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America at the Crossroads
by Kevin Cook
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Our Nation, the United States of America is standing at a major crossroads in her history that has the potential for extreme disaster, and the destruction of her society. It is the war between the people of Satan, and the people of God. Those who hold true to God’s Holy Word, and those who despise it, and seek to destroy all traces of Christianity from the culture.

The church is at a pivotal point in this war of good and evil, she too has a choice to make, a choice that will forever affect her influence in society, and her very existence. Church going Americans have become increasingly apathetic in their spiritual walks, the results have been the destruction of her influence, and her involvement the political life of the nation.

Christians have believed the lies of the enemy. They have been told that their “religious views” have no place in government, and “NOT to impose their religious values on others”. The problem is that many religious people in America have believed these lies and retreated behind their stained glass windows as to not upset the apple cart.

As a result we are loosing the battle for the hearts and minds of the culture, more and more the liberal elitists have penetrated society with their messages, and have swayed the younger generation into believing what they say is true. They have done it in the educational system using science to hide their sinister agenda, our public schools now are nothing but churches of humanism, where once the prayers were heard before snack time, and the Bible was one of the textbooks. Now the self appointed saviors of society, the liberal socialists want to do the same thing with the whole governmental system. Their agenda is to push out all hints of Christian influence, and institute their plans for a turning the United States into a socialist police state where they are the ruling class. While liberals are telling Christians not to impose their beliefs on others, the liberal elitists turn right around and impose their humanistic religious beliefs.

If you don’t believe me let me give you a very real scenario:

The homosexual radicals finally succeed in pushing their radical agenda through, and now “Gay marriage” is legal throughout the whole nation (God Forbid!). Let me ask you, do you think that they will stop pushing their agenda at that point? Guess again! The whole thing about having equality, and the legal right to marriage is just a smoke screen for their real agenda, the fall of the Christian church in America. Think about it, there will be many pastors, and churches that will not recognize “gay marriage”, and will continue to oppose them. The homosexual extremists will not rest until they have passed legislation to force every church, and every pastor to perform their sick, perverted ceremonies. Churches will either comply or be shut down by the federal government.

If you think that this won’t happen guess again, it is closer to happening than you think, the church must impose it’s Biblical views, and push Biblical moral values back into society.

Liberals always use the lie of separation of church and state to keep the Christian influence at bay, it is a bald face lie they love to tell, and one that must be done away with.

Our Founding Fathers left merry old England and set sail for the “new world’ because the government ran the church, and Imposed un-Biblical teachings on the people. Many refused to worship the king of England were severely persecuted, tortured, and murdered because they insisted that there was only one true God worthy of to be worshiped. These individuals were true to God’s Word and so in order to obtain the freedom of religion that they desired, they left their homes and came to America.

Our Founding Documents do not state, and have never stated that there is such a separation of Church and state, but the in the old USSR (The United Soviet Socialist Republic), their constitution did state such a thing. Does that give you a hint of what these liberals are after? It’s time to cut through their smoke screens and expose their real radical agendas.

If we allow these liberal socialists to take complete control of this country, we will experience “merry old England” all over again. The government will tell the preachers what they can and can’t preach, this is already happening to some extent. The Christian church will exclusively controlled by the government that is controlled by leftists. This is not what our Founding Fathers intended, and this is exactly why they left England to begin with.

The “Separation of Church and State” was never intended to keep the Christian influence out of the government, or society, but to keep the government out of the church. People who happen to be Christians have every right to have their say in the area of politics, and public life just like anybody else.

If ungodly extremists succeed in overtaking the government in the next election (2004), you can bet their evil agendas will be rolled out from sea to shining sea. If they get control (God Forbid), we will witness the greatest demoralization of this nation that has ever been seen before.

Abortions will skyrocket; Real Marriage between a man and a women will be further trampled, and will suffer under the tyrannical socialist ruling class. Choosing alternative education for your children to keep them out of “Sodom’s schools” will become a thing of the past; liberals talk about choice, but deny real choice to others, especially in the area of education. They have always been against school vouchers that would give parents the right to funnel their tax dollars from the public schools, to pay for their children’s education in a Christian school. Personally I believe it is only right that people, who do not want to support public education with their tax dollars, should not have too.
I believe that de-funding public education may be a good thing that would allow conservatives to gain control over the system again.

Christians are loosing the culture war, and stand to loose a lot more if they remain docile in their pews, spiritually cold and indifferent to the things of God. The call has been issued for the church to become the largest group of conservative activists that ever existed before in this society. Some conservatives are already taking the bull by the horns, they are launching counter protests against liberals, and this is causing quite a stir among the left-wing radicals that are used to not having to deal with this type of opposition.

One such group is ProtestWarriors.com. Protest Warrior is a group of cultural conservatives, some of which are Christians that are taking a stand and opposing the liberal socialists as they oppose America. These brave souls march right into the middle of the left wing hate festivals, with signs in hand they shove the truth right into the faces of fanatical/radical socialists groups like the ACLU, NOW (the national organization for women), and other radical groups out to destroy freedom.

I believe the church needs to take a lesson from groups like Protest Warriors.

We are standing at a major crossroads in America. What will it be? The high road to restoring freedom and godliness to our culture? Or the low road to societal suicide at the hands of ungodly liberal elitists? Make your choice to stand up and make yourself heard now while you still can.

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Member Comments
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Andrew Charles 24 Jan 2011
You did an even better job than you might think. Your article totally reflects the condition of the world would be shortly before tribulation according to Jesus' own words. Prepare for tribulation but pray for the rapture as Daniel rescues us whose name is written in the book of life.
Rod Smith 31 Jan 2004
Well said, Kevin. I don't live in America, but I'm sure this is a timely warning for those who do.


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