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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? Open Again for 2013

Postby mikeedwards » Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:36 pm

Moved here by Mike

The ‘Jesus Santa’
(Inspired by the song “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” – see the link below to the You Tube video)
Eddie stroked his white beard, grateful he didn’t have to wear the fake one he had 40 years ago when he worked the Santa shift. Here he was again - same red suit, same mall. Providence had brought him back and he was grateful for a job during tough times. The suit fit better now without padding, his own “bowlful of jelly” filling it. The mall was a different story.
The mall manager forbade him to share “The Real Meaning of Christmas” tracts as he had years ago and he was to spend no more than three minutes per child. After all, their parents needed to get to the stores to fulfill their wishes, didn’t they?
“But, it’s Christmas,” he protested. “It’s about Jesus.”
“It’s about business, Eddie, so stay on task here - just be jolly, keep the line moving, so their parents can shop. Would you rather go back to the Mission tent and tell about Jesus for nothing?”
Eddie capitulated, although he didn’t feel jolly about it. He yearned to tell the children about Jesus as he had done before. He loved sharing the Savior’s story and the reason He came, but now. . . a different message prevailed. The “scripted” words were hollow - “Mind your parents. Happy Holidays. Ho, Ho, Ho.”
Glancing at his watch Eddie sighed – his shift was almost over. He looked up to a pair of deep, piercing blue eyes, barely visible below a brow spilling over with golden curls, Before he could say one “Ho“, the girl spoke. “Are you the ‘Jesus Santa’?”
Eddie’s own brow rose in wonder. He looked beyond the golden girl for help from the woman he assumed was her mother. She simply shrugged and looked down. The blue eyes remained fixed on him, waiting for an answer.
“What’s your name, child?”
“I’m Mary Katherine. I’m looking for the ‘Jesus Santa’. I’ve been waiting in line to see him.”
“Why you think I’m him?”
“My daddy told me. He told me how you told him about Jesus.”
“Just what did he tell you?”
Mary Katherine folded her arms. “Jesus came to save us from our sins. He died on a cross and now he’s in heaven with God. You know that. My daddy said Jesus sent you at Christmastime to tell people all about Jesus so they could be saved. He said you told him when he was my age and he invited Jesus into his heart. So, are you the ‘Jesus Santa’ or not?”
“Well, Mary Katherine,” Eddie started, then stopped. He spied the mall manager pointing to his watch and making “hurry-up” gestures. He recalled sharing the gospel with many children years ago, but dare he now? Times change, but truth doesn’t.
“Yes, child, I was, am that Santa. I’ll gladly share the story of Jesus – and if you haven’t already, you can invite Him into your heart, too.”
“I knew it was you!” The golden curls intermingled with Eddie’s beard as small arms clasped his neck. He squeezed his eyes shut and whispered a prayer. When he opened them he beheld a smile on another face streaming with tears. The woman took Eddie’s hand.
“Thank you. This means so much.”
“Are you her mother?”
“Yes. You’re an answer to prayer. You see, her father came to this same mall when he was five and met a man he called the ‘Jesus Santa’. He told her she could come and meet him this year. But, so many things have happened,” she choked.
“I know.” Eddie patted her hand. He could see the manager making his way to the platform.
Mary Katherine tugged his sleeve. “What happened is - Daddy went to heaven this year. He’s with Jesus. His last wish was for me to meet the Jesus Santa like he did.”
The manager pushed in front of them, smiling cheerily to the people waiting in line. “Please stay where you are. Santa has to leave for a few minutes. . .uh, to check his lists.” Leaning close to Eddie’s ear he whispered, “You’re fired!”
Eddie beamed at Mary Katherine and her mother, “Would you accompany me to the Mission tent where we can share the real Christmas story?” They nodded.
Next he turned to the people. “You’ve been waiting in line to see Santa, but if you follow us you’ll find a line to Jesus, where you can receive the best Christmas gift of all – eternal life.”
And Mary Katherine, a little child, led them.
Sandra Fischer
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We need God's Grace because of God's Truth.

