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A Fortified City
by Shirley Williams
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On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center in New York, and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. was hit by terroist’s using jet airliners as bombs. The twin towers of the World Trade Center, each hit by a jet airliner, crumbled to the ground in a pile of rubble. Many people lost their lives in this tragic happening.

When this terrible event took place, there was a spirit of fear released by Satan to literally bring this Nation and the world to a place of terror. The enemy tries to control people by fear and deception. The spirit of fear is an all out blatant attack on a person’s mind. The onslaught by these lying spirit’s, causing fear to grip the human mind is relentless.

Reports have come in that people are having panic attacks, anxiety attacks, buying more guns and amo like never before. They’re being paralysied by this spirit of fear. People are afraid to go out of their homes to shop at the grocery store. To go to the mall’s, even to church. They’re afraid for their children to go out and be away from them. People are afraid period.

This spirit of fear is trying to wrap itself around America and the world in a stronghold. More intercessory prayer must go forth, doing spiritual warfare to break the power of this spirit of fear and bring it down. We must not, as the Church, let people be taken captive by this enemy of fear. We must rise up to the occassion with the Warrior Himself, Who is love, Jesus Christ and join Him in battle against this ruthless enemy and defeat him. Love never fails.

In this dream I saw a fortified city. The people there took others as prisoner’s. The whole theme of the dream seemed to be about “Setting the Captives Free”(Luke 4:18).

(The Word fortified means, ‘strong-[hold], barricade, to strengthen and secure a position militarily. Satan is the one who takes people prisoner spiritually and physically, but Jesus is the One who sets them free).

I seemed to be flying over this city (in the Spirit) because I was looking down upon it to start with. Directly, I was on the ground and this is when I noticed that the color of everything was a dark gray color. Everything had a lifeless look about it. No green trees or grass or blue sky. No flowers. No bright colors. Just this lifeless gray.

The color ‘Gray’ is representative of deception, something hidden, crafty. It can also mean false doctrine. “Strangers have devoured his strength, and he knoweth it not (deception); yea, gray hairs are here and there upon him, yet he knoweth not” (Hosea 7:9)

The walls around this city were very thick. In fact, the whole appearance of it looked ominious and foreboding. I had a deep sensing that this was a place where it’s prisoner’s were tortured unmercifully.
(Jericho’s walls were thick too but because of God’s power, they came crumbling down. The torture spoke to me of condemnation, lies, fear, accusations, pressure--all in the mind. The battlefield is the mind and this is Satan‘s main area of attack).

I was with a group of people at this place and in all, there was four of us. I don’t know how the other’s got there, but we had come to this fortified city of the enemy to spy it out.
(This spoke to me of the Church coming into the watchmen anointing and emphasis on team ministry of both men and women working together. Plus, it’s not enough to know who God is, you‘ve got to also know who your enemy is. You‘ve got to know his m.o. John 10:10, and you‘ve got to have God’s strategies to win the victory).

Our purpose here was to destroy this city and set the people who were being held prisoner, free. I, myself wanted to just blow it up to get rid of the enemy, but I knew I couldn’t do that because of the people inside. I knew we had to have a strategic plan in order to destroy the city and save the people.
(This fortified city represents the enemy’s stronghold of fear where he‘s busy now taking people captive. This also said to me, that even when the desire is there to do things our way, we must keep ourselves humbled and submitted to God and His ways. His ways are higher and much better than our’s. We must not rush into the enemy’s camp unprepared and under our own steam, doing something impulsive and foolish. We must apply the blood of Jesus and be led of the Holy Spirit. We must prepare ourselves in seeking God for revelation knowledge and wisdom to know what to do and how to proceed).

