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Set Apart Church - WINNERS ARE HERE

This forum is reserved for member articles being submitted for specific blogging contests.

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Set Apart Church - WINNERS ARE HERE

Postby mikeedwards » Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:39 pm

Hello FaithWriters,

Thanks to all who entered. :thankssign

Here is a copy of the email (with some notes about the prizes from me) I received from Pastor David of Set Apart Church.

Hi Mike,

We had a wonderful Easter. I hope that you did as well.

Here are the winners that we chose.

1st - TEAR DOWN THE WALLS OF THE CHURCH by Wayne Cook - Wins two paid writing assignments from Set Apart Church valued at $150.00.

2nd - Something Larger Than Myself by Kathleen A. Trissel - Wins one paid writing assignment valued at $75.00.

It's never too late by Graham Keet - Wins a one year free Gold membership on FaithWriters.

Everyone did such a wonderful job and we were very impressed by all the writers. I am excited about working with them.

In Christ,


Original Contest rules and all entries below here.

New Blog Contest starts 3-11-14 - Set Apart Church (Online Church)

Important - To enter this contest you must first go here to learn the guidelines for these contests in general. Please check it out even if you have entered these contests before. Watch the short videos on link building; we have made it super simple. Then you can come back to this forum and get the specifics to enter this contest.

Today we start a contest to promote .

This is very young online church whose mission is to reach those who cannot or will not attend a traditional church. We have the opportunity to help them grow so more people will hear the Word of God. We checked out their faith statement and they are in agreement with ours.

Set Apart Church is an Online Non-Denominational Church that was established to reach out to ALL who are unable to attend Church in the traditional setting. Whether it’s due to a mental or physical aliment, your work keeps you out on the road, or there are no churches in your area. We are a “Church Without Walls”. No matter what the reasons are, the Lord can touch you right where you are at. We are a Church Online with weekly relevant online sermons. We are a “Church without Walls,” ministering the Word through Set Apart Church. Online.


1. 750 words or less
2. Post the article in our regular articles section, this forum and one other location.
3. Use and link three keywords from our list in each article posting with the exception of this forum where it is not required to have working links.

4. Deadline is 9 PM EST 4-15-14

Specific Keywords selected for this contest

a) Church online
b) Church without walls
c) Set apart church
d) Online sermons

URL/Page the keywords need to point/link too is -

4. Catchy title, imaginative and unique article that will hold a readers interest and get them to click on one of the links to Dialogs are great and a lot of fun to write. Read the winner in God Speaks to get a great idea on dialogs viewtopic.php?f=92&t=36826.

Review the winning articles in the other contests. They are always listed as the first three articles in closed contests that indicate "Winners Here Now". viewforum.php?f=92

5. Remember, this forum is where you submit your copy for judging by clicking the reply button and posting it. At the end of your article in this forum only, list your name, membership level (silver, gold, platinum), member number and the links to the two other places you posted your article. One of those links will lead to where you posted it in our regular articles and one to another location you posted it in.

6. Questions like - How to create contextual links and where to post my articles and others are answered in the following link. If you have competed in these contests before you will notice there is not a list of pre-linked keywords. This is because it is so simple to link words to a URL in the Regular Articles Rich Text Editor. Watch the video on linking found on this page -

Here is the regular article rich text editor where linking is very easy -

Due to the procedure being a bit more difficult, It is not required to link the keywords within the copy of your article, posted in this forum. However the other two postings must have the key words linked.

Best Gold or Platinum member entry: Two $75.00 paid writing assignments from Set Apart Church.
Second Best Gold or Platinum member entry: One $75.00 paid writing assignment from Set Apart Church.
Best Silver entry: One year Gold membership at FaithWriters.

We really hope you will enter this contest so the Word of God can reach more people around the world.

God Bless, Mike
We need God's Grace because of God's Truth.

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Toni Hammer
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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby Toni Hammer » Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:18 am

Your Home For Hope

I’m delighted to tell you about my new home. I don’t have to pack boxes, hire movers, or figure out if I’m going to keep that lamp Aunt Trudy gave me as a wedding gift. It’s a mobile home that doesn’t require gas. It’s comfy, cozy, and my best friend lives with me.

My friend is Jesus and my new home is Set Apart Church.

Set Apart Church defines itself as a “church without walls” because it’s church online. Its hope is that every person, everywhere, can hear the Good News and feel God’s love. No longer are there limitations to receiving God’s word.

I don’t have the best track record when it comes to attending Sunday services. With my husband’s work schedule, my inability to drive, and my two small children, just finding a church has been a struggle— let alone showing up on a regular basis. After weeks of empty Sundays, I realize it has been months since I have heard a compelling and convicting sermon which taught about the God who gives me life.

Perhaps you’re in a similar position. You travel a lot which makes having a church home difficult. There’s something which renders you homebound. Maybe the nearest church is miles away. Whatever your situation, Set Apart Church is a church home for you.

Are you saying to yourself, “But, Toni, can’t I listen to sermons online?” You can, and thank God we live in an age where you’re able to do that. Set Apart Church is much more than a sermon though. It’s a new community of believers who earnestly desire to bring everyone from everywhere into a stronger relationship with their Lord and Savior. In addition to their weekly Sunday sermons, they post devotionals Monday through Friday that teach from Scripture how we can become more like Christ. Soon they will even have a praise and worship band to allow you to worship the Lord in song from wherever you are.

