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Short Dramas and Plays PLEASE ENCOURAGE


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I Found It
by Ken John
Not For Sale
Author requests article critique


Scene 1

In front of the curtain, on the stage there is a table set as for tea to one side. Stuck to the curtain is a backdrop of a cozy restaurant / coffee shop. In the other corner there is a piano with a man seated there in the shadows. He is playing laid-back music. He starts to sing the old favorite,

"Do you know where you are going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to, do you know? Do you get what you are hoping for, when you look behind you there's no open door, what are you hoping for? Do you know?..."

He continues to play quietly in the background. The lights spot onto the front of the stage. A young woman (Jane), well dressed and beautiful comes out onto the front of the stage.
She looks up and down until she sees a young man of similar age and also attractive (Joe) appear out of the side of the curtain from backstage.

1 Jane: Oh hi Joe, I was just wondering when you would get here!
2 Joe: Yes, me too! wow! The traffic was so heavy! All the way from town to here! Like one long parking lot!

3 Jane: Ha, and here comes Zack and Eartha, Oh good! Hey Zack, Eartha! Here we are!

She calls to a flustered young man and a pretty and petite young woman dressed in a modern but respectable style of clothing. Zack is dressed in smart casual sportswear. They rush into the hall from the back and come hurriedly up between the seated audience.

4 Zack: Oh hi, you guys, I've found you at last! Man, is it ever tricky getting here from Sugar-ville! I must have taken at least five wrong turnings!
5 Eartha: Yes, and, you know what it's like after work, just so many cars!

Jane and Eartha hug lightly in greeting; Joe and Zack exchange high fives.

6 Zack: Hey! There's a free table, let's sit over there, there at the corner table!

They all sit down at the table, seated so that they are facing the audience.

7 Joe: So, shall we see if this place has our usual?

They nod in agreement and Zack rings the bell for the waitress.

8 Zack: Ring,ring,ring! Now where has that waitress got to?

She comes in through the middle of the closed curtain and takes their order.

9 Zack: Four milkshakes, please.

After the waitress takes their order she slips back through the curtain. The piano music changes to a more cheerful and lively melody.

10 Jane: Hey! Do you remember how we used to play hide and seek together?
11 Zack: Of course, why do you ask?
12 Eartha: No! what are you talking about?
13 Joe: Yeah, what made you think of that?
14 Jane: Well, maybe just the way Zack and Eartha got lost on the way here! And then you guys arrived just as always, in a bit of a rush!

Scene 2

Suddenly the lights black out and a heavy, misty type of music (appropriate to signal time travel) fills the air. The curtains open and abruptly the music stops and the spots light the stage area brightly.

A smallish boy (Joe)is seen counting with his eyes closed and his face covered with his hands. His face is pressed against a tree with his side/profile to the audience.

1 Joe: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20! Coming Jane, if you are ready or NOT!

He looks around the stage, under chairs and behind the tree etc. Suddenly he sees a foot attached to a leg behind a park bench. He points and shouts:

2 Joe: Yay!, I can see you Jane, you're there behind the bench.

He runs to the tree and he slaps it shouting:

3 Joe: 1,2,3 block Jane!

Then he walks back to the bench and tugs at the foot

4 Jane: Screech!

Jane comes screaming out from behind the piano, and runs to the tree, and blocks herself!

5 Jane: 1,2,3 block myself!
6 Joe (jumps up) What! But I thought!
7 Jane: I beat you, I beat you!
8 Joe: No you didn't, I already blocked you, you were behind the bench!
9 Jane: No I wasn't, silly!
10 Joe: Then who is that?

They walk over to the bench and pull on the leg.

11 Zack: oooaargh!

Wakes up, sits up and stretches. He looks at Jane, sees Joe and looks back at Jane and stands up quickly. On his shirt his name is written in big letters, "Zack Golden Boots '10'" the boy is dressed in football clothes and is obviously a fan of football.

