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Liberty or Lunacy?
by Patricia Backora
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Liberty or Lunacy?
Rom.6:1; Gal.5:16; I Cor.14:33

In their eagerness to teach that My saints are under grace, not law, many go to a ridiculous extreme. Some ministers of the Word are teaching women that wearing shorts and other brief and tight attire is fine, even in front of the brethren.

Have My daughters no sense of modesty? Can you imagine Jesus’ own mother wearing a halter top and shorts in front of the church apostles and elders? Because iniquity abounds in these last days and temptation enters largely through the eyes, I would have each of My precious daughters to be very sensitive in how I would guide them to dress, especially when men and boys are going to see them in those clothes. There’s been so much adultery in My church, and many times the first stage of this sin was when some woman or girl wore skimpy clothes to seduce the brethren.

Many fine godly men have been allured by wanton women in figure-hugging, short dresses or bathing suits which left almost nothing to the imagination. Adultery has been committed by men led like a bull to the slaughter, with ruined families and heartbroken wives left to pick up the pieces. My daughters should never look nor act like wanton harlots. Be careful about the amount of paint you put on your faces, if you must apply it at all. Even seductive fragrances, lustful body language and provocative tones of voice used around some godly church brother can contribute to his fall into sin.

Attractive, properly modest clothing is fine. Even modest clothing can be colorful and pleasing to the eye, camouflaging the imperfections of age and excess weight. But many women never grow up. In their eagerness to demonstrate that they are still young and have lost some weight, they’ll “take their liberty” and wear tight, brief, revealing clothing worn around men other than their husband, subconsciously calculated to attract male attention to how alluring their figure is. That is all WRONG! Never turn a blind eye to any heart attitude you’re dimly aware of but feel like denying. Someone else’s eternal soul could depend on your own RESPONSIBLE attitude toward Christian liberty. Do not use your alleged liberty as a match to kindle a fire in a man’s loins which could spiral way out of control and be impossible to put out. Such lust is set on fire by hell. Your right to liberty does not give you the right to turn your body, the temple of the Holy Ghost, into a brothel to fulfill the lusts of the flesh!

Another area where so-called liberty is misused is in the way “worship” is perverted in the assembly of the saints and the weird teachings from the pulpit which encourage such error. A little slide into the extreme has escalated into a complete fall off the cliff of sanity. My Spirit will touch your lives and your hearts with My love. Sometimes you’ll feel so deeply aware of My healing Presence in your midst you’re certain to feel some emotion. Some shout for joy. Some cry a bit, and all praise Me. You definitely are not unemotional robots going through the motions of “having church” or “attending a meeting”. You enjoy Me and I enjoy you!

But this business of feeling like you MUST drum up a certain emotional response to the meeting is erroneous and dangerous. Preachers in their zeal for the saints to cut loose and “take their liberty” can turn the house of the Lord into an insane asylum of chaos and disorder which grieves My Holy Spirit. In these last days of deception I have seen people shake convulsively, crow like chickens, howl like wolves, bark like dogs and jump pews. I have seen the weirdest dances and heard the most raucous noises, wrongfully attributed to My Holy Spirit. A few even profess a special “blessing” from Me which consists of uncontrollable tremors all over their body. And no “Toronto Blessing” preacher feels like a success unless his gentle touch knocks down the people in his prayer line like bowling pins, under the guise of “being slain in the spirit” (WHICH spirit)? My Holy Spirit will NOT manifest by afflicting someone’s nervous system and turning him/her into a spastic. That is satan. The devil knows you can’t focus on more than one thing at the same time. Instead of hearing sermons on how to grow in the love of Jesus and how to reach your neighbor for Christ, My people are filling their silly heads with rubbish preached from the pulpit on how to ascend into the heavenlies and get “god” to fulfill them emotionally. The truth is, many are either way too lazy to get into My Word or they’re actively discouraged from proper Bible study by money-grubbing ministers of deceit who don’t even WANT them to know the real truth. Why? Because it could cost them financially if My people woke out of their stupid stupor and stop coming to their carnival shows!

My people, is My Holy Word so boring you must resort to such madness in order to make “church” relevant for today? I HAVE given you liberty in Christ. Every wise parent will give his small child space and opportunity to play, instead of confining him/her to the house all the time. That would be imprisonment, not liberty. But every sensible parent will also set clear-cut BOUNDARIES beyond which liberty doesn’t stretch. Not because the parent wants to keep the child from having a good time but because that loving parent wants to PROTECT his own child from dangers that child can’t handle.

My Spirit is insulted by being associated with this crazy “last-days revival” of unrestrained emotional madness. Either My deluded people wake up or both they and their slick money-grubbing teachers will have to answer to Me some day and tell Me why they wasted My precious time on earth turning the House of God into a lunatic asylum, while so many needs around them went unmet.

Many things My Word doesn’t directly comment on because they weren’t even invented back in Bible days. But let love for Me and your neighbor be your guide. If you have CHRISTIAN love toward that “good-looking” deacon or elder in your church, you will not follow him around the church building drawing attention to your lovely figure. You will not even create situations where you must be all alone with him. Lust is selfish. Lust couldn’t care less about the ruin it leaves in its wake. The love of Jesus sacrifices lust in favor of wanting the eternal good of the other person, and the choices you make in life will reflect this.

Drinking a bit of wine in your own home in a responsible manner is taking proper liberty, unless I clearly show you to leave it alone altogether. But drinking in front of a neighbor who’s struggling with alcoholism is an abuse of liberty. He/she might reason that since you’re drinking as a Christian believer, he might as well “get off the wagon” and hang the consequences! His own family will probably suffer if he does slide back into alcohol dependency.

Television (and Internet use) is another controversial area of Christian liberty. Watching an educational or news show on TV may be all right. But filling your eyes with violence and lust is NOT okay. Be careful what you watch around your own children, and take your authority as priest over your own home in restraining their viewing choices. I hold Christian parents accountable for their own influence over their children, and what they teach them through word and example.

Examine your own hearts and lives, My dear children. Are you pursuing liberty in your walk with Me, or lunacy and license to commit sin?

* * * * * *
Prov.7:10: And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart.
Gal.5:13: For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.
Gal.6:8: For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

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Jennifer Alexander 07 Aug 2009
As always, you minister the truth by the Holy Spirit, and I as a child of God, humble myself to the truth of His word and to correction, thank you.


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