“Okay,” you say skeptically, “but it’s online. There’s no way to engage. What do you mean by community/” I’m glad you asked because, in fact, there is interaction! Set Apart Church has the most wonderful way to feel connected to other Christians: their prayer request page. Not only can you ask for prayer, but they have an amazing feature I am overjoyed to explain. Let’s say you’re enduring a financial hardship and you fill out the prayer request form on the web site. That prayer is posted and other church members can view it. The best part? Once someone prays for you, they click a button that tells you they’ve lifted your needs up to the Father. Isn’t that an incredible blessing? My heart is elated to know that I can view tangible evidence of my brothers and sisters—people I may never meet until Heaven—petitioning for my needs to the God who hears.

It is my hope and prayer that you check them out and visit my new home. This is the real deal. Sermons, devotionals, worship music, prayer. God is here at Set Apart Church—the church without walls.

Toni Hammer
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Praise be to the Lord my Rock,
who trains my hands for war,
my fingers for battle.

--Psalm 144:1

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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby GailRaynor » Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:53 pm

What's in your hand?

Let me ask you a question. What’s in your hand? Chances are you’re holding a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop computer. At the end of 2013, over 1.5 billion people owned smartphones. That means that 1 in 5 of the world’s population is connected to the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can check their emails, crush candy, watch video, book vacations, pay bills and the list goes on. This number is set to double by 2015, according to Fivestar Equities Research. For tech-savvy investors and startups, the opportunity at their fingertips is more than they can bear.

“What’s that in your hand?” God asked Moses this same question when he was preparing him to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt (Exodus 4:2). Moses had very little in his hands. He held only his shepherd’s staff. There was nothing special about it, but when God’s power was applied to it, that staff became the source of the miraculous. It turned into a snake that swallowed up another snake. It made water spring forth from a rock. Let’s not forget that every time Moses waved it, a plague fell upon the Egyptians (Exodus 7-11). It was the rod that would eventually part the Red Sea and lead the children of Israel out of captivity into their deliverance.

Moses didn’t think he had anything to offer God or the Israelites. He was an on-the-run murderer who happened to have a stutter. Not exactly the resumé you would have on the top of the pile. He went from ruling in the palace to toiling as a shepherd. Talk about a demotion. The rod was probably a constant reminder of the lengths to which he had “fallen” but God would use it for an entirely different purpose. Through this rod, God would lead the people out of Israel and would use Moses as His ambassador. Perhaps Moses struggled with feelings of inadequacy. Even though he was adopted into royalty, he must have had questions about why his birth family abandoned him. Perhaps he had regrets from his past, like the time he murdered the man. Let’s not forget the burning bush. Did God really use a tree to speak to him? Despite his regrets and personal misgivings, God used Moses and that very thing in his hand to bring forth deliverance.

Let’s go back to your smart phone. What are you using it for? Everything God gives us is meant to be stewarded. If God can use a piece of wood to part the sea, He will certainly use our advanced technology to reach the billions of people who need deliverance. The world is literally at our fingertips and the online realm has become our greatest harvest field. Even though God loved the people of Egypt, the land represented bondage to the people of Israel. Without Christ, many people are living in bondage to sin. We have their deliverance through the Gospel of Christ. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media platforms to share the love of Christ. Even though the internet is used largely for evil purposes, anything that we give to Christ can become a powerful tool in our hands.

Churches have awakened to the power of social media as a tool for the Gospel. One such ministry that is taking advantage of this opportunity is Set Apart Church. They are an online church that exists for people who are unable or unwilling to attend traditional church. They recognize the fact that, thanks in part to the power of technology, the modern day church is a “church without walls”. They offer online sermons, devotionals and even a prayer center. God is not limited by geography. The only thing that limits Him is our inaction and lack of faith in His ability. Look down at your hand one more time. The world is at your fingertips. You just might be holding the instrument that leads to someone’s deliverance.

Gail Raynor, Platinum Member
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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby DeeRedeemed » Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:07 pm

My Son Won't Go To Church

Despite things being tough for her, Rita is never at loss for solutions. However, on this particular day she broke down in tears.

“It has been eight months now and Ted still refuses go to church.” She said, reaching out for a tissue to blow her nose.

Ted, her 18 year old first born son seldom talks to anyone. But the twins, Tara and Barry enjoy life and love church.

“How do you mean?” I inquired, moving closer to sit next to her on the once beige couch.

With her elbows on her laps and her face cupped in her hands, amid sobs she managed to speak, “I raised him better than that but ever since his dad left he rejects our values.”

Unsure of exactly what to say, I put my hand on her shoulder just to offer some comfort.

She turned toward me and asked, “Can you imagine…,” she paused shaking her head in disbelief, “…that he no longer believes in God?”

“He told you that?” I quizzed rather rhetorically. “Yes, he did and it just tore my heart.” She acknowledged.

At this point, clearly Rita felt like her son was slipping right through her fingers. She was afraid of losing him and didn’t know what to do. I wondered if she was rehearsing the past, trying to pin the blame on herself for how Ted was rebelling against her and her values.

Is it possible to have a dysfunctional child despite a healthy home environment? Luke 15:11-32 suggests so. Good parents do not always raise good children and vice versa. Everyone has a free will and not even the best of parental intentions can control an individual’s choices. Proverbs 22:15 reminds us that there’s potential for disobedience within each child. Parents can only point them to the right direction.

