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The wilderness Part 1 continuation
by Richard Turner
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1. Burglar alarm (a) going off in the home, police responding not finding anything (amiss) which makes since, one can only find something (amiss) only if something isnít where it should be.

a) Spoke with the alarm company on numerous occasions about the activations, said it was a motion sensor, which means, someone had to be in the residence. Had a small family pet (Spike) had sensors adjusted so he was unable to set them off. Stalking/Harassment, reinforcing of confusion.

2. Returning home (b) from wherever, finding items missing, broken and or no longer functioning. Stalking/Harassment, reinforcing of confusion.

b) I care not to speak on this minor now, suffice it to say, also experiencing these happenings in my present residence.

3. Police vehicles parked in proximity to residence no one in the vehicle, officer not at any of the residences. Also on other occasions vehicle sitting in close proximity to my residence, upon my leaving residence, they at this exact moment in time find they should also leave. Stalking/Harassment, reinforcing of confusion.

c) Vehicles either parked or following or showing up where I go: 1Z08713, 5CRP934, 7E17187, 5WGM692, 5HDY169, 5LDJ869, 3NEX625, this isnít an exhaustive list by any stretch of my imagination, thought I would include. Stalking/Harassment, reinforcing of confusion.

4. Receiving undue attention on my registration of my vehicles (a). Driving pulled over by an officer, I inquired of the lady officer name please, vehemently stated license and registration and insurance (b) which I produced. Not to much time since this incident, sitting waiting for my sons to get out of school, noticed an officer pull up behind me, I get out of my vehicle at which time he is exiting with ticket in hand, apparently this was written before he arrived. I mentioned I already had gotten one, he stated let this be a warning. Then started asking questions to the tune of what are you sitting her for? Apparently there has been a change in where one can sit, I asked what about the people sitting in front of me? He left. This ticket Iím about to speak on, Iím not sure, but I think it was more than a routine traffic stop, allow me to elaborate. The officer is in front of me, I finally get in front of him, he speeds up behind me, Iím thinking heís responding so I pull over, he pulls in behind me. Ask why I pulled over, I told him what I just related above, he said thatís makes no sense, and why was my front license plate different from the rear, which it wasnít. Anyway he pulls out a tape recorder and makes the statement Iíll let the chief hears this. As it is written, ďThe wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of upright conversation.ď Ps 37:14 I had, or have no problem with him sharing with the chief. Iíve never been one to cause a problem with anyone, I felt as though he was trying to get me to say something. Anyway he wrote a ticket (c) and I refused to sign because I didnít know what I was signing, it was a handheld and due to all the deception going on, I just wanted to be sure of what I was signing, he proceeded to put his hand upon his firearm and made the statement, either you sign or go to jail, I chose the latter, the wife said it wouldnít do any good to go to jail, he at this time showed the full ticket and I signed.

a) All the while, while Iím being ticketed there was a vehicle parked at the officer department with 08 tags, vehicle 5TBX512 Dodge Caliber, also across from where I was sitting waiting for my sons there was a vehicle with outdated plates for months with no ticket. Where is the consistency? Stalking/Harassment, reinforcing of confusion.

b) While all this is transpiring with registration etc, I made an insurance payment AAA, gave the customer service me personal information and paid, this was on Thursday afternoon, upon my checking of my receipt I noticed the payment was applied to someone else account. I got it corrected the next day, however I believe in light of all that was transpiring, Had I gotten pulled over on the weekend, I would have lost my vehicle due to no insurance. If one was to follow the progressive happenings one will be able to see that this was there intention.

c) I was pressed upon to call about the ticket I had received, I spoke with court and was told they had no record of the ticket, upon further research, they said it was odd because the ticket wasnít filled normally which means I would have never gotten a notice in the mail for my court date. Cost of ticket, had I not inquired, approximately $800.00, question why wasnít the ticket filed normally?

5 Receiving unwarranted attention from the police officers, a particular sgt, he seems to anytime he sees me he shoots these menacing stares. As it is written, ďBehold, I have made thy face strong against their faces, and thy forehead strong against their foreheads. As an adamant harder than flint I made thy forehead: fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house.Ē Ezek 3:8 During this time amongst everything going on the wife proceeded to call her friends, as it is written, ďAND a MANíS FOES SHALL BE THEY OF HIS OWN HOUSEHOLD.ď Matt 10:36 who shows up? The sgt, wife spins tale where I supposedly grabbed her blouse, in spite of no evidence to substantiate her claims, Iím taken off to jail on domestic violence, which cost me money, time and attempts to discredit my reputation, I believe this is part of their tactics reference earlier mentioned discourse. Anyway charges were dropped to due lack of evidence. Again wife calls, seems to be a pattern here, sgt shows up, this time Iím removed from residence because my son removed a firearm from a desk, no bullets in the firearm and no lock. This time Iím charged and entered into there system, where Iím introduced to Pacific Education Services (PES) (minor) this will be my first minor Iíll show.

a) PES is the department that administers the parenting classes etc. You are charged to take the course, this wasnít my issue. The issue I was having was I would not receive a fee reduction where as the wife would. Why is this significant? If you miss 3 classes youíre forced to got back to court to be reinstated, to many reinstatements and you go to jail. I pray to God they wasnít successful in this undertaking. Remember my enemies are many. Stalking/Harassment reinforcing of the confusion.

6 The wife and I have a legal issue, and in light of all that has transpired a I am confident they have influenced the outcome of the test. More on this later (CDAT).

Iíll now speak on the various departments and business in Vacaville, CA

a) City inspector, writing up for weeds in the backyard which is fenced, so there was no way the grass would be seen front the front of the house. Anyway there are houses where the grass seems to be taller ( slight exaggeration ) than the house, on the main street with him not writing them up. Stalking/Harassment reinforcing of the confusion.
b) Fire department more times than not, only operating the siren on my block close to my home, before turning the corner shutting it off, where is the emergency? Trying to keep me up with the noise, so that during the day I would be tired. I get it Stalking/Harassment reinforcing of confusion.

c) Travis credit union, I had a pre-paid legal account where I was getting information on how to proceed against the unemployment department, where someone had put in a claim with my name, social security number and other personal information. The payment came due, the credit union delayed applying my money to the account, which caused me to lose the account due to the runaround between then and the pre-paid legal. Also I had conducted business with a company and I put a stop payment on a check. The credit union allowed the company to come in and do an electronic withdrawal which should have never happened. Stalking/Harassment reinforcing of the confusion.

d) CME auto, have always taken my auto here for smog inspections, whatís odd now that I think about it, my truck has always had to have the catalytic converter changed, now that I reflect, either they are installing inferior products or their not changing the converter.
Also took the car in for a smog, apparently it didnít pass, what I did notice upon picking up the vehicle is an overwhelming smell of fuel in the car. Problem wasnít there when we took the car in, their job is getting vehicles to pass, not once did he mention the fuel smell or why the vehicle didnít pass. So we had to take the vehicle to get a 2 year drive and then throw away vehicle. Stalking/Harassment reinforcing the confusion.

So in closing if any man find any untruth in whatís written here, bring it forth, if not. As it is written, ďGod forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, THAT THOU MIGHTEST BE JUSTIFIED IN THY SAYINGS, AND MIGHTEST OVERCOME WHEN THOU ART JUDGED.Ē Rom 3:4

Part #2 will look at my spiritual home First Baptist Church which is of the Southern Baptist Denomination, which has a fact once known by me, cause me to shudder at the thought.

So God bless you

In His service

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