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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? Open Again for 2013

Postby carpenterdaughter » Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:42 pm

For as long as I can remember, Christmas time has been one of my favorite times. I fight for it—the joy that the holiday brings. It isn’t the giving and receiving of gifts; it isn’t the singing and feasting and getting together with family and friends--although I do love those traditions. It is what the traditions point to that fills me with wonder.

It is Jesus. He came. He came once. God keeps His promises. He will stop at nothing to redeem us. He came once. By His life, death, and resurrection, we have fellowship with Him now. He’s coming again; Christmas reminds me of so much!

The following poem was inspired by Becky Kelly’s song and video. You may watch it here:

Worth the Wait

All my life is a waiting game.
I know the secret now . . .

I wait for God’s Grace
To move me
To provide for me
To empower me
To cover me
To break me
To empty me
To fill me
To teach me
To plant me beside the still waters
To equip me
To thrill me
To help me forget
To help me remember
To help me to love
To rescue
To redeem
To resurrect
To reclaim
To rebuild
To tear down
To wipe my tears
To bring me to tears
To raise me up
To make me to fall
To burn a question on my heart
To whisper a dozen answers
To be my treasure
To satisfy the longing that will not go away
To make me hungry
To show me Jesus in the moments
To show me Jesus in others
To show me Jesus in myself
To make me more and more like Him
To love me when I fall so short of His Glory
To be enough,
To be more than enough

All my life is a waiting game.

I wait for the Grace of Almighty God,
My far-reaching Father,
Who reveals Himself to me
in the unfolding of my life
that is leading me to that place--
Eternity . . .
Grace made full,
Joy made full,
Hope made full,
Love made full,
Glory Unspeakable--
His holiness,
Bursting forth like a new day.

Before the foundations of the earth,
He declared His Glory.
From the Divine imagination,
to the speaking of LIFE,
He wrote THE STORY
that includes story upon story upon story—
the interweaving of all our lives into one
The Mighty Fortress
The Rock
The Redeemer
The Lamb Without Blemish
Three Persons in One.
His Story
is written on all our hearts,
His Fingerprint
is on the earth and on our lives.

All of Creation is groaning for His Appearing.
Who can see it?
Who can know this Great Mystery?

Those who wait.
Like those who saw him first,
Tender and hidden,
wrapped in swaddling clothes
but heralded by angels.

We watch the skies for a sign,
We search the scriptures for hope.
We are included in the ancient lineage
of those whose hearts
were made ready
to receive the greatest gift of all—
to see Him
to see Him
and bow before Him crying,
“Glory to God in the highest!”

All my life is a waiting game.
every second of it,
every minute detail,
reflects the ancient longing . . .

The Glory of the Grace of God
made known
in all the earth
and in the stillness of my heart
through Christ,
through Christ,
only through Christ!

Even so,
Lord Jesus, come!
Enter the lives of those who call your name
in desperation and in praise.
Reclaim and rebuild our hearts,
filling us with a song
that will welcome you,
You are Everything.

Do you want to know this kind of longing? Do you want to see Jesus? If so, the following link was created to help those who are longing for a Savior.

Frankie Kemp
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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? Open Again for 2013

Postby amybcrowe1 » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:05 am

A "Little Grace" in a Big World
by Amy Crowe

Riding home from the hospital after visiting her new baby brother, Grace was so excited, she couldn't quit talking! She would have a new baby at her house for Christmas! He was so little and she wanted to be a good big sister. She missed mommy and daddy but she knew they had to stay at the hospital. Aunt Laney was fun though and she let Grace eat cookies and drink hot chocolate and took her to see Santa!

She looked out the window as her aunt drove her home, and was wide eyed to see snowflakes barely coming down in the cold December air. She loved snow. Maybe Aunt Laney would let her play in it! There were sparkly lights on all the houses she passed and cars filling the store parking lots.