“Rita, I’m sure he has his own reasons…” I started before she interrupted.

“Are you serious?” She seemed shocked. “What reason could he possibly have?” She posed with fresh tears streaming down her face.

Trying hard to find the find the right words, I responded, “Well, I don’t really know but did you ask him why he said that?”

“I’m telling you he has become impossible. How can we converse especially when he thinks that everyone at First Family is a hypocrite?”

And there it was! Ted’s personal view about church had changed.

“Look. I’m just trying to say that we often judge things based on what we see. I’m not sure how he arrived at that point but I wonder does he like the internet?”

With a puzzled stare on her face, she grabbed my knee, “You think he’s visiting those x-rated sites?”

“No, no, no. I’m not suggesting that at all.” I said assuredly.

“Oh thank God!” She sighed with relief and I felt her grip loosen. “Yes, he does. He is always on the computer or on his phone. Why?”

“Great. If he can’t go to church then let’s bring church to him.”

Rita’s eyes brightened. “Can we really do that?”

“We can try. Just because Ted has stopped going to the Church house doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. In this technology age, we can literally go into the entire world and preach the Good News to everyone, as per Mark 16:15. The Set Apart Church is one such ministry that provides hope on the internet by bringing church to people; offering the opportunity to church online.” I said.

“Wait a minute. You mean it is an established ministry?” She inquired.

“Sure, it is.” I said and proceeded to explain. “Set Apart Church is an Online Non-Denominational Church that was established to reach out to all who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend Church in the traditional setting. Individuals are ministered to with the word just like in the Church house only that in this case one listens to relevant online sermons in the privacy and convenience of their home or wherever. Although this church online concept is new to us, we must think outside the box and by faith continue to pray, believing that God can touch all who need to hear the “Good News” of a Savior who loves them. Cheer up Rita, there is still hope.”

“Wow! It sounds like something he’d be interested in.” She said, handing me notebook and pen. “Please write the website here. I know he’ll definitely check it out.”

I was delighted that mentioning Set Apart Church had given Rita new hope. She was smiling again.

Dee Kyalo
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Something Larger Than Myself

Postby writewithpurpose » Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:09 pm

I met with an elderly friend this week, who is unable to get out. It’s not just a lack of transportation, you see, she’s paralyzed. In my last visit we had one of our more meaningful conversations.

“Hi Elsie, how are you doing today.”

“I’m okay as it goes, but I’m struggling with feeling so empty and alone. People come to visit me, which I greatly appreciate. It helps me to not feel so alone, but there’s something missing. I don’t know what it is.”

“Tell me more about the about emptiness and loneliness.”

“Before the accident I was so active. I attended church every time the doors opened. I was involved in youth group, went to camp, and had sleepovers with my friends, but that’s been nearly fifty years ago. I felt as though I belonged to something greater than myself, but all that is gone. I don’t know why God still has me alive. I’m of no use to him. While I have some use of my hands, I’m dependent on someone else to care for me, even in the most basic things. I never thought my life would end up this way.”

“You know, Elsie, I just saw online that there’s a new church without walls. It’s a place where there’s on online community and it has a global reach. Just think, you could listen to an online sermon at the same time that someone is listening in China, or India, or Japan. I wonder if God has a purpose for you here. What if you listened to the sermons, and allowed the Lord to move you to pray for others listening to the same sermon. Just like you feel alone and empty, there are others out there feeling the same way. What if you prayed for them, and allowed God to use your situation to reach others in ways that only eternity can tell the story?”

“I never thought about that. Most of the time I feel so useless, but it is encouraging to me to think that God might connect me to a global community of believers, for whom I could pray. You say they have online sermons? What else can you tell me about them?”

“Well, the mission of the Set Apart Church is to touch real people in whatever place of life they find themselves, like you. They want to reach and engage those who want seek wholeness in Christ. It says here that they believe God can touch a person wherever they’re at, which of course, we know is true from experience, don’t we Elsie? They exist to bring the Word of God to people who, for whatever reason, are not able to come to church. What do you think?

“It’s certainly worth checking out. Maybe we can listen to a sermon now together.”

“That sermon on the Thorn in The Flesh hit home,” I said.

“Yea, the state of my physical body is certainly a thorn in the flesh. I liked the definition of it as a chronic infirmity, and the Lord gave Paul the thorn to keep him humble. I’ll say one thing…having to depend on people on a daily basis keeps me humble. I have to admit though that sometimes I feel angry about my situation, which I suppose is normal, but you’d think after all these years I would accept it, like the pastor of the church online is talking about. How do I accept the thorns I’ve been given? It’s a struggle. I suppose I’m more accepting than I was years ago, but I can’t say I’ve owned it as the sermon suggests. Maybe I can begin to embrace my place in life by the things that it allows me, such as praying for those who listen to the sermon I’m listening to, and praying for countries where these sermons go. Perhaps this is using my condition for his glory. I’m going to pray I can be like the woman that Pastor David talked about, who, though the environment was deplorable, says ‘it’s better higher up.’ Now I feel a chance to once again connect to something larger than myself.”

“Wow, Elsie! We sure had a good conversation today. You’ve encouraged me and challenged me too—all this from the Set Apart Church.

