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"Dying for Water" CONTEST #4 - WINNERS HERE NOW

This forum is reserved for member articles being submitted for specific blogging contests.

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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4

Postby benjity » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:15 pm

It's A Small World After All

As a kid growing up in Oklahoma, my primary diet was dust. So, it was remarkably refreshing after an evening softball game, or an afternoon spent mowing the lawn, to pour a glass of cold water. In nearly any room of the house, my sisters and I could turn a shiny silver knob and and lavishly splash cool, clean water over our faces, arms and neck. Then, reaching for a brightly colored cup, without a second thought, we gulped the life-giving liquid.

Nearly every summer, on the evening news, I remember hearing about a seasonal water shortage. Neighbors began to take turns watering their lawns. Daddy didn’t wash the cars. But never for one second did I fear that we would run out of clean drinking water.

This year has been record setting in Oklahoma. In August, the temperature soared to 113 degrees. More than 30% of the state is experiencing an exceptional drought. But, in my family’s garage there are still cases of clean water. Every evening we take long showers. Here in rural Oklahoma, I have never known anyone dying for water.

In 2008, a non-profit foundation called Water4 , was founded in Oklahoma City by Dick and Terri Greenly, to address the global water crisis. A water crisis that most of us in North America have never even considered. We certainly don’t worry about dying children every time we enjoy a cool glass of ice water.

Water4 exists primarily provide water to impoverished, thirsty areas. At the same time, Water4 educates and trains nationals to be intricately involved in the effort to provide sustainable, clean water sources to their villages. Already working tirelessly in Haiti, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Rwanda, Water4’s goal is to provide clean drinking water to a million people by 2014.

Statistically, the majority of Oklahomans are pro-life. Consequently, voters are well aware that about 3,322 children are aborted everyday. However, few people know that 4,320 children die everyday due to a water-related illness.

Many states across America are withering with drought this summer. Farmers are fearful for their crops and consequently, their livelihood. The entire globe is feeling the economic pinch. But when we feel the parched tongues of children in third-world countries, when we see the countless tiny graves of thirsty children - we have to be grateful for our relative abundance and wonder...

What can we do?

While the cost to build a private well in Oklahoma is upwards of $2000, you can donate a well and supply water to an entire village through Water4’s program for $900. You’ll never turn that shiny silver knob mindlessly again, and neither will your children.

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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4

Postby tranz4md » Sat Sep 01, 2012 1:26 am

Meet Charity and Apathy

"Hey Charity, the weather report says we're in for a really bad storm this weekend. Why don't you run down to the store and pick me up a couple cases of beer and a couple cartons of cigarettes to hold me over till Monday. Oh, and don't forget a case of water. You know how parched I am in the morning after drinking all night. I can guzzle down two bottles in under 30 seconds," Apathy smirked as he got up from his well-worn recliner and tossed two crisp $100 bills on the table.

Charity glanced over at her roommate with tears in her eyes as she heard Apathy's words and thought about what she was viewing on her computer screen. As she glanced back to the screen she read "Every 22 seconds a child dies for lack of clean water.

Her heart melted inside her as she thought about the complacent attitude of Apathy. "Lord, how can a person be so insensitive to the hurts and needs of others in this world?" she whispered under her breath. "What'd you say?" said Apathy. "Nothing" Charity retorted as she whisked the money from the table and shot out the door sobbing. "Man," thought Apathy "what's wrong with her, she obviously got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."

As Charity was driving down the road she was having a conversation with Jesus, "Father, please soften the heart of Apathy, let him understand the error of his ways. Let him see himself for who he really is, a sinner in need of a Savior. Change his heart and his ways that he might care about others and quit thinking about himself and his own needs and wants all the time."

As Charity spoke to Jesus, Apathy was back at the house viewing what she had left on the computer screen. A little girl with big brown eyes, bare feet and a dirty face was staring back at him. A flashing caption above her little face read, "My brother died yesterday, I'm dying for water this day, will you save my life by giving me a cup of water?" He immediately clutched his heart as if something struck him deep down inside. He fell to his knees and cried out, "Oh God forgive me for my lack of love and for my apathetic heart!"