As her aunt passed a church, Grace saw a Nativity scene with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Aunt Laney could tell she was about to get hit with another "four year old" question as she looked in the rear view mirror to see Grace's forehead crease in thought as she pursed her lips.

"Aunt Laney?" Grace asked.

"Yes, Grace?" Laney replied.

Where's the Line to see Jesus?" Grace asked with all the seriousness a four year old can muster.

"What sweetie?" Laney thought she had misunderstood.

Where's the Line to see Jesus?"

"Don't you mean Santa?"

"No, Santa is at the store where all those cars are parked, but Jesus is outside in that manger and there's no line to see him. Isn't Christmastime His birthday?"

"Well, yes sweetie, but..."

"Well, there's no line and he looked cold. Can I take him my blanket?"

As tears trickled down her face, Laney cleared her throat so she could speak.

"You know Grace, you're right. There should be a line. Are you sure you want to give him your favorite blanket?"

"Aunt Laney, mommy told me Jesus was born for me and came so I could have life in Heaven one day if I believe in Him …and he's a King, so don't you think he needs a special blanket?"

Laney couldn't help but smile at the wisdom of this child. "I sure do, Grace!" she said.

As they drove in to the lot of the church, Laney put on Grace's little coat. She climbed out of her car seat and tugged her blankie out behind her. Aunt Laney grabbed her hand and they walked over to the live nativity scene.

Laney talked to "Mary" who smiled as she looked down at Grace. She knelt down to Grace's level and helped Grace wrap her blanket around "Baby Jesus".

By this time, onlookers from the main road were starting to pull in and get out of their cars. Small children with their parents, teenagers out on the town, college students back home for Christmas, even grandparents came to see what was happening at this church on this cold winter night.

Before they knew it, a line had formed and they were standing there praising and worshipping their King.

"Aunt Laney?” Grace asked as she tugged her aunt's arm.

"Yes, sweetie?” said Laney.

“Now there’s a line to see Jesus!” Grace exclaimed.

“There sure is sweetheart!” Laney smiled.

“Aunt Laney?” Grace asked sweetly.

“Yes, Grace?” Laney replied.

"I liked sitting on Santa's lap but this is even better!" Grace whispered in her aunt’s ear.

Laney smiled as she wiped her eyes, "I think so too Grace!"

As she looked around at the faces of young and old, many with tears flowing, she realized the difference one person can make.

One four year old who had a heart for Jesus, brought a community together and made them stop to realize what was truly important.

Where's the Line to see Jesus?"

Where will we make it this year?

Will they line up behind you? Will you be at the front?

Look what a difference even a "little Grace" can make in a big world!

Merry Christmas!!!

Amy Crowe
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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? Open Again for 2013

Postby judi » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:30 am

Bingle Jells . . .

Shrieks, sobs, giggles animate this snail’s pace colorful line of cranky, excited, overtired children. Fussy mothers are photo-prepping kids, spit-dampened tissues at the ready for tiny dirty faces. Kids get to uncomfortably squirm on faux Santa’s lap, beg him to fill their commercial spurred demands, attempt to pull his beard off, and piddle on him when thoroughly enamored - or frightened.

How cynical I have become. I recall my unhappy times in line, the desire to run from the blaring speakers and glaring lights. Momma didn’t know I was afraid. We were frequently admonished not to talk to strangers, but there were different white-bearded Santas in every store and almost every street corner. Some leaned against walls, drinking from paper bags. Confused, I preferred my over sucked, dirty nail wrinkled thumb to Santa’s goodies.

Every December 25th, lip service is offered to a wee harmless baby born in a stable manger. His humble beginnings are joyously celebrated, commemorating this cold day in December as His Birth date. We go to church services, children's Christmas pageants, strengthen the economy by purchasing outrageously beyond our fragile budgets.

All this Holiday pageantry, artificial gaiety, Christmas decorations; what reflection do they cast upon the tiny Christ child? How would He react to all the profiteering, revelry and greed promoted in His Holy Name?