Kathleen A. Trissel
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"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain" (Phil 1:21)

"For in him we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28).

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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby judi » Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:22 pm ... ?id=167731

Be Open To HIS Glorious Touch . . .

We are concerned about the waning of doctrinal teaching in the churches today. To quote James Henry Thornwell, a mid-Nineteenth Century Presbyterian Preacher: "Where the church has sought for numbers, doctrinal purity has suffered.”

God’s Commandments are broken without fear of reprisal. Sure, go ahead and covet - you're forgiven. Bear false witness? Everyone does it. Stealing and murder are still frowned upon, but everyone lusts and commits adultery in their hearts - so? Just go to your local in-total-agreement-with-you church for some Band-Aid theology, and get involved with a feel-good-about-yourself-anyway group.

Evangelizing holds a great part in our living Christ-like lives, but once you have souls interested, if they say "yes" to our plea to receive Christ, and then act like the very devil afterward, believing they are "saved" to sin again and again, are they truly saved or are they just politely agreeing with us to free themselves from our presence to go back to what their carnal nature dictates?

Let's strive for the perfecting of the saints. We are called to exhort one another to righteousness. A church without walls is more accessible than a church frozen in man’s convenience and personal agendas.

We left a small church in danger of losing its purpose, fast becoming a political rallying post rather than a voice crying in the wilderness to repent.

When we started studying Scripture for ourselves, rather than following the "plan", becoming the abhorred "deeper lifers" seeking for doctrinal purity, we were told not to tell any church members why we were leaving for fear of "splitting the church".

We served so eagerly. We drove a bus route, sang in the choir and taught Sunday school classes. We could be counted on to be in church every time the doors swung open. God’s Fourth Commandment was ignored as many members worked Saturdays. Others spent His Seventh Day weeding, painting, cleaning, shopping, golfing, fishing, etc.

We were busily serving ourselves rather than GOD, ignoring His Fourth Commandment, working on His Sabbath. We don't see problems with attending church on Sunday, as long as we honor God by acknowledging His work in creation, resting with Him on His set-apart day.

We determined, through Jesus, to accept His empowering grace to lovingly, gratefully, faithfully obey God. I arranged my work hours to offer Friday sundown through Saturday sundown to YHWH.

We tried returning, prayerfully to implement changes. We were not welcome.Churches today have "comfort zones" where some Biblical truths are not to be mentioned.

It's exhausting, seeking church bodies that agree with Scripture. Being a preacher’s wife, my heart yearns to the church members; at the same time my hackles raise when listening to preaching that glorifies men and not God. We need Jesus.

Our time for meeting in sweet fellowship has dwindled to our “kitchen table” Bible studies. The four of us treasure our Sabbath time together, but we miss the hymns glorifying God and His Son Jesus. The prayers binding us to His Word and to each other . . .

I’m thrilled to be a member of Faithwriters – an online gathering of like-minded believers glorifying God in prose and poetry. Reading the Writing Challenge entries has been the highlight of our Sabbath time together as a family.

This is why I am delighted to find, through Faithwriters, a set apart church body that gathers hearts online.

This happy find, SetApartChurch is an Online Non-Denominational Church, established to reach out to ALL who are unable to attend Church in the traditional setting. Whether it’s due to a mental or physical ailment, your work keeps you out on the road, or there are no churches in your area. We are a Church Without Walls. No matter what the reasons are, the Lord can touch you right where you are at. We are a Church Online with weekly relevant online sermons. We are a “Church without Walls,” ministering the Word through SetApartChurch.

This online Church offers us online sermons to absorb and study, praise God.

I was blessed by “Sufficient Grace”, the Set Apart Church’s sermon concerning the thorn in the flesh. I never realized that I was suffering with my anger and annoyance. This puts everything in a new perspective, and I may stop being furious with myself, hating myself, and give it over to God.

Thank you, The SetApartChurch.

At last – a church we can attend without the embarassment of walking out due to doctrinal differences.

Be open to His glorious touch . . .

KJV Revelation 14:12
KJV Hebrews 10:26-31

Judith Gayle Smith
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KJV 1 Timothy 3:16
"And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory."


Congratulations to all for your incredibly beautiful entries, who feel His Holy Spirit move within us as we write to honor Him through these wondrous heartbeats of praise to YHWH! I love you all.

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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby jehaynes » Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:10 pm

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Not Going to Church

There are many so-called church affiliated groups in the news whose main function and focus seems to be telling other people why they believe God finds them unacceptable and unworthy of love - the second message being that if they would just get with the program they too could be a squeaky clean near perfect Christian complete with church certified seal of approval. God would then find them acceptable. Worship this way, align your political views that way, either do or don’t do this or that and you too will be given the golden ticket to heaven. The truth is, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Then, there’s Set Apart Church. The name says it all. Here the invitation comes with no strings. You don’t have to change a thing to show up. Come in your pajamas, your shorts, your favorite t-shirt. It won’t matter. Come ready to hear exactly what Jesus said about God’s love for His children with no political slant, no judgment, and no request for money. Just come. Here you’ll find a welcome invitation from your Heavenly Father. You’ll learn through a series of online sermons and devotions exactly how He feels about you. The answer may surprise you. If you just need someone to pray for you, you will find a place for that as well. All of it in church online.

