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The Angel's Angel

A place to discuss poetry in all its wonderful forms and styles. Feel free to share your poetry here.

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Pencil 1 (1-49 Posts)
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The Angel's Angel

Postby kadeegrace » Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:56 am

The Angels Angel

A dark night
the air is cold
Rips right through his clothes
Right to his bones

His shelter from the rain and sleet
Boxes stacked at the end of the street
He listens to the sounds in the night
Waits for the clue that the time is right

When the howling fades to a slight ring
He listens close to hear an angel sing
Cause he knows every night ‘bout this time
He’ll hear the echoes that make streets chime

He’s about to take his nightly stroll
When he hears a noise at his box window
He looks and to his surprise
Staring back at him were the angels eyes

A beautiful smile upon her face
He quickly offers to her a place
To lay her pretty little head
As she lays her body down to bed

He watches through the subway lights
As he sits and thinks this just isn’t right
She couldn’t be but barely fourteen
It’s the saddest thing he has ever seen

‘Neath the ragged clothes all a mess
He was looking at an angel at rest
He made a vow to himself that night
Come early morn, he would see things right

He thought as he looked at this beautiful child
she shouldn’t be living amongst the wild
He couldn’t think of one good reason
why should be here one more season

This beautiful child sings like a bird in the sky
And there just can’t be any reason why
she should be taking such risks with her life
for someday she will make a great man’s wife

As she lie there in her tender sleep
he hurries about to find what she will need
He made his rounds collecting things
to make her shine next time she sings

When she awoke and rubbed her pretty eyes
there was a package, so big in size
He kindly told her someone had left it there
and told him to please give it to her

As she slid the paper down the sides of the box
her breathing ceased and she looked so shocked
the most beautiful dress that she’s ever seen
Ribbons, bows, pearls and shoes tucked between

As she looked into the grayed man’s eyes
no words were spoken, just wonders of why
“why in the world would he do such a thing
just because he loved to hear her sing?’

He reached out to take her by the hand
He said “hurry now, you are on the clock”
“put them all on, I know they will fit”
“hurry now, we are taking a walk”

They walked a long way on that day
to get here to that special place
And when they had finally arrived
it was worth a mil just to see her face

She looked ahead at what he did bring
at a dream for anyone that loves to sing
Sitting way back at the end of the street
was a stage, red carpet, an audience to beat

And as she turned around to see
the grayed man was nowhere to be seen
But on the ground he had left a note
so she began to read what he had wrote

“sing; angel sing”
“sing my sweet”
“sing, angel sing”
“let your sweet voice ring”

“this is a start of a brand new life”
“I fixed the wrong and made it right”
“let your voice ring into the night”
“and I promise you, it will be alright”

She held that note so close to her heart
She knew right then, he had gave her a start
She walked away and started to run
as fast as she could to what he had begun

As she stepped up onto the stage
she forgot her pain and she left her cage
When she was done and the night was through
her new life started, like he said it would do

And from that day on, she never forgot
what that wonderful day was all about
She travels and tours and she sings
all around the world, her sweet voice rings

Every time she passes through that town
her search for him, goes ‘round and ‘round
And while she sings out on the radio
she can only pray that somehow he knows

She will hold him special to her heart
and she knows they will never be apart
and everywhere she goes, he is in her heart
He was her shining angel from the start

(This is a special story about a young girl who lived in the streets and was homeless. She meets her angel who changes her life forever. The true love and admiration of one person to another is portrayed in this story. When I wrote this, I was trying to reach into the heart of a truly divine person who was without selfishness. When I finished this song, I realized this is probably my favorite piece I have ever written and have also dedicated the piece to a fiction novel as well.)


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Re: The Angel's Angel

Postby Shann » Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:17 pm

This brought tears to my eyes. It grabbed my heart right at the beginning. Poetry isn't usually my favorite genre, but you brought the words to life and made me shiver with the MC.

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Sometimes God calms the storm; Sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child

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Pencil Plus (Over 500 Posts)
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Re: The Angel's Angel

Postby tomoral » Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:01 pm

Lovely, just lovely. What a heart warmer. Just goes to show God is at work everywhere.

Blessings, Lynn
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Give them shelter from the storms.
Children are our tomorrow
Keep them daily from the sorrow
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