We, as devout Christians can and often do eliminate the Santa Claus fiction from our celebrations. Good thing, too - as Santa, being given credentials of omnipotent and omnipresent pales greatly in comparison to Almighty God.

Poor economy. Homelessness. Long sad lines at community soup kitchens. Why - the very idea puts such a rotten damper on Christmas. I know - let's donate trees to the homeless. Even decorate them to cheer these poor folk. Don't be surprised if they start bonfires with them to keep warm.

When did Holy Days become holidays? The belittling of the term alone should stand as a stark warning to His people. Why not just refer to December - as the merchants would have it - as "Holly Days"?

Halloween is barely over before Christmas merchandise is trotted out. Haven't the merchants noticed the eyeball rolling and sighs of disgust from even their most faithful shoppers?

Where does Thanksgiving fit into the equation? It somehow slips in as "Turkey Day". Funny - the Pilgrim pageantry surrounding Thanksgiving - and yet not one mention of how the Pilgrims considered Christmas an abomination to be avoided by true believers in the Christ.

Celebrating His birth - rejoicing in the knowledge that God loves us so much He sent His only begotten Son that we might have life through Him.

How do we thank Him? Do we blush at our unworthiness, confess our sins, turn from our wicked ways?

Or do we simply uphold that tiny little infant, marveling at the beauty of his ten little toes and ten little fingers, not realizing those same hands and feet will be cruelly, unjustly nailed to an unforgiving cross - because we prefer our own way to God's way?

For His birthday, let’s begin to really know God, know the Christ, repent of our sins and truly become disciplined ones of Jesus, the Christ. There’s no better way to glorify Him.

Watching my first Christmas video this year, direly expecting the mundane, I was thrilled by this incredible paean of praise to God: ... &vq=medium

I would consider Christmas a Holy Day only if the day was totally spent in study of exactly why Jesus had to die for us all. Otherwise, Christmas would make as much sense as sticking our tongues to a metal pole during a winter frost. Hurt? Yes, but doesn’t even begin to describe His pain and suffering for us unworthy narcissistic sinners.

Yes, I understand the angels gave glory and informed the shepherds in the fields of Jesus' birth - but they told the shepherds WHY He came, not just that He came.

Someday we’ll stand in line to see our glorious Savior Jesus on His Throne at His Judgment Seat, sitting with His and our Holy Father. Confusion ends, all questions answered, all desires met, because, with our new hearts gifted by God – He will be the fulfillment of our desires.

Every knee is bowing to Jesus. But where is God in all this?

Wait. There He is. Jesus is bowing to Him . . .
KJV 1 Corinthians 15:24-28

The music has ended, but still flows through my heart. Come share my joy, warm your heart:

Happy Holy Days!
Beware the "holly daze" . . .

Judith Gayle Smith
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KJV 1 Timothy 3:16
"And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory."


Congratulations to all for your incredibly beautiful entries, who feel His Holy Spirit move within us as we write to honor Him through these wondrous heartbeats of praise to YHWH! I love you all.

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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? Open Again for 2013

Postby P.J.Baker » Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:40 am

The Best Christmas Man

It was the last Saturday before Christmas, and the mall was mobbed with last minute shoppers. Amidst the crowd, a boy was looking for someone.

“Where’s the line to see Jesus?” The lady gave him a startled look, but kept on walking.

Maybe she’s just too busy, thought the boy. Maybe. Or maybe she just didn’t know.

The boy looked up as the PA crackled into life. A man’s voice started speaking, clear and strong, but no-one else seemed to hear it. He was speaking just to the boy!

Hello! I hear you’re looking for me:

You asked, you found; you looked now you see.

Like shepherds and kings travelling far,

They searched and found me under the star.

Come visit me, don’t wait in line,

I’m here for you, any place, any time.

Be still, imagine, if you can,

That Christmas baby is now the kindest man.

I don’t wear boots or dress in red,

I’m wrapped in light, a crown upon my head.

I have no sleigh or reindeers that prance,

I sit in heaven, when I laugh angels dance.

