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Where's the line to See Jesus? Winners are HERE!

This forum is reserved for member articles being submitted for specific blogging contests.

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Where's the line to See Jesus? Winners are HERE!

Postby mikeedwards » Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:11 pm

Hello FaithWriters,

Thanks to all who entered our Christmas blog contest. The winners are below.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the news. In conjunction with a large Christian publisher, FaithWriters will be awarding three comprehensive publishing contracts in 2014 to upgraded members. These packages will also include promotion of the winners book. One of these packages may be awarded for an anthology book like the soon to be released Testimony book and include many members. These will be in addition to all current contests.

The 2013 winners chosen by our judges.

First prize is $50.00 or a One Year Gold Membership

A "Little Grace" in a Big World
by Amy Crowe

Riding home from the hospital after visiting her new baby brother, Grace was so excited, she couldn't quit talking! She would have a new baby at her house for Christmas! He was so little and she wanted to be a good big sister. She missed mommy and daddy but she knew they had to stay at the hospital. Aunt Laney was fun though and she let Grace eat cookies and drink hot chocolate and took her to see Santa!

She looked out the window as her aunt drove her home, and was wide eyed to see snowflakes barely coming down in the cold December air. She loved snow. Maybe Aunt Laney would let her play in it! There were sparkly lights on all the houses she passed and cars filling the store parking lots.

As her aunt passed a church, Grace saw a Nativity scene with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Aunt Laney could tell she was about to get hit with another "four year old" question as she looked in the rear view mirror to see Grace's forehead crease in thought as she pursed her lips.

"Aunt Laney?" Grace asked.

"Yes, Grace?" Laney replied.

Where's the Line to see Jesus?" Grace asked with all the seriousness a four year old can muster.

"What sweetie?" Laney thought she had misunderstood.

Where's the Line to see Jesus?"

"Don't you mean Santa?"

"No, Santa is at the store where all those cars are parked, but Jesus is outside in that manger and there's no line to see him. Isn't Christmastime His birthday?"

"Well, yes sweetie, but..."

"Well, there's no line and he looked cold. Can I take him my blanket?"

As tears trickled down her face, Laney cleared her throat so she could speak.

"You know Grace, you're right. There should be a line. Are you sure you want to give him your favorite blanket?"

"Aunt Laney, mommy told me Jesus was born for me and came so I could have life in Heaven one day if I believe in Him …and he's a King, so don't you think he needs a special blanket?"

Laney couldn't help but smile at the wisdom of this child. "I sure do, Grace!" she said.

As they drove in to the lot of the church, Laney put on Grace's little coat. She climbed out of her car seat and tugged her blankie out behind her. Aunt Laney grabbed her hand and they walked over to the live nativity scene.

Laney talked to "Mary" who smiled as she looked down at Grace. She knelt down to Grace's level and helped Grace wrap her blanket around "Baby Jesus".

By this time, onlookers from the main road were starting to pull in and get out of their cars. Small children with their parents, teenagers out on the town, college students back home for Christmas, even grandparents came to see what was happening at this church on this cold winter night.

Before they knew it, a line had formed and they were standing there praising and worshipping their King.

"Aunt Laney?” Grace asked as she tugged her aunt's arm.

"Yes, sweetie?” said Laney.

“Now there’s a line to see Jesus!” Grace exclaimed.

“There sure is sweetheart!” Laney smiled.

“Aunt Laney?” Grace asked sweetly.

“Yes, Grace?” Laney replied.

"I liked sitting on Santa's lap but this is even better!" Grace whispered in her aunt’s ear.

Laney smiled as she wiped her eyes, "I think so too Grace!"

As she looked around at the faces of young and old, many with tears flowing, she realized the difference one person can make.

One four year old who had a heart for Jesus, brought a community together and made them stop to realize what was truly important.

Where's the Line to see Jesus?"

Where will we make it this year?

Will they line up behind you? Will you be at the front?

Look what a difference even a "little Grace" can make in a big world!

Merry Christmas!!!

Amy Crowe
Member # 63307
Gold ... p?id=63307 ... ?id=165507 ... big-world/

Second Place and $25.00

Jesus Is For Real by Lynn Gipson

Joseph Stanton rode away from the cemetery in the back of a long, black, limousine. He face was covered in tears and his heart shattered into a million pieces. He had just buried his six-year old son, and was numb with grief.

All during Joey's illness he had prayed to God to save his son's life. Kidney disease had ravaged the little boy's body until it could take no more, and finally gave up last week.

Joseph Stanton had been a God loving man since his teenaged years. He gave his life to Christ at the age of thirteen when his mother died, and Jesus helped him through the pain. He was a good man, always caring and sympathetic to those less fortunate. Every week he worked at the homeless shelter downtown and led more than a few souls to Jesus.

Now Joseph's own faith was lacking sorely. How could God take his only child? Rebecca, his wife, had left him last year for another man, and even that didn't shake his faith. He came to realize that she had never really loved him and was incapable of loving anyone, except Joey.

Joseph was lost without his son. He started drinking. He was an attorney, but he referred all his clients to his partner and stopped going to work. He stared at the television day and night, not comprehending anything. He no longer cared if he lived or died.

His friends tried to reach out to him, but he stopped answering the phone. One day, his doorbell rang, and someone started pounding on his door. Joseph finally opened it, and was surprised to see J.T. Hughery standing there. JT was one of the homeless men he had come know and love down at the shelter.

“I ain't seen you down at the soup kitchen lately. Stopped by your office and your pardner tole me where to find you. Sorry to hear about your son, man.”