A song plays:

"I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you baby!"

The children get to know each other. They play hide and seek together, and they dance around and pat each other on the back.
Zack is obviously crazy about Jane and when she forgets her bag Zack runs after her to give it to her.

Jane, on the other hand, tries to be near Joe, she tries to catch him and hold his hand but Joe keeps pointing to (imaginary) cars and motorbikes going past very fast. (Play the sound of a high revving engine as it whizzes by).

Scene 3

At the end of the song the lights fade and the curtain closes and the spots light up the restaurant/coffee shop table and Jane, Zack and Joe are just getting started with their milkshakes.

1 Jane: Isn't it funny the way we all got to know each other playing hide and seek in the park together?
2 Joe: Yes, it sure is amazing how Zack just happened to be sleeping behind the bench in the sun, when I mistook him, for you Jane!
3 Zack: Hey come on guys, its just that I know how to really relax, and have a good time, and you are always going for something you haven't got. Hey! Ever since we were kids its always been you after this or that, and me, me knowing how to just kick back and enjoy what I've got!
4 Joe: Well now Zack, I can't say I really agree with you, old son.
5 Jane: Maybe he's got a point there Joe, remember that time at the school library!
6 Joe: which, oh yeah,that!

Scene 4

The misty music fills the air again and the lights dim. The curtains open in the dark and then the lights come on bright and a little bit pink to show the haze of perhaps a fond memory. Joe, a teenager of about sixteen is sitting at a table with a pile of books next to him. He is obviously working very hard and is fully focused on the task in front of him. Jane enters carrying some books under her arm. She sees him and thinks for a moment before going over to him and sitting down next to him.

1 Jane: Hi Joe, how is the work going?
2 Joe: It's this difficult history project old "Bat Ears" gave us on the Buntovich Affair in the Russian Revolution.
It seems like every book you read on the subject has a different opinion of what happened. It's like nobody cared to write down the truth 'cos now I can't say which version of what happened I should believe!
3 Jane: Weird hey, you'd think those old scholars would be more honest than to just freestyle some old story when we really need to know the truth!

Joe continues with his work and Jane shifts uncomfortably in her chair, then clears her throat.

4 Jane: You know I was wondering if we could maybe go and get some coffee before...
5 Joe: And the worst is that its worth 25 percent of the year mark.
6 Jane: What is? Coffee together?
7 Joe: The project, of course. That 'ol "Bat ears" is so foxy, he knows we always just cram the night before for the exam and he wants us to hit the books consistently all year round. Well he might have given us a topic which all the scholars agree on, 'cos where is the real story, I'd like to know?
8 Jane: Maybe just a small cup?

Zack comes swinging through the door. He has clearly been drinking because he is in very high spirits. He is singing 'guns and Roses'and 'sweet sixteen and never been kissed'

9 Zack: Hi Jane Honey! Joe!

High fives Joe

10 Jane: Honey yourself!
11 Joe: Hey Zacky, what's going on?
12 Zack: I've just been watching a movie, eating Pizza and playing pool at the pub with the boys, and playing some hazard with the slot machines. No luck I'm afraid!
13 Joe: Where do you get all the dough from dude?

Joe holds his hands up and rubs his thumb and forefinger together as if feeling dollar bills between his fingers.

14 Zack: Aw come on, you know that my Dad is a big shot real estate agent, I never see him at home 'cos he's always working, but he knows how to compensate for his absence. I've always got some bucks for a good time, chap!
15 Jane: Well you must have had more than one or two drinks, it smells like you've just been soaking in a beer bath!
16 Zack: No, no I just spilled some beer down my front, that's all!
17 Joe: You guys, I could really use some peace and quiet, my Daddy isn't a yuppie tycoon like Zack's, so could you cut me some slack and leave me alone?
18 Jane: Its all very well, you guys at least know who your Daddy is, my Mom says my Daddy fell in love with the open road when he learned he was going to be a daddy.