Upon her return from the store Charity opened the door and found Apathy sobbing at the table and crying to the Lord. "Charity, I'm so sorry, I've been so blind. God has richly blessed me with wealth and I have done nothing but spend it on me and on those things that bring me comfort. I've been a spoiled-rotten brat all my life, but that's over now. Take my credit card and donate $5000.00 to Water4. I'm taking this beer and these cigarettes back to the store for a refund. I just met the man who long ago offered that 'living water' and suddenly I no longer thirst for these things."

When Apathy got back from the store he began packing a bag. He smiled at Charity and said, "I'm on my way to the mission field to help dig a low cost well for the thirsty. Thank you Charity for praying for me, God answered your prayer, He also gave me a new name, Apologetic."

Charity looked up toward heaven, smiled and said, "Thank you Jesus for you hear the prayers of your children and you meet the needs of those who thirst both physically and spiritually. Praise Your holy name!"

FaithWriter Member Wendy B McLain: ID# 55161 ... pathy.html ... pathy.html ... ?id=151565
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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4

Postby Granny's Pen » Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:17 pm

Elixir of Life and Death

In Africa, we have a saying: “Americans have watches, and Africans have time.” Except now, there is little time left for my own dear Joseph.

Was it just days ago that my laughing, mischievous son followed along behind his older brothers? Walking the mile to the river for water is a daily chore they can all help with, but Joseph is still young. In truth, he was more of a bother than a help. Charles and Andrew sometimes complained, but how I would rejoice to hear such complaints again. Instead, I hear only Joseph’s cries. Surely you hear them, too. He moans with fever that my remedies cannot quench. The pain in his stomach and head are severe, but he has no energy to resist. This, his lethargy, is what pierces my heart. He looks at me, and in his eyes I see his distress, his questions, his silent pleas for relief.

My village is familiar with the anguish I feel, for we are afflicted with many diseases. Diarrhea and Cholera visit and torment us often, and when they depart, many of our children have also departed. Trachoma claimed the vision of my only surviving daughter two years ago. Now she sits in front of the hut, her childhood forever gone, and her future a mere memory. The scourge that has condemned my Joseph is Typhoid. I am told all of these curses come from our water. Our water? Our source of life, producing death? How can a man protect his family? If my children do not drink water, they will die. If they do drink water, they will still die.

I am also told that a water well would change everything. How the source of our water can determine its goodness, I do not understand. One sits on top of the ground, and the other sits within the ground. How can it matter? But when your children are dying, you take hope wherever you can find it. If a well is the answer, then I say we must have a well.

Alone, my people do not have the resources, knowledge, or equipment to do this, but because people, churches, or businesses in America chose to sponsor a well we now have hope. The process Water4 will use is called hand drilling technology They have told us that with teamwork, combined with their equipment and direction, we will have access to clean drinking water within just a few days. Can you imagine that? Such a short time to change the destiny of so many.

There is no hope for Joseph, but I have other children. Water4’s team will come soon, and when that day comes, I will be the first one on that site. I will be there to help for Joseph’s brothers’ sake. All I have to offer is time, but I will gladly exchange it all for hope and a future for my children.

Deborah Engle Faithwriter #29095

A Word Fitly Spoken ... -we_1.html

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Granny's Pen

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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4

Postby tulip » Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:27 am


'Wake up, Wake up!" It was time to get moving. Carol prayed for another minute of sleep but knew that it would take a miracle to get a second more. She knew that if she did not heed her mothers' wake up call the whole family would be in trouble that day. It was 4am in the morning and unlike other eleven year old girls turning over in bed she had to wake up to go fetch water for domestic use. She would accompany her mother and other village women and kids to the well every early morning so that they could fetch the precious commodity before the wild animals beat them to the game.

School was a long forgotten dream for the children in the village. As soon as they turned nine they would drop out of the village mission school to help their parents fend for their families. If only they had even a to take off the burden of growing up to early! Carol was soon on the track alongside her mother and others walking to the well. They walked in groups to be able to fend off the wild animals that they occasionally came across on their path. It was a miracle that they made it this far with so many people suffering snake bites from the numerous such reptiles that shared their paths. Just recently a neighbour had been mauled by a leopard he had woken from slumber in the bushes.

Soon the group was at the well. They lined up to fetch water as another group stood on watch for approaching wild animals.They carried stones to fend off any unwelcome competition from the animals. Since the group consisted of women and children, it was not uncommon to hear screams renting the early morning air when a particularly fierce wild animal crossed their way. Then there was the never ending competition with the wild animals for If nothing changed for the people in this village then they would continue spending most of their time in search of water.