“Hey JT, come on in.” Joseph led JT into the living room, which was littered from here to there with beer bottles.

“I just came to tell you that I found Jesus! Thought you would be happy for me, given you was always telling me 'bout Him” JT beamed as he spoke.

“I don't believe in God anymore, JT. No God would take my son from me. I prayed for my son's life, and he is dead. Thanks for coming by, but I just want to be left alone.”

“Sorry to hear that, man, but Jesus is for real! If you ever want to see Him, He's down at the shelter in the soup kitchen line. That's where I found Him.” JT shook his head sadly as he headed for the door.

Joseph continued his life as a recluse. He shut everyone out of his life, and within two years lost everything. He eventually became one of the homeless he had volunteered for before Joey died.

Lost and alone, Joseph hitched a train ride out to California, where no one would know him. He walked the streets of Los Angeles for another year. He was a broken man. He sometimes lived at shelters, ate out of garage cans, and slept in alleys.

The one thing that never left his mind was JT telling him of finding Jesus in the soup kitchen line. Three weeks before Christmas while he was asleep in an alley, another homeless man attacked him. He woke up in a charity hospital, barely conscious. When he came to, he realized he had hit rock bottom. An inner voice told him to finally let Joey rest in peace.

The good people at the hospital gave Joseph some clothes to wear and took up a donation of money for a bus ticket home. He cut his hair and shaved his long beard. He was determined to start over again, and he knew just the man to help him do it.

His bus pulled into his home town on Christmas Eve. Joseph got off and went straight to the homeless shelter where he hoped he would find JT working in the kitchen. Sure enough, there stood JT, happily ladling out food at the front of one of the four lines of people waiting for food.

Joseph slipped into the kitchen and surprised JT with a bear hug. JT's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Hey, man, I knew you'd be back!” JT said.

“I just have one question.” Joseph smiled at his friend.

“What's that, man?

“Where's the line to see Jesus?” ... ?id=165021

Lynn Gipson
Platinum Member
ID# 57394

Third Place and $15.00

The Best Christmas Man by P.J.Baker

It was the last Saturday before Christmas, and the mall was mobbed with last minute shoppers. Amidst the crowd, a boy was looking for someone.

“Where’s the line to see Jesus?” The lady gave him a startled look, but kept on walking.

Maybe she’s just too busy, thought the boy. Maybe. Or maybe she just didn’t know.

The boy looked up as the PA crackled into life. A man’s voice started speaking, clear and strong, but no-one else seemed to hear it. He was speaking just to the boy!

Hello! I hear you’re looking for me:

You asked, you found; you looked now you see.

Like shepherds and kings travelling far,

They searched and found me under the star.

Come visit me, don’t wait in line,

I’m here for you, any place, any time.

Be still, imagine, if you can,

That Christmas baby is now the kindest man.

I don’t wear boots or dress in red,

I’m wrapped in light, a crown upon my head.

I have no sleigh or reindeers that prance,

I sit in heaven, when I laugh angels dance.

Dear one, you’re loved, whatever you do,

Your sins forgiven, I paid the price for you.

I made and held you from the start,

Your name’s inscribed upon my heart.

Ask me, I give good gifts all year,

I give life and joy, and take your fear.

Be still, imagine me, if you can.

Your friend, your Saviour: I’m the best Christmas man.

This poem was written in response to the music video “Where’s the line to see Jesus?” by Becky Kelly: ... &vq=medium

To find out more about Jesus, visit

P.J. Baker
Gold #62789 ... s-man.html ... ?id=165518

2013 Guidelines below here.

Due to the strong interest in this contest last year we are opening it back up for 2013. If you did not enter last year we encourage you to enter. If you submitted the first time you can try again. Who know what these articles might do for Gods Kingdom.

This year we are asking you to include an invitation to accept Jesus as Lord and include a link to the below video and our FaithWriters Jesus page.

Contest Rules

Everyone is invited to enter " Where is the line to see Jesus? " This contest is based on this music video and what it brings to mind and remembrance as you watch it.

Deadline is 12-24-12 at 6 pm

Word Count is 750 words or less.

You must post the article here in this forum and in our regular articles.

The only two links that you need to add is for the above video and for FaithWriters Jesus Page. You should be able to actually embed the video in your article in the regular articles if you wish.
Here is the link to our Jesus page

If you submitted last year please submit again but make sure it is a new article, submissions of the same article will not be accepted.

This forum was used for last years submissions and this years too. We have entered a dividing line to separate this years.

First prize is $50.00 or a One Year Gold Membership

Second is $25.00

Third is $15.00

Merry Christmas to all of You! Mike & Bea and all the FaithWriters Staff

Below this point are the winners of last years (2012) contest. Reading these might give you a heads up on what might win.

First Place and $50 or a one year Gold Membership.

Holly or Holy?

by Kerry Nenn

This season, will I...

be surrounded by presents
or be surrounded by His presence?

have childlike wonder at the magic of Christmas
or wonder at the child - the meaning of Christmas?

watch a Christmas movie
or watch Christmas move me?

see snow fall
or His kingdom reign?

take my wishes to Father Christmas
or my prayers to the Heavenly Father?

sit by the crackling fire
or have a Holy Fire within me?

shop 'til I drop
or drop everything for Him?

enjoy a sleigh ride
or remember Jesus slain?

sing Christmas carols at people
or actually be caring for people?

have a piece of pie, good desserts
or know peace on earth, good will to men?

stand in line to see Claus
or put myself on the line for Christ?

sit in awe of the Christmas tree
or stand in awe of Calvary's tree?

wish all a Merry Christmas
or think of Mary's Christmas?

hang beautiful lights,
or see the light of the world?

manage my time
or spend time at the manger?

attach a bow
or bow my knee?