Misty music fills the air and the pink light fades to blue and then black. The curtains close and the music changes to a heavy rocky type beat to signal the cold heart of Jane's Dad and the turmoil of her young emotions, with the rumbling of drums and then fades.

Scene 5

The restaurant pianist is playing his song. 'Sing us a song you're the piano man, sing us a song tonight, for we're all in the mood for a melody and you make us feel all right!'(Billy Joel)

1 Zack: Yeah, we know, you never had a proper dad.
2 Jane: Don't worry, I'm not sad anymore!
3 Joe: Yes, you really have found out what it means to be content with who you are, haven't you?
4 Jane: You're right you know, since the days when we had just graduated from college: we all seemed to be urgently looking for different things then.
7 Zack: Ha, let's not go there, I was young and not very smart, OK?
8 Joe: And I sure did get my focus off center, have you ever met anyone as infatuated as I was with the...

Dramatic gesture, holds his hands above his eyes as one would hold a football.

...vision of my own success?

Scene 6

The lights dim and the curtains open in an old age home, the bedroom of an old man whose bed is tilted up so that he is lying in the bed in a semi-seated position. He is very old but his head moves alertly and his eyes are bright. In comes Jane dressed as a young nurse.

1 Jane: Good morning Mr. Lovett. How are you today? Did you sleep well last night?
2 Mr. Lovett: Oh, hello Nurse, Oh thank you for asking young lady, Yes, yes. Oh you know, when one gets older one doesn't always sleep at all the right times you know! Usually its easier to fall asleep during your favorite TV show than it is to fall asleep after midnight! Ha-ha, but you know, that doesn't really bother me anymore!
3 Jane: Oh really, 'cos I find I just can't do without my beauty sleep. If I have a bad night, better watch out, I'm a pretty fierce sparring partner!

She starts tidying the sheets and making the old man comfortable in his bed. She talks on unselfconsciously. While she talks she:
takes his blood pressure, combs his hair, washes his face and arms, shaves him and wipes his face clean. All this while she and he talk and talk.
At various times a blob of shaving cream might make a comic interlude by blobbing all over and other comedy opportunities may be worked out as the girl works at making Mr. Lovett comfortable and checking his pulse and vital signs.

4 Jane: Like the other night I had this sort of nightmare, I was dozing in my bed and I, like, saw myself from the outside... Yes, it was really spooky, like a movie of myself and suddenly I got like, all old and wrinkled! I mean, no offense Mr. Lovett...

She pats his arm affectionately

5 And so as I'm dreaming I'm suddenly looking into my eyes and I'm terrified! You know...of everything, old age, dying and of losing control of who I am, of not being me anymore... and I feel this panic welling up inside me and I start shouting for help, like really shouting, I mean desperately:
Help me! Help me! And then it was weird again 'cos, I just woke up and realized there was nothing wrong. It was just li'l ol' ordinary me, lying in bed with nothing to be so het up and shouting about!
...So what do you make of that Mr Lovett?
I mean?

She raises her arms in a gesture of bewilderment and lets them fall to her sides again.

6 Mr. Lovett: Yes, Nurse Jane, you know, being sick used to get me down a lot. But you know, what really helps me to keep cool and calm about my condition is this! I have a real Friend and Comforter. Not an ordinary person who gets tired and who can't cope with all my problems, but its God who really, incredibly - I must admit, God who really meets me on my level, just where I am. And He helps me along. Whether it's through an early morning patch of sleeplessness, or if its after I've just slept through my favorite TV program!
You know, God is a real friend and Father to me!

