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The wilderness Part 2 b continuation
by Richard Turner
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All praise, honor and glory to the Father.

As a servant sent to you in the name of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father, I write this discourse.

The wilderness b continuation

Now Iíll present some minors, Iím not consulting my notes, so if something comes to mind Iíll write on these things then. First allow me to tell you of how glorious my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is. What they thought would utterly destroy me, He turned for my good, as it is written, ďAnd we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.Ē Rom 8:28

1. I started bankruptcy procedures through Debt Solutions in Fairfield, after accepting my down payment I was never able to get in touch with them to get the bankruptcy started. Through the grace of the Lord, I was able to start and complete the procedure.

2. Had at&t internet, and wireless cingular, making monthly payments, out of nowhere received a call from at&t saying the had never received payment, say cingular wasnít sending payment over in time, and there was $1000.00 due or my service would be disconnected, I paid, so what happened to the extra money?

3. Before moving out of the house, sought an apartment at different complexes, Iíll tell of my experience in no particular order for all, but 1 had the same result, didnít qualify, due to credit. These are the ones I applied to some more than once after taking my money stating I didnĎt qualify because of credit, they knew of the credit before accepting the money. River Run, Spring Glen, Creekside, was accepted at one, which I didnít feel the Lord prompting me to go there. They were trying to direct me to end up there, I guess they will learn quite quickly now that they are not running things,. I just touched on these briefly, for Iím anxious to get to Sandpiper for the words of Rev Finney on his discourse The Gospel Truth, The character, claims and practical workings of freemasonry, Chapter 8 1869 Sworn to persecute, where he speaks of their persecution and ingenuity, is quite evident in the apartment Iím in now. Iíve taken the liberty of taking photos for its easier for some to accept than word of mouth.

a. Pilot lights goes out, PG&E respond to relight the heater, made discovery that the venting (picture)was a hazard due to fumes entering into the room, this means we have been sucking up exhaust combustion since move in.