At Set Apart Church it’s God meeting you wherever you are. It’s a church with no walls where the door is always open. There you’ll find a passion for Christ that comes from true relationship with Him and a deep desire to share the forgiveness of God, His love and His heart for you. Whatever your reason for not going to church, here is the answer. What do you have to lose? You never know what you might gain.

Julie Haynes
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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby HisFaithfulness » Sat Mar 29, 2014 3:12 pm

Can God Furnish a Table in the Wilderness?

Paul and Felix hugged each other, exchanged greetings, and sat down across each other in Paul’s sitting room. Paul and Felix had been good friends since their college days, that was eight years ago.

Paul looked at his friend with amazement, and made a remark, “It seems you are enjoying yourself in this place, I couldn't recognize you properly when I first set my eyes on you; your body looks fresh and radiant”.

“Thanks, my friend, it is by the glory of God”, Felix replied with a smile on his face.

Paul had just been promoted few weeks back; he was assigned as a Branch manager of a newly established bank in a remote town. He had to relocate from a busy city to this town that Paul called “a dry place”.

“On a more serious note, I hate this place, it’s very dry; though the people are nice and friendly, the town is just too dry for my liking”, Paul exclaimed.

Felix couldn't understand why Paul was complaining about the town. As far as Felix was concerned, this is one of the best towns around. He had come to this town two years ago; he was into electronics business. He was the only business man in the town that ordered his goods directly from Toshiba company, so the other electronics stores purchased from him.

Felix was very careful not to upset his friend more, so he asked cautiously, “What makes the town a dry place?”

“Can you imagine? There is no single church in this town, I've gone into the town and searched thoroughly, my friend, there is no any church in this nice town; this is why I call it a dry place”, Paul explained.

Felix waited patiently; he wanted his friend to finish his expression.

Paul continued, “In fact, the town is a wilderness, a very dry place spiritually; I don’t think I can stay long here. I wonder how you manage to cope without going to church on Sundays; remember we are Christians, we should attend Church to fellowship together with our brothers and sisters, and to listen to the Word of God.”

Felix responded with a smile on his face again, and said, “I attend church every Sunday”.

Paul looked at his friend’s face as if the man was not serious. Then he asked, “Are you kidding me?”

“I’m serious, I and my entire family attend church every Sunday in this wilderness where there is no single church building”, Felix maintained his point.

There was a worried look on Paul’s face; it was now his turn to wait for Felix to explain.

“You see”, Felix started cautiously, “You don’t need to attend a church service in this town by going into a church building; you can attend the church service on your computer. That means, you can attend church online. The church I attend is a church without walls; the name of the church is called Set Apart Church. I can confidently tell you that, I and my family are blessed every Sunday through this church’s online sermons. We fellowship together with other Christians all over the World on the church website, and even communicate by sending greetings and prayer requests”.

Felix paused a while to allow the message to sink in Paul’s mind. Then he continued; he looked at his friend’s face directly, and asked, “Do you remember the account of people of Israel in the wilderness? When there was neither food nor water to sustain them; the people rashly asked the Lord, “Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?” (Psalm 78: 19 KJV).

With excitement in Felix’s voice, he said happily, “The Lord answered their prayer, and furnished their table beyond their expectations in the wilderness.” (Psalm 78: 23-29). “That is exactly how God furnishes our own table spiritually in this so-called dry town by sending Set Apart Church to minister to our souls”, Felix concluded.

Paul requested for the church online web address, and Felix joyfully wrote it on a piece of paper and gave it to him. For the first time since they started the conversation, Paul smiled and said, “I’m going to attend the church service at Set Apart Church next Sunday, thanks a lot Felix”. The two friends found a furnished table in the wilderness! Our Lord is a wonderful God.

Adekunle Lawal
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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby Stanley3 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:46 pm

It's never too late

They were running now, trying to get back to the camp where the motorbikes were parked. The sky above them erupted again in a blaze of light, which sent them diving for the cover of a thicket. Down in the valley below a state power line pylon dissolved in a molten mass of sparks and flame, leaving the high voltage wires writhing and hissing like snakes on the ground.

‘That was too close for comfort, let’s get outta here,’ said Ryan, setting off again in the direction of their overnight camp, deep in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

Chad and Ryan, two seventeen-year-old friends, had heard about certain strange events that had been taking place worldwide. Newscasts had predicted solar flares may be reaching earth soon, but the boys had not expected anything like this.

‘Do you think this is the start of the end time tribulation that the Bible predicts will happen?’ ventured Ryan cautiously, knowing that Chad would scoff at anything that smacked of religion.

‘Don’t start with that baloney now,’ said Chad predictably. ‘Solar flares happen all the time, it’s just that these are a bit worse than usual.’

They reached their camp and started packing up immediately. Slinging their packs on their backs they mounted up. ‘Let’s head for the stream and fill our water bottles,’ said Chad, ‘mine is empty.’ They headed down the track and arrived at the stream. Jumping off his bike, Chad was about to dip his water bottle in the water when he let out a yelp. ‘Ryan, check this water out, it’s like red and sticky.’ Ryan joined him and dipped his hand in the stream. ‘Chad,’ he said, ‘I think this is ……… at least it looks like …….blood?’

‘How can that be, what does it mean?’ stammered Chad.

‘I think this is it,’ said Ryan, wiping his wet hand on his jeans. ‘I think we are near to the end.’