The Government had sunk several boreholes in the are but they were very far apart. The catholic church too had contributed by by drilling several such water holes. But they were far from sufficient for the people who not only needed to quench their thirst but also that of their animals being from a pastoralist community. Many folks in the village considered themselves the people that God forgot, what with the myriad of problems that they faced. Almost every other week children mainly under five succumbed to death from lack of instead taking water that was unfit for human consumption. Diarrhoe was a common ailment here and the community found it difficult to trek miles away to the local clinic for treatment. They only had time to go in search for the precious commodity-water.

Carol, alongside other children could only dream of the day that they would be able to go back to school. This might only happen if more Good Samaritans took pity on their plight by providing more water that was clean for use and more accesible. That way the children could be released to go to school instead of spending more time fetching water. The women would also make time to visit the local dispensary for treatment since it would no longer be necessary to make endless trips to the waterhole. A few people around the world understood their need to but if only more would understand the importance of having clean drinking water to the whole community as a whole!

Many people in my country have stagnated lives for lack of clean drinking water. Mainly in the arid and semi arid areas peoples' lives have stagnated for lack of water. The Government's efforts are not sufficient to reach all the people. If only God would touch several others to come forth and in the spirit of Christ facilitate Clean water to people the world over. What many take for granted in their homes is a precious commodity to people like Carol and many others. The availability of the commodity will open doors for such people to engage in other activities that will generate income for their families. In essence, giving water to the thirsty people of the world is like giving them a second lease of life. 'Whatsoever you do, to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.' ... lp-us.html ... EuMuGevpho

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Thirsty for Hope

Postby RedeemedOne76 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:52 pm

Thirsty for HOPE

I wake up, so thankful to see such a beautiful day!! The sun is shining so bright and the birds are chirping so cheerfully. As I stretch and rise from my bed, my heart is happy and smile overtakes my face. But as I step out of the door, reality sets in. I realize that millions of my people did not awake. The little children that I played with the day before were not playing outside. Wonder where they could be…..maybe they’re still sleeping. I began to walk to my friend’s house, so afraid of not knowing where he could be. I go to knock on the door of my friend’s home but no one answers the door. I knock again and again. What is wrong? Why are they not answering? I step inside to find that they are not asleep….they are dead!!! As I fall to my knees crying out, “Why”…”Why Lord can’t we have the simple things such as clean water”?? Is that too much to ask for? I don’t want much….

Well, this reality is all to certain in some places throughout the world. Clean water is an essential element to the foundation of life. Unsafe drinking water can cause such illnesses such as malaria, trypanosomiasis, intestinal worm infections, dengue, and schistosomiasis - as well as bacteria that can lead to deadly diarrheal infections. An average 2.2 million children die each year due to a lack of clean water.

Now, close your eyes and imagine what it would be like if we had such an issue here in the United States!! How would a lack of clean water affect our country? Imagine an average of 2.2 million children dying each year in America? Scary is it not? Needless to say, I think we all would feel the effect of that many children dying each year!!! This is a real and sad reality that is taking place in impoverished areas throughout the worl

The Water4 Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity based out of Oklahoma City, Okla., was founded in 2008 by Dick and Terri Greenly (co-owners of Pumps of Oklahoma) with the mission to not only provide water to at-risk, impoverished areas but also, to teach and provide employment opportunities through their inexpensive pumps and drilling methods. Water4 Foundation is not only providing a means to clean water but they are providing hope to people whom otherwise would not hope for a better day. Please visit Water4 foundation ( to learn about ways to assist them in being a blessing to those whom need a helping hand. The Bible says in John 7:37, that “In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink." As Christians, we are to be an extension of Christ, helping those whom are thirsty. Yes, we can provide physical water and in doing so, hopefully our actions will lead them The Source of Eternal Water....Water that quenches both the body and soul! Let’s give them water to quench their longing thirst of HOPE!!! ... ?id=151037

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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4

