’s like to be cheated on by those who once loved Me. The nations of Judah and Israel forsook Me, the Rock of their Salvation in favor of idols they considered more exciting. Adultery is an evil brew of other sins as well:

LUST- You aren’t content with what you already have and want only to feed your carnal desires at the expense of My holiness (Heb.13:5; James 4:1-10).
IDOLATRY- You forget all about Me as well as your true spouse whenever you fixate your mind and desires on that forbidden dreamboat making eyes at you.
REBELLION AGAINST MY LORDSHIP- When David sinned with Bathsheba, he rebelled against My commandment not to murder, not to covet and not to commit adultery.
PRIDE- Any woman who leaves her man for a “sexier-looking” lover does so because she thinks she’s too good for her husband.
THEFT- The adulterer or adulteress is stealing something which belongs only to their mate and giving it to another: intimate access to their body (I Cor.7:4).When someone else’s spouse is stolen, the sin is worsened by the destruction of two families.
DELILING THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY GHOST- Sex is permissible and clean ONLY within the context of lawful marriage. All other sexual activity is forbidden by My Word as being unclean (Heb.13:4). Many believers today have broken their own physical health through sexual immorality. AIDS and other loathsome diseases sometimes result from sexual promiscuity. There have even been cases where I was faithful and just to forgive the transgressions of the offender and restore them to perfect fellowship with Me, but they had to suffer in their bodies the penalty of sin until I took them home (Psalms 38:5-7; Rom.1:27; I Cor.5:10).
DISHONORING CHRIST BEFORE THE WORLD- You make yourself a laughingstock before men when you tell lost sinners they had better repent or go to hell. The conclusion they draw from your life’s testimony? Do as I say, not as I do.
SPIRITUAL SUICIDE- All unrepentant adulterers, whatever their profession of faith, end up in hell and have no inheritance in My Kingdom (Prov.7;I Cor.6:9-10).

Little children aren’t dumb. Regardless of your religious facade, you can’t hide the real truth from them. If they find out about your dirty little love affair, they’ll never again take you seriously when you tell them about Jesus’ power to transform a life from darkness to light. The darkness of your own life loudly proclaims the phoniness of your own love toward Me. Only through broken-hearted repentance and forsaking of sin will those precious channels of communication with disillusioned children be restored. Leave your family for a brand new lover and that child will be left wondering whether the god you taught them about is going to end up leaving them too.

My people, if you can’t even make peace with one another and keep your own marriage vows, how can you testify to the world about the love and holiness of God? How can you speak of My great faithfulness and claim to be representatives of Christ if you can’t even be faithful to an innocent marriage partner? I hear so many say and think: “Now that the children are grown up I don’t need to live a lie anymore, so I can get rid of my dumpy, dull old spouse and get me someone who’s slimmer, better-looking, richer, more exciting, etc.” Now if you know you’ve lived a lie in only PRETENDING to love someone else for years, how can you share the truth with sinners who can barely tell right from wrong?

Many of My people, far from being depressed about impending divorce, are actually happy and thrilled that they’ll soon be free to go look for someone “more compatible” with THEIR so-called needs. They even giggle with excitement about getting back in the swing of the dating game. And it IS a game people play, a power struggle to manipulate someone else into doing what they want, and to bewitch someone else into doing evil. The grasping hands of an evil adulterous woman are like snares and nets (Eccl.7:26). Like a venomous spider she traps her prey, intent on devouring a man’s very soul. And when she tires of him, she’ll ditch him for someone else, leaving him wounded and bleeding inside, and on his way to hell.

Instead of viewing separation and divorce as tragedy and against My express will for married people, selfish apostate believers deny the very Christ Who set the perfect example of self-denying love. In their refusal to be kind and compassionate toward a mate who isn’t as rich, successful, thrilling or beautiful as they might like, they set themselves up for future heartache because what you sow you’ll surely reap. If you refuse to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, especially in marriage, someone else will treat you the same shabby way and finally reject you too. Even that forbidden lover you’re lusting after. Even if you “tie the knot” with your partner in adultery, that tie which binds you together will snap apart because it will be based not on “as long as we both shall live” but “as long as we both shall love” (lust). The flimsy foundation of selfishness upon which you’ve built your relationship won’t weather the storms of life. If you married the first time for mostly selfish reasons, chances are your second self-centered relationship will also fall apart. “Me first” is the mindset of all carnal relationships not founded upon My Word. The tie that binds in an adulterous remarriage is a spiritual noose choking off the life of Christ within.

Like all rotting flesh, the whole structure you built on sin will eventually cave in under you, leaving your soul in a shambles. And I refuse to bless such adulterous liaisons. The devil brings partners in adultery together. I don’t. It is satan who whispers into the ear of a Christian minister to leave his wife for a younger woman in the congregation, just because his wife gained ten pounds or time has aged her appearance. It is satan who persuades these Judas preachers to commit adultery by remarrying a more glamorous woman “to glorify God” or “enhance his ministry”. It is not I Who initiate such evil relationships, but satan, and I cannot bless the works of the devil.

My dear children, how can you possibly preach holiness to the world while you refuse to practice it yourself? How can you preach about the wonder-working love of Jesus when you refuse to love even your own mate?

Your life may be the ONLY Bible some sinners ever read. Your actions speak far louder than mere words. Don’t let your life be full of contradictions canceling out everything you preach to others about the Lord Jesus.

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