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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby Lawrence01 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:42 am

My favourite story

As I listened to the video it reminded me of one of my favorite stories. It’s not a Christmas story but have a think about it.

Remember the story when Mary and Joseph went up to Jerusalem, Jesus was about twelve at the time, and he went with them. It was the biggest feast of the Jewish year, so I suppose it was their ‘kind of Christmas’ before Christmas came about.

Anyway, they had a good time and headed off home, each thought that Jesus was with the other, or maybe with a cousin in the group, but he wasn’t.

It took them three days to find Jesus at the temple! And what was he doing, he was asking questions! What questions was he asking?

As I listened to the song I couldn’t help wondering what kind of questions he would have asked, were they the same kind of questions that the boy was asking in the song?

All we are told in the story is that Jesus was there with the rabbis; he was asking questions and replying to the rabbis as they asked him questions.

Mary and Joseph were so relieved that they found him that all they remembered to tell Luke when he wrote the story down was that they were frustrated that he’d gone missing, I wonder if they regretted not remembering what the discussion was about?

Was it possible that what he was asking was “where’s the Messiah in all your celebrations?” did he see all the pomp and ceremony and wonder where God was in all of it?

Were the people in Jesus’ time so busy with celebrating the Passover that they too were missing the whole point of the story, so busy getting the food together and making sure that everything was perfect for that family time when they all get together and remember who they were and where they came from that they missed the point of what it was all about!

I loved the song because in all the busyness the singer sees a young boy, probably no older than Jesus would have been asking the question “where can I see Jesus?” yet when she turns to look for the boy, he’s not there, he’s gone.

“Santa clause gave us presents, but Jesus gave his life for me” I think that sums it up, Christmas is about so much more than family and presents, both of them are good and nice, but stopping there means you miss the whole point, it’s about the fact that God loves us so much that came into our world to rescue us.

Maybe the boy Jesus reminded the rabbis what Passover was about and maybe that’s what the song is about.
Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby carpenterdaughter » Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:14 am

Paul said, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” That is the highest awareness of our sojourn here, and we don’t often get there—to that place where we, the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, truly realize that is what we are doing.

We think it is something we choose to do all on our own and that we somehow nobly put on Jesus’ garments. We rarely realize that it is not in the actions we perform--something we choose to do one day but not the next--that we are living out our calling. Despite our fleshly ignorance, it happens; this living Christ happens. It is WHO WE ARE, a product of Him revealing Himself to us.

We are all like Simeon waiting to see the infant Jesus at the temple or the wise men guided by a star or shepherds visited by angels. Perhaps in some curious way, we who exist in time at this moment are even more “blessed” than they because we believe, having not seen with our mortal eyes.

Yes, we are weighed down by distractions, tangled in our own vain pursuits, owners of a knowing that we are not quite sure how to dispense. BUT, we who are His are also all in line to see Jesus. Surely, the entire world is in line to see Jesus, and one day there will be no cases of mistaken identity. The Glory of God is coming and will be revealed to us all, even though we most often do not realize that that is what we all hunger for.

In a moment, in a shout, all we have been waiting for, every unsatisfied longing that we have dulled with the temporal, will burst forth upon us, and the realization of our greatest desire will burn through us, transfiguring this half-existence into the knowing that we have carried inside us since our Creator spoke us into being. We will see and know and understand, and we shall be like Him, not based on our efforts, but because of His Appearing.

Today, we are the hurried shoppers, seekers of the perfect gift, living out only hints at a far greater Glory coming. We wait for More, but we can ask now. We can ask now to see the stars—the markers—the hints of the Promise. Creation itself reflects the coming rescue, and if we are given eyes to see, we can taste the Promise so that our hearts will be strengthened as we continue our journey toward the One drawing us closer.

He is not forgotten. The very fact that we live constantly unsatisfied is a reflection of our longing. It won’t always be like this. There will be a day when we can stop seeking. We’re all in line now, whether we know it or not, and His Appearing will prove worth the wait. Glory to God in the Highest! Peace on earth, goodwill toward men!

God is Good
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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby God is Good » Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:18 pm

The perfect gadget

inspired by ( ... &vq=medium)

The satellite navigation system is turned on and the screen flickers to life. The driver anxiously presses several keys before allowing the gadget to take full control. A voice beams through the small device and begins to give the necessary directions, "Follow the road 100 yards ahead then take a right turn". The driver listens intently to the commands and drives accordingly to the instructions that he hears, in the intent he will reach his much needed destination. He glances up towards the monitor several times making sure he is driving in the right direction. Many minutes pass before the car pulls to a stop and the driver sighs with relief. With a slight grin on his face, he turns the machine off knowing inside he has fulfilled his mission.

