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God's Office Carries Obedience
by Margery Wolfe
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Godís Office Carries Obedience

There is so much disrespect for the offices Godís people are walking in today it is unreal. Never in the life of the church has the office been so disrespected. People use to have respect for the church and the offices that was set in the church. Now there is no respect for the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, or teachers. The Deacons and Deaconess had long been given up on because of their nastiness of the flesh. Now it has been revealed time and time again that the leaders of Godís people have been caught up in all kinds of dirty, filthy, nasty, ungodly and unholy activities. Somewhere along the way of their holy walk they chose unholy things over the holy things of God. They lost their reverence for the one they were to follow after. They sought after the personal gains of the world rather than hold the profession of their faith. Rather than follow after righteousness, they failed to forsake the sinful ways of the world. Now it takes radical action for God to sanctify, cleanse, and purge His house once again.

1. It is perceived in Heaven that leaders have become too common with the way they handle the things of God. It grieves God and should grieve you to if you love God like you say you do. God is so grieved that he will tear down and rebuild if necessary; he will have a holy church unto himself. Every area, every office and every born again believer will wear the name of the Lord honorably. God himself will cleanse the temple and His sweet perfume of prayer will once again be smelled.

2. Prayer has once again become a thing of the past. Prayer is only about things and done when trouble comes to the believers. Prayer should be laid up already for those times. Prayer is communion with God, but people take prayer once a month as they do the body and blood of Jesus doing communion as a ritual. Prayer is not as reverent as they were in times past. Petitions were sent up for mercies or blessings desired and thanksgiving and praise for those received. It is the soulís desire for God no matter how many times a day it was done. It could have been morning, noon, evening or night but it was done without ceasing. Prayer was done by the people but was linked or joined to God with His Holy Spirit. His Spirit made intercession and every answer was filled with the wisdom of God.

3. True reconciliation was made to God. When a man or woman sinned they were extremely sorry for what they had done to bring a reproach upon God. They wanted to be mutually estranged from the thing and walked completely away from the thing that brought about the shame. The offender deals with his own offense so that he could help someone else with the same problems. The things that concerned God concerned the believer also and the relationship was such that if it hurt God, it hurt me also. God has given to every believer the ministry of reconciliation but if we cannot be reconciled to God ourselves, then how shall we bring anyone else to Christ?

4. God now reasons with man taking their natural abilities and applying them to religion. Man is an insufficient guide in human affairs without God himself at the center of their actions. The gospel cannot be explained in the flesh, for it is spiritually discerned. So far man has achieved themselves a place in this world, but not in heaven. How far will we go away from God to hold on to that worldly stature we have achieved? There is no reasoning whatsoever for the leaders of Godís people to stoop to such levels of deception when they claim to already know who it is that they are representing. God cannot get the glory out of a disobedient soul. Isaiah 1:18, come now let us reason together said the Lord. We have to reason with men out of the Word of God, for man if he will be saved at all will be drawn and won by the Word. It takes the Word to persuade a man to come to Christ and live a life pure and holy before God. If we lift Jesus up he will draw all men unto himself. Is the work of the Lord done out of convenience? No. It is done out of love and sacrifice for our Father. Jesus was our perfect example and even he had struggles in the flesh with Satan. Jesus reasoning with Satan was to remind him what was written in the Word of God already. Jesus is the Word, in the beginning was the Word and the Word became flesh and dwelt among men. If Jesus being who he is was tempted in like manner as men and overcame the flesh taking all power of death and hell in his hand why canít we? Is it He that helps our unbelief? Is it not He that helps our infirmities? Has not he brought reconciliation between God and man? Whatís the matter then saints? Somebody has lost their salvation along the way and need to get back in right relationship with God before Satan grips the life out of you and you lift up your eyes in hell for eternity.

5. Stop taking for granted that once saved always saved. That is a lie from the pits of hell. Satan was saved and was in heaven with God, but he backslid and caused one third of the angels in heaven also to backslide. Why do you think that Jesus warns us of his cunning conniving and represents him as a snake? He must be kept under your feet where Jesus put him and thatís not in your power to do, you need the Holy Ghost to help you. Salvation is endured all the way to the end. If we endure until the end we will be saved. The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to the one that endure to the end, the same shall be saved. You canít do what you want to do and come back to Christ where you once were, God canít trust you like that. You have to start over again and gain the trust of God and loose those other seven demons you picked up along the way when you went away from Christ. Yes, I said you went away from Christ. If a woman or man leaves the other they are always mindful that the other person is capable of betraying their trust. So what do you think about the all knowing God? You have to gain the trust of God again. You are not the same person that walked away from him anymore.