Such an amazing gift,
this season, this reason.

This Christmas, Lord,
may I be wrapped up in you.

Kerry Nenn
Silver member #35709

Second Place and $25

Jesus is Free

by Lynn Moses

Lacy handed Grace a few coins to drop in the Salvation Army donation bucket on their way into the mall. A single mom at a young age, Lacy didn't have much to spare, but she liked to help when she could. After all, people had helped her when she needed it.

They were on their way to see Santa. Lacy remembered her mother taking her to see Santa when she was a kid. She missed her parents and never should have left home. She still couldn't believe how stupid she’d been to trust that Trevor loved her. Now she hadn't talked to her parents in over 6 years and they didn't know about Grace.

“Mama, I can’t wait to see Santa! Do you think I've been good this year?”
“Yes I do.”
They waited in line for a long time. When it was their turn, Santa’s helper asked Lacy what picture package she wanted. Lacy told her she couldn't afford pictures, but asked if Grace could talk with Santa for just a minute. The elf huffed.

“One minute!”

Lacy watched as Grace climbed up onto Santa’s lap. She was so innocent. Lacy didn’t want Grace to live with the kind of regret she did.

I know if I could ask Santa for one thing, it would be to forget my past.

Grace whispered in Santa’s ear. She had a smile on her face as she climbed down and ran back to Lacy.

“Well, what did you ask Santa for?” Lacy asked.

“You’ll see.” Grace replied.

Lacy felt a knot in her stomach. What if Grace had asked for a puppy or something else that Lacy couldn't give her?

As they left the mall, Grace noticed a beautiful glow coming from a building across the street.

“Can we go see the lights? Please, Mama?” Grace pleaded.

They crossed the street and walked toward the lights. The building, a church, was even more beautiful up close.

The sign in front read:

Stop in for your free Christmas gift. Jesus!

“Look Mama, a free gift! Can we go in?”

Lacy used to go to church with her parents, but she hadn't been in years. She was certain that Jesus wouldn't want someone like her at church.

“Uh, Grace, I think we should…” Lacy started to say, but a man opened the door.

“Hello,” said Grace. “I’m here for my free Christmas gift. So, where's the line to see Jesus?"

“Well, we don’t have a line, but you can still meet Him. He’s always available. Everyone’s welcome.”

“Sorry, we didn't mean to bother you.” Lacy said uncomfortably.

“No bother at all. In fact, I've been expecting you. I prayed that God would send someone special today."

“It’s you, Mama!”

“What?” Lacy asked.

“I asked Santa to make your heart glad. Then we found this place where Jesus is free, there are no lines and we can see him anytime. You should go get your free gift.”

Lacy knew Grace was right.

by Lynn Moses
Silver #48483

Third Place and $15

The Christmas Letter

by Jan Christiansen

The following short story was inspired by this heart-stirring video by Becky Kelley. ... &vq=medium

The Christmas Letter

Sally curled her fingers around the thick crayon, her tongue slipped through her lips in abject concentration. The letters must be formed just right. All the words must be straight, for this was the most important letter she would ever write.

Carly dried the last of the dishes as she watched her little girl bent low over her paper.

"Jotting down the things you want for Christmas?"

Sally nodded, but didn’t look up from her task.

A key turned in the lock and Daddy stumbled through the door.

Sally wrote faster.

She wrote through the yelling, through the crying, through the slamming of the door as Daddy left again. When she had finished, she carefully folded the letter and put it into an envelope and addressed it…To Jesus.

"Mama?” she said, “Can we go to the mall tomorrow?"

Through red and swollen eyes, Mama said, “You want to see Santa? To give him your list?"

Sally shook her head, “No, Santa only brings toys. I want to see Jesus for Christmas this year. Since Christmas is Jesus' birthday, he'll be at the mall, too. Right?"

Carly looked at her little girl - her spirit so strong and her body so frail. If the doctors were right, Sally would indeed see Jesus for Christmas this year. “Let’s get you back to bed, Sweet Pea. I’ll hold your letter until morning."

When Jessie came back home that night, Carly was waiting for him, holding Sally’s letter “You have to read this,” she said." Jessie read through whiskey blurred eyes what his little girl had written.

Dear Jesus,

Please make my mommy and daddy love each other again.

Your friend,

Husband and wife cried together that night and promised to work things out. Promised to allow God to mend their marriage and promised to seek Jesus for the answer to their little girl’s Christmas wish.

On Christmas morning, Sally looked up into St. Peter’s eyes. “Is this the line to see Jesus?” she asked.

"You don’t need to stand in line, Sally,” said St. Peter, “Jesus is waiting for you."

She turned to see the friend of children waiting to take her in. She ran into his arms and buried her face in his chest. “Did you get my letter?” she asked.

“Yes, child,” he said “and your wish has been granted“

Thank you, Jesus,” she reached her hand up and patted his face, “and Merry Christmas.”

Submitted by Jan Christiansen
Member# 36819 (Gold Member)
also posted on ... ?id=154731 ... etter.html

Here are the fifteen initial picks from the judges.