Dear one, you’re loved, whatever you do,

Your sins forgiven, I paid the price for you.

I made and held you from the start,

Your name’s inscribed upon my heart.

Ask me, I give good gifts all year,

I give life and joy, and take your fear.

Be still, imagine me, if you can.

Your friend, your Saviour: I’m the best Christmas man.

This poem was written in response to the music video “Where’s the line to see Jesus?” by Becky Kelly:

To find out more about Jesus, visit

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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? Open Again for 2013

Postby PleasantLady215 » Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:10 pm

There Is No Line To See Jesus
By Linda Weaver

My story based on Becky Kelley’s music video located at ... &vq=medium .

God wants us to be deliberate disciples. He opens our individual spirits and pours out a richness of invigorating truths that we can only see through His eyes. He is the way. He is the truth. He is life.

We miss so many of Jesus’gifts to us. We have so let the Christmas season be an excuse for indulgence in material things and tempting delicacies that the line to see Jesus during His own birthday celebration doesn't appear to hold the same excitement as the one to see what Santa can give us.

Jesus doesn't entice us just for one decorated holiday out of the year with temptations of material possessions that give us a few moments of pleasure and a few days of brightly lit trees leaving behind a pile of debt.

A line draws attention and indicates there is a wait for some brief encounter. The line to see Jesus is only an illusion of our ability to comprehend at a material level. Jesus does not limit us to a brief season with promises of toys to delight and entertain us. The throne of Jesus is not a temporary one. He doesn't dress in special attire and allow us a few minutes of His time to tell him what our carnal desires are. He is always available to us without waiting. His capacity to give was proven at Calvary. His life is the ultimate gift.

Jesus gives without ulterior motives and His life made the line unnecessary. Hence, we can’t see the line to Jesus because there isn't one. Jesus is always available to us - no waiting. The gift of eternal life has already been bought and paid for. There is nothing standing in the way of His immediate availability to any one of us.

Jesus' gift to us is truly priceless. It is life everlasting. It is a gift that cannot be purchased or compared to anything on our earth. We only need to invite Him into our hearts. With His gift of eternal life comes the knowledge that He will not disappear into the night promising to return at the same time next year. Jesus offers us life with the promise that He is with us at all times -every moment - good and bad, fun or no fun. His gift of life to us is ours for the asking. We only need ask Him to forgive our sins and invite Him in to our hearts to live.

Jesus is the one waiting in line. Don't make Him wait any longer. He is waiting for your invitation today. He won't say no. You will never again stand in any line alone. He will accept you with open arms and give you eternal life and His constant companionship.

Read more about the Good News at

Linda Weaver
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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? Open Again for 2013

Postby chosen69 » Tue Dec 24, 2013 7:03 pm


He couldn’t take another night of running from the hoods and crooks eager to cause him more bodily harm. After 3 years of living high on the hog, he found his money existed more as lint than greenback form and his “name” was no longer good enough to be extended any more, ahem, loans. He hadn’t eaten in the same amount of time, his rent was due on his luxury condo; he had 72hours to pay in full or face immediate eviction and of course there was his job, a janitor which barely kept him alive, he couldn’t imagine cleaning out toilets and emptying trash as surviving. He dropped his weary head into his hands and sobbed, deep, hard, life-changing, sobs. As he wiped away the tears, his mind’s eye took him back, to the months before he had left home, a life of luxury, where his every need was taken care of, he had not a care in the world, only working in his father’s multi-billion dollar company alongside his older brother. He had a wonderful, spiritual fiancée, and an even more beautiful future, but he had decided that he wanted to “get away and see the world”, to experience life and ALL of its debaucheries. He got a lawyer and yanked out his inheritance years ahead of his father’s will-reading. He dragged himself over to the dirty mirror of his condo, and stared at the creature in front of him. So much weight lost, skin so gray and lifeless, eyes devoid of hope, of love, of life. What was left to him? What was he going to do? He welcomed death. A part of him whispered darkly to him, promises of peace, in death, no more pain and suffering, no more debts or broken promises and noses, just nothingness. He was ready to accept this as his new reality, until a new voice, a still, small voice edged its way into his heart and mind. Go home, go back to your father, you can be one of his contractors, you’ll be paid and warm and fed and out of the slime of these mean streets. Something inside him woke up, this idea, this urging despite the screaming voices against him got him up, off of the trash-ridden floor and into his landfill of a bedroom. He scrounged together a few items of clothing, found enough money in different pockets of jeans, jackets and suits to put gas in his car. The next few minutes were a blur, he heard the door close behind him, the elevator moved, the car started and when he looked up, he was leaving the city.