We were there at the gate of entry to the city now. We had come to possess the gates of hell and set God’s people free from this bondage of fear and terror thats gripping the hearts of God’s people and people all over the world. We were looking for the weakest place in Satan’s plans to gain entry.
(This says to me that you’ve got to know how the enemy got in. What gave him access to be able to set up such a stronghold. Once God reveals it to you and shows you what to do, then you do it. You’ve got to know what the ruling spirit is [spirit of death] and break it‘s power in the name of Jesus. Even Satan has weak places. His plans are not fool proof. Therefore, its very important to seek God’s wisdom and let the Holy Spirit reveal to you these things you need to know. You can’t go on presumption. To do so could be very dangerous).

We were a group of men and women sent on a mission by God and now we stood together outside the gate. We were trying to act nonchalant as to what was going on. Right before our eyes, we saw people being taken prisoner and forced to go into this fortified city. We couldn’t help but notice that the people were not protesting their capture. They were deceived and paralysied by fear, yet I could tell that they didn’t know they were deceived.

(This says to me that theres going to be no distinction between men’s ministry and women’s ministry, it’s all going to come together as a greater team effort, working in unity to carry out God’s plans and purposes in the earth. This also said to me that its important when you engage in spiritual warfare to never let the enemy smell fear in you because this only empowers him to have stronger control. God hasn’t given you a spirit of fear so this must be dealt with by rejecting it and by faith, applying the blood of Jesus. Speaking with the authority of His name and declaring God’s Word that you will not fear as you follow closely the Holy Spirit‘s lead. This also says to me that when we let our guard down, no word, no praise and worship, no time spent in prayer, then it’s much easier for you to be caught unaware and taken prisoner by Satan and his demon spirits in the areas of deception and fear).

The captor’s did not even notice that we were watching every move they made. We were invisible to everyone where we were outside the gate. But we weren’t allowed to move agressively yet.
(This says to me that when you’re obedient to God’s will, it will keep you under His protective covering. He’ll hide you from the enemy and the devil won’t even know you’re there (Psalm 91). Never let the enemy know what God has you up to. The devil can‘t read your mind but he can hear the words you speak that will tip him off).

I saw a lot of young people being taken prisoner as well as older, senior people.
(This says to me that just as God is no respector of persons (Romans 2:11) in the good sense, Satan is also no respector of persons in the evil sense of stealing, killing and destroying them (John 10:10). And a big part of Satan’s aim is to capture the minds of young people through the deception and addiction of drugs, sex, pornography, t.v. movies, gangs, etc. Why is this? Because God has great plans for the young people in power evangelism and the enemy wants to stop that. Thus, the battle in the spirit for their release from all Satanic strongholds. Their release and deliverence is happening and it will be so in this hour of the Church as God has planned for it to be).

At one point, our group had been sitting down outside the gate just observing what was going on. Whatever the stradegy was to be in order to over-take the enemy and set these people free, we seemed to be on ‘hold.’But yet, this symbolic of intercession for their release.
(We must continue to pray at all times.There is also a time to watch and observe the enemies movements, but don’t sit and watch indefinitely, get a plan from God. And when He says, ‘it’s time,’move out in faith and defeat the enemy, whereby the captives are set free).

Then suddenly, one of the young women with us ran over to the gate and grabbed hold of it, trying to see better inside the gate and beyond.
(This says to me that you’ve got to finally take hold and get aggressive in the Spirit. You’ve got to fearlessly, in the name of Jesus, pull down those strongholds of the enemy---2 Cor.10:4-5. But at the same time, you can‘t get impatient and run out ahead of God where it will cause harm, not only to yourself but to others.You must have God‘s wisdom and wait for His time).

While she was at the gate, something popped off my left shoe and flew over near the gate where she was. My shoes were black boots. The piece that had popped off was a gold chain with leather at each end. When this happened, my feeling in the dream was like “oop’s!”
(This speaks to me about preparation. “Having your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.” It says, you must be prepared in God’s Word in order to use the sword of the Spirit effectively against the enemy. And it speaks to me about having dominion---where the soles of your feet walk---taking back dominion from the enemy (Luke 10:19). And of course, this is representative of spiritual warfare, possessing the gates of the enemy. The gold chain--as having links, not breaking rank. It speaks to me of being linked up with others believer in unity by the Holy Spirit to go foward in advancing the Kingdom of God and pulling down the kingdom of Satan. The gold also speaks of wisdom and truth. “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32).