b. Came to the apartment one day and immediately called and spoke with the community business manager of the complex, about someone had entered into the apartment while we were out. Asked how I knew, and had I called the police? I stated then as I state now I had or have no confidence in a system thatís obviously flawed and broken. So this meant I had to be more diligent in noticing my surroundings, what I found, I care not to give credit to the enemy for the ingenuity, but its different, allow me to disclose what Iíve discovered. Upon inspecting of the rear sliding door, I noticed with a slight rocking motion it was quite easy to enter the apartment, also at this time I noticed the lock was still locked. So I corrected the problem where the door was no longer able to be rocked, I did notice someone had tried to rock the door since I had corrected the problem, which is evident by the hole around the screw being enlarged, but they were unable to enter in the apartment, why is this significant, this will become evident when Iím asked for a key (more on the key later). Anyway, cleaning off the patio and lubricating the tracks, it occurred to me to lubricate the lock on the sliding door, I had wanted to call about the lock, but I felt prompted to wait, why is this significant, if the locked had been changed who would have known. Get up the next morning the lock is just, it no longer latches, I contacted the office apprised them of the situation, excuse me as I told them and I feel it bears repeating, cause it adds credence to whatís being said. Iím not an expert on oils or locks, and I can emphatically state Iíve never had an issue where putting oil in a lock caused it to stop working, made it easier to operate. What Iíve concluded from this and I know to be a fact the lock never worked, anyway the lock was changed, also noticed when the door was slide while locked it tightened up to prevent further sliding of the door, something the first lock never did, I just didnít have anything to check against now I did. I wanted to check all that I could so I turned my focus upon the main door, which is twisted in its frame, again different, what I discovered was if the door was pried open it was quite easy again to enter into the apartment because very little of the lock was actually contacting, so I corrected the problem. I also noticed the windows although shut it was quite easy to again enter into the apartment, if I wasnít told when they were entering into my house why would I expect for someone to say something now, the windows are now secured. Let me digress for a moment, before moving in we were shown another apartment which we didnít take with new appliances, now if I had taken that apartment, and had the complaint that I shall now speak on it would have been easy to say, oh heís crazy for these are new appliances, again different. Noticed the refrigerator running high temperatures in both compartments, went round and round saying no problem, Iím not going to belabor the point, suffice it to say, the certified electrician shows up says it impossible for the freezer to get to 60 degrees, he asked how the microwave was operating, I told him it use to make a strange noise which has stopped, and it never did heat properly, I find this out of the ordinary, for the fact that he knew it didnĎt work properly, why not ask about the stove, community business manager shows after I had called the maintenance personnel with what I considered to be an emergency, she stated do not call my maintenance personnel with a non emergency, I showed her the gauges with high temperatures said she would not go by them, for the food was still frozen (pictures to follow). Vehemently asked for a key upon leaving, Iím sure she had been given one earlier, no problem gave one the next day. Fumes entering, again different, having exhaust fumes entering, what Iíve discovered is the rooms that there entering has no carpet pad under the carpet, how do I know this there is no fumes entering my sons room which has padding. Again different, also the exhaust stack for the water heater, which should only be exhausting my heater and the heater downstairs the exhaust stack is constantly hot, which means there is, for whatever reasons something is always exhausting, which is also one of the entry points for the fumes. I mentioned fumes emanating from downstairs I know about cigarette smoke, I not 100 percent sure if what Iím smelling is cigarette, I identified as an abatable nuisance so Iíll see what happens. What was the significance of my noticing and documenting someone had entered the apartment? What has presented itself as far as damage is as follows: 1 speaker hole in speaker with no damage to grill. 2. Sub woofer no longer working. 3. Cleaning the rug shampooer, have the tiniest of screws, but the part that allows it to operate which is the bottom is missing.(pictures) 4. Sony CD clock/radio used one day, go to mount no longer functions opened it up notice wires cut that allows the CD to function. (pictures) 5. Floor fan not working. (pictures) 6. DVD recorder, and video player not functioning. (pictures) I take good care of my things, I can honestly state Iíve never had so much broken stuff in my life.

4. My truck, put a transmission in, in 07 never had a problem with my truck. I had it parked on Travis AFB,(major) picked it up one day noticed the transmission slipping, upon investigation, transmission fluid empty with no signs of leakage, still moves still have second gear. A couple of days ago get a call from the community business manger about leak coming under my truck, on the right side, I hadnít been driving so shouldnít have had a leak. Cleaned up the mess, and moved the truck, turns out someone had loosen my oil filter, which was still quite loose, must remember to check the oil level. I mentioned I didnít drive the truck much and was then told this was a storage facility and I that my truck would be towed. Kind of odd when the SUV downstairs has 08 tags able to be parked, and noticed just this past Saturday one of the city finest passed right behind the vehicle and never gave it a ticket. I also noticed the alarm didnít work when I connected the battery, which I no longer leave in the truck due to the fact, I have to constantly take back to exchange.

5. Also I had a refund coming from Brinks which at the time would have been welcome for it would have allowed us some stays in the Inn on Travis AFB, before I was denied the ability to stay there (more on this subject) to this day I donít have a clue. I guess the check was removed from my mailbox and I have never seen it. Just so I donít make this overly long, I put in a change of address when I moved, to this day there is no record of this, so I guess this explains why Iím not receiving mail from my prior address, the wife is receiving hers from where she staying, submitted the same day.

6. Presently have Earthlink, I contacted about an issue I was having, the next day I received an email stating I was canceling my service, I contacted Earthlink, said the message wasnít from them and that it was spam, whatís the odds of me receiving a spam email stating something this? Makes one wonder whoooos snooping on one.

In closing I shall say this, as it is written, No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord,Ē Is 54:14

All glory to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

In His service

So part 3 will be showing how I questioned why the linen had not been changed in the room I had stayed in, among other things that led to me being banished from staying in the Inn on Travis Afb.

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