Judge One
Knenn 11 on page 2
JCinmyheart on page 2
Yackyjan on page 2
Vince on page 2
Lrmoses on page 4

Judge Two
Dinora pg 1
Knenn11 pg 2
Yackjan pg 2
Vince pg 2
Lrmoses page 4

Judge Three
Knenn11 - pg. 2 Holly or Holy? - Love this one. This would be my choice for #1 - it's wonderfully creative and gets right to the point.
JCinmyheart - pg. 2 Letter to Jesus - Creative and cute
Yackyjan - pg. 2 The Christmas Letter - Another creative entry - nice fictional piece
Lrmoses - pg. 4 Untitled - a sweet and heartwarming story
ECSmith - pg. 4 Merry Christmas One and All - very timely, with great thoughts

:thankssign Thanks again to everyone for entering. We hope you enjoyed this contest as much as we did holding it. Keep your eyes open for Januarys contest for an International Ministry that passes 100% of all donations through to the work they support. There will be some very simple options for linking and reviewing the ministry. There will be paid writing assignments for the top two. First place valued at $150.00, second at $75, third at $25. Best Silver will receive a one year paid Gold membership. This contest will revert back to structured rules that you can find here

God Bless and Merry Christmas to All!

Mike, Bea and the Mystery Judges

Original Contest Rules Below Here

Everyone is invited to enter " Where is the line to see Jesus? " This contest is based on this music video and what it brings to mind and remembrance as you watch it.

Deadline is 12-24-12 at 6 pm

Word Count is 500 words or less.

You must post the article here in this forum and in our regular articles.

The only two links that you need to add is for the above video and for FaithWriters Jesus Page. You should be able to actually embed the video in your article in the regular articles if you wish.
Here is the link to our Jesus page

First prize is $50.00

Second is $25.00

Third is $15.00

We will endeavor to have the winner posted on 100 Christian Blogs.

Merry Christmas to all of You! Mike & Bea and all the FaithWriters Staff
We need God's Grace because of God's Truth.

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby jrhamner224 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:37 pm

Becky Kelley stirs my soul with her smooth Christmas song, “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” The dishes are done and her green eyes stare back at me from the computer in my humble kitchen. As mesmerized as I am by the thought her melody evokes, it is the television in the next room that grabs my immediate attention. Its football season big time in Tuscaloosa right now and our team, The Crimson Tide is on its way to win another National Championship. Every night on local stations and sports channels alike, the Tide is broadcasted and given the spotlight.

Each weekend I am witness to droves of people standing in line at restaurants and at the stadium. The University of Alabama Quad is packed every Saturday with rows of white tents. People take off time from work and their families to make football the priority. Everywhere I go on game day, the radio or television is giving a play by play. Sports announcers talk about each player on the team as though he is a true American hero. On every corner downtown are kiosks with red and white team attire for sale. A person can get a bumper sticker with a big “S” on it for the coach. It is a reminder to those seeing it that the Tide coach is somewhat of a savior for our town.

The smell of hot dogs and bar-b-que whips through the sticky Alabama air as drunk men with their hand in the back pocket of some stumbling young girl clad in hounds tooth cross the street leading to Denny Stadium. Thousands of people pack the byways and cause congestion at every turn to experience the game known as football. The SEC is talked about in the workplace, in the homes, and even in the churches.

It is at church the day after the game that one truly realizes how empty the lines are for the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ. Men and women wait to enter the sanctuary, each of them wearing something red for the Tide and speaking of the awesomeness of the previous day’s triumphant win. Then, when they enter the holiness of God’s house, they are mute. They do not open their mouths enough to be audible and sing the praises of our Lord nor do they raise their hands and shout “Amen”. However, less than twenty four hours before they were waving their shakers and screaming “Roll Tide”.

So as I turn my attention back to Becky’s lovely voice and the message her song brings, I am reminded that football is just a brief season here in town but that what Jesus promises is eternal.

To hear this wonderful holiday song that is soon to be a tradition, click the link below: ... 98swg&y=8&

Jennifer Hamner
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Platinum ... de-country ... ?id=154533

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Happy Birthday Jesus

Postby Enad » Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:20 pm

Don’t you know in your heart that the Angels of Heaven watch us wondering about us, asking why we are not looking for Jesus; why we hardly think of Him at the season of His Birthday Celebration?

For fleeting moments these questions enter our consciousness and then we continue the rush of the preparations for the Big Day.

For just a moment the question enters our minds, “How can I give to Jesus? I don’t see Him and He doesn’t show up for these occasions. We salve our thoughts with the answer that because He is One Who is loving and giving that we make Him happy with our giving to others.

There would be some truth in that reasoning if we gave to others in His Name, or ever mentioned Him by the giving of the Gospel in any form.

I am reminded that Jesus said, “Even as you have done to one of the least of these, My brothers, you have done it unto Me.”

There are no unimportant persons to Jesus, and so to whomever we give He is pleased with that giving. That fact does not erase our tendency to exclude Him from His Birthday Celebration; it’s no wonder He doesn’t show up!

One must ask how really happy He is with our form of Celebration of His Birth when we indulge ourselves to great expense for things the recipients hardly need, while the world is filled with those who have no shoes, or food, or clean water, and often no place to live indoors.

Would Jesus like to go with me to visit the sick and shut-in? Where are those who are forgotten and lonely? Perhaps Jesus is there.

Indeed! “Where’s the line to see Jesus?” I must find it!


url=, ... r_embedded
I want to hear Jesus say to me, "Well done, good and faithful servant..."

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby tomoral » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:52 pm

I Don't Know Who I Am

Six year old Emmanuel followed the crowd as they were lining up in the region of Judea to see the wise prophet all had been talking about. Jesus, they called him.