7 Jane: Oh I know, It's like how I used to imagine it would be to have a Dad! Like, I never had one. Sometimes... well sometimes... Ha, ha, sometimes I feel like maybe you could be, like my Dad...
8 Mr. Lovett: Ha-ha. Yes, well that's a very nice compliment young lady.
Actually I do have a daughter and two sons but they all live very far from here...
9 Jane: Wonderful! I mean I'm sorry they live far away, but at least...
10 Mr. Lovett: They are very good about coming to see me... Ever since my dear wife passed on, I have been very lonely, but you know, all through life I've found that God really is faithful and he has been, and is near me, keeping my heart peaceful and content!
11 Jane: Yes, but how do you know God really cares? I mean, how can that unreal sort of 'figure' actually come down and take my feeling of panic away, for example, when I see those tiny little wrinkles at the side of my eyes and mouth?
Mr. Lovett: Ha-ha, well! When things like that start to bug me, I try to think of God in heaven, having everything! I imagine Him seeing people like you and me, just needing a Savior and then he sends his own Goodness down to us, a special Word to humanity.
Can you imagine, God sends his own Son, but as a man and this man-Son, the Son of God, lives with every human weakness, always keeping all the perfection of his Goodness and Holiness, and God even lets him suffer the ultimate punishment for all of my failings and yours.
Then I feel better, somehow!
12 Jane: Wow, that's really something Mr. Lovett!

She stands up from where she has been sitting on the bed and removes the thermometer from under Mr. Lovett's arm, reads his temperature, and walks out of the room.
The lights dim and the music starts hard and urgent:

"What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear, what a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer. Oh what peace we often forfeit, Oh what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer."

The lights black out.

The Lights come up again dimly: 'Everything' by 'Life House' starts to play.

Mr. Lovett is asleep and Jane is checking on him. She picks up a bible at the end of his bed and opens it. She starts to weep as she sees in her minds eye:

Dancers come on, A man dressed in White holding back 'Death' (In black) and monsters like loneliness, pain, her sin (In red) with weapons to harm her. Jesus (the man in white) raises his arms and the monsters fall back. Jane falls to her knees and the dancers go off and Jane prays. The music pauses:

13 Jane: Lord Jesus save me! Forgive me, Oh God, I want you to be my Daddy in Heaven and Oh Lord Jesus Thank you for Loving me, and dying on the cross for me!

The dancer playing Jesus returns with the music and he lifts Jane off her knees and they walk off stage together, and a warm light shines around Mr. Lovett's bed.

Scene 7

Toby Mac's song, 'I was made to love', plays and the friends all are playing basketball together and/or watching football together. As they laugh and joke and walk home together, they pair up, including Joe, Jane, Zack and girlfriend.
After the song the lights fade to blackness.

It may still be day-time but this is a dark moment in Zack's moral experience and out of the blackness a spotlight picks out Zack and his Girl in front of Zack's mansion, Painted on the back wall.

1 Zack: Come on up to my place for coffee Tammy, you know, I bought you supper and a ticket to the disco, you owe me!
2 Tammy: No Zack, I know your parents aren't home and besides its late and I should be home by this time, my parents are expecting me back.
3 Zack: You know I can't live without you Tammy, I need you, really and , I, I, ...love you come on up with me, you must!

Music with a heavy beat and green light pulsing with the beat: (Sanctus Real) 'Don't give up on love' begins to play

Zack grabs her arm and pulls her. She slaps him, Joe and Jane walk up to them and Joe pushes Zack away from the girl, Zack pushes him and they exchange shoves...
The Lights fade, Joe and Jane walk away. Eartha comes walking along the street. She is dressed in party clothes. Zack goes up to her.

4 Zack: Hey Eartha!
5 Eartha: hey Zack howzit!(Colloquial greeting - South African- literally 'how is It?')
6 Zack: You are just the person I wanted to see! Come with me and lets go to 'The Dog-House' and have a party!
7 Eartha: Yes I know you, don't I. You play center forward for the Rangers United football club, don't you? And your father owns that mansion behind the shopping mall? OK lets go!
8 Zack: That's right baby!

They walk off together arm in arm. The curtains close in a hurry.

Scene 8

The curtains swing open. Joe is working at a desk Anne is standing near and speaking to him.