Postby kelley » Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:55 am

One Thing Makes Us Different

You don’t know me, but we are more alike than you think. I am a son or a daughter, just like you. I am a mother or a father. I have a sister and a brother. I dream of a better future for my children. I laugh and I cry. Just like you. If you take the time to reach out, you can touch my hand and feel my warm skin. We are the same. But there is something that makes us different, you and I. There is something that is as big as life and death. If we are sad, our hearts will ache. If we are cut, our skin will bleed. But if we are thirsty, my friend, you will reach for a cup and fill it with cool, refreshing water and I will just be thirsty. If we are dirty, you will run your hands, your face, your body under a warm shower and I will just be dirty. You see, my family has no access to clean water. Do not think that I am unusual; there are 1.2 billion people just like me. When you feel the strain of a drought in your country, you water your lawn only once a week. When I feel the strain of a drought, I grieve over a family member who dies from the lack of clean water. This common, you understand. Every 22 seconds a child dies from a preventable water-related disease. Dear Friend, do not throw your hands up in despair. The problem is real, but the solution is possible. For $600-$2,000 a low cost well can be dug for my village. When you reach to turn on your water faucet, please consider reaching out to touch me. Feel my warm skin, close your eyes and see my smile. Hear my laugh. With the help of people like you, people like me can reach for a drink when we are thirsty! I dream of a life without the needless diseases, a life where my children don’t have to cry for the most basic need: water. Will you join the people at water4 to reach out and hold my hand and dream with me?

Jana Kelley
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Okay if links do not work in this forum.

Postby mikeedwards » Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:21 pm

We have decided to relax the rules and say that it is okay if the links do not work in this forum. If you can get it great. If not just use the unlinked keyword in that space. For everyone who has struggled and got it done, great job. I wish we would have made this decision before you labored intensively.

Please make sure that it is posted in at least 2 other locations where the links work. Our regular articles and your blog will work. If you want to post it additional places. Please do and make sure to list all of them at the bottom of your submission here.

For those of you who won't give up on getting the links to work here. Take a deep breath and ask God to help this time. Here is how you insert them in this forum.

[url=THEURLHERE]Water4 Foundation[/url]

Thanks to everyone who has entered and will be entering. We are praying for a landslide of entries. These ads could generate a lot of donations for Water4. Think about it. God Bless, Mike
We need God's Grace because of God's Truth.

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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4

Postby newmorningjll » Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:32 pm

Ke Ai Keiki Thirst for More
By: Jennifer Liang

And the winner is …. Ke Ai Keiki Thirst for More by Melody Ling. Now tell us Melody how did you come up with this catchy title for your first novel?
Well, as most of you know I grew up in Hawaii where the Hawaiian word keiki (pronounced k key) is commonly used to refer to a child or children. Ke ai (kuh eye) I learned while studying Mandarin Chinese at the University of Hawaii and it means cute/adorable/lovely. I just combined the two terms because I thought it was a unique and fresh idea for the title of my novel about the cute children of the world and their daily struggles to find clean drinking water. Although the stories have been fictionalized many of the circumstances are true for millions of children around the world.
Can you tell us more about your inspiration for this topic?
A conversation with my boyfriend Tom when we were teaching English in China is where it started. He was complaining about the electricity being cut off once again without warning (leaving us in the dark) and my first thought was that at least it wasn’t the water. Then I started thinking about it further and realized that many people do indeed live without clean water in this global water crisis. Ke ai keiki are needlessly dying for water every day! I did a little research, joined Faithwriters, and here I am today a published author.
Do you think reading your book will make a difference? How can your average reader help?
Of course anyone can help if they have the desire. Water and sanitation are a big problem in developing countries. I found a lot of useful information from Water4 a company that uses hand drilling technology to bring access to wells (at a low cost) to those who need it most. In the past few years they have literally changed the lives of not only children but their families and villages as well. No longer are people walking for miles to gather what they can carry or suffering from diseases from drinking or cooking with polluted water. I would encourage anyone who is interested to check them out. I myself will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of my book to this specific company.
What a great way to start your literary career! To all my viewers the name of Ms. Ling’s book is Ke Ai Keiki Thirst for More and you can learn more by visiting Water4. That’s water followed by the number four. Ms. Ling, thank you for your time and effort in helping to save the ke ai keiki of the world. I am sure they appreciate it.

Jennifer Liang (Member #46878)
Gold Member ... ?id=151946

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"Dying for Water" CONTEST #4

Postby MarcusM77 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:14 pm

How far would you go for water?