He had a special reason for wanting to see Jesus. Emmanuel was an orphan, and he had no one. He lived on the streets. His mother had died and left him to fend for himself at the age of four. He thought maybe this famous man might help him.

"Where’s the line to see Jesus?" He asked a man, and was promptly pushed aside. Emmanuel crawled through the ones standing and saw Jesus. He could tell right away He was some kind of Lord. He looked familiar, as if Emmanuel had seen Him before, but couldn’t remember where. He knew the second he saw this man that He was someone who could help.

One of the women then pushed him forward in the direction of Jesus, but the men closest to their Lord scolded Emmanuel and pushed him back.

“Please, let me see Him!” Emmanuel cried, and was scolded again.

“Go away, now! You have no business with this man!”

Suddenly, Emmanuel heard a gentle but stern voice. “Let the children come to me, and do not stop them! The Kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like these children!”

Emmanuel went to Jesus and was lifted up by His strong, gentle arms. Jesus held him close and spoke ever so softly. “Who are you, son?”

“I don’t know who I am, Lord.” Emmanuel told Him, his little heart breaking.

“I know you, your name is Emmanuel. Do you know me?” Jesus asked.

Emmanuel nodded. “Yes, I know you, Lord, but I am not sure where from.”

"I knew you before you were born, I fashioned you in your mother‘s womb.” Jesus said.

“My mother is gone, Lord. She died, and I don't know who my father is.”

Jesus looked into the crowd and said. “Who will take this child?"

Suddenly the childless woman who had pushed him towards Jesus stepped forward and took Emmanuel by the hand and smiled. He looked into her eyes and saw who he was.

“Go with this woman, Emmanuel, and remember, God is with you.” Jesus told him, and then He turned His attention to the next child in line.

Having decided to follow Christ, the woman who was now Emmanuel's mother stood with Emmanuel a few days later and they watched in horror as their Lord and Savior was crucified.

God blessed Emmanuel with a fruitful life, and when he grew to be a man he celebrated the birth of his Savior every year on Christmas day at the orphanage he built for children who didn't know who they were. He also made sure they always knew where the line to see Jesus was. ... ?id=154627

Lynn Gipson
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God Bless the beasts and the children
Give them shelter from the storms.
Children are our tomorrow
Keep them daily from the sorrow
Of the beasts in life ... p?id=57394

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby Immortalyouth » Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:36 pm

As I watched Becky Kelley's video, "Where's The Line To See Jesus,"
I had the urge to make my article rhyme.
And after listening to the lyrics to her beautiful song,
this is what came to mind.

Blue Sunday

Hurricanes, tornado's, fires out of control,
We should've seen it coming...
...when we, expelled God from school!

Mud slides, flooding, we need to bring Jesus back,
Before another bird flu...
...or another terrorist attack!

Blue Sunday...
...Blue U.S.A.
Since I found out... was illegal to pray.
Oh America...
...why can't we see?
That this, 'In God We Trust' the God Who blessed this country!

When we took down the Ten Commandments
Oh it seemed so very odd... we want too get rid of the words, 'One Nation Under God?'

Since 'Seasons Greetings' is chasing 'Merry Christ-mas' away
We might say good-bye to 'Good Friday',
'Thanksgiving' & 'Easter' someday???

Blue Sunday...
...Blue U.S.A.
Since I found out... was illegal to pray.
Oh America...
...why can't we see?
That this, 'In God We Trust' the God Who blessed this country!

Thomas Hudson
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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby kimkimbo » Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:42 pm

Where is the line to see Jesus?
If someone were to ask me, " Why should I stand in line to see Jesus?" here is my answer ...
Life began for me, as
The angels descended
Stars became brighter
Air became fresher
Music became sweeter

Hope quickened
Energy Imparted
Friends multiplied
Miracles happened
Praise ascended
Joy abounded
Mercy increased
Fears dissolved
Worries evaporated
Confusion terminated
Nightmares ended

Pride deflated
Dark shadows fled
Less became more
Losses became gains
Weakness became strength
Impossibilities became possible.
That is what I received when I stood in line to receive Jesus.
Millions have come, there is still room for one.
What are you waiting for?

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby denzel564 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:16 pm ... &vq=medium

One of the most enjoyable and memorable periods of my childhood was living in Russia for a number of years. Yes, Russia! Now this wasn’t the Russia of today. This was back when Russia was still called The Soviet Union.
How in the world did you end up in Russia, you may wonder? Well, my dad was heading up the Liaison Office for a Russian-built Steel Company in Nigeria and so the family got to come along. How exciting!
The first thing that struck us on our arrival in Moscow that winter in 1985 was of course the extreme cold.
I mean it was free—eee—eee—zing! :brrr

Think about it – we had just arrived from boiling, hot Nigeria. So, it was a case of one extreme to the other. Everywhere and everything was snowed over. It was white everywhere! There everyone was walking around in their furry coats, boots and hats.
You didn’t need to spend too long in Moscow to notice something else which was very normal to the regular Muscovite man or woman, but which was quite strange to a new arrival…and that is the long queues! Oh we had to wait in long queues for hours on end for the most basic of things – bread, coats – you name it. You see, certain products would only be available at certain shops and during certain times of the year. You needed to be extremely vigilant through friends and neighbours to know when what you needed had arrived at the shops. Then it was a quick dash to the shops to queue for hours on end to buy them. If you were unlucky the items could have run out by the time it came to your turn!
Long lines are also something you can experience everywhere in the world - long queues for concert tickets; movie premieres or long lines of children to see Santa Claus.