1 Jane: Joe you've been working non-stop for a week are you trying to die young, boy-friend?
2 Joe: Just let me get these contracts signed away and then I'll be able to relax with you and we'll have some time together then, OK?
3 Jane: It's like you don't care about me Joe, and you'll damage your health if you carry on like this!
4 Joe: Don't worry Jane, I do love you and I'm going to be a great lawyer one day and now I'm just sacrificing a little, but you'll see, soon we can have some time together! Remember Zack has asked us to meet Him and Eartha at Dog-House tonight at 10.30pm so I'll pick you up at 10pm, don't be late!
5 Jane: But Joe, You know what kind of a place Dog- House is! All kinds of bad stuff goes on there! Do you really think we should be going to a place like that?

Joe picks up his books and walks off stage. Jane is left to talk and sing to herself.

6 Jane: Oh that man! I don't know if that guy is for me or not!

She shakes her fist after him

7 Help me God!

She lifts her arms to heaven

She picks up a broom and then starts sweeping. A song by Aaron Shust: 'Give it all away' plays and she sweeps and dances with her broom in time to the music. The curtains close at the end of the song.

The curtain closes.

Scene 9

The curtain swings open
The song, 'Underneath it all', from the album Where do we go from here (Christian hard rock / heavy metal is playing) - "The Dog House" is a really 'heavy' night club.

The lighting is blackness with a red strobe light flashing. Zack and Eartha are dancing. In the blackness people are moving around and when the strobe flashes we see the red light and the shadow of awful things cast on the back wall of the stage like the shadow of guns; men in a fist fight; heroin syringes - all while the heavy beat of music fills the air and the pair are dancing among the crowd.

Suddenly, a cloaked figure in black with a white ghost face mask comes running around the stage and between the revelers, holding high on a stick, a huge 'windsock' type of Chinese dragon monster with a terrifying face - the traditional Chinese dragon, but here it is not brightly colored, but black and very evil looking with a scary face. The idea is to show the demonic influence of the addictions and fear that people may fall into.

The revelry continues until the audience fully understands that our friends are getting into trouble. Just in the flashing red light we see Jane perhaps holding up her head in prayer maybe on her knees.

Suddenly the music is distorted as if squeezed and then chocked off, as a white light flashes with lightning like intensity! The half a dozen people exposed in the light fall down, some to their knees, others to their faces and then they lie still unconscious. Like Saul on the road to Emmaus, seeing a white light and hearing the Lord speak to him. A ghost voice, the voice of the Lord speaks as the dragon flees away.

1 The Lord: ENOUGH!

The voice of the Lord must be pre-recorded with a very deep very loud very pleasing voice and a clear hi-fi sound quality. The voice must fill the stage and the auditorium without being too loud for comfort.

(Quoting directly from Ephesians 4v17-5v21 fragments)

2 The Lord: No You must not live as the gentiles do...
They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God,...they are hardened in their hearts giving themselves over to sensuality and every impurity with a continual lust for more.
But you , put on a new self created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness!
...do what is useful, share with those in need,

The Lord's voice becomes more intense and wrathful here, The Lord is angry with the deeds of darkness. The revelers are frozen in their positions in the light, a disturbing scene.

3 The Lord: Let no one deceive you , because of these things God's wrath is coming on those who are disobedient. Therefore, do not be partners with them. For it is shameful to even mention what the wicked do in secret!

The voice reaches a new intensity

4 The Lord: Wake up oh sleeper, rise from the dead! And Christ will shine on you! And always give thanks to God the Father for everything!

The actors rise up awake, the revelers get up and run out into the darkness and Zack, Eartha, Joe and Jane are left

5 Zack: Wow! wh, wh, what was that?
6 Jane: Didn't you hear the voice?
7 Zack: No just the thunder?
8 Jane: No! I heard God speak! He wants us to be like Him and to not live this, 'Dog-House' kind of life!
9 Joe: Really Jane? What should we do?
10 Eartha: Yes, what?
11 Jane: You have to believe that Jesus can save you and then trust God to do just that because of his Son, and let him reach into you life and save you!