Standing on the edge of a concrete slab at a rest stop you look out into the
distant hill country. You see a woman carrying a heavy load meandering her way down into the valley in which you stand. Thinking back to your homeland, you remember your recent home improvement project. Those shingles were heavy, but you definitely needed a new roof. Looking down the paths your eyes are drawn back to the woman who appears to be heading your way. The load she carries brings a distinct limp to her step. Life must be hard in this place. People have to work so hard to make a living. Thankfully for you this is just a voyage of personal interest. The woman is much closer now and you can see her face. She approaches your tour guide and motions for his attention. Their conversation begins customarily enough, but in their native tongue you cannot tell what she is saying. Your trusted tour guide reluctantly turns to you but before he can speak, you hear the sound of a child crying. Suddenly you realize that it was not a packet of sticks or a satchel of grain she was carrying so laboriously through the valley. It was an infant. Your guide begins to speak in a lowly tone as he unfolds this woman’s story to you. You feel a tingling come across your forehead as you had never encountered someone in such a situation. Her name was Deborah. She was forced to abandon her village because of a water shortage. For days she walked until this point. She gave the last of her food to her young child a day and a half ago. She is desperate for just one thing – clean water.
So, what would you do?
Would you run to the tour van, dig through your suitcase and pull out that water bottle you had been saving for the rest of the ride? Would you drive her to the next stop and buy her the biggest jug of water you could find? Fortunately, you will probably never run into this scenario, and thank heavens you don’t need to. The devoted members of the Water4 Foundation will take care of it for you. Water4 is venturing out and helping people in the midst of the current global water crisis. What for? The Bible teaches us that we “ought to support the weak” (Ac.20:35). Through a business based approach and hand drilling technology we are making a difference on almost every continent in the world! Logon to our website to find out how you can be a part of helping people like Deborah, her child, and many others just like them. With your support we can educate, equip, and help those in need of life giving water.

By Marcus Martin ID#151831 ... eaches.php ... ?id=151831

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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4

Postby weapon413 » Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:54 pm


The scene plays out like one from a dramatic film or a gripping novel…

Hot wind whips across the flat, dry land, blowing dust into the eyes of a frail young mother. She tries to blink it away, along with her tears. Sitting in the shade of a scrawny tree, she holds her only son - ten months old, thirsty and weak. The dehydration was taking its grim toll.

Their water supply now used up, her husband had set out to look for another water source - that was two days ago. It was the third time this year he had left on such a journey, not knowing what he would find, nor what he would come back to. But there was no choice, because there was no water. All she could do now was wait.

The young mother’s tears fell onto her son’s dry, chapped skin. She bowed her head and whispered, “Just one more day…please let me have him just one more day.” She knew not to whom she was praying or that she even was praying. No one had told her of a God who heard her, loved her and wept with her. She held her child close, not knowing how much longer she would have with him…

It’s a nightmare that makes us want to change the channel or close the book, but sadly, it is the cruel reality for millions of people in developing countries. People with no access to clean water, or any water for that matter and who are, quite literally, dying for it - 4100 children die from unclean water every day.

Every day.



It’s easy to turn away thinking the need is too vast, too great for me to help. What hope is there? But there is help. There is hope…

The Water4 Foundation is an organization that exists to bring life-saving water to nations plagued by water scarcity. But its mission doesn’t end there. Using cost-effective hand-drilling technology, they are able to provide water wells for communities in need at a fraction of the cost of a machine-drilled well. And because the process utilizes materials that are locally available and manpower over machine power, the people there are able to duplicate these methods on their own, thus providing even more wells along with much-needed employment opportunities.

By partnering with Water4, we can help give this mother not just one more, but many more days with her son. We can help fulfill the Biblical mandate found in Proverbs 31: 8-9 - “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute…defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

Yes, the need is great. Our compassion must be greater. Their hope rests in our hands; how can we not extend them?

Discover how you can make a life-saving difference today.

Lori Othouse
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"... being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Phil. 1:6

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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4

Postby helen1975 » Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:01 am

The Cost of the Cure

Once upon a time there was a kingdom. It was a very large kingdom, made up of millions of people from many different lands.

Regardless of its size, the people living in it were overcome with sadness. Every day tens of thousands of men, women and children succumbed to a malevolent sickness that ravaged the land. Cries of anguish filled the air as families and friends mourned yet another father or mother, sibling or friend.

