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Apologetics: Bugs Bunny Style
by Jim Fulton
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Have you ever noticed some of our brothers' and sisters' simplistic defense of our Lord's Gospel? I am reminded of a Bugs Bunny cartoon, where Bugs meets the Sheriff of Nottingham. It's one of my favorites. Just when the sheriff is about to do serious harm to Bugs, Little John shows up and says, "Don't you worry, never fear, Robin Hood will soon be here!" Usually this distraction would cause Bugs to escape from the Sheriff's clutches. At the end of the cartoon, Little John shows up again and repeats the sentence. Bugs is annoyed, says, "You been sayin' that through the whole picture. Well, where is he?" Then Little John tells Bugs, "Ah, you should not say that, cause there he is!!!" As he points over Bugs shoulder to reveal, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as Robin Hood.

In the real world, you could almost hear the same statement, just worded slightly differently, "Don't you worry, never fear, Jesus Christ will soon be near!" Then when we are asked where He is, we can point and say, "There He is!!!" Thus, Apologetics, Bugs Bunny Style.

We often see this type of defense used by babes in Christ, before the modern theologians, (the liberal ones, not the right ones) get a hold of these youngin's and baffle them with their illogic. I saw this type of defense used on me by an eleven year old. Several years ago, I went to a "Promise Keepers" event held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. It was a warm spring day, and not a cloud in the sky, except for one wispy cloud directly overhead. I was seated next to a kid named Tyler. The sunlight through the cloud was giving us a partial arc, a mini rainbow. You heard voices in my section commenting on the rainbow. I asked Tyler if he knew how the rainbow was made. He said, "No." I explained to him how the sun's light beams are broken up by the ice crystals in the cloud, thus giving us a rainbow. Tyler looked at me and said, "Ok, but maybe God just wanted to give us a rainbow today!" Out of the mouths of babes.

Some of God's simplest answers confound the wisest of men.

We are told in 1 Peter 3:15, to every person an answer, for the hope that lies within you. This can be done several ways. My wife, Judy, has defended the faith at a local t.v. station website by telling the people on the feedback section how a loving God is still relevant to the issues that face our world today. How did she do it? The same way our Lord did; by quelling accusations with scripture. I am proud of her, she is willing to take the heat from the fiery furnace in the name of our Lord. I applaud her tenacity to stick with the battle; keep fighting, sweets.

I have a close friend who is a Presbyterian minister. He tells people who might offend run of the mill church goers, that there is always forgiveness at the cross, by saying, "So just because you met some jerk who may be ignorant, you're letting that person keep you out of Heaven? Man, that's a lot of power you're giving them." This defense works best with people who feel that someone in the body of Christ has done hurt to them.

My brother-in-law, Anthony, holds to the defense of church and individual accountability. He reminds them of the accountability we have to our Lord, and our Heavenly Father. He reminds me of a prize fighter, willing to take the blows of the opponent's slugs just to get close enough to get that one shot in that will "ring your bell." In other words, in one sentence he can put things in a clear and precise manner that will cause you to look at your view again and see where your problem lies. His love for the Lord is greater than the fear of offending society or the church. I'm not claiming he is a prophet, although some things he has said have proved prophetic; he just hears God at a different level. (I mean that in a good way, Anthony!)

My approach for defending the faith is to use analogies. Analogies are used throughout the Bible to drive home simple thoughts. Nathan used one to make David realize his sin. Jesus taught in parables, which were so simple that even children could understand them. Yet Jesus was accused of insulting the Pharisees and Sadducees by the simplicity of these stories, which they could not or would not understand. This tells me our lessons from our Papa in Heaven are not that hard to understand. He's not giving us trigonometry while we're still at two plus two. He gives us simple lessons on life, while still being a complex God (Romans 11:33-36).

One defense He has given us for His existence is quite simple to comprehend. It's taken from Psalm 94: 9, "He who implanted the ear, does he not hear? He who implanted the eye, does he not see?" This is probably the best defense we can offer for the existence of a loving Creator. This defense is in the form of purpose. The complexity of the ear and eye speaks of design. If the designer designs an organ to hear, or see, or perceive any of the senses, does He not perceive them also? If He does, then He hears our prayers, sees our deeds and knows our hearts intimately. Why do I know God exists? Because He made my ears, He made my eyes, He made my voice; to hear Him, to behold Him, and to speak with Him. Even God's defense of Himself is simple to understand.

I entitled this article, "Apologetics, Bugs Bunny Style," to inform the body of believers that you don't have to have an R-E-V, in the front of your name, or a p-h-d, at the end of it to be great defenders of the faith. You don't have to have years and years of seminary to defend God either. Remember, David used a pebble brought down a giant. Simple answers can confound the wisest of men. As Peter says, "to every person, an answer for the hope that lies within you." We as a church are called to do this. Many of you know this, and do a fantastic job; however, for our shy brothers and sisters, these illustrations might help in your defense of the Gospel. Remember, you are not alone, you have brothers and sisters who are willing to help. God Bless.

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Member Comments
Member Date
GLENN PEASE 13 Dec 2002
Clever title, and great job.
Jay Cookingham 10 Oct 2002
Excellent piece Brother! - Jay Cookingham
Judy Fulton 06 Dec 2001
Some great examples for people to consider when it comes to witnessing Christ in everyday life. This should cause people to think how they could best be used by God to preach His word.
Ed Langenback 26 Nov 2001
Simplicity; God's way of doing things.


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