The thing about long queues is that it reveals certain things about what’s important to those lined up. You couldn’t find me waiting in line to get tickets for a boxing match, for example. But for some, it would be the event of a life time. The difference? Well for me I have no interest therefore it’s not important to me.

At Christmas time, we celebrate the birth of the most important person who ever lived – Jesus Christ. However, if Jesus came to a shopping centre today, I doubt there would be a long line of people waiting to meet Him.

If only people could see that Jesus is actually what they need. He is life – eternal life, as a matter of fact. Everyone would love Eternal life! But people are sitting in spiritual darkness and so can’t see this about Jesus.

If everyone could see Jesus for who He really is then I’m quite sure there would be a very, very long line of people of all ages, races and backgrounds lining up to see Jesus.

Ayo Johnson

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby Morna » Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:50 pm

Open your eyes, precious child! Wider! See me up there! I am sitting next to My Father surrounded with all His Glory! I am the Light. See Me with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength!

Open your ears, sweet child! Do you not hear my Words? I am the Word. Seek Me! Follow Me! Come to Me!

You will find Me.

I promise.

Open your heart, tender child! Experience My peace that I leave you. My joy strengthens you. My grace sufficiently enables you. I will give you faith. Trust me—I have you covered. See how your desires are becoming My desires?

See my line?

Empty your hands and take My nail scarred hand, My child.

It starts in a lowly cradle surrounded by the stench of this world. My line walks the streets of Bethlehem, Judea, and Samaria. It leads me to the garden in Gethsemane. Be prepared as we walk with utter shock and horror the Via Delarosa up the treacherous rock to Golgotha. Cling close to My side as the darkened gateway of Hell taunts My demise. Oh, but rejoice when the Way, the Truth, and the Life are illuminated by the Gates of Heaven!

Open your eyes, precious child.

My way beckons you—guides you—keeps you—safely in My arms.


Sit awhile.

My lap is longing for your warmth. I love you, my dear child.

Jesus ... &vq=medium

Merry CHRISTmas -
Morna Gilbert

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby praytoday » Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:50 pm ... &vq=medium

The Line to See Jesus

A boy in a line to see Santa asked. Where is the line to see Jesus?

Then in a FLASH the little boy is gone! He finds himself in a big bright room filled with clouds, but the clouds are angels, 1000’s of angels flying around a big white seat.

He turns around to see an angel next to him. I’m not in the mall anymore, am I?

No, because you asked a question.

The boy sees another line, a line of eternal souls and they’re all headed towards a big white seat, some have joy, some do not.

The angel says. Soon, every eye will see Him, as well as everything they’ve ever done, and some will be surprised. Come and see.

The angel leads the boy closer to two men talking. This is what they said;

How did we end up in this incredibly long line?

Don’t know, but who’s up there that everyone is trying to see?

I don’t know, but some are saying Alpha and Omega, some the Almighty, and some that he has keys.


Yeah, to hell and death.

That’s creepy.

As they near the seat they see the one seated writing in a big book.

What’s he writing?

He’s not writing, he’s blotting, and that one was just put to the left side.

What do you think is in all those other books?

I don’t know, but He opens them up each time someone reaches him.

What’s taking so long? Do you think they’re asking him for stuff?

No, I don’t think it’s a line like Santa’s line.

As they get nearer they hear the one sitting on the seat cry out; DEPART to some and WELL DONE to others.

One of the two men begins to look ill. You know I think that may be Christ up there.


Yeah, like in Christmas.

Now the other man doesn't look good. You mean all that stuff those Christians were harping about was true?

They hear a shout across the line. Zacchaeus, aren’t you glad you gave half your goods away to feed the poor? The man that shouted had a ladle in his hand.

A little man shouted back. Yes, and so did you for I see you have a spoon.

Yes, serving another line, you know.

Yes I know, another hot meal in His Name!

As they get even nearer, they hear people say to the one in the seat. Lord, we prophesied in your name and cast out devils and did many wonderful works....

The two men’s face became white as ghosts, for the time had come for them to stand before Him.

The boy asked the angel. What will happen to those two men?

You don’t want to know, but one thing is sure, He that is unjust, let him be unjust still, he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: he that is holy, let him be holy still.

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby pathlightfinder » Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:32 am

In the Heart of a Child?

What’s that special something that makes a song a hit? What’s it about a song that transports it from a hit to an instant “classic”? I can’t answer these questions. But, for the first time in my life I have heard a song that so transcends the norm that it answers these questions. It’s that good. Where is the line to see Jesus?
The Scriptures tell us “out of the mouth of babes” but until I heard this song the saying never held a real meaning. This song gives that saying a depth to bring a smile to your heart and tears to your eyes - at the same time. The first time I heard it, I picked up the phone to call family a thousand miles away before the song finished playing; and, I’m a fifty something military combat veteran. It’s that powerful. Where is the line to see Jesus?
Part of that power comes from the simple realization that if a child ever really asked us such a simple question most of us would be speechless. We can study apologetics and Scripture all we want and God proves our ignorance with a simple question from an innocent child. A question so simple we should all have asked it years ago and done something about it. It’s that poignant. Where is the line to see Jesus?
I have never heard a sermon that moved me so much. I think I know why too and I don’t think I am alone. We spend so much time and effort striving to discover God and His will for us. Some of us spend a lot of time and effort trying to share our faith, some to defend our faith, and some to do both. Most all of us have become so engulfed in our own efforts we have forgotten what Jesus told us about being like children. It is not our innocence we have lost; we have lost the child’s ability to seek simplicity. It’s that simple. Where is the line to see Jesus?
There is no biblical imperative to celebrate the birth of our Savior – even less a date given for the observance. Even though we know this, the observance of Christmas is essentially universal for Christians. Or is it? As if Jesus didn’t already suffer enough on Earth, the “celebration” of His birth places Him up like a piñata to be beaten open for toys. It’s that true. Where is the line to see Jesus?
Children amaze us for their sense of awe and wonder. Why is the sky blue? They fulfill us with questions about life by reminding us of what is important. This song, perhaps, is like our inner child asking a question we quit asking ourselves long ago. A question we quit answering for ourselves and others too. It’s that serious. Where is the line to see Jesus?
Please Father; grant me the heart of a child. Amen.