Everyone needs direction in their lives. We all start out in this world as a small baby with no directional skills. It is our parents responsibility therefore to teach us and show us which way to go.

How can we be sure then, that what we teach is the right thing? By consulting the One who knows the way. Our Father in Heaven. He has provided us with our very own personal satellite navigation, His Word and be listening and following the commands, we can be sure that we are on the right course, destined for eternal life. I am immediately drawn to Romans 10 verse 14:

"How then can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they
believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear
without someone preaching to them?"

In the video, the young boy asks the shopper, "Where is the line to see Jesus?" Would we know? Would we be able to direct them using our satellite navigation?

Christmas is a time for celebrating, sharing and caring, so lets light up our children's life this year with the perfect present. His own personal gift from God.
God has everything under control x

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby knenn11 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:33 pm

Holly or Holy?

This season, will I...

be surrounded by presents
or be surrounded by His presence?

have childlike wonder at the magic of Christmas
or wonder at the child - the meaning of Christmas?

watch a Christmas movie
or watch Christmas move me?

see snow fall
or His kingdom reign?

take my wishes to Father Christmas
or my prayers to the Heavenly Father?

sit by the crackling fire
or have a Holy Fire within me?

shop 'til I drop
or drop everything for Him?

enjoy a sleigh ride
or remember Jesus slain?

sing Christmas carols at people
or actually be caring for people?

have a piece of pie, good desserts
or know peace on earth, good will to men?

stand in line to see Claus
or put myself on the line for Christ?

sit in awe of the Christmas tree
or stand in awe of Calvary's tree?

wish all a Merry Christmas
or think of Mary's Christmas?

hang beautiful lights,
or see the light of the world?

manage my time
or spend time at the manger?

attach a bow
or bow my knee?

Such an amazing gift,
this season, this reason.

This Christmas, Lord,
may I be wrapped up in you.

Kerry Nenn
Silver member #36227

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby sueznca » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:35 am

Where Is The Line To See Jesus?

Christmas lines are everywhere-
They are a sign of the season-
People that are in the lines-
Do they know the Christmas Reason?

I know some wait to see Santa
And to pay for gifts they’ve bought-
But there’s something I’ve noticed…
The Christmas Reason is not sought.

Where is the line to see Jesus?
Do you see it? Is it short?
I know someday it will be long
When we "all" to Him report.

At that time when your turn comes
To give account of your life here,
As you bow your knee before Him,
Will you kneel in trembling fear?

Will you wish you had taken time
When there was no line at all,
To step right up and bow your knee
And say “Yes” to Jesus’ call?

Where is the line to see Jesus?
In fact, it doesn’t exist-
He will never make you wait-
He’ll never put you on a list.

So, now’s the time while there’s no line
To repent and clean your slate-
Don’t wait until the line is long
For that means it is too late.

Christmas lines are everywhere-
They are a sign of the season-
And as I wait in line I’m glad
I’ve said “Yes” to the Reason. ... &vq=medium

Susanne Williams

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby JCinmyheart » Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:26 am

Watch the Inspiring Video; "Where's the Line to See Jesus?" ... &vq=medium

Letter to Jesus

Instead of sending a Christmas wish list to Santa, one little boy wrote to Jesus.

Dear Jesus,

This is Billy. I wanted to tell you, I hope you have a Happy Birthday. I was worried that you might be sad, cause no one seems to be talking about you this Christmas. Mommy took me to the mall today and lots of people were there to meet Santa Claus.

I want to ask you a question. If Santa is real, then how come he don't ever talk about Christmas being your birthday? My teacher at school said his real name is Saint Nicholas. If he is a Saint, shouldn't he love you? And he should tell people about you too. I guess Santa is okay though. I mean, he can do some cool stuff, like fly a sleigh. But he can't do anything like what you can do. You made the whole world! And you make people and puppies and everything that's alive! He can't do anything like that. Santa only makes toys. I like his reindeer though. But if they are real, then you made them too, so you are way cooler than Santa.

Don't tell my Mommy I told you this, but I don't know if I believe in Santa anymore. Mommy gets real happy when I get excited bout Santa coming, so I don't want her to feel bad. I don't want you to feel bad either. That's why I'm writing you this letter. Even if nobody else remembers your birthday, I will always remember you on Christmas.