Amazing grace piano music begins to play from the opening scene coffee shop pianist as we watch them pray and clean up the stage.

Joe, Eartha and Jane form a prayer circle but Zack picks up his football and leaves. The three pray fervently and then they move around the stage picking up the litter and rubbish and ugly objects, guns etc. and they throw them out into a trash disposal container.

The three leave 'The Dog-House' arm in arm.

Scene 10

The stage is dark and the curtains are closed. When the spot light comes on we see the four friends seated at their table still drinking their milk shakes

1 Zack: Isn't it amazing, when you consider how we all got to be here together like this.
2 Jane: Yes and us all attending the same church now, especially after you nearly got the church buildings sold to the first and worst bidder in town!
3 Zack: Well, it is prime real estate!
4 Jane: Fortunately, Joe here...

she squeezes him, the piano player starts a sweet melody in the candle lit restaurant/coffee shop, as they drink their tea.

5 Jane: ...was just a little better than your lawyer and we won the right to keep the church building!
6 Joe: Yeah Zack, but we sure are glad you decided to believe and give your heart to Jesus and join our church and be part of us.
7 Jane: Yes and I sure am glad that you(Joe)and Eartha also gave your hearts to Jesus too!
Eartha: Yes, we are too!

Joe and Jane hold hands and together they look over at Zack.

8 Zack: Yeah thanks! You know, that time you invited me to hear that bible teacher - preacher preaching, man! That was when I knew there was something to this believing way of life, that I just wanted!
It's like all my life I have just gone after what I wanted, but now, like, have you ever felt wanted? I mean really, that's how it was. Suddenly, I realized to what lengths God has gone to include me in his family and to make himself our Daddy in Heaven! And, well, how could I resist?

Scene 11

The curtains whiz open to reveal a brightly lit stage with a pulpit and a suited preacher holding a big bible standing at a pulpit. The three friends move quickly into three empty chairs in the middle of the front row of the audience. The preacher continues his sermon. (Here you could get the actor to lip sync a pre-recorded preacher's booming voice as the actor uses his oratory skills to move the crowd.)

1 Preacher: My bible says, now say it after me! come on, say it after me now:
'God so loved the world that he sent his only son'

The preacher waves and gets the whole audience to repeat after him

2 Audience: For God so loved the world that he sent his only son.
3 Preacher: That whosoever!
4 Audience: That whosoever
5 Preacher: Say it louder, "That whosoever!"
6 Audience: That whosoever!

7 Preacher: Believes in Him!
8 Audience: Believes in him
9 Preacher: Shall not perish!
10 Audience: Shall not perish
11 Preacher: But shall have!
12 Audience: But shall have
13 Preacher: everlasting life!
14 Audience: everlasting life
16 Preacher: Now hear this! God sent a precious piece of Himself, His Omniscient God-self! His own precious Son to be one of us! A man, born of a woman! The lord Jesus Christ!

Joe shouts out

17 Joe: Hallelujah! Preach it brother!
18 Preacher: And hear this!
19 This is how much God Loved the World!
20 His Son, His one and Only Son, Whom He loves,
21 God allowed this Glorious God-being to become like one of us, a lowly human being, destined to see life in all its ordinariness, trouble and pain,
22 Jane: Amen! Yes, He did!
23 Preacher: Yes, to live like one of us, between the days and months and hours and years of an ordinary lifetime. The great difference being, hear this good people,

The preacher leans forward and speaks with great intensity into the microphone.

