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The HOME for Christian writers!
The Home for Christian Writers!


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Thank God for Faith Writers.

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Pencil 1 (1-49 Posts)
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Thank God for Faith Writers.

Postby franabelle » Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:46 pm

I'm so glad I found FaithWriters. I joined in early March and I have had such a great time posting free articles and Challenge articles. Two churches have picked up my free articles. Then this morning I got word that Jeff Newman wants to buy an article I sent him for a newsletter - and I'm going to get paid for it
I was just getting ready to my morning exercises when I got an email saying he loved what I had written. Wow! did that ever energize me for my exercises!!!

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Re: Thank God for Faith Writers.

Postby RedBaron » Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:03 am

Congrats!!! :superhappy :clap
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Re: Thank God for Faith Writers.

Postby itsjoanne » Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:16 am

How wonderful - congratulations!!

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Pencil Plus (Over 500 Posts)
Pencil Plus (Over 500 Posts)
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Re: Thank God for Faith Writers.

Postby tomoral » Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:53 am

I joined two years ago and my life hasn't been the same. I am a new writer, and this site has been a part of my salvation for me.

So happy for you and your success this far. The best is yet to come! :clap :clap :clap :clap

I love reading posts like this one because I can sooo relate. :superhappy

Many blessings, Lynn
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Give them shelter from the storms.
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Pencil Plus (Over 500 Posts)
Pencil Plus (Over 500 Posts)
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Re: Thank God for Faith Writers.

Postby RachelM » Wed Apr 09, 2014 4:21 pm

Congratulations!!! FW has been a huge blessing for me too. One of my articles will also be published in that newsletter. :D
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Deb Porter
FaithWriters and Site Admin
FaithWriters and Site Admin
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Re: Thank God for Faith Writers.

Postby Deb Porter » Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:03 pm

That is wonderful news. Congratulations, and thank you for the encouragement for FaithWriters. It really is a blessing to so many people as they grow and develop both their writing and their confidence.

I'm in the process of sending out about 450 releases to publish the Editors' Choice winning entries over the last seven years (massive job). In the midst of the pain of all this paperwork, I am having a wonderful time catching up with old members and seeing the excitement this project is causing. It is also lovely to hear how so many of them cut their writing teeth at FaithWriters (and in the Writing Challenge) and will be forever thankful for it.

God is good.

Love, Deb
FaithWriters' Writing Challenge Co-ordinator

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