‘What do you mean by ….. the end?’ Chad’s face was ashen. ‘Are we gonna die out here? I can’t die yet, man, I’m not ready. I haven’t done what Ma wanted ………..’ He was cut short by a massive explosion above as the sky lit up with sparks from horizon to horizon, as if a giant hand was arc welding in the atmosphere above them.

Ryan grabbed Chad by his shoulders. ‘Get a grip on yourself, man, and don’t panic, we are not alone. What did your Ma want you to do?’

‘She said I should go to church, and I wouldn’t go. She begged me, but I didn’t listen, now it’s too late.’

“But church won’t save you, you must believe in Jesus. All this stuff happening could mean that Jesus is coming to save us soon. If you believe in Him, you’ll be safe. You just need to believe in Him. Why are you worrying about joining a church now?’

‘Because Ma said it's the first step,’ stammered Chad, tears rolling from his eyes. ‘Now it’s too late to do what she wanted.’

‘Maybe not,’ said Ryan, reaching for his satellite phone. ‘If this thing is still working, you can join a church right now, and even listen to the Word being preached and join in prayer with others. It's a church online. I’m sure there are many people praying about what’s happening around us now.’

‘How can you have a whole church that’s online, that doesn’t make sense?’ Chad asked, but he now had hope in his eyes.

‘Think of it as a church without walls; imagine a congregation that’s joined in the Spirit, but spread all over the world. Hey, I’m connected, not everything is haywire yet. Here’s a good online sermon entitled a Fresh Start, let’s listen.’

The two listened in silence, ignoring the explosions around them. They heard the pastor encourage the congregation not to be afraid, even though they do not know what lies ahead.

‘Lord Jesus, make me part of your Kingdom,’ whispered Chad softly. Ryan placed his hand gently on Chad’s shoulder and whispered: ‘Thank you, Lord.’

Suddenly the sky became incandescent as a huge coronal mass hit the atmosphere directly above them, sending tons of molten plasma hurtling earthwards.

The two boys lifted their hands, and looking upwards murmured, ‘Jesus.’

Graham Keet
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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby Edithedre » Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:12 pm

An Exhibition, A Painting and A Church

"I have never seen anything like it" John said in awe.

"Neither have I. I wonder what it means or what the artist is trying to show."

"I have no Idea." John replied. "Maybe the artist intention was to create an abstract concept."

"You could be right. But I am still a bit confused. An abstract concept of what? I see what looks like a cross, I see people. But there is no background scenery. Nothing about it tells us what he is trying to depict."

Both men stood among the art enthusiast in the gallery looking at the exhibition. Other people close by also were discussing or staring in awe at the same painting. It drew people to it. It was painted with beautiful strokes that could rival the great works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Not one of them could say what the painting was about.

A young woman walked up to the people gathered round the painting. After a minute of staring at the painting said,

"Oh Wow. It's a church."

John turned, looked at her and said,
"Why do you think it's a church? No church I know looks like this. Whether painted as real or as an abstract."

She smiled then and replied,

"I believe that is the artist desire. If you really look at it, you will see it is a church. A church without walls."

John laughed out loud and said,
"This artist is brilliant and gifted but I do not think he is borderline crazy." he turned to look at his friend, "Can you believe what she is saying? That it is a painting of a church. Who would paint a church that has no walls? When has churches never had walls. Such churches don't exist. I know my church has walls."

"Yes they do exist."

"No they don't. John argued. When the young woman protested, John said

"If they do exist, give me an example of one."

Smiling the young woman said,
"The Set Apart Church."

"I have never heard of it. Where is it located?" John asked.

"It's located everywhere."

John could not help but laugh. This young woman definitely had lost her mind.

"Why do you laugh sir? Do you think it is impossible for a church to be everywhere? The set apart church is an online non-denominational church built for individuals who have issues with going to church or can't make it to church based on their busy schedule. It can be found everywhere there is internet access. It is a church online hence a church without walls."

John laughed without mirth. The young woman on seeing he was not convinced asked,

"Sir if I may ask, what is a church?"
Shocked at her question John said with a huge smile,

"A building used for public Christian worship." with a smirk, John added, "my dear, note the word 'building' for a building cannot exist without walls"

"Yes you are right. However, it is only when you look at the definition of the church from a literal point of view. Without worshippers, a church is just a building. With worshippers, it becomes the body of Christ. Sir, remove the building and leave just the people, there will still be a church. Remove the people and leave the building, all you have left is a structure. Nothing more."

John listened as she spoke. He looked at the painting again and only then did he start seeing what the painting was truly about.

"A church without walls is a place where man, woman and child of every race, tribe and tongue can gather to fellowship in God's presence. Although it is a church online, it is still a place where people can come to worship and find peace. That's what I think the artist is trying to show. That with God, there are no walls." after a pause, she continued.

"I have a friend who is a geologist. The nature of his job demands he is always on the rig. A place where there is no church. He is one person I know whose life has been changed by The Set Apart Church."

With that final comment, the young woman walked away leaving John and his friend to ponder at her words. After a few minutes, John turned to his friend and said with a smile,

"She is right. The painting truly is about a church without walls."

Edith Edremoda
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Looking for Charcoal

Postby phemomenon » Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:16 pm

God made us to be social creatures that need the support of others. We are instructed in Hebrews 10:25 not to neglect our meeting together with other believers.