I'm not sure if Santa is real, but I know you are real, because... Remember when I was scared and I asked you to help me? Then you made me not afraid anymore. I couldn't see you, but I knew you were there, cause I could feel you make me not afraid. You walked home with me past that mean dog's house and down that dark part of the street. Thank you for doing that. Santa never does really important stuff like that. I'm not trying to say bad things about him, I just think people should love you more than Santa. Specially cause you had to die on that cross. Well you didn't have to, but you did it so we can go to heaven and be with you and cause you love everyone, even people who are bad.

There is just one thing I want for Christmas. Mommy said that my Daddy is up there with you now. Please tell Daddy I miss him, and that I remember all the stuff he taught me. And tell him I'm taking care of Mommy, and I hope I get to see him soon, and tell him Merry Christmas. Thank you Jesus.

I guess that's all I have to say for now, cept, I love you Jesus, Have a very Happy Birthday!

Your friend, Billy

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby gigi » Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:13 pm

“Mr. Matthews, how long will it take to get there?”

“We'll be there tomorrow, Zach.”

Good. I can't wait.

Zach looked up and saw marshmallow shapes moving slowly across the blue sky.

I've never seen clouds like that before.

Matthews' entourage was well organized. Amazing how this motley group, consisting of families, some orphans, some strangers, behaved so well. Other travellers, in surrounding groups, were often loud and boisterous --- but not those under Matthews tutelage.

That is why Zach felt so comfortable. Zach, just seven years old, seemed wise beyond his years. He loved Mr. Matthews, who was the father he never knew. Plus, he especially enjoyed hearing Mr. Matthews talk about the Miracle Worker.

I can't wait.

As the clouds dissipated in the night sky and temperatures fell, everyone stopped to rest. Men, women, boys and girls camped out. Tents were set up , donkeys fed, and fires kindled. Some sipped water, ate bread and shared stories. All the children slept soundly, except Zach. He couldn't wait.

Upon sunrise, their journey resumed. Sensing their destination was in reach, Zach ran from the front of the caravan to the back, where the older children were walking, and said, “Hey, guys, aren't you excited? I can't wait!”

The older boys rolled their eyes. The younger girls, near Zach's age, glanced at each other and giggled. “He's so funny. Always talking about the Miracle Worker!”

As hours passed, dust and perspiration clung to their exposed skin. Suddenly, Matthews exclaimed, “Look, over there! The hill. We're almost there!”

Shouts of praise and joy filled the air. Some were ready to sit and rest. Others were bubbling over with excitement to see and hear the Miracle Worker.

Zach broke from camp, running ahead.

“Zach, slow down,” yelled Mr. Matthews. “You don't want to get lost. “

“Okayyyyy, but we must hurry.”

They ascended the grassy hill and Matthews instructed all children and teens to remain with their chaperones or families.

But, Zach still trotted ahead of the group.

I can't wait.

“Mr. Matthews. I need to get to the front.” Zach's heart thumped wildly.

“Settle down, Zach,” Mathews said gently, though, energized by the boy's infectious enthusiasm. “Let's go over there,” pointing. “I think those men, see ---standing on that big stone.......”

Before Matthews could finish his sentence, Zach, zigged and zagged through the throng, in their direction. Matthews ran to keep up. But, before reaching the front of the crowd, Zach stopped to remove a small basket from his knapsack. The basket was covered with a white cloth.

“Zach, put your lunch back. You'll be hungry soon.”

Ignoring Matthews, Zach reached the twelve men. He tugged on the sleeve of one eyeing the vast congregation. “Excuse me, sir. Where is the line to see Jesus? I have something for Him.”

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby gwenn512 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:38 pm

The weather finally gets cooler and brisk, after a long humid Florida summer. You know Thanksgiving is around the corner, you can almost smell it. It is that time of year after all, a time for family, giving thanks, cooking and oh all the baking, you can smell the apple pie in the air.

We watch the Thanksgiving Day parade, and we know it is just the beginning of the season. We finish our Thanksgiving meal, and shortly thereafter the hustle and bustle of this season of the year has arrived. Christmas wishes and lists, running to and fro, people lining up to get this year’s hottest toys, battling crowds to get bargains, parties and baking all sorts of goodies.

We all get caught up in the frenzy, don’t we ?