He never noticed until then how wide-open the streets and highways were and how full of traffic they were this time of night, he knew where they were all going, he was a frequent traveler in the past. Nightclubs, bars, house parties, brothels, strip clubs, crack houses, casinos. He managed to catch the glance of a few members of the church he attended, on that wide Main Street headed towards a night of mischief and sin. It wasn’t until 2hours later that he noticed the road he was on only had a few cars and was only two lanes going one direction and the closer he got to his father’s estate, the straighter it got. A few miles from home, there was a very short line of cars in front of him waiting on the light to change from red to green. All of a sudden he heard the words from that music video he watched about the line to see Jesus, why was he hearing that now? ... &vq=medium
It seemed like all 3 of the cars, his included, were headed to his father’s house. They were. He remembered then, it was Christmas Eve, his father invited a selected few people to his house for fun and fellowship and this road was the only way to get there.

When he looked up next, he had parked his car a football field length away, got out and looked to the brightly lit house. His mind told his feet to move, but he couldn’t, he didn’t have to, his father had seen him from the massive porch and started running and before he drew his next breath, had squeezed the life of him, welcoming him…home. It was a new day.
With Jesus. Do you know Him?

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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus?

Postby mikeedwards » Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:01 am

Moved Here by Mike

Inspired by the video: ... &vq=medium

Who Needs Santa?

Wonder was in the air. Twinkling lights in glorious colors winked at little Angelina’s soul as she snuggled deep into the living room sofa. The familiar chorus of Hark the Herald Angels Sing, sweetly embraced her heart with warmth. Scents of cinnamon and pine mingled with the mouthwatering aroma of chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven, and drifted throughout the house. The whole clan: grandpa, mother and father and three children lit up the scene with smiles, while laughing and hugging. Beautifully wrapped tokens of love were being exchanged and opened with wide eyed merriment.

In the hearth, orange flames licked at hickory logs precisely stacked, wafting the fire’s toasty warmth through the pristinely decorated home. Peace and joy reigned—wrapping around the snug family like a strong embrace from the heavenly Father. Grandpa sat in the wooden rocker as he did every year, biting on the stem of his unlit pipe and staring into the fire. Eighteen month old Alice, cooed and giggled in his lap, while stalwart arms protectively encircled the latest child.

Even 15 year old brother William had caught the spirit of cheer, putting aside the usual teasing of his sister, Angelina, who was 6 years younger. She was at that age when the truth about Santa had just been discovered. Her quiet, thoughtful face reflected the musings of sundry, fuzzy sensations inside. Heartfelt and bubbling up into a new kind of joy.

Angelina turned a thoughtful gaze of adoration towards her father, who sat in a stuffed chair with his ankles crossed on an ottoman. Her mouth corners stretched up widely, dotting her right cheek with a dimple, as the red, green, blue and white colors of the Christmas tree lights glinted off his face. She considered all the years past, when father and mother had taken such great pains to make Christmas special for everyone. It was him all along. Dad was Santa, and much more.

Just last week Angelina had given her heart to Jesus. And this was the eve of His birthday. But most of the kids at school had talked only of Santa, and the presents he would bring this year. They also shared their Christmas wish lists, and boasted of bygone years and all the treasured items they had acquired from the mystical man in the red suit. Bicycles and action figures, the latest i-phones, games and X-boxes.

Angelina couldn’t help saying it. “Who needs Santa, when we have Jesus—and you Daddy?”