But what is a believer to do when life takes a turn and it is no longer possible to meet together with other believers? My grandparents were church planters who were very active in their ministry. The Church meant everything to them. It really made me sad when Grandma’s dementia progressed to the point where they could no longer attend church services without being a distraction. Attending church was a major part of their lives, and while they were going through one of the greatest trials in life, they lost the ability to connect with those that would offer them the very encouragement that they so desperately needed.

Many people, like my husband, have jobs that require them to work on Sundays or to travel frequently. This makes it very difficult to meet together with other believers on a regular basis.
It is not easy to be a follower of Jesus Christ in the world today. We live in a world that moves at a faster and faster pace where the goal is to get more and more. It is so easy to get swept up into that way of thinking when we neglect our meeting together with other believers. I once heard that a Christian can be compared to a charcoal briquette. When the charcoal briquettes are close together, each piece feeds off of the heat of the others, and the fire increases in strength. If you take one charcoal briquette out and put it by itself, it begins to cool down and eventually die out.

That is how it feels when a Christian goes through the week being immersed in the world without the support of his Christian brothers and sisters. That break during the week is essential to our spiritual health because it brings us refreshment and strength to face the week ahead.

Although physically meeting together is ideal, there are times when this is not possible. I started to think about what people do when they want to lose weight but they cannot attend support group meetings. What do people do when they are going through a divorce, but the nearest support group is too far for them to travel? Just as there are online support groups that enable people to find the support that they need using the Internet, there must be online churches. After all, God is not limited by location. He is omnipresent, and he can touch anyone anywhere.

The Internet has been used by the enemy to promote evil in so many ways, but it can also be used to promote the message of Jesus Christ. The advancement of technology has enabled us to have a church without walls where people from all over the world can worship together. After all, that is the true “Church”. It has nothing to do with the buildings in which we congregate. God is more than able to touch each and every one of us no matter where we are physically located.

So I turned on my computer and typed “church online without walls” into the search box. I was happy to see that there were several ministries that stream their weekly church services over the Internet. So I started to explore the links. The ministry that I found most intriguing is called Set Apart Church. Not only do they offer online sermons, but you can also sign up for their newsletter that offers encouragement in Christian living. There are also online devotions posted regularly that can assist with our study of the Bible. My favorite area of this online church is the prayer center. You can submit your prayer request in detail and know that fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are praying for your specific need. You can even be notified when you have been prayed for. In turn, you can also pray for others’ needs and let them know that you have prayed for them. That is what I miss the most about meeting together with other Christians, and this is a great way to offer and receive support in prayer.

So if you find yourself unable to attend a regular church service, I would highly recommend reaching out to others at the church without walls, Set Apart Church.

Jaylin Palacio
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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby tomoral » Sat Apr 12, 2014 5:05 pm

Cyber Church

A Church without walls,
reaching 'cross the earth,
you may reach out in faith,
for all of God's worth.

A place to call home,
with others who pray,
friends near and afar,
to rejoice a new day.

A cyber sanctuary,
brings Christians together,
to worship their Lord,
regardless of weather.

An online sermon,
praising the Lord,
as thousands listen,
to hear God's word.

The set apart church,
for those who choose,
His grace to gain,
their pain to lose.

A gift from above,
this church without walls,
for those like me,
who hear His calls,

In your comfort zone,
however you dress,
just prepare your soul,
no need to stress.

In the peace of home,
you can join others,
from distant lands,
all sisters and brothers.

So happy to meet you,
your heart will soon mend
what a joyous occasion,
to know your my friend.

A big invitation,
come join us today,
to find your peace,
in this new way.

Lynn Gipson
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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby P.J.Baker » Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:09 pm

Airport Encounter

I grab the coffee and survey the hundreds of empty seats. Sunday morning in an airport lounge, and I’m all on my own. I force down the drink. It’s not that bad, but it’s got nothing on Martha’s breakfast brew.

10 am. She’ll be organising the kids right now and hurrying them into the car.

The PA announces my flight is delayed by two hours; her tinny voice bounces unheard around the polished corridors.

“Lord, what am I doing here?!”

But I already know the answer. After weeks of prayer, the Lord provided a job for me. What a blessing it is, but … I travel 3 out of 4 Sundays a month. I haven’t heard a sermon or prayed with a brother for too long.

10.45 am. My family are listening to the minister preach now.

I scrunch the empty cup, toss it in the trash, stretch and yawn. Then I take a walk.

As I’m walking, I have a strange sensation: something pulling me in a certain direction. I see a sign for a multi-faith chapel and my heart starts to beat a little faster.

“What’s going on?” I ask myself. Could this be the leading of the Spirit?

Slowly, I open the door. The room is simple: an altar, religious symbols and some wooden chairs. I’m uncomfortable kneeling to pray before a crescent moon, but in spite of myself I’m straight on my knees pouring out my thoughts to God.

“Heavenly Father, thank you for my job, but I can’t go to church, or hear your word because I travel on Sundays. Show me, Lord, if I should give it up, or if I should keep on…”

The noise of typing interrupts me. I turn and see a man wearing headphones, using a laptop in chapel!

“Excuse me, but this is a house of prayer, not an office! You can use that somewhere else.”

The man ignores me. I speak louder.

“Can you turn your music off?” Still, he ignores me!

