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2004, An Infinitely Remarkable Year!
by Bonita M Quesinberry,R.C.
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©copyright 2003 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C. 123103

Yes, this is about the year 2004: which the world just barely has begun, having left 2003 in a blaze of wars, chaotic natural elements, hunger and homelessness, death and destruction such as the world has never seen. Alas, it all simply spilled right into 2004 and, prophetically, this will not change: only worsen. This early in a new year, however, one might wonder why 2004 is discerned an infinitely remarkable year. After all, not much seems different from 2003: too early to tell what time might bring. Right?

Ah but, 2004 really is a milestone for this planet and very significant to humanity's predestined history— especially beginning with February, when the greatest love of all was conceived— and it may well prove to be the most astounding year of earth's first life allotment of 6000 years. Its second life will be as Eden and we, in our second life, will wear new bodies of perfection. So, let's jump right into the middle of 2004: not that it particularly is significant to the world, but let's go there anyway.

JUNE: Okay, so June isn't exactly a noteworthy month to the world. Oops, she cringes. Well, father's day is in this month. Anyway, it is rather momentous to this writer: who will grasp onto the great 6—0 on the fourth! Lord willing of course. And, fighting it all the way! Whoever said we should age gracefully was a liar. Now, my mind says I'm still as perky as a sixteen year old; hopefully a bit wiser, though. Naturally, this pitiful body frequently disagrees at the most inopportune times: like expounding great wisdom while sentences erupt from my mouth as so much garbled nonsense. It really is funny! Sorta sounds like a foreign language no one ever heard. Neat! I can interpret.

Sometimes, I wish my mind and body would get in sync. My luck, the brain would agree with my body. So, I simply shall stay young at heart and in mind. At least, my youthful mind manages to fool this old tattered garment— some of the time— into believing it's actually a brand new, fancy ball gown! Then I trip over its blasted train, idiotically laughing all the way to the ground: quickly bouncing to my feet, only to collapse again while explaining that I'm simply demonstrating my incredible grace and wit.

I suppose I could cry amidst all this garbled nonsense, graceless stride and unintended humor. I could cry because I'm decidedly middle aged. I could cry because I'm alone, with no one to care for me when flat on my back. I could cry because one of my two ferrets is dying… Ah, gees, what terrible wrinkles that would make! Nah, I'd rather laugh: leaves much nicer lines on me and everyone around me.

Oh, well. Sixty is a milestone for everyone, especially those who endure any type of physical disabilities. This writer has lived with Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and a host of other maladies since the age of twelve: despite doctors being certain I'd not live many years beyond 1971. Well, I'm still walking about and talking a blue streak! My paternal grandmother swore I'd been vaccinated with a phonograph needle. And, I was only two then. We call it a stereo today. Hmm? Rather interesting. Wonder if age twelve relates to Jesus having spoken in the temple for the first time at that same age?

"Okay! Enough of this nonsense," she laughs joyously. Anyway, let's get back to why 2004 is an infinity remarkable year; beginning with the month everyone agrees is the season of love. No point in starting with January: it just would depress everyone to have to think about taxes. Oops. I shouldn't even have mentioned it.

FEBRUARY: A month mankind has dedicated to love in the flesh; yet, this month really boasts the greatest love of all. Mary conceived God's Messiah to the world, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, exactly 2000 years ago in the Hebrew calendar month of Adar: February of 4BC, according to Apostle Luke. It had been a long anticipated occasion, since Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden: where God first made reference to a seed who would overcome Lucifer's rebellious hostility— Genesis 3:14-15. Thus, the Lord's angel Gabriel timely planted this perfect seed in rich virgin soil, where it sprouted and grew until time to harvest: normal period of gestation, to be precise.

Jesus spoke of His return to earth as being a day and an hour known only to the Father: He would return like a thief in the night. The Bible is so incredibly harmonious and constant, for while His conception was prophetically calculated to the exact year, no one knew the day or hour it would occur. Christ was conceived like a thief in the night.

AUGUST: Feast of Weeks, an ancient Hebrew festival to dedicate to God the first fruits of harvest. Christ took up with Him the first fruits from among men; albeit, this occurred in May of 31AD, 40 days after He was resurrected. This is important to note, because there will not be another early harvest Feast of Weeks for mankind. What we look for now is the last harvest or Feast of Ingathering, described as Christ returning in the clouds to take up His sheep to meet Him in the air.