The agony of the deaths was heightened by the fact that there was a cure for the scourge. Many a missionary had visited the vast regions of the kingdom offering a cure, but the cost always put it out of reach. To be so near salvation, yet denied it because of their poverty was a cruel blow. In agony they cried out to their God for freedom from their accursed lives.

One day a missionary visited a certain village; full of excitement he ran through the streets, his shouts drawing a large crowd, “Listen to me, dear people, for I bring you great news! I can bring you the cure to the scourge!”

The villagers were sceptical of this peddler; why would he be any different to the others they had met? One of the leaders came forth and addressed the man. “How dare you come here and offer these people hope, knowing full well that they cannot afford it. Be gone from here and let us grieve in peace.”

The missionary knelt down humbly before the leader, hat in his hand, and spoke quietly, “I know only too well the pain of losing someone to this sickness and being offered false hope. I would not do that to you. What I offer you is the cure, but it will be made available for all.”

The village was set free that night. Sick children slowly recovered, crops grew again and the sickness was replaced with renewed health and strength – physical and spiritual.

In the developing world, tens of thousands of people are dying every single day, because they cannot access clean drinking water.

Water is the basis of our existence; without water we simply cannot live. We take it for granted. Around the world, millions of people are dying for water.

Many organisations have worked tirelessly in these countries to provide drilled wells for villages; we thank God for them, but the truth is they are very costly to set up and maintain.

Water4 is changing that! For a fraction of the cost of other wells, Water4 can supply the wells and train nationals to install them. This is a winning solution for millions of people in the worst drought-affected countries on the globe. Not only are the villagers being given access to clean water, many are also being given a vocation. And that has to be a win-win result.

To learn more visit their website via this link.

Will you help deliver the cure to a dying world?

Helen Curtis
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Postby mikeedwards » Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:08 am

Thank you all who have entered the contest to save a life now and for eternity. We will post the winners as soon as we have them. This may take a few days because it requires Water4's involvement. They are going to be the sole judge for this contest.
We need God's Grace because of God's Truth.

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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4 - WITH JUDGES NOW

Postby sallyswords » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:42 pm

How to Help Children on another Continent

A month in Zambia left my friends eager to do something for the people of Africa. Staggering poverty confronted them in every village, and the need was so great that nothing seemed able to go beyond surface help. Out of a call that compelled their travels, my friends and their two children went as summer missionaries. But when the time there neared the end, the question remained, “What can we do to make a difference here?”

One answer came in the form of well drilling. Something that we take for granted in the States, wells are a precious commodity in other parts of the world. Mortality rates are linked to the lack of water, to be sure, but the lack of clean, drinkable water means diarrheal diseases run rampant to the tune of 2.2 million deaths among children per year. In the U.S., diarrhea is considered a relatively manageable illness with the aid of over-the-counter medicines. In other countries, <a href=""TARGET="_blank"> water and sanitation </a> is the contributing factor to the deaths of 4,100 children daily.

What if someone could access pure drinking water?

The Water4 Foundation has found a feasible way to do exactly that. Using PVC pipe and other easily accessible materials, a plunger pump and <a href=""TARGET="_blank" > hand drilling technology </a> are used where the cost of heavy machinery is prohibitive. Not only are the wells drilled, but jobs are produced that help villages thrive on their own. Water4 has successfully helped 150,000 people in the four short years of its operations. Their goal is to get water to one million people within the next two years. Do you think they could do it? Not on their own! It takes $900 to drill a well for one village. Could you pool resources with your co-workers to finance a $200 pump, or $5,000 for a drill kit that would drill up to 50 wells? Would you<a href=""TARGET="_blank"> sponsor a well </a>?

My friends came home and began with bake sales and car cleaning services. Others embraced the dream and added their dollars as well.

Do you think you have nothing to give? How about enthusiasm, connections with others and prayer? You could be the link to bring the refreshing water that will <a href=" "TARGET="_blank" > save a child</a>’s life! ... allyswords

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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4 - WINNERS HERE NOW

Postby tomoral » Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:32 pm



God Bless the beasts and the children
Give them shelter from the storms.
Children are our tomorrow
Keep them daily from the sorrow
Of the beasts in life ... p?id=57394

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Re: "Dying for Water" CONTEST #4 - WINNERS HERE NOW

Postby kelley » Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:16 am

Congratulations! This was an informative and challenging contest! It was mentioned that one Silver member would win as well. Did I miss where that winner is announced?


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