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My Early Morn
by Mary Alice Bowles
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My Early Morn

Up early and into the sun
The mountains are alive
With the early morning rays
Summer time dawning
The best of all days

Did you know at 7 0’ clock in the morn
The land is alive with a different kind of charm
Love was born in a world called farm
There is never no cause for alarms
No human voices do I hear
Only the voices that I hold dear

Mr. Mockingbird called from across the lawn
What in the world does he want
What is wrong?
Then I saw her, a little darling fledging
Upside down in a treetop edging
Waiting for daddy
To come and feed
Just any kind of little tiny seed

A butterfly welcomed me in sweet demand
The spots on those wings
Were so grand
Singing in the tune of all that nectar
Slurping and sipping on all the flowers
I could surely watch her for hours

Suddenly I heard someone say, “Hey lady come here”
Now wait a minute
No one is near
“Hey lady, can you not hear?”
I keep looking in all directions
The deep voice from somewhere inside a leaf
A catalpa leaf?
Please help me, lady, please lady fair
I know that you are sweet
I watched you from over there

It is then I start talking to myself
“Ok, It’s finally happening
I have finally cracked up!”
That voice again
“No lady, believe me you have not cracked up”
I really can talk, it’s just you have to be special
To listen to the creature
We can all talk
We talk in a language called Isele.

I have been waiting since yesterday
I am literally scared to death
It’s been a long wait
You have to save my life
I don’t want to be fish bait
Those two young boys
Came by yesterday, and said
They would be back tomorrow
They got my sister and put her in a jar
They got my cousin and all my friends
I am shaking in my shoes, I am next
It will be my end
Help me lady, please help me

I ask you, “Little tiny green worm, what more can I do?
Why, of course I will help you”.
Another voice spoke up so fine
“Hey sweet lady fair, it’s me, look over here”.
A singing voice from the center of a rose
It was my turn to scream in a sing-song voice
“Oh no, don’t tell me that you talk too!
Oh no, I’m living in a zoofloo
Where animals talk and flowers do too!”

The little rose continued singing
“ Oh sweet lady fair
I sing a song of old
Roses are red, violets are blue
Just guess how much I love you
From way back when you planted me here
I heard your voice and I fell in love
You talk to me and made me grow
That’s why I put on a climbing show".

That rose said, “ Now lady fair, quickly,
grab that worm and put him in your pocket,
I hear those two boys, they’re out walking
I put that worm inside my pocket
Suddenly from every leaf on that tree
like shooting stars from a moonlit night
Dozens of green little worms jumped inside both my pockets.

It got really quiet in my early morn
As those two small boys came up the holler
You could have heard a pin drop in my front yard
They said, “Good morning mam”!
We would like to know if we can look for worms here on this tree
I said, “Why you go right ahead and help yourself, it won’t bother me!

They looked and looked and not one worm was found!
They looked at me in a kind of a frown
One of the boys climbed that tree and started to shake
Backwards and forwards he swang
about 12 feet off the ground
The only thing that fell out was a little skinny green snake
Then one of those boys began to speak, “I just don’t understand he said,
“Just yesterday, There were dozens of worms left on this tree”!
I guess we will have to use our artificial bait, not so good for fishing on the lake.

I said, “Well boys, I guess all those worms just grew up and flew away,
You know how it is in a some world of worms
A worm today, a flyer tomorrow
When life calls for wings, they cannot stay
They have to fly away
Happy they will be in the world of wings
They become beautiful things

You can stop by at this time next year and try your luck
Maybe they’ll be here, maybe they won’t
One small boy said, “We thank you mam so very much
Sometimes we fish from day light till dusk
We did not mean to disturb your morn
We’re glad to meet you mam
My name is Joey, and this is my first cousin, Sam
He tipped his straw hat in a mannerly way
As he started to say, “Mam,
I hope we’ll be seeing ya around,
we live back up the road a way,
only three miles from Caney town
We have to go now, or we’ll be late
With all that said, they wandered on out the gate
With those fishing poles hanging over their shoulder.
Wow, I thought, “those young men have lots of manners,
must have learned it from someone older.

After the dust settled and footsteps were off a far
From all over my yard, a cheer went up into the air
Every creature in my yard was talking at once
I have never heard such a racket.
Mr. Frog was croaking really loud
He said, “My lady fair you make me feel so very proud”
That litte green snake in a voice of thunder
Said, “Miss Lady Fair, “You’re the worlds 9th wonder.
Mrs. Crow in her cracking voice said, “Lady,
I am nominating you for president, you are my choice”.

Above all the racket, above all the chatter
A voice from inside my pockets
Was hollering,”Help mam, we are all smothering”!
I started to laugh right out loud as 42 heads came up for air
I said, “Come on, climb up my fingers you little tiny worms,
Let’s go find all those leaves you belong on.

I skipped across that yard with two black moles
Hanging on my toes
Hitching a ride on my shoe laces
They said, “Thank you Miss Lady Fair
We adore you with all your graces

I looked up at Mr. Squirrel sitting high up in that tree
He just looked at me and not saying a word
I looked him square in the eye and said, “Let me guess, you can talk too.”
He smiled at me from ear to ear, he scampered down that tree
with lots of ease.
I said, “Can you help me, please”?
He said, “Precious lady I was just fixing to ask,
since I know that lady’s don’t climb trees.
He finished that sentence with a squeakity squeak

I think squirrels are one of Gods most beautiful creatures.
He kept on talking, he spoke perfect Isele
as he said, “You get the lower half of that tree
and I’ll get the top
These worms will be back in their homes
before 9 0’ clock.”

We got all those worms back on those leaves
Just before that clock struck nine
A hush fell in one second of time
Everything in that yard got quiet
I looked toward the house and I knew why
A handsome man stood out on our deck
Dressed in over alls and a shirt of red
I heard him calling my name
That voice I’d heard for so many years
Always melted away my biggest fears

He began calling my name, “Mary Alice, are you out there, are you ok?
I thought I heard some strange sounding voices
Thought I’d better come out and see
if per chance you might need me
By the way, I’ve got breakfast in the skillet
Your favorite, biscuits and gravy and eggs over easy
with a chunk of country ham on the side
You can make the coffee if you don’t mind”

Quickly I responded to the love of my life,
“Everything is ok, sweetheart
I’ll be in, just give me another minute just to think
I"ll hurry right in to set the table
and make that coffee drink
He winked at me with those eyes of mocha brown
I heard his voice in a whisper of love
"a penny for your thoughts my sweet tutle dove"!

As soon as that kitchen door closed
All the chatter started again
Somewhere down by the fence
A voice was cooing in a drool
“Look at that lady in the soft green shorts
her heart still bleeds just like ours,
She’s in love with her man
She wears his wedding band!”

I started giggling again and clapping my hands
I must have looked a mess in that country sunshine
What other people think, I don't mind
Happiness is the most important thing in my day or my night
I know for sure, if someone would drive by
they would take me away
They would call the men in white

My morning was alive in the world of creature
I am glad that I now speak and also hear Isele.
I stepped upon the porch and turned around in a bow
I said, “I will see everyone later, after I chow down”!

I heard a thousand voices all in tune
We will see you later sweet lady, we love you!

©Mary Alice Bowles

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