Are we losing sight of Jesus amidst the hustling and bustling that this time of year brings? Prayerfully not. Advent is such a special time that celebrates the coming of our Lord, reminding us clearly that Jesus was born for each of us! ... &vq=medium, video by Becky Kelley is a touching and warm song about this very thing.

Yes, during this season we too often become overwhelmed with the tasks, our to-do lists and planning, having gotten away from the once simple yet beautiful Christmas season once upon a time. So overwhelmed, in fact, that often our eyes are taken off the very blessing and gift we are celebrating.

Scripture tells us that ‘blessed are those who hunger for His righteousness' (Matthew 5:6), and those whose desire is to do that which pleases Him. How much time do we spend during this season doing all those “Christmas tasks” that we ‘think’ absolutely need to be done, and sometimes lose sight of our Lord until Christmas Eve or morning when we attend our one hour worship service?

Seek Him in the season. Feel the joy of knowing Jesus, and taking the time this season to remember that He was born for YOU. Nothing can take the place of that most precious gift. So for whom do we really want to stand in line for?

Member i.d. #59798 ... see-jesus/

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby Olafemi56 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:12 pm

[url]<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/url]

Life is always a learning experience. We begin this process at the early age of birth. After birth we begin placing our perspectives on the words and sentences used to educate us. As we gain knowledge we begin to be consumed by the words that people have taught us.

On December 25 our educators have placed a valuable lesson to our children but they usually fail to see the Wisdom from what they have instilled in us to be knowledge.

When a child has been subjected to the TRUTH about Christmas what can we give as an answer when the question pertains to him finding a line that will lead him to the MAN who died to allow him to live in this world that continuously lies about the TRUTH he seeks?

His searching eyes finds many different santa clause but not one line that will allow him to testify to JESUS. He sees many parents and children gathered around the many stores buying gifts but not one line can he find that will give him anything but a song asking an unanswered question.

Don't you think that it is time that we begin to teach children about the wonders of GOD and produce TRUTH that will not allow him to aimlessly wonder about how he can find JESUS who he has been told died for him? GOD BLESS...

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby yackyjan » Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:42 pm

The following short story was inspired by this heart-stirring video by Becky Kelley.

The Christmas Letter

Sally curled her fingers around the thick crayon, her tongue slipped through her lips in abject concentration. The letters must be formed just right. All the words must be straight, for this was the most important letter she would ever write.

Carly dried the last of the dishes as she watched her little girl bent low over her paper.

"Jotting down the things you want for Christmas?"

Sally nodded, but didn’t look up from her task.

A key turned in the lock and Daddy stumbled through the door.

Sally wrote faster.

She wrote through the yelling, through the crying, through the slamming of the door as Daddy left again. When she had finished, she carefully folded the letter and put it into an envelope and addressed it…To Jesus.

"Mama?” she said, “Can we go to the mall tomorrow?"

Through red and swollen eyes, Mama said, “You want to see Santa? To give him your list?"

Sally shook her head, “No, Santa only brings toys. I want to see Jesus for Christmas this year. Since Christmas is Jesus' birthday, he'll be at the mall, too. Right?"

Carly looked at her little girl - her spirit so strong and her body so frail. If the doctors were right, Sally would indeed see Jesus for Christmas this year. “Let’s get you back to bed, Sweet Pea. I’ll hold your letter until morning."

When Jessie came back home that night, Carly was waiting for him, holding Sally’s letter “You have to read this,” she said." Jessie read through whiskey blurred eyes what his little girl had written.

Dear Jesus,

Please make my mommy and daddy love each other again.

Your friend,

Husband and wife cried together that night and promised to work things out. Promised to allow God to mend their marriage and promised to seek Jesus for the answer to their little girl’s Christmas wish.

On Christmas morning, Sally looked up into St. Peter’s eyes. “Is this the line to see Jesus?” she asked.

"You don’t need to stand in line, Sally,” said St. Peter, “Jesus is waiting for you."

She turned to see the friend of children waiting to take her in. She ran into his arms and buried her face in his chest. “Did you get my letter?” she asked.

“Yes, child,” he said “and your wish has been granted“

Thank you, Jesus,” she reached her hand up and patted his face, “and Merry Christmas.”