I got up quickly to go and pick up the piece that had popped off my shoe, KNOWING I had to be very careful. I knew if I made the wrong move, I would be captured and taken behind those gray walls as a prisoner myself. I was free and I intended to stay free.
(This said to me that you must be careful to keep yourself pure and cleansed by the blood of Jesus, lest Satan can use something against you. Its imperative that you repent of sins known and unknown and receive cleansing before engaging in spiritual warfare. If you’re not free, you can’t set someone else free. It also says to me that truth that has been thrown out before and left lying in the streets you must now take responsibility for and pick it up. False doctrines must be destroyed and God’s truth restored to all people so they can be set free of this stronghold of fear. This also said to me that there must remain at all times a strong unity among the ministry team members, as well as the Church corporately, lest Satan can get in to cause division and ultimate defeat).

I walked on over to pick up the gold chain from off my shoe and as I started back to sit down, one of the guard’s of the city came by me with an older man in tow. He was more toward senior citizen age. He walked bent over because the guard who was holding onto him had been hitting him about the head.
(This spoke to me of the person being broken in spirit, fearful, oppressed, hopeless and discouraged. A person who had a loss of will to fight to live. This man represents a lot of the senior’s who believe that life for them is at an end. That they’re used up and of no more value on this earth.The guard represents a demon on assignment as a lying spirit to take the man captive. The beating of the man’s head would indicate the fierce attack of the lies of deception against his mind. Satan is targeting older people as well as the young because God is not finished with the senior citizens. There is coming a spirit of rejuvenation to them much like God rejuvenated Abraham and Sarah in their old age with renewed vigor. God will use these people mightily in the end time harvest. Many will be used as ‘spiritual mother’s and father’s’ dispersing much wisdom to the younger generation. Many of them will hit the road in evangelism--even moving to different locations, preaching and winning scores of people to Jesus Christ. Their youth will be renewed like the eagles. They will run when young men shall faint).

The captor’s still didn’t seem to notice my presense at all as they walked right by me. Just the same, I carefully made my way back to the place where I had been observing and watching.
(This said to me that we need to stay under the shadow of almighty God. It also says to wait on the Lord, above all. Wait for Him to show you what to do, how to do and when to go then put His plan into action. But when He does say ‘go‘, don‘t continue to sit there and observe, saying, ‘oh isn’t that terrible.’ It‘s more terrible if you know to do something to help free people and you don’t get up to do it. So, we must be observant of the enemy‘s plots of evil--get God‘s directives, then move in by the leading of the Holy Spirit in aggresive prophetic intercession to ‘set the captives free’ from Satan‘s strongholds of fear and deception).
And we know what God’s directives are---intercession and spiritual warfare for the Church in behalf of our Nation and people around the world who are in the grips of fear and terror. We must begin to, not only come against the spirit of fear until it’s power is broken but at the same time begin releasing God’s hope and faith, His love and His peace through the spoken Word.

Did we win the victory over the spirit of death, fear and deception? The victory is already won through our Lord Jesus Christ and His people are already set free. Our task as the body of Christ is to ‘press in’ through intercessory prayer, fasting and doing serious spiritual warfare as the Holy Spirit leads. We will do this so the victories that Jesus won at Calvary can be manifested in this tangible reality for those people who are being held captive in Satan’s fortified city of fear and deception. Let us all rise to the call and the occassion in the unity of the Holy Spirit so the captives can literally be set free in Jesus name.

Plain As Day Ministries

Shirley Williams

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Carole McDonnell 21 Sep 2002
WoW!!!! Fortified against fear! Tht's so great! We always think about fortifying against sin or tackling fear on a day to day basis...but never actually building battlements against fear and its deceptions. Great article!


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