Wayne Childress, Silver, ID #60789.

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby eddiedickerson » Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:23 am

It's Christmas, Kids Want To See Santa—
What About You?

Who do you want to see?

As Christmas rapidly approaches, the malls are filling up. Just stop by one on a Saturday afternoon and you'll find everyone standing in line, even the kids. They want to see Santa, and they're waiting with excitement and glee, just like you and I did when we were their age. But we're not kids anymore, most of the time anyway—so no more waiting to see Santa. We're all grown up now.

But ever since we were babies, we've heard over and over again that Christmastime is Christ's birthday. So why don't we see more about Him? Why aren't kids asking—where's the line to see Jesus? It's because we've led them to believe more in Santa Clause than in Christ.

So kids won't find anything about Him at any store, nor will many even innocently ask about Jesus, even though He gave His life for them. All that matters in their little minds is that Santa brings them presents, not Jesus.

Some day we will all pass from this earth. In the blink of an eye, at the sound of His trumpet, we'll stand in line at His throne. Then every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, though it will be too late for many.

But what about you—right here and now? Do you want to see Jesus? Do you really believe in your heart of hearts that He died for you personally? Is that such an overwhelming thought to ponder and meditate upon, so profound, that your eyes fill up with tears at times? It should be—if you truly believe that He died in your place.

The Bible makes it clear that all of us are headed down one of two paths that lead to one of two outcomes, two distinctly different outcomes, and only two:

1) One path is the broad way, and many people go down that path. It leads to destruction.
2) The other path is the narrow way, and few people go down that path. It leads to eternal life.

Christ (foretelling of the day we come before Him in judgment) said in Matthew 7:21-23—Not everyone who calls Him Lord is going to enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do the will of His Father. He goes on to say that many people will make great claims of doing all kinds of miraculous things in His name, and yet He will declare to them that He never knew them, and for them to depart from Him.

He is speaking of those who went down the broad path to destruction, though they thought they were going down the narrow path to life—something to think about.

It's Christmastime, and all the kids are standing in line to see Santa, and that's OK.

But—where's the line to see Jesus?

Eddie Dickerson
member # 60433
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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby JimmyMack » Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:43 pm

Watching and listening to the beautiful music video by Becky Kelley, “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?”, I found myself feeling sad and melancholy. It reminded me of an earlier time, a simpler, slower, more family-oriented time when Christmas in America held great significance because of its religious meaning.

But today we find Christmas often reduced to a secular occasion where freedom of religion has been superseded by freedom from religion. This transformation over time has, for many, stolen the true joy and meaning of the Christmas season.

When I was a boy, Christmas was centered on the Christ Child. Oh, we had Santa and Christmas trees and all the trimmings, but the central focus was Christ. Almost everyone had a manger scene under their tree with an assortment of angels incorporated into decorations. Part of our at home celebration was reading the Story of the Child and singing favorite carols with gleeful abandon.

Holiday cards were Christmas cards with most having a Christian theme. The greeting Happy Holidays was the exception rather than the rule. And we even said “Merry Christmas” to our Jewish friends, who responded with a cheerful “Happy Hanukah”. The feeling of “peace on earth and goodwill toward men” was shared by everyone and all enjoyed the pageantry and the spirit in the air.

School sponsored Christmas plays and church pageants abounded with children actively performing in colorful costumes supporting the theme. Carols were sung, the Christ Child was honored, and the role of Santa was always placed in a secondary position.

Afterward, Christmas cookies, assorted other goodies, and colorful red and green punches were served to performers and parents alike. Also available in ample supply were rich, creamy hot chocolate and tangy hot apple cider to warm the body on a cold night. As the lights were dimmed, colored lights and candles bathed shiny decorations, producing beautiful images in many colors on the ceiling and walls. The cheerful voices of children laughing and people chatting were heard in combination with the wonderful aromas of the many offerings of food and drink.

Even commercial businesses and retail shops honored Him. Religious decorations abounded in department stores and crosses were routinely seen affixed to buildings and on water and radio towers. The sight brought a thrill up my spine. It was as if Jesus was standing beside me.

I miss those wonderful times and pray that somehow we Americans will have a rebirth of the real Christmas spirit.

“Dear Lord, Help us to be reborn of the spirit of Christmas celebrations past which honored Jesus’ birth. Let us not be swayed by secularism but remain steadfast in our commitment to the true meaning of the birth of The Son of God. Give us the wisdom and courage to be unafraid to speak the truth and use our influence to help return Christmas to its real meaning, the birth of our Savior. In His name we ask, Amen.”

Remember, without Jesus there is no Christmas.