You can learn more about Becky Kelley at

Submitted by Jan Christiansen
Member# 36819 (Gold Member)
also posted on ... ?id=154731 ... etter.html
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Jan Christiansen
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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby yekarah1 » Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:10 am


I will start your line, my Lord
I will remind them all
That you are the reason
For the theme inside the mall

I will throw a party
A party just for you
A party like no other
Yes Lord, that's what I'll do

Here is the line to see Jesus
Here is the line that you want
Here is the line to fill your needs
For love you won't have to hunt

Here is the line to see Jesus
Get the greatest gift of all
Here is the line to brighten your life
The best line in the mall

Here is the line to see Jesus
He was born for you and me
Here is the line for all mankind
And He's here for all to see ... &vq=medium

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby mikeedwards » Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:41 pm

I moved this entry here.

Where is the line to see Jesus?

by marielee99 » Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:40 am

Where is the line to see Jesus?

I don't see any line. I only see his face in every turn. He reaches out to me in my regrets and sorrow, comforts and reassures. He smiles with me in all my joys. He walks life's journey with me , and help me carry my baggages, accompanying me into every step and turn.

He whispers encouragement when I am faint hearted...When uncertainty strikes, he holds up his torch to show me the way...He lend me his strength and holds me up when I falter and stumbles. Keep moving...never give up, I am with you!

No line. to see Jesus .people.... His Hand is steadily and firmly leading and guiding, never failing me .He leads me to fertile soil and put good seeds into my hands...I have put my dreams into His Hand, because I know, He needed me to trust in Him. Even if the setting sun gathers dusk...He will find a way to fulfil every cherished dream and ensure that I leave a firm footprint upon the sands of time.

I was so alone before but since I allowed Him to take charge of my life, I have an army of angels with me. He has a special way of letting me know, there is no barrier between Him and me. Nothing is impossible.My presence grows with your faith, He said, believe with expectation and your faith brings in your wants. He inspires confidence. He is the steadfast Anchor, from where I could fearlessly move forward to explore, achieve and attain.

He teaches me gratitude and appreciation-what it means to be thankful for my blessings. Not mere words but the actions. Not the front but the heart and soul. I learnt that to be happy, we must first give happiness because it has a way of flowing back to us. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

I have hit the bottom, many times, I have lashed out at him, questioned Him, oh, so many times but He never gave up on me. ...I have come for sinners and not the righteous, He said..take heart I have forgiven you. Repent , do not make the same mistakes. Can you blame me if I told you, there is no line to see Jesus and that He is in the very breath of this universe, I walk upon??

Blessed are the weak and the poor....and I am so poor in spirit and material possession...He sees my naked soul, where there is no pretence and He does not judge nor does He fault me. He looks kindly on my poverty and drew no distinction between me and the "have all". I am important to Him. I matter to Him.

Where is the line to see Jesus? There is no line my, none at all.

By Marie Lee
We need God's Grace because of God's Truth.

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby Vince » Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:27 pm ... &vq=medium

End of the Line

For twenty years he’d played the part
Of Santa in the Mall
His bearded smile had won the hearts
Of children big and small.

His crimson suit, his elf like hat
His big black boots and specs
With deep ho-ho’s and friendly chat
Had earned him great respect.

The children queued for photographs
While parents watched with pride
He entertained with belly laughs
But had no joy inside.

When day was done and he went home
He left his smile behind
It’s lonely when you’re all alone,
More so at Christmas time.

Then from his high rise vantage spot
He’d watch the scene below—
Of late begun to think a lot—
“Why all the lights and show?”

From somewhere in his mind’s recess
Recalled a tale once heard—
A God-child came to save and bless—
His heart was sweetly stirred.

“How come the world’s forgotten Christ
Though it still celebrates?
Has Santa Claus our hearts enticed
And Jesus been replaced?”

Got on his knees and cried to God—
The star shone in his heart;
His life so long a mere charade
But now he’d found his part.

So now he stands outside the mall
And gives out Jesus tracts
And seeks to share with big and small
Not make-believe but facts.

The line to Santa Claus still throngs,
By far the longest line—
The way to life’s where he belongs
Now he’s been reassigned.

© By Vincent Lyons.

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby violin4jesus » Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:53 am

Posted in Regular Articles: Go, Tell

“Where's the line to see Jesus?” sings Becky Kelley in her Christmas music video. A chorus of well-dressed singers on a church stage accompany her clear voice, swaying to the soft beat and gently changing chords.

Where's the line, indeed?

It's not in the mall. It's not in the stores. It's not on the streets.

Missionaries will testify – it's not even in the farthest corners of the earth.

There's no line. There's never been a line.