24 Preacher: Our precious Savior-God-man did it right, SINLESS! He showed the religious pharisees what true holiness is and that's why his contemporaries crucified Him, God's one and only Son Whom He loved! People, they just couldn't stand it, a perfect man, someone pleasing to their God; while they fell hopelessly short in their excruciating efforts to win the pleasure of The God who sees every hypocritical effort to appear righteous, and who sees every blunder and shameful mistake of sin we make, or our every attempt to lord it over others who aren't as careful about their behavior, or who are more honest about their sinfulness!
And so Our lord Jesus suffered and died a painful death for the World! But now... whosoever sees Jesus, sees Him, not lost in a pile of dust in the grave! No! But raised up after three days. Alive! And now seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven, calling your name and mine! "Come!" Come Joe and Harriet, George and Stephen, Ethelred and Zadora!
"Come You all, Come and drink of the water of life! Its paid for, Yeah, its free. All you must do is, come to the Son of God!
Come to the one who sees you in your sorrow, sees you in your care! Come to the One who can breathe life into your sorrow and sadness, break off the chains of sin that bind you and turn your fears and anxieties away. Come to The Father in Heaven, in Christ Jesus, the Son's company, Come! His Bloodied side, and nail pierced hands will lead you into the presence of all of his angels, and into the light of the Shining glory of God.
And all the saints who have gone on before will see you! You, little John Smith. You, Charlie Brown, and you, Lucy, Yo, and what's your name, son?

The preacher points to Zack who has fallen to his knees in front and is weeping. The music of Casting Crowns, "Who Am I" begins to play softly in the background as the preacher's booming voice loudly makes the appeal.

25 Zack: Zack (cries/sobs)
26 Jane and Joe: Its Zack, Zack!
27 Preacher: And You Zack, Kneel here son. Yes, and WHOSOEVER would come let him COME! Come down to the front, ladies and gentleman, whom the father knows. Each one of you known by the Father in heaven by name, each one of the hairs on each one of your heads, counted. Come to the One-Who-Sees, sees all your sorrows, knows all your hurts understands all your griefs. For he is touched by the feeling of all your infirmities and he Is Powerful, Mighty to take your cares and your burdens, your sin and guilt and if you will come and cast all your cares on him, confess your brokenness and sin, turn your back on the past and come out of the darkness into the glorious light of His Son, confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord!
"Let Him who will , let him come!"
Yes, and let she who will, let her come to Jesus, receive His grace and be saved! Come down to the front and trained helpers will pray with you. Demonstrate your faith now, that God and his eternal, holy, sacrificial Son will keep His word and will forgive, and welcome you if you will just take the Lord at His word and come! So come. You will be saved and The Lord Jesus will be your older brother and you will be welcomed into the family of God both now and forevermore!

Joe and Jane move out of their chairs and kneel on either side of Zack with their arms around him. Several other actors make their way out of the crowd and down to the front of the church for prayer. Several helpers come down to the front to help in case outside members of the crowd respond to the altar call.

28 Preacher: Are there anymore, come and let me pray with you. The bible says, "If you confess with your lips that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved!"
For the day and the hour of The Lord's return is at hand. Don't be caught napping. His Kingdom is at hand, so, "COME!"

The stage light slowly fades, the preacher comes down from the stage, the music of Michael W. Smith, "Come to the Cross" plays.

The preacher prays with those who have come down to the front and with Zack. Soon the lights slowly brighten and the audience realize the play is over.


Written by Ken John, to order, for Helen Wu, who provided some basic plot ideas and editorial suggestions
Contact at betterenglishpl@gmail.com



The songs by Toby Mac, Sanctus Real, Aaron Shust and Michael w. Smith are on the Wow Hits 2008 CD, samples at http://www.wowhits.com/main.aspx.
Here is the link for the song "Who am I":
The lyrics for "Who am I" can be found at:
"Everything" by Lifehouse
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyheJ480LYA&feature=related

"Underneath it all" (Christian hard rock)
From the album, "Where do we go from here?"
hosted at :

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God is Not Against You - He Came on an All Out Rescue Mission to Save You

...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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