Mother sauntered into the living room, proffering a tray of assorted cookies, homemade fudge, and eggnog. Slowly she made her way around, serving the tight-knit little group. Angelina’s sparkling eyes followed her mom through the room, as she reveled in her mother’s quiet beauty. She’d worked so hard in that kitchen, and around the house to make everything look just right, and taste so heavenly.

Father opened the old family bible to that well known story in Luke, which had been read every Christmas. Again, the true meaning of the Season outshone the hype of magical flying reindeer and Santa Claus. Angels announced the real miracle: The virgin birth of our Christ child. Shepherds and sheep, the magi and evil king Herod. God become one of us, to live with us, and eventually die for us.

Angelina dropped her head for a moment as if in prayer. When again her chin came up, tears of Joy were spilling down her cheeks. Mother noticed right away and scooted to her side. She whispered in her daughter’s ear.

“Honey, are you upset because you found out that Santa is only make-believe?” Angelina’s bright smile became really big. And her words sputtered with deep feeling.

“No Mama, I’m crying because I’m so happy! No fairy tale could ever compare with the awesome truth of what Christmas is really all about. I have such a wonderful family. God has been good to us. And I love you all so much… I can’t help but cry.”

After a few moments of silence, Angelina spoke again. “If only…”

Father dropped his feet from their perch, leaned forward and asked, “If only what Ange?”

“If only we never heard of Santa Claus, all those Christmases before could have been just like this one!”

(Everyone falls short of Jesus’ glorious and unconditional love. However, the closer we walk with Him, the more God’s perfect love will change our hearts. I cannot describe how wonderful Jesus’ love is. You must experience that for yourself. But until you open your heart to Him, you’ll never know.)

Learn more here:

Sheldon Bass ID- 159106
We need God's Grace because of God's Truth.

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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? In Judging

Postby mikeedwards » Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:49 pm

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Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:55 pm

Where's the line to see Jesus? Blog contest

Unread postby Mjm » Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:37 pm

Christmas Time Line

At last the awaited season is here
When multitudes of people unite each year
Around the world they wait for hours
For carnival parades and festivals of flowers
In the empire city a curious queue
Quite the crowd on Fifth Avenue
Lingering clans in windows at Sacs
Stretching round corners for me-phones and macs
Fellers hauling in the tall rocky tree
Children longing to sit on some Santa's knee

Oh people what is it your looking for?
Seek out the lines to find our sweet Lord
He can be seen through all kinds of faces
In neighborly friends and an array of places
Serving a sandwich and soup in kitchens
Giving vaccines to children in missions
Building up homes right after a war
Flying in supplies and feeding the poor
These acts of kindness are merely a peek
At the heart of sweet Jesus we solely must seek

You can choose a line that's really quite small
Because there truly is no waiting at all
It's like none other you've seen before
You just draw near and walk up to the door
If you listen you'll hear the slightest tap
Just open it up, you'll sit on His lap
You can tell your story long and true
He'll listen, forgive and envelop you
His suit is also in white and red
His precious blood on the cross He shed
His morning coat tailors hearts in white
Washing as snow and removing the night

So whenever you see a line that is long
Remember the first and enchanting song
When shepherds and angels lined up to sing
And wondrous kings had gifts to bring
To see the face of the Savior born
On the very first of all Christmas morns
Let's form a line at the steps of our home
Give presents of love to those all alone
Recalling the King at holiday times
The most cherished of all the Christmas lines!

Maura Jane Merrigan
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We need God's Grace because of God's Truth.

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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? In Judging

Postby mikeedwards » Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:51 pm

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Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:38 pm

"Where's the Line to See Jesus"

Unread postby ACALEB » Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:42 pm

A Manger Miracle

The man in his smart business suit stood still for a moment. Despite himself, he was struck by the beauty of the scene before him. It was just a manger scene. He had not meant to stop, hurrying as he always did, intent on his own business. Yet, something stopped him. The crowds still jostled, the music blared, the atmosphere charged with rush, bustle, movement. Everyone so busy, just as he had been moments before. Yet he stopped, not knowing why.