You know the story. You've heard Linus recite it on A Charlie Brown Christmas. “Now there were in the same country shepherds.”

A few shepherds went to see the newborn King – and they only went because they saw an amazing chorus of angels telling them to do so.

“What about the wise men?” you might ask.

The Bible tells us that King Herod and all Jerusalem were “troubled” when they heard of the birth of their Messiah. They didn't go with the wise men to see Jesus.

When Jesus rose from the dead, the Jewish religious leaders refused to hear the evidence. They circulated rumors to say the early Christians made the whole thing up.

Over the nearly 2,000 years since Jesus left this earth, Christians have pleaded with others to believe the story of God's redemptive plan of salvation, but the human heart desires nothing but its own justification. No one wants to hear they're a sinner, much less that they're unable to remedy the situation on their own.

Millions of people in other religions around the world today will kill a person for converting to Christianity.

Thousands of atheists shut their eyes and close their ears to any evidence of God, any argument that points to the validity of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.

Even those of us who believe we're Christians - just because we went to church as a kid, or were baptized one time, or said a prayer at an altar call – even we would rather line up for Santa, or shopping, or a candlelight service with softly playing hymns, but not to talk about the One Who died for us.

We rich, well-dressed Christians bury our faces in our stuff, forgetting the poor, the helpless, and the vulnerable. We throw a few pennies toward a charity; we give a few extra gifts to “celebrate the spirit of Christmas;” we sing songs to each other about “the reason for the season.” We talk about presents, lights, trees, family, parties, and even argue about how it all should be celebrated.

But if we truly care, we would tell people about Jesus. People who aren't lining up. People who are headed directly into eternity, clueless, unaware of a Savior.

Christmastime has something to do with a baby in a manger, the world knows. Let's tell them the truth. They won't be lining up to hear it, but they need to.

Where's the line? You tell me.

Luke 2:8-20
Matthew 2:1-12
Matthew 28:11-15

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby alightwine » Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:42 pm

Elijah and the line to see Jesus Written with my daughter, 8 yo. Our inspiration: []

Elijah lay in bed quietly. His mother came in to sit on his bed, and they prayed together.
“Mom, is Santa real?” he asked.
“Well, by now you know he isn’t, right?”
Elijah nodded. “What about Jesus? He isn’t made up like Santa is, right?”
“That’s right,” replied his mother. “Jesus came down to earth as a baby to save us from our sins.”
Elijah was quiet. Then he said, “But how do you know he is real? Everyone at my school says he’s not.”
Mom looked sad. “Too many people don’t believe in Him because they don’t learn of Him.”
Elijah fell asleep thinking about that.

He was surrounded by candy. How had he gotten here? Peppermint sticks stuck right out of the ground, and they were huge, not little like the ones on the Christmas tree at home. Pure white snow lay on the ground. He bent over, stuck a finger in the snow, and licked it. It was sweet. He walked on in the sugar snow. Gumdrops, gingerbread houses, and candy canes surrounded him.
Then he heard a voice singing.
A boy about his age appeared.
The boy had beautiful wings on his back that glowed. Elijah ducked behind a gingerbread house, and jumped when the boy spoke.
“Hi. Elijah?”
Elijah peeked around the corner, and the boy was standing right there. He screamed, and fell backward into the soft sugar snow.
The boy laughed, but it was a happy and pleasant sound. He offered his hand to Elijah and pulled him to his feet.
“I’m Daniel.”
“Are you an angel?” Elijah asked.
Daniel nodded. “You are my charge. The Lord wants you to tell everyone about Jesus and about why he was born.”
“What if no one believes me?”
“That will happen. Some believe, some don’t.” Daniel and Elijah were walking side by side now. They entered a deep green forest of pine trees. The pine needles were transparent candy needles, with a sprinkling of sugar snow. Their path opened up into a glade, and the snow disappeared. Elijah gasped. In the middle of the glade stood a nativity scene. Mary and Joseph looked with love at baby Jesus in the manger. Around them were the donkeys, sheep, cats, and birds. In front of the nativity scene was a line of people, of all ages and kinds.
As Elijah stared in wonder, Daniel explained what he was seeing. “The people in front of the nativity are the people in line to see Jesus. They are all those who believe because of your testimony.” He gave Elijah a hug. “Goodbye.”
The sun streaming through the window awoke Elijah, and he jumped up. From that moment on, he told anyone who would listen. Some listened, and some walked away. But those who listened and believed, Elijah knew, were in line to see Jesus.


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