Reaping plant life occurs in stages over the months of August and September and October: this latter followed by Feast of Ingathering in the first week of November. As for reaping mankind, only two harvest months are significant: August and November. As noted, August's Feast of Weeks occurred when a host of graves opened and the occupants accompanied Christ when He ascended upon a cloud in May of 31AD.

It does not matter that it occurred in May instead of August: simply because the gathering of first fruits of mankind, according to the Bible, never was slated for August. There simply would be a gathering of the first fruits by the Messiah: it logically occurred when He ascended to heaven at an age portended. However, the last fruits consistently are referred to as a harvest occurring in keeping with Christ's harvest birth, the beginning of His ministry in the harvest month of His birth, and so forth.

OCTOBER: The last month of harvest season. God's timing is so perfect; for His perfect man was born— or harvested, as it were— exactly 2000 years ago, in the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, this October of 2004. Again, prophecy accurately predicted the year of Christ's birth but not the day and hour. Thus, Christ was born like a thief in the night. At the end of His ministry, Jesus said He would return like a thief in the night; no man knowing the day or hour, not even Jesus: only the Father. Again, prophecy accurately has led us to the year of Christ's return to take us up but not the day or the hour of this momentous and long awaited event. Might our Redeemer return in October, the harvest month of His birth?

NOVEMBER: Will our Redeemer arrive in October, like a thief in the night? Or, will it be during November's 2004 Ingathering? Prophetic signs deem it a certainty for either harvest time or, perhaps, Feast of Ingathering— an ancient Jewish festival celebrating final harvest, which was held seven days after the last gathering was completed: that is, in the first week of November. Ingathering represents giving God what is His of the harvest.

Of course, either month does not reveal the day or the hour. We simply are given a general season within the year: that of harvest. Earth's 6000 years of life just might be expiring in October or November of 2004. If it does, then earth begins its Sabbath rest: a time when this planet will lie fallow for its seventh 1000 years— non-producing thus non-supportive of life, like a desolate abyss— according to appropriate scriptures.

DECEMBER: By now, this last month of 2004, let us pray we all find ourselves in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father Creator: where we will be shown Yeshua's criminal court files, then break out in praise: singing joyously of how just and true is our God Almighty Jehovah! But, we also will be very busy; for following the reading of God's judicial documents, we shall be building New Jerusalem right there in heaven: in preparation for its removal to earth when her Sabbath rest ends— at the close of our 1000 years with our Lord and Father in His heavenly kingdom!

Oh? Wondering about the other months of 2004? Well, geesh! What do you think I am? Haven't you noticed I sink every time I attempt to walk on water? I don't know what's going happen in those months. Probably more of the same as in 2003. According to Yeshua, this utter chaos simply will continue to wax worse. Now, I know of no reason why I shouldn't believe His Word. Do you?

* * * * * * *

The Hebrew calendar starts with September, while Gregorian and all other calendars begin with January. This being the case and despite a 4BC conception and 3BC birth, both events occur within the same Gregorian calendar year: thus, exactly 2000 years will have elapsed since Christ's conception and birth in February and October, respectively.

1) Mary conceived Jesus sometime in February 4BC; Luke 1:26,36,40-42
2) Jesus was born either early up to late October 3BC (based on typical number of gestation days and an unknown February day of conception) in Bethlehem; Luke 2:1-6,8,11
3) Christ began His ministry on His 30th birthday, or October 27AD; Luke 3:23
4) Jesus was arrested on the morning of Thursday April 2nd, the day after conclusion of Passover festival, and was crucified on Friday morning, April 3rd, 31AD, pronounced dead at approximately 3PM at the age of 33 years and 6 months; Luke 23:44-46
5) At sunset, now April 4th, 31AD Jesus was placed in a tomb where He remained through Saturday Sabbath sunset, now April 5th, 31AD; Luke 24:55-56
6) At dawn on Sunday, April 5th, 31AD Christ arose from His grave and was seen by many people for 40 days; Luke 24:1-3; Acts 1:3
7) On the 40th day, Thursday, about May 14th or 15th of 31AD Jesus ascended to heaven, obscured by a cloud. Luke 24:51; Acts 1:9

* * * * *

A wholly Biblical interpretation of The Revelation, chronologically paraphrased


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