Just then there was a tug on his jacket. He looked down at a small boy who couldn't have been more than six or seven, small for his age too. " Mister, mister, can you tell me please where is the line to see Jesus?” Moments before he would have brushed him aside, annoyed at this silly question, at this intrusion. He would have said, "How would I know? Go ask your Mother. Where is she anyway?”

But now, he stopped. He suddenly knew what the little boy was asking,
what his question really meant. Not many seconds before he was completely immersed in himself, in his own busy, selfish, adrenaline filled life. Yet here he was actually interested in what a small unknown child was saying.

It was crazy. Crazy, but strangely wonderful. How could this be happening?
The little boy tugged again, "Mister please. I need to know. I want to see the baby Jesus." Somehow the crowds rushing by had blocked the boy’s view of the same manger, which had so transfixed his own gaze.

"Hey son its right here. I'll show you." Bending down with no thought to wrinkling his suit, he picked up the little boy. As he watched the boy’s rapt look, tears came to his own eyes. He could not believe his reaction.

For the first time since childhood, he really saw the Babe. But now with the maturity of years he asked himself what this really meant?

A voice spoke inside him, or maybe it was a recording. “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light..for unto us all a Child is born, a Son is given.
His name shall be Counsellor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God..."

As he looked at Mary he thought of his own wife, suddenly aware of her loneliness. He had been so full of the loss of their son, of their missing daughter that had also been lost to her.

The Voice continued inside him. Yes, John. That Babe. God's plan for all mankind, to all who are hurting, lost, afraid, confused, even you. Suddenly it all came back. The truths taught him as a youngster, discarded years ago. The Voice inside continued, "In the darkness a great Light shone for the saving of all who will."

He turned to the little boy. “How come you don't want to see Santa? Why aren’t you in the line for him, son?
“Well, I knew the lines to see Santa would be very long and that's O.K.” “But”, he seemed to be struggling a bit for the words, “But Santa is, well, just Santa.”
"So”, the man urged.
"Well, it's my Dad you see. He keeps saying that a lot of folk want to remove the Manger, the Baby Jesus, the carols and all that stuff from all the malls.
I don't understand it at all. But I wanted to make sure I saw one more really good Manger scene…and, and …
"Yes.” the man said, “And?"
Shyly the boy said, "Well I wanted to ask the Baby Jesus not to make this happen. It's all so beautiful."

John looked with his fresh eyes. It was indeed beautiful. Some craftsman had made those wooden figures. They seemed so alive. It was unreal. Even the lighting seemed from another world. That was what had probably drawn him to stop in the first place. There was a peace and a presence that could be felt.
The little boy, wise beyond his years, added. “I can see now why there is no line to see the Baby Jesus."

"Why do you think?" John asked.

"Well, people need to stop and look and see and hear, and they are too busy, but”, his eyes shone with a sudden understanding, “you have to worship.” John remembered a saying from long ago ‘out of the mouths of babes’.

“Yes,” the boy said, “the line-up to see Jesus has to be in our hearts. "
We need God's Grace because of God's Truth.

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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? In Judging

Postby mikeedwards » Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:57 pm

End of 2013 Entries. :thankssign
We need God's Grace because of God's Truth.

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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? Winners are HERE!

Postby judi » Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:45 pm

Congratulations everyone! Jesus is the true winner, as all lines posted are glorifying Him :bow , yes? Most enjoyable entries :coolsign throughout . . .
KJV 1 Timothy 3:16
"And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory."


Congratulations to all for your incredibly beautiful entries, who feel His Holy Spirit move within us as we write to honor Him through these wondrous heartbeats of praise to YHWH! I love you all.

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Re: Where's the line to See Jesus? Winners are HERE!

Postby tomoral » Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:25 am

:clap :clap :clap :clap

Congratulations to Amy and PJ and Thank you, thank you, thank you Judges! :superhappy

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