6. Itís time to take this relationship with God to the next level, a level of righteousness. And that is not for personal gain of stuff or things in the world but for the kingdom and its righteousness. The kingdom of heaven is not meat and drink but joy, peace, and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. A Christian can never really know God without the Holy Ghost, for the Holy Ghost is the third party in the trinity. It is one with God, a teacher and the one that helps the Christian to do the right things. It steps in and ward off the enemy of our soul. Remember the Holy Ghost cooperated with God in the creation of the world, God spoke and the Spirit moved bringing order to the chaos in the earth, setting all things in order as God spoke. He guides us today as he did in the days of old to make known the Will of the Father. When we as Christians speak today under the leading and guiding of the Holy Ghost it is the Spirit of the Lord speaking and his Word was in our tongue. The Holy Ghost gives qualities of mind and body to men so that they can execute the Will of God. The Holy Ghost is our helper in the earth to continue to overcome the devilish means of Satan. He is the continuator of the redemptive process in the world. His work goes on perpetually accomplishing and fulfilling the Will of God. He does this through the use of the truth, the Word of God, revealed and recorded by Him, whether in the processes of conversion or of spiritual development.

It is time for some radical action, some radical change by the church leaders and laity alike if we are to effect change in the earth. We must forsake our sinful ways, our resistance to change, our resistance to stand for righteousness and holiness in the earth. But it must first begin with us. If we do not possess what is needed to help us keep it real, where is the example of Christ that He died for? Again I ask why has the house of God, been forsaken? I am amazed that so many Christians do not believe that they have walked away from God. Look at the things going on in the world, the lying, stealing, murders and corruption, divorces, sexual sins and every other damnable thing imaginable.

How can we stand back and take for granted that I am saved and do not carry the same heart God have? Think again, it is not adding up. Not only do people not respect you, they do not respect the one you say you are in love with.

There has to become a separation of the mixed organization structure of the church. There is but one church, the Church of Jesus Christ which is one body in God. Godís church has been abused by the masses and this has to change. Church for personal gain is abominable and need to be forsaken. It is time to remember God, he is not just a by word in the life of the Christian, He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life of the Christian.

Remember it is He that has made us and not we our self. It is time to wipe out just good deeds and bring in the deeds of the Lord back to fruition. The house of God always need deeds done, but the good deeds done unto God out of a pure heart. It is time we cleanse ourselves that we can come into the gates of God and sanctify the house.

There are too many marriages with strange gods. This is what has happened, we have allowed too much of ungodly mess to enter into the house of God. Just because someone claim to be saved does not mean that they are saved after the God kind. Just because a person look like they might be saved does not mean that they are. We have hearkened to the voice of the enemy of our souls for too long and they have brought evil among us unaware. They transgress against God because they are married to strange gods and breathe over the congregations of sheep and spread ungodly matter in the midst and a spirit of Satan is birth into their lives. They defile the camp and go on to the next camp carrying the bloodstain banner of the enemy rather than God. The whole world has become polluted with the venom of the snake through unholy men of God. It is the leaders that cause my people to err and the people love it to be so.

Jesus came and took away all excuses for sin. Yes before Jesus came godly men sinned with excuse because they had no power over sin, but Jesus have given man power through the death on the cross and then sent back the Holy Ghost to keep them. The only requirement was that they will have to want the Holy Ghost, that keeping power. I beg to differ that they want it anymore. When you really have the Holy Ghost and want to be kept you can. We override the correction and instruction of the Holy Ghost to do what we want to do. Some things you do get caught up in but when the Spirit comes and say to stop we keep going in our way because it is what we desire to do.

My prayer is that God will forgive all of us that have defiled His Word, His Temple, His Office, and His Ways and allow us to fall down on our knees and pray once again for the Holy Ghost to keep us and to guide us in your way. Help us to do thy will and not our own will, in Jesus Name; Amen.

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Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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