I’m getting a little mad now so I wave my hands in front of his face. He jumps a little.

“Oh! Hello. I didn’t see you there.” He takes off his headphones and shakes my hand. “I’m Michael Sontag, airport chaplain. Now, what were you saying?”

I take a step back. “Oh! I….Hello chaplain, what a lovely chapel you have here.”

He looks at the empty chairs and shrugs. “It’s quite lonely, especially on Sundays. I rarely see the same face twice.”

I don’t know what to say, so I just nod.

“But then I found this church online: the[url] Set Apart Church[/url].” He spins his laptop around: there’s a webpage showing mountains and a clear blue sky. I take a deep breath in.

“I was listening to the weekly online sermon. Everyday there’s a new devotional, and you can send a prayer request to other church members. They’ll let you know when they’ve prayed for you.”

“Oh. So it’s all online?” I ask.

“Exactly. It’s called a “church without walls” because it’s virtual, so anyone can join and access it anytime.”

I imagine people all around the world, praying for each other and growing in unity with the Holy Spirit. People who don’t, or can’t go to a regular church being in a community, whenever they log in!

“So…how can I join?” I ask.

“Easy. Just go to to access the sermons and devotionals, and sign up for the monthly newsletter.”

I marvel at this man, sitting in his empty chapel, yet glowing with excitement from connecting with his online church.

I take a deep breath. “You know, the Lord led me here today. When you came in I was praying for guidance, as this job means I can’t go to church. You were the answer to my prayer: this online church means I can keep my job and connect with God!”

I offer my hand, but the chaplain gives me a warm hug.

“Praise the Lord! When I was praying this morning, the Spirit told me I would lead someone to the mountains, but I had no idea what that meant!”

We say our goodbyes and I leave the chapel. Walking to my boarding gate, I’m humbled and amazed. What a fantastic God! He hears our prayers, guides us and puts us in the right place at the right time.

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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby merrimj1122 » Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:45 pm

A Church Set Apart Touches the Heart

I rest and pray in bed for months on end.
The turmoil comes and goes and strength departs.
I miss the Sunday services with friends.
But there’s a church online that touches hearts.

The time goes by so slowly as I heal.
As faith and patience spring from deep inside,
The online sermons are the greatest deal.
And comforts me, so in God I abide.

A hiding place of love to call my own.
Devotions help with hope to edify.
You’ll feel the grace there pouring from God’s throne.
And know He has a plan for you and I.

It’s beautiful my own church without walls.
If you’re a member it is worth your while.
Receive support and prayer that so enthralls.
And fills you up with joy and saves your smile.

So if your circumstance is burdensome,
And distance, health or work impedes your search;
Just seek our Lord, the precious Holy Son.
And look no more you’ve got Set Apart Church.

Maura J. Merrigan
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Re: New Blog Contest - Set Apart Church - Online Church

Postby waynecook » Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:44 am

By: Wayne Cook
“What is a church?” asks the Pastor.
“Do you need to attend church every Sunday?” questions the bored Christian (often the teenager sitting on the back row, wishing he was on his way home).
“Can you have a real church without walls?” pushes the theologian and seminarian.
“You can’t have a true church online,” emphatically states the Pastor and skeptic. “After all, you can’t observe the ordnances/sacraments. Nor can you have local ministries and missions if people just pick up the online sermons and don’t become active members in a ‘church’. After all, a person has to take part in church practices to serve Christ or be a member of a church.”
“What’s the big deal?” answers the people who are meeting online with Set Apart Church. “We finally have a way to enjoy the blessing of being part of the body of Christ though we cannot attend the traditional church building.”
Too many people, many of them Christians, live in remote areas where there are no local assemblies, or they are traveling due to jobs or other reasons; some are sick or have to care for invalid relatives.
One only has to understand the Scriptures to know that objections don’t hold water. The definition of a New Testament church has nothing to do with buildings or with denominational practices, even with sacraments and forms of worship.
The Greek word used for church is “ecclesia” (pronounced ekk-le-si’-a) which means “an assembly”. In the actual practice of Set Apart Church, they are an assembly of people who are unable to assemble in a building, but are a gathering of people who are a literal church without walls. Jesus said, “Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20 NIV) People from all over the world gather at one website to hear an online sermon, read a monthly newsletter, read daily devotionals during the week, even share prayer requests with one another, just like a church gathering in a building. What a true definition of a church!
The goals and vision of the Set Apart Church are simple. You can find it on their “About Us” page: “Set Apart Church is an Online Non-Denominational Church that was established to reach out to ALL who are unable to attend Church in the traditional setting. Whether it’s due to a mental or physical aliment, your work keeps you out on the road, or there are no churches in your area. We are a “Church Without Walls”. No matter what the reasons are, the Lord can touch you right where you are at. We are a Church Online with weekly relevant online sermons. We are a “Church without Walls,” ministering the Word through Set Apart Church. Online.”
It is a wonderful ministry to those who are wanting to have the blessing of an online church that they can connect with 24/7 and receive God’s Word in an easy to understand, practical way. Pastor David Chumbley has a soothing delivery with a personal touch, but is true to the Word.
If you know someone who cannot attend services in a building or for some reason doesn’t feel at home in a traditional setting, have them connect with Set Apart Church and receive the blessing of being a part of a church without walls.

Wayne Cook
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