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby emilyvanrijn » Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:39 pm

There are lines to see Jesus!
Let me rephrase that.
There are lines to get the gifts Jesus offers.
When Jesus was on earth there were definitely lines to see Him. People wanted the healing and miracles! But they didn't want to follow Him all the way to the cross.
The rich young ruler is a classic example. He wanted to inherit eternal life. But he didn't want to leave his riches behind and follow Jesus. He didn't really want to see Jesus; he just wanted the gift of eternal life.
People are no different today. We want to get the many blessings that Christ offers, but we want to run our own life. We want to get to go to Heaven, but we don't want to know God on earth.
We don't really want to see Jesus.
Being a Christian is more than just getting eternal life. Being a Christian is following Christ. The life of a Christian is a life of sacrifice.
Being a follower of Jesus costs. But any cost will be repaid by far when we get to Heaven. Not following Jesus has a far greater cost.
I remember reading a story about a child who was always there when his father handed out the allowance. But he liked to disappear when it was time to do the work!
We like to think of Jesus as a Santa Claus giving out goodies.
As a result, there's a line to 'get the goodies.'
But where's the line to see Jesus? ... &vq=medium

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby Dinora » Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:37 pm

I based my story on Becky Kelley’s wonderful Christmas song “Where is the line to see Jesus?” If Becky’s wish would come true, this is probably what’d happen…

Santa Finally Got a Gift

(It’s morning at Santa’s house)

“How are you dear?” asks Mrs. Claus.
“Weary of Christmas, those kids at the mall… they try my patience… “
"You’ll be fine," said Mrs. Claus.
"I guess you’re right. See you later…"

At the “North Factory”, the elves repair machines. Arnold seems particularly happy about Christmas.

"Hey friend, why so joyful?"
"You know, I have this new friend, and…"
"Aha… I need to screw… this… mm hmm… what were you saying...?"
"Nothing Dill, I’ll tell you later… I’m going to see Santa. Bye…"

Beholding the scene from upstairs, Santa wonders how someone can be that happy!

At the warehouse, two elvettes talk about Santa,
“I hope he is in a better mood this year, Samantha.”
"Me too, he’s always impatient. Isn’t he supposedly the happiest guy on earth?"
"Yeah, right!" replies Henrietta.

"Come in. Arnold, what can I do for you? You look happy. Did you win the lottery?" asks Santa
"The lottery, Oh, no! ... I know this friend from heaven and He is so kind. I was feeling down and troubled and felt sorry about my bad behavior so I talked to Him and…" (The conversation continues)
…"Do you think I could talk to Him Arnold?"
"Sure! You can talk to Him right now."

"Jesus, this is Santa. Mmm… I wonder if you could, do for me what you did for Arnold here. I mean, I am tired of those kids asking for gifts they don’t deserve and…"
(The Lord laughing) …giving them what they don’t deserve?… I love to do that! …it’s called Grace.
“I have been so impatient with my elves and my wife. Could you forgive me?”
“I forgive you Santa.”
"Really my friend…"

Hundreds of children wait in line for a photo with Santa. But who is that man seated on Santa’s chair?

A little boy approaches, he seems troubled.
“Santa, can you help me?"
"Sure. What troubles you?" (The kid whispers to Santa)
"HO, HO, HO! No problem… meet my new friend. Tell him everything. He’ll help you." (The kid sits on Jesus’ lap)
"What can I do for you, my child?"
"My parents are divorcing and… I love them… do you… think you could help them stay together?"
"Sure. Anything else? …"
"An airplane. I mean… if you can…"
"If I can? I made everything that exists, do you think I can?"
He kisses Jesus and runs to tell his mom about his new friend.

A little girl comes asking, “Excuse me, where is the line to see Jesus?”
"I’m here dear child. What do you need? says Jesus."
"My little brother is dying and… since you helped that boy… I thought… maybe…"
"Maybe I could heal him? Do you think I can?"(The conversation continues…)

Click on song’s link and rejoice! Where Is The Line To See Jesus?

Dinora Trujeque
Silver 58071

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Re: Surprise Christmas Contest- Where is the line to See Je

Postby Debbie157 » Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:46 pm

From an early age, Americans are taught that there is a Santa who brings us presents for Christmas, an Easter Bunny who brings us candy, and even a Tooth Fairy to pay us when we lose our baby teeth. We believe we get gifts from these imaginary beings.

Christmas is all about Santa Claus and reindeer that fly, and Nativity scenes are not allowed in many public places.

Is it any wonder that when the average American grows up, it’s hard to believe in Jesus?

After finding out that the mythical characters don’t exist, Americans tend to focus on the presents instead. A new TV, a new iPod, a new phone, and more possessions will fill the void left inside.

Christmas has turned into a time to buy even more stuff. The Christmas season is kicked off by Black Friday, where people camp out days ahead of time so they can be the first ones through the doors of the store, and then fight another human being for a new phone.

If we as Americans really believed in Heaven and Hell, or churches would be packed with people lining up to see Jesus. But for many Americans, our “believers” were broken when we were children and found out that the mythical creatures don’t exist.

Where is the line to see Jesus?

The line starts with a Believer in Jesus sharing the true gospel of Jesus Christ with someone who hasn’t seen him yet.

“For God so loved the world that He sent forth His only Son, so that whoever believes on Him, should not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him would have life.” – John 3:16-17

God became man in the flesh in the person of Jesus Christ. He was crucified in payment for our sins. God raised Jesus up from the dead, and Jesus is seated at the right hand of Father God. Anyone who comes to Jesus will not be rejected by Him.

Where is the line to see Jesus?

